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Power Rangers Fanfiction Index

Shadow Ranger's Fanfiction

An old evil has returned from the depths of space seeking the Energems. Can the Rangers stop him when they don't know the first thing about him?

The New Enemy Prologue: The Warning

The New Enemy Prologue 2: The Release

Shadow Ranger's Fanfiction

When a villain gets their hands on the Zeo Crystal nothing is safe.

Clash of the Champions

It started with the arrival of Rita Repulsa's mother, the return of a defeated monster and a challenge. Who knows where it will end.

Shadow Ranger's Fanfiction

A pact was made between the forces of Heaven and Hell to preserve the universe. Then somebody broke it. Now in a universe where the darkness has somehow gained the upper hand, it is up to five young aliens and their mentor Gosei to prevent the coming of Armageddon. An attempt to come up with an alternative story for Power Rangers Megaforce.

End of Days Prologue

Shadow Ranger's Fanfiction

Stories that are not a part of a series.

SPD: The Omega Sacrifice

Rise of the Mega Rangers

Dark World: After the Fall



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