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Shattered Grid Index

When Tommy Oliver left his clone in the past, he never expected to see him again. Had he known at the time that the clone was still the Evil Green Ranger, he would have forced him back to the present. But Tom was left in the past and quickly adopted a new plan. History might forget the name of Tom Oliver, but they would never forget the name Lord Drakkon...

Exit Tom, Enter Drakkon

Tommy left his clone behind believing that the Evil Green Ranger was gone for good. The clone believed otherwise.

Future Errors, Past Mistakes

When humanity mastered time travel they created Time Force to protect them from the dangers of illegal changes to history. When one of their agents detects the presence of Tom Oliver in Colonial Angel Grove, he makes a choice. Was it a wise decision?

How to Steal a World

Tom's plan to conquer the Earth in just over two centuries unfolds. And when he is done, the Earth belongs to Lord Drakkon.


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