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Disclaimer: I do not own the Power Rangers. They belong to the current copyright owner. This is a fan work and no profit is being made.

Author's Note: In this universe the M-51 Galaxy was responsible for the creation of the Zeo Crystal, the Energems and a number of other powerful artefacts.

The New Enemy Prologue 2: The Release

Deep within the Moon lay the Caves of Deception. Long believed to be caverns carved by the forces of evil, they had been prepared long before the emergence of Lord Zedd, Rita Repulsa and Zordon of Eltare by the Techno-Mages of the M-51 Galaxy. Many villains including Lord Zedd had discovered that a powerful artefact known as the Zeo Crystal had been placed there. They had not noticed the machinery in which the crystal had been placed or the vast equipment that used the crystal's power to project an energy beam through the darkness of space to the distant world of Druel.

Druel appeared to be small planet and was situated far from Earth. It was a planet with a disputed history; there were some who claimed that the planet had once looked very different and that the twin moons that circled it had once been a single planet. The only thing they all agreed was that Druel had always orbited around a solitary blue star. There were some that spoke of a great battle that had left portions of the surface incapable of supporting life and that not even weeds could survive the harsh environment. It had been this way for as long as anyone could remember.

Not much else was known about the planet because the system had long been off limits to both the Galactic Council and the Alliance of Evil. A large fleet prevented either side from encroaching. It was one of the few worlds deemed truly off limits to both sides of the conflict and not even the likes of Master Vile would ignore the penalties for ignoring a boundary that had been in place long before he had taken control of Gamma Vile. And any attempt to learn of the planet's origins from those that guarded it had also failed; the large armada was swift to responded to intruders but never answered the hails of other ships.

For those that had managed to near the planet, the reason why access was restrict had become very clear before they were destroyed. Druel didn't exist. The barren world that was seen from a distance was just an illusion. There was no planet surrounded by two moons as many believed. Instead there were the two large fragments of the world that had once been known as Druel held in a fixed orbit around a mass of ancient machinery. The machinery had been placed on hundreds of floating platforms and aligned so that from a distance with the correct projections in place, nobody could see what was really there.

Druel was in truth a very large prison constructed to hold a dangerous villain. A worshipper of one the dark gods, he had made a bid for absolute power after gathering the powerful Energems, crafted by the monks of the M-51 Galaxy, and enacting a ceremony to bind their power to his will. He had conquered and in some cases killed their rightful owners during his quest and had been determined that nothing would stop him.

The forces of the M-51 Galaxy had mobilised a massive army against him, working with others to stop the madman before he could unlock the power of the Energems. In the confusion the Energems had been stolen by a rival and accidentally scattered across the galaxy. He had retained the power they had granted him, but his enemies had taken advantage of the distraction and had somehow transported him to Druel.

In a fit of rage he had destroyed the planet, a rash action that had cost him most of the power he had gained from his connection to the gems. A battle had followed and while they could not hurt him, they had been able to herd him into a trap.

His enemies had constructed a portable cell capable of emitting a stasis field. They had weaved spells to ensure that time within the cell stopped, preserving him in a moment of time. He would not age nor die, but would remain forever frozen, unable to escape. But it quickly became clear that maintaining the spell would require more and more energy as time passed, far more energy than the mages had at their disposal without the Energems. And so the people of the M-51 Galaxy had set about building the platforms and equipment needed to received energy transmitted from worlds across the universe. Specially cut crystals would gather a combination or life energy and raw magic and after converting it into a useable form, would transmit that energy to where it was needed.

And once there it would power the vast machinery needed to serve one function: to maintain the stasis field. Originally there had been seven crystals, each constructed to work with the unique properties of the nearby planets. Over time six of those crystals had been either lost following war or stolen. Eventually only one remained: The Zeo Crystal hidden deep within the caverns of the Earth's moon.

And now something had changed. The flow of power from the Earth had been disrupted and the machinery could no longer maintain the stasis field. Its creators had allowed for the possibility that a few of the crystals would fail for a short time and had included safeguards and backups. But with only the Zeo Crystal to power the machinery there had not been the opportunity to build new reserves and with the Zeo Crystal gone, it only took a short time before the cell opened.

The moment the stasis field had failed, the fleet of ships that had served to keep others from approaching Druel started to move. The powerful warships turned toward the planet and opened fire as they had been programmed to do so long ago. The platforms and technology were ripped apart as the ships tried to destroy the being hidden deep inside before he could recover. For hours they bombarded the area, not stopping to see if maybe they had been successful. Only when their weapons were incapable of firing did they cease their attack, only to propel themselves toward the former prison in a suicidal dive to ensure the destruction of anything that remained.

The fleet never made it to their target. As they sped inward the prisoner finally returned fire, unleashing a wave of green energy that engulfed the vessels. The ships vanished in a haze as the destructive wave smashed through anything in its path. A second blast reduced the twin moons to space dust and soon the only thing left was a lone villain.

He had been unable to move during his imprisonment, but his powers had recovered slowly and over millions of years he had regained a portion of his former strength, enough to battle an army and triumph. Of course he was unaware how long he had been held. To his mind he had been placed in the cell and seconds later had broken free when the stasis field had failed. He reached out with his mind and located his fortress. It was far away, but never beyond his reach. One moment he was floating in the debris of his captors, the next he vanished, on his way back to the battlefield before his enemies grew too comfortable in their victory.

His enemies had landed a lucky blow and had somehow forced him from the battlefield. But whatever their plan it had failed and when he returned he would claim his victory. Unfortunately, he didn't realise that that victory had been claimed long ago by his enemies and that few if any would even remember his name. They would consider him a new enemy.

End of Part

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