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Disclaimer: I do not own the Power Rangers. They belong to whichever party currently owns that copyright. This is a fanwork and no profit is being made from it.

Author's Note: This is the prologue for the New Enemy series. It starts just after the events in Master Vile and the Metallic Armour.

The New Enemy Prologue: The Warning

The battle was over, Master Vile's scheme to seize the legendary Zeo Crystal had failed and the Power Rangers had once again saved the planet from the forces of evil. Following the battle, the Rangers had used the White Ranger's sword to break the Zeo Crystal into pieces, which they had then thrown into a time vortex. While there was a chance some of the larger fragments had bonded to the Rangers as they had thrown them into the void, most were simply lost. And without all the fragments it would be impossible for Master Vile to succeed in his plan.

As Alpha moved around the Command Center, adjusting the various scanners to keep watch for possible threats, Zordon was aware of a presence he had not felt for a long time. The ancient citadel that served as Zordon's monitoring post had been constructed to keep him safe. Only those with one in possession of a Power Coin or invited by somebody who already had access could bypass the Zithium walls of the structure. So it was a great surprised when an old man appeared.

"Zordon you fool, what have you done?" King Raimon demanded.

Raimon had been the rightful ruler of the M-51 Galaxy before it had fallen to the forces of darkness. Under Raimon's guidance the many planets had come together to combine magic and science in ways that even the Morphin Masters had failed to comprehend. The Zeo Crystal had been one of their greatest achievements, so Zordon could understand the monarch's outraged expression.

"King Raimon, I am honoured to see you again," Zordon began.

King Raimon had been much older than Zordon before the war with Rita Repulsa. Indeed, Zordon had been saddened to hear of the king's passing a few thousand years later. They had been friends and Zordon had learned a great deal from the ancient sage. That he had done something to anger King Raimon enough to return from the dead - exactly how he had accomplished that was unclear - was of great concern.

"You removed the Zeo Crystal!" Raimon accused, clearly incensed although Zordon could not comprehend the reason for his anger. The Zeo Crystal had been a magnificent example of magic bound within the rules of science, but it was far from the M-51 Galaxy's greatest achievement. "Your actions have undone thousands of years of work and doomed the universe."

"I assure you King Raimon that it would be impossible for Master Vile to reassemble the Zeo Crystal now that it has been scattered. The universe will never be threatened by its power."

The noble ghost sighed, realising that Zordon didn't understand why he was angry and that the Morphin Master had not acted out of some misguided notion. There had been a strong possibility that Master Vile would claim complete control over the Zeo Crystal and Zordon had reacted just as King Raimon would have expected him to. But the Morphin Master didn't understand the consequences of his actions.

"When your Rangers removed the Zeo Crystal from its resting place within the Caves of Deception did they notice what it was connected to?"

Zordon thought back. The Rangers' helmets provided a constant visual feed of their surroundings, making it easier for Zordon and Alpha to assist them when needed. He located the footage from Kat and Tommy's helmets and replayed it. All he could see was the Zeo Crystal and the force field. But there was something else, hidden from view. Why hadn't he sensed it before.

King Raimon was no longer seething with anger although he still looked annoyed. He shook his head and sighed.

"I apologise Zordon," he said after a while. "I had not realised that my subjects had continued my work after I passed on. The Technology Cloak was unexpected; there is no way you could have understood the risks." He quieted added: "But what do we do now?"

Zordon was confused.

"Perhaps if I knew the problem I could help," Zordon offered.

The anger was gone completely now. Raimon just looked sad as he shook his head.

"The Zeo Crystal was not placed on the Moon to protect the crystal. It was installed there to power the machinery my subjects had built. Now that it has been removed the machinery will start to close down and the work of thousands of years will be for nothing."

"Can we not replace the Zeo Crystal?" Zordon asked. The Rangers had come across numerous artefacts of great power during their time defending the planet.

"Alas the Zeo Crystal was a unique blending of magic and science that I doubt it would be possible to duplicate. And even if there were those that knew how, a replacement will take too long. No Zordon, the machinery within the Caves of Deception has already started to fail - for it was that which allowed me to briefly return to speak with you - and cannot be reactivated in time. Our efforts have failed and now He will return."

The was something about the way Raimon said He. Zordon had heard that tone before by soldiers preparing to battle the forces of Lord Zedd. It was fear of facing a more powerful enemy and the knowledge that the campaign was doomed to failure before the battle commenced.

"My time here is short Zordon," Raimon told him. Indeed, his presence was only possible due to the machinery breaking down and releasing small pockets of energy Raimon had provided during its construction. Once that magic faded the king would be forced to return to his resting place. "You must act now if you to stop Him. The time has come for the truth about the Earth to be revealed. Find it and you will discover a way to stop this evil before it destroys everything."

The king flickered as the magic sustaining him faded.

"You must find it Zordon, the truth must be revealed so that the Defender can rise once more. Earth is the key; it always has been."

"But what is this threat?" Zordon asked.

Sadly, he never received an answer; King Raimon was gone leaving Zordon with a puzzle to solve and a feeling that time was running out.

End of Part

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