Vile Actions

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Vile Actions

The Space Skull reached its destination and a spell promptly cloaked it from detection. It had taken more effort to hide his magical presence from Zordon’s monitoring devices as his ship had slipped passed Mars. The Space Skull quickly settled into a geosynchronous orbit above Angel Grove allowing Master Vile to gaze down upon his newest target and appraise the situation.

The truth was that unlike the last time he had visited Earth, he did not have a plan. He knew he wanted to snatch the Zeo Crystal along with the powers of any other Rangers that happened to be around; if he could use the opportunity to capture Zordon and drain him of his incredible energy, so much the better. Unfortunately the plan he had formulated was at best an outline, and now he needed more than just an inkling of an idea.

First there were the eight Morphin Rangers to be considered, with six Zeo Rangers on top of that. Then there were the Turbo Rangers, the much vaunted Dino Thunder Ranger and four additional Zeo Rangers. He had been tempted to dismiss the Lightspeed Rangers as a weak attempt to emulate real Rangers, before realising that the attempt had been very successful. With the addition problems of Masked Riders and other heroes roaming the planet, he knew his task would not be easy to complete.

In his favour, Master Vile had kept tabs on the planet since his last visit and was of both his enemies and a number of potential allies. While the idea of sharing his bounty with others was abhorrent, he was willing to make deals to garner their cooperation. The question he needed to answer was how best to use those ‘allies’?

His original plan had been to capture a small number of Rangers, place them under a spell and use them to capture more Rangers – for he was aware that best weapon to use against a team of Rangers was another Ranger, at least until that Ranger broke free at which point it became a liability. Of course the problem with using Rangers against Rangers was that sooner or later they would break free and turn against their master. The trick was using them to cause as much damage to his enemies as possible and them destroy them before they could join the enemy.

~Of course, I could recreate Blue Globbor and allow him to drain whatever Rangers I capture. Then Globbor can use that energy to draw out more Rangers. And once he has defeated them all, I can use that power to overwhelm Zordon’s defences and break into the Power Chamber… I’m certain Zordon would have used a connection to this world’s energy network when building that wretched citadel. Globbor will be able to drain Zordon and also tap into that energy. And once Globbor has collected all the energy for me, I’ll destroy Dark Specter and place myself as the ruler of the United Alliance of Evil.~

It was not a terrible plan, but it raised plenty of questions. For starters there was the question of which Rangers he would send Globbor to capture, given that such an attack would place all of Earth’s Rangers on alert? Globbor would not be at his most effective until after he had stolen the energy of a few Rangers. Until that time he would be vulnerable.

~And Globbor works best when he is able to sneak up on his opponents,~ Master Vile admitted.

Using the monster to draw the Rangers into the open would place them on their guard and make Globbor’s job harder. No, what he needed was something to distract the Rangers and Zordon while he targeted those that were no longer a part of the active team. The question remained: how?

The Lunar Palace was a mess and Monastra Repugna was not amused. She was aware that her daughter and son-in-law had more sense that to leave it in such a state and concluded that something had broken in. However, after her initial spells found nothing that could be considered alive within the walls of the palace, she had moved on to its repair.


As the powerful spell restored the palace to a more habitable condition, Monastra was already making her way out of the throne room and into the lower levels, seeking the room where Finster disposed of his failed creations. Although she was loathe to call anything that Finster crafted a failure; more often than not the monsters found inside thise particular storeroom were those Rita had dismissed as useless before giving them a chance in favour of weaker monsters.

Monastra knew that Finster was supposed to use the room as a temporary store and that when the shelves were filled he had clear instructions to turn the contents back into their raw state, saving Rita the need to track down new supplies of magical clay. However, she knew Finster was an artist and very attached to his work. She suspected that he had been working on a few side projects of his own away from Rita and Zedd’s interference. It would not come as a shock to find that he had spent time improving on his rejected models in case his masters changed their minds.

She was pleased to find that Finster had taken enough pride in his work to build shelves to hold his work and had tried to categorise his creations. It made her job of selecting the most promising models all the easier. She placed them on a tray and after making certain she had enough, took them outside the door and placed the tray on the floor.

“Arise!” she commanded as she sent forth a pulse of magic

After being in storage for so long, the magic within the clay had become dormant. It only took a small nudge to reactivate them and the clay statues she had placed on the floor pulsed with life as she fed them more dark magic. While Finster was an artist, his creations relied on the use of a very special type of clay, and either the use of his Monster-Matic or a powerful magic user such as Rita Repulsa. Monastra Repugna lacked such restrictions and could use almost any material to build her constructs; while Finster used the tools of his trade, she could command the clay to take the shape she desired although it meant that her monsters were a drain on her power and lacked the quality of Finster’s work. Using her magic she brought his work to life.

~Now we will show those brats why they should not mess with Monastra Repugna,~ she thought, remembering the previous times the Rangers of Earth had thwarted her plans. They would pay for their victories and she would make certain that it was a hefty price.

Now if she could just shake the feeling that she was forgetting something.

London, England

Autumn 1998

It was not Angel Grove, but Katarina Petronov knew that the streets of London could be just as dangerous. She was not certain what had drawn her out into the night, but she had learnt to trust her instincts. Her wandering had taken her away from her student house and toward the shopping precinct. Aside from the odd car the streets seemed deserted, unusual for a Saturday night.

“Ello luv, fancy a drink?”

She turned to face the young student, her eyes roving over the punk clothing and spiky hair. Instinctively she knew that he was not what he appeared. His clothes were old and dated, his hairstyle no longer in fashion. Her left arm moved behind her back, checking to make sure that the pouch she had secured there before leaving the house – for she had promised her grandmother that she would never leave home without – was still there.

“The pubs are closed,” she replied, looking both ways before crossing the road. She walked a little faster, encouraged by the sound of foot steps behind her.

“Ah come on luv, jus’ a lil’ drink,” he urged as his mate made an obscene gesture.

During her time as a Power Rangers, she had developed a sense of when something wasn’t right and while she could not say exactly what had set off her unease, she knew that it was more than just a few lewd remarks. In fact his conduct had made her lower her guard, almost writing him off as nothing more than a drunken thug. Given her promise to never escalate a situation unless provoked, she decided that removing herself from the area was her best option.

~Maybe if I can get a few streets away I can contact Zordon or teleport.~

While it would be an abuse of the teleport system, she was certain that her pursuers would think twice if Zordon sent Rocky and Adam, or Tommy and Jason — or Jamie — to speak with them.

She rounded a corner and groaned when she found herself in an alley way. What she had assumed was another road had turned out to be one of the service roads for a shopping centre. The high brick wall was topped with razor wire to discourage vandals and the heavy metal door was locked. Which meant that the only way out was the way she had entered and she didn’t need to turn around to know that her was blocked by the pervert and his mates.

“I know we might seem a bit scary, but once you get to know us… you’ll be part of the family,” he explained and has he spoke he moved his hand, drawing her attention to his slightly webbed fingers. “We like to keep things in the family,” he added as an afterthought.

She backed as far along the alley as possible, her eyes searching for a way out. Unfortunately it seemed her only options were to go up onto the rooftops, down into the sewers, or through the thugs. And why had it suddenly gotten light?

“Come on luv, no need making this harder than it has to be. Me mates and I ‘aven’t ad a drink and a bit of female company in a while. You’ll love us, once you get to know us. No? Oh well, I tried. Guess we do this the hard way.” His body crackled with energy and in place of the skin-headed student, there was a Putty Patroller in a neatly tailored suit complete with bowler hat and umbrella. Disturbingly it’s face was adorned with a huge grin and it remained capable of speaking English. “Bring her!”

His companions’ had also changed although their clothing had remained the same as before. Some of them carried umbrellas, some bore wooden clubs and at least one had a rolled up newspaper. Although she had very little experience with this type of foot-soldier, she felt it was not normal.

Katarina’s right palm tapped on the pocket of her jeans before she assumed a defensive stance. Intensive training with Rocky and Jason meant she was confident in her abilities even when outnumbered. As one got a little too close and tried to grab her, she lashed out with her feet, catching him in the chest and propelling him into two of his companions; now that they had all transformed, she didn’t feel the word friends applied.

“Now there’s really no need for this to get violent,” their leaded admonished. “All we want is for you to join us… and I’m sure if you just calm down we can do this the easy way.”

Her hand reached behind her back and emerged gripping a silver coloured whip.

“Where were you hiding that?” he asked. It appeared that he was the only one capable of human speech. She suspected he was not what he seemed to be.

“Deep pockets,” she offered as they took the opportunity to charge.

During her time as the Silver Zeo Ranger, Katarina had grown adept at using the Silver Zeo Power Whip in battle. And just as Jamie Zedden had access to her blade even when she wasn’t morphed, so the Silver Zeo Ranger had found a way to access her Zeo Power Weapon when in civilian form. Her training and practice had helped her become an expert in wielding the weapon to its full potential even though she couldn’t energise it when unmorphed.

With a flick of the wrist, the whip extended and coiled around the neck of one of her attackers. Its hands naturally reached for its neck, dropping the rolled up newspaper it had been carrying. She gave a tug to pull him off balance and then a jerk of the whip that lifted it into the air. A sharp pull and the Putty crashed into the paving slabs. Katarina cracked the whip and looked up ready for her next opponent.

With that the remaining Putties charged. The narrow alley worked to her advantage; there were only so many of them that could fit at any one time. Her whip allowed her to drag some of them forward and discourage others from advancing. But while she managed to take down some, their leader remained unharmed.

Then they started using the objects they were carrying as weapons. She had never expected to have to use a whip against an umbrella. Some used them as swords with blades attached to the tip while others wielded them as clubs. One even threw his bowler hat; given the way it sliced into the wall, Katarina was relieved that it missed her. The change in tactics and the danger it posed left her with little choice but to morph.

“It’s Morphin Time!”

Once morphed she made quick work of the Putty Patrollers before turning her attention to their leader. She ducked back to avoid a swipe from his umbrella and then flipped over his leg as he tried to delivery a high kick. The blade that had appeared on the tip of his shoe sliced through the wall at the back of the alley. As she landed she turned and managed to clip him on the side of the face.

“What are you?” she asked as she ducked a punch.

Instead of answering, the monster pressed the attack, forcing her to back up. She deflected a blow from his umbrella and ducked back in time for the knife tip on his shoe to miss. But an energy blast knocked her off her feet. She leapt back up and kept fighting, well aware that her back was against the wall. And that was when a large blue hand reached out and grabbed her.

“Sorry luv, I’m a Nice Chap, but my friend Globbor here needs a drink of your energy. Nothing personal, just business.”

Blue Globbor had been waiting for his opportunity and as soon as the Silver Zeo Ranger moved into reach and was distracted, he struck. He started draining her energy as soon as he grabbed hold of her, breaking down the protection of her uniform and draining just enough of her life force to render her unconscious. She demorphed as the monster moved forward to grab her and teleported back to its master.

In the Power Chamber, Zordon and Alpha were unaware of Katarina’s plight. However, the computer had alerted them to the unexpected activation of the Silver Zeo Ranger.

“Alpha, locate Katarina,” Zordon instructed.

The small robot obeyed, using the computer and Zordon’s satellite network to trace the Silver Zeo Ranger. However the search proved futile as the computer was unable to zero in on her location.

“Ai-yi-yi-yi-yi!” Alpha exclaimed as an alarm sounded. “Something is wrong with the Silver Zeo powers. They’re being drained.”

“Quickly Alpha, disconnect the Silver Zeo powers from our systems,” Zordon ordered. “And then summon the Turbo Rangers. I have a suspicion that they will be needed.”

Somewhere near Angel Grove

“Brachio Staff, Firestorm!” Nathan Oliver called.

While he had managed to control his powers, it was only through constant practice that Nathan Oliver continued to unlock the secrets of the hybrid powers. It took concentration and willpower to tap into the abilities of the Dino Thunder Ranger, and even greater determination to control those powers once uncovered.

Today he had opted to practice outside of the Power Chamber, believing that the more vulnerable environment would force him to keep tight control over the energy he unleashed.

The Firestorm was not a powerful attack. In fact it was such an underwhelming weapon that it required him to concentrate to turn it into something mildly useful. Any loss of concentration, the slightest lack of focus and the flames would turn against him. And since he was not morphed, they would likely consume him.

“Such a waste of potential.”

Nathan turned around. He had thought that he was alone. Obviously he had been wrong. Before him stood a knight accompanied by a collection of sword-handed Putties. The knight carried a weapon that looked like a cross between a sword and an axe.

“Get him!”

One thing Nathan Oliver did not lack was fighting skills. He had been raised to fight and since arriving in his new home had had trained with his fellow Rangers. He had gotten his butt kicked too many times to mention, but those defeats had pushed him to improve. Armed with the Brachio Staff, he was able to quickly subdue most of his attackers.

That left him facing their leader. The knight raised his sword and blocked a blow from the Brachio Staff with his shield. A low powered blow from his sword sent Nathan tumbling backwards. Dark mist erupted from the knight’s sword, trapping Nathan as his body was dragged to the ground.

“Now Globbor!”

Right on call the monster struck, draining the power of the Dino Thunder Ranger as the knight teleported them away.

“Ai-yi-yi-yi-yi, first Katarina and now Nathan!” Alpha moaned as the Power Chamber recorded the activation and sudden drop in the Dino Thunder Ranger’s power. “And the computer has detected a drop in his power levels as well.”

“Hurry and contact the Turbo Rangers, Alpha,” Zordon urged. “I will attempt to locate the other Zeo Rangers.”

“Yes Zordon,” Alpha replied.

Crossworld City

Lillian O’Neil knew that she had been tricked moments after she had dismounted her motorcycle. At speed the accident had looked serious, but upon closer inspection she had realised that it had been staged. So when the victims turned into Putties, she was unsurprised and after pulling a short stick from her motorcycle boot, easily defeated.

That was when the monster appeared. It resembled a rat with a hard hat and a shovel on its right arm. In its left hand it held a stick of comically labelled dynamite. Lillian had seen enough and decided to even the odds.

“It’s Morphin Time!” she cried as Tunnel Rat charged. “Shadow Ribbons Strike!”

As soon as she had morphed into the Black Zeo Ranger, Lillian had summoned her Zeo Power Staff. Ribbons of dark energy shot from the staff, coiling around the monster’s limbs.

“Freeze!” she commanded and the shadow ribbons froze the monster in place.

With a cry of victory she plunged the tip of her staff forward, striking the frozen monster and causing it to explode. But before she could celebrate a blue hand wrapped around her. Blue Globbor had struck again.


“Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in London anymore,” Christina Collins remarked as she took in her surroundings. From the overly clean streets to the green sky, she felt she was fully justified in assuming that she had been transported somewhere.

She cast her mind back to a few minutes earlier when she had entered the lift in the block of flats where she was staying. Nothing had seemed wrong. The lift had descended for the normal length of time at the usual speed. The doors had opened as expected and she had walked down the steps and out through the front door of the converted hotel… and found herself in a strange place.

“Zordon?” she called into her communicator. She received no response. She tried to teleport, but nothing happened.

She looked up at the sound of someone approaching. Except instead of one person, it was a troop of Putty Patrollers led by what appeared to be a cross between an armadillo and a large lamp.

“It’s Morphin Time!”

White Zeo hardly finished activating her powers when the bulb in Light Armadillo’s chest lit up, blinding her. Before she could shake off the effects, Globbor used the opportunity to snatch his fourth Power Ranger in a row. As Light Armadillo’s bulb dulled, the street returned to normal, the illusion was cancelled.

In the time it had taken Master Vile’s monsters to drain and capture two more Rangers, Alpha had succeeded in contacting the Turbo Rangers. The five teenagers had been quick to respond and had rapidly moved to assist Zordon and Alpha in tracking down the missing Rangers.

“Um Zordon, this says that the White and Black Zeo Rangers activated their powers,” Tasha pointed out.

“I just lost all sign of Lillian,” Frank added.

The five Turbo Rangers exchanged looks, seemingly holding a conference without speaking.

“We need to find Jamie,” Fred decided.

“I’ve got her,” Rosa reported. “She’s still in Angel Grove.”

“Alpha, activate the Viewing Screen and check on her condition,” Zordon instructed.

Alpha did as he was told and the Turbo Rangers watched as the Purple Zeo Ranger found herself surrounded by Putties.

“Alpha, can you teleport her here?” Justin asked.

“I’m sorry Justin, something is preventing me from doing so.”

“Probably the same thing that stopped the others calling for help,” the Blue Turbo Ranger guessed.

“Well if we can’t bring her to the Power Chamber, let’s go and help,” Fred decided. “Shift into Turbo!”

Angel Grove University

One thing that could be said for Jamie Zedden: she didn’t fight fair. Surrounded by a group of assailants, she had not hesitated to hit them where it hurt. A thumb to the eyes seemed to work just fine regardless of whether or not the eyes were actually there; a knee to the groin could bring anybody to their knees if they possessed the correct anatomy or could imagine that they did.

And unlike Globbor’s other targets, Jamie had the advantage that she had not been transported to a strange location. She was still in Angel Grove and Zordon had already started to investigate the strange activity surrounding the White, Black, and Silver Zeo Rangers, and the Dino Thunder Ranger. So before long her plight had caught Zordon’s attention.

Sure enough, by the time she had summoned her sword and started to increase the ferocity of her attacks against her opponents, the Turbo Rangers had arrived to help her.

“Rita and Lord Zedd again?” Yellow Turbo asked as she punched one of the Putties. “I thought we’d seen the last of them.”

Jamie shrugged as she bashed another on the head. Now was a good time to either leave or morph. There were no civilians around and she knew it would look odd if she was seen fighting alongside the Power Rangers.

“Ah Rangers, I was warned you might show up,” a voice said.

The Rangers turned toward the voice and found themselves confronted by two monsters. The one that had spoken resembled an ant with a bazooka on his right arm. Next to him stood a mammoth-based creature with some sort of elaborate helmet and a hour glass on the end of its trunk.

“Now we get to destroy you,” the other added.

“Oh yeah?” Yellow Turbo challenged. “Why don’t you come her and say that?”

The monsters took the bait and attacked. The Turbo Rangers raced forward, intercepting the pair with Yellow, Blue and Green Turbo pushing the ant monster off to one side while Red and Pink Turbo corralled the mammoth monster away. Using their speed they were able to avoid the ant monster’s firepower.

“Oh you Rangers think you are so fast,” the ant monster growled. “Dimensional Mammoth, show them what real speed is!”

“Ug ug, yeah Antagonist, sure thing,” Dimensional Mammoth replied as he waved his trunk, rotating the hour glass as he did so.

Suddenly the Turbo Rangers found their enemies were able to move faster as it became increasingly difficult for them to move. In truth the two monsters were moving at normal speed and Dimensional Mammoth’s spell was slowing the world around them.

Seizing on the opportunity, Antangonist raised his weapon and fired, blasting three of the Turbo Rangers. It then turned to the other two and fired before preparing to blast the whole group.

“Oh no you don’t!” Jamie warned from outside the effects of Dimensional Mammoth’s spell. “It’s Morphin Time!”

Once transformed into the Purple Zeo Ranger, Jamie unleashed a bolt of lightning that shattered the hour glass and released the Rangers. The Five Turbo Rangers were quickly back on their feet and returned fire on Antagonist. Working together the six Rangers soon had the monsters on the defensive once more.

“Turbo Crash!” Red Turbo called.

The five Turbo Rangers seemed to run away only to turn suddenly and head directly for the two monsters. Even as Antagonist fire, Dimensional Mammoth tried to get out of the way. Neither were successful as the speed enhanced force of the Turbo Rangers knocked them from their feet.

“Let’s finish this!” Red Turbo decided. “Turbo RAM!”

Purple Zeo raised her sword ready to strike and Globbor took advantage of the situation to grab the Purple Zeo Ranger and drag her away.

“Hey!” Pink Zeo protested.

Antagonist took advantage of the distraction and blasted the Turbo Rangers, just as Dimensional Mammoth found a new hour glass to stop them from reacting in time. Globbor reached out and grabbed the five younger Rangers as well, taking them all to Master Vile. What had started as a plan to capture one Ranger had ended up with six victims. The boss would be pleased.

The attack on Jamie had alerted Zordon to the problem, but when the monsters had vanished taking the Purple Zeo Ranger and the Turbo Rangers with them, there had been a distinct lack of clues. At that time he had called the other inactive Rangers, hoping that there had not been any further abductions; he now suspected that the unusual readings from the White, Black and Silver Zeo Rangers, and the Dino Thunder Ranger, had been explained.

That somebody could attack four Rangers and hide those attacks from him was deeply disturbing. Even though they were not a part of the active team and their powers were not tied as closely to the Power Chamber’s systems as some of the others, he knew that there should have been some warning. Christina, Katarina, Jamie and Lillian were all Zeo Rangers, with Jamie having additional powers due to her heritage and Lillian having access to an aspect of the Zeo powers the others could not touch. And Nathan… Nobody was sure of the extent of Nathan’s powers because they had yet to unlock his full potential. However he was certain that at present Nathan Oliver was the only thing limiting Nathan Oliver’s progress.

To capture one Ranger was not unheard of, but five suggested a powerful villain was behind it. The abduction of the Turbo Rangers though had exposed the identity of their foe – for despite the distortion that had appeared toward the end of the fight the Turbo powers were actively monitored. He knew of only one monster with the ability to drain their powers in such a way, and only one villain capable of creating him.

Master Vile was satisfied with the performance of his creation and the monsters Monastra had provided. The capture of the Turbo Rangers had been an unexpected show of initiative from Globbor and had provided him with a new plan. Even now the Zeo Rangers and Dino Thunder Ranger were being drained by Blue Globbor.

The Turbo Rangers however were not needed for that part of his plan and the possibility of bending them to his will for even a short time and using them to grab just one more Ranger before his control slipped was extremely tempting.

The Zeo Crystal negated the effects of spells that turned people evil and since Christina had been connected to the Zeo Crystal that ability had extended to the whole team. In addition Jamie’s alien heritage and stubbornness would require the use of magic that Zordon would detect. Combined with the mental barrier that had slipped across the Black Zeo Ranger’s mind the moment she had lost consciousness and a feeling that he would fail to turn the Silver Zeo Ranger to his side using magic, and he had decided against using them in such a way.

As for Nathan… the boy’s mind was perfect manipulation. Master Vile could sense so many flaws and means of bending the Dino Thunder Ranger to his will. There was just one problem: Nathan Oliver was already under the effects of long term mind control. It had taken a few failed attempts and a close examination to realise the boy had been mentally conditioned from a young age. And while many of those instructions no longer applied and he could live a normal life, they effectively stopped his mind from accepting the level of control Master Vile sought. Simple spells were possible, but the Dino Thunder Ranger would throw them off quickly because his mind already belonged to his creators.

But the five Turbo Rangers were young and despite having faced things that children their age should never have faced, they were mentally undamaged. He had no doubt that his creations could manipulate their young minds and that even the closeness of their friendship was something he could use against them. And even if it only lasted a short time, Master Vile imagined it would be sufficient to snatch maybe an extra Ranger or two.

~On second thoughts I’ll turn them over to one of Monastra’s friends,~ he thought.

His former partner was friendly with a number of witches that excelled in ensnaring the minds of others. And if they were successful, he would allow them to work their charms on the older Rangers… assuming the Rangers survived that long.

Power Chamber

For the first time since the senior Rangers had returned from Aquitar and Zordon had returned from the Galactic Council, the Power Chamber was full. Adam, Billy and Trini had commandeered some of the computer terminals and were trying to find clues about their missing friends. Unfortunately Zordon’s decision to monitor only the active Rangers while allowing the others privacy as they went about their lives meant that there had been no record of what had happened to them.

“What about Nathan?” Zack asked.

“He was practicing at the time he would have vanished,” Aisha answered. Then her eyes lit up as she realised what her team-mate meant. “If he was morphed there’s a chance the computer recorded images from his helmet.”

Alpha quickly accessed the last few minutes of Nathan’s training session. He hadn’t been morphed at the time, but he had been using the Brachio Staff, which to prevent abuse of the Power was monitored.

“Those monster look like something Rita would send,” Tommy observed.

“Indeed,” Zordon agreed. “I have matched some of them to designs Finster had once documented but never used in battle.”

“The use of Putties does make Rita a likely culprit,” Billy commented.

“You are correct Billy, however the presence of one monster has confirmed that if Rita is involved then she is not acting alone. Rita and Zedd have been reported attacking worlds on the far side of the galaxy. However, I believe that we are looking for somebody they would know very well.”

“Ai-yi-yi-yi-yi!” Alpha exclaimed.

“Oh no,” Kimberly said.

“Not him,” Aisha added as the Viewing Screen show the appearance of Globbor.

“Indeed,” Zordon rumbled, “while few villains use Putty Patrollers, only Master Vile is capable of creating the Blue Globbor.”

It was Tommy spoke and summed up the collective feelings of his team-mates. “Aw man, we’re in trouble.”

End of Part

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Vile Methods

Disclaimer: I do not own the Power Rangers, Transformers, Harry Potter or Doctor Who. They belong to their respective copyright owners. This is a work of fanfiction and no profit is being made.

Vile Methods


The results had not been as Dark Specter had predicted; both Ecliptor and Astronema had returned from their missions empty handed. He had checked their work and had found that both had been extremely thorough despite being kept in the dark about the object he was seeking. As much as he wished it were not the case, the only explanation for their failure was that his theory had been wrong and the fragment of crystal he had expected to find within the body of life sustaining worlds simply did not exist.

"Explain!" he rumbled.

Today he had chosen the form of a Vipertooth, a large black dragon with piercing red eyes and a single fang. The smoke that billowed from his mouth as he spoke caused the scientist to cringe back.

"You were the one that informed me my information was correct," he continued. "So how is it that you were wrong?"

Sorren was a trusted servant who had spent many centuries in Dark Specter’s service; he had not known he had been in Dark Specter’s service until the Grand Monarch of Evil had revealed himself. In that time he had developed new weapons that the UAE had already started to use in its slow conquest of the Universe. Dark Specter did not believe the scientist would lie to him even if doing so would save his life.

"All the evidence you showed me confirmed your theory, Dark Specter," he replied nervously – he was well aware of the hungry look on the dragon’s face-, "they should have found something. Unless…."

"Unless you were mistaken?" Dark Specter asked, leaning closer. He did not appreciate being made a fool of, even if nobody would ever learn of his mistake.

"Yes," Sorren replied with a gulp. "That is to say: no. It is possible the fragmented pieces crystal merged with whatever planets they encountered, but the impact placed them out of phase with this dimension. That would explain the inability to detect it when scanning."

Dark Specter’s mouth opened and for a moment Sorren believed that his master would destroy him. Instead the shape shifter paused and considered the possibility that his servant was correct. If the crystal had reached the planet and then had shifted out of phase with reality, then simply destroying the planet would not be enough to retrieve the fragment. In fact, by destroying the planet his forces would have released the crystal from the effects of gravity and ruined any chance of retrieving that particular fragment.

"So it is beyond our reach," he rumbled.

"Yes," Sorren hastily agreed. Before noticing the look of disappointment on his master’s face. He rapidly reconsidered his words and decided that giving the Grand Monarch hope would grant Sorren a greater chance of survival. "That is to say: no. If the collision was sufficient to knock a fragment out of phase, a similar impact could be used to retrieve it. Your records indicate at least one instance where this has happened. All it would take is a large collision… or a very powerful explosion."

Dark Specter briefly considered crashing an asteroid into a random planet to test the theory. He was certainly powerful enough to do such a thing.. But doing something so overt risked exposing his plans. No, this required a different approach. Luckily he was a patient being and his underlings were creative enough to build him the means to accomplish such a task. He could wait a while longer.

"Of course the problem would be the time needed to repeatedly use such a method…" Sorren mused. "Perhaps if you retrieved a fragment of sufficient size you could use it to draw on the energy from the rest without needing to shift every fragment back."

"The bigger the fragment, the greater the power?" Dark Specter asked.

"No. That is to say: yes. The fragments of the Xeno Crystal were supposed to remain connected as a vast energy network. So the larger the fragment, the more energy it could draw."

If Dark Specter had been correct, then the largest fragment of the Xeno Crystal – the crystallised shell of the cosmic egg from which existence was born – had become scattered within the planet known as Earth during and event that had led to the creation of the Zeo Crystal. That was why the Earth seemed to attract so many villains; it was why he had always intended to rip the planet apart.

Dark Specter hadn’t considered the possibility that the Zeo Crystal’s energy came from a link to the original crystal, which was odd given that the existing theory suggested the Morphin Grid and other universal energy flows existed because of the crystal.

"You will find a way to retrieve a fragment," he ordered.

The need for such a weapon was an unexpected setback and mass production would take much longer than he wished. But if he only needed a single fragment… He would need to test it to be sure.

"Build two," he instructed. "You will test the first and if successful bring the other to me… You will speak of this to nobody."

As Dark Specter left, Sorren breathed a sigh of relief. It seemed he had been spared his master’s wrath. For now.

Doing nothing was the most difficult thing a Ranger could do when their friends were in trouble. With the Turbo Rangers, Dino Thunder Ranger and four of the Zeo Rangers missing, presumed kidnapped by the diabolical Master Vile, they knew it was a matter of time before the villain made his move. In the meantime with their weapons checked, Zords prepared and Zordon’s satellite network focussed on finding their friends, there had been nothing to do except wait.

"You want us to leave?" Zack demanded, outraged at the suggestion.

"There is very little you can do until Master Vile acts or we locate him," Zordon responded reasonably. "Alpha and I are more than capable of operating the Power Chamber and conducting a search. You however will need to be rested if you are to face Master Vile’s forces."

"He’s right guys," Tommy said after some thought. "I don’t like it; it doesn’t feel right relaxing while our friends are in danger, but we know how powerful Master Vile is… I remember what he did."

"If we find any sign of them, Alpha and I will contact you immediately," Zordon promised. "In the meantime it might be a good idea to warn Detective Park about his son.

There was some grumbling but the teenagers agreed and reluctantly teleported away.

Ten Power Rangers had fallen in less than a day; Master Vile was satisfied that his quest to secure the power of the Zeo Crystal for himself was off to a good start. At his direction the monsters that had been used for their capture and the Putty Patrollers that had survived the encounter had been set to work clearing an area of the lunar surface close to the Lunar Palace.

He had used his magic to raise five pillars of moon dust and at his direction the monsters had hollowed out one side to create a cavity large enough to hold a human. Master Vile had instructed Globbor to connect himself to those cavities, allowing the monster to drain the energy of those trapped within. And then the four Zeo Rangers and their Dino Thunder ally had been placed inside and secured.

Master Vile had then put his space skull back into orbit around the Earth and had sent out a massive burst of evil energy that he suspected would cause Zordon no end of problems with his monitoring equipment. With the White Morphin Master effectively blinded, Master Vile knew the Rangers would be seeking their friends by looking for the space skull instead of scanning the Moon.

And while one group of Rangers were being drained of energy that he planned to use to help prevent the possibility of outside interference, the five Turbo Rangers had been taken to a chamber within the Space Skull. There they had been secured to the wall by organic tendrils that were a part of the Space Skull’s living structure. A starfish-like creature had been placed on their faces, allowing Master Vile’s associate to begin the task of controlling their minds.

"Shanara?" he asked as he observed the Pink Turbo Ranger struggling against her bonds. It was not the typical movement he associated with a prisoner trying to break their bonds, more the panicked reaction of a body and mind that were enduring unspeakable torture.

"Patience brother," came the calm reply. "You know that this is a delicate and drawn out task; that is why you begged for my help."

Her name was Shanara, a Sradin female that had once been the devoted sister of the man that the demon known as Master Vile had inhabited. Master Vile had spared her life and corrupted her soul, empowering her with his magic and turning her into a faithful advisor. Over time her devotion to the being she still considered and loved as her brother had not diminished, but she had become a pale imitation of the kind woman she had once been and unquestionably evil.

Shanara served a purpose in Master Vile’s kingdom. She was the one that had been charged with the task of crushing the rebellious thoughts of his citizens. And after thousands of years she had developed ways of turning those that would rebel against their ruler into the obedient servants he deserved. She had overseen the education of some of Maser Vile’s most trusted lieutenants, and had been an obvious choice to break the Turbo Rangers.

Of course she had refused his request the first time, her loyalty to his dynasty far greater than her devotion to the man himself. It had been the personal request for help by the Mistress Repugna that had caused her to agree to lend her services; Shanara and Monastra had been friends long before Monastra had married Master Vile. In the end Shanara had agreed and it seemed she was already seeing results.

"You were correct: their powers accelerate not just their bodies but also their thought processes," she told him. "They managed to shake off my usual methods before I had finished casting."

The Power of Turbo accelerate the processes of the human body. It helped the Turbo Rangers to heal from physical wounds and limited the effects of spells. It also made it easier for them to fight off some forms of mind control.

"Luckily," she gestured and the starfish convulsed causing the Turbo Rangers to thrash even harder against their restraints, "I have other methods."

As he watched the Red, Green and Pink Turbo Rangers trembled under the onslaught of her mental manipulation, he noticed Blue and Yellow Turbo appeared unresponsive.

"Justin was yours the moment I started to show him scenes of his friends turning on him," she commented.

Not quite true, it had been an odd combination of three of the older Rangers rejecting him and two mocking him for proving them correct. It seemed that not all of the senior Rangers had approved of the younger teens taking over the fight.

"And once his mind broke it helped me establish a hold on the others. Little Yellow there took a more extreme approach, but soon succumbed without him to shield her."

The Turbo Rangers were younger than most teams, but had a friendship that ran deeper than the older teams. And their powers provided a link between them that the other teams did not have, allowing them to move and fight at high speed while being aware of their surroundings. It allowed them to share a collective mind at times, which in combat was a valuable asset. Sadly Shanara had found a way to use that bond against them, using it to stir the negative emotions she needed for her methods to work.

Tasha had been more difficult. The Yellow Turbo Ranger had experience of dealing with emotional manipulation. Her experience with the Shadow Empire had shown her how to overcome such things. With Justin in her power, Shanara had used that link to find Tasha’s weakness. Even then the Yellow Turbo Ranger had fought back and it had taken an exceptionally powerful spell to break her defences.

With two Turbo Rangers in her power she had turned her attention to Franklin and Rosa. It had been Mistress Repugna that had suggested using the boy’s father against him. Although the Green Turbo Ranger had managed to shake off her first attempt, she would win. BY the time they were needed she expected to have all five Turbo Rangers at her comand.

"Impressive work Shanara," Master Vile praised. "And in such a short time. The others have proven more troublesome?"

"Yes, especially their leader," she admitted. "No matter, once he understands his team have fallen to your power he will realise his ‘shortcomings’."

Vile laughed. Shanara it seemed had managed to pinpoint the smallest kinks in the Rangers’ mental defences and was not above using them. "Very well. I will send down some monsters to draw the Rangers out. When I do, have Justin and Tasha ready for an ambush. If the others are ready at the same time… so much the better."

"As you wish, Master Vile."

Multiple alarms sounded inside the Power Chamber as the Rangers arrived.

"Zordon, what’s happening?" Trini asked.

"Behold the Viewing Screen!" Zordon answered.

The massive screen had been divided to show different scenes as Tunnel Rat, Antagonist, Light Armadillo and the Dimension Mammoth attacked. Dimensional Mammoth was in Stone Canyon, Light Armadillo was attacking Briarwood, Tunnel Rat was in one of the abandoned quarries outside a city near Angel Grove, and Antagonist had been sent to the small town of Blue Bay Harbour; Nice Chap had been sent to Mariner Bay to prevent the Lightspeed Rangers from intervening.

"This is not good," Kimberly said as they watched the monsters rampage. "Guys this has to be a trap."

Master Vile’s forces would have created far more carnage had they attacked as a single force. The fact he had spread them out meant that he wanted the Rangers to divide their forces. And no doubt while they were vulnerable he planned to have Globbor attack.

Kimberly is correct: it would appear Master Vile has ordered his monsters to attack in multiple locations to force you to split up. No doubt he is aware that working together there is little you cannot accomplish. You will need to be wary of an ambush. Remember that Master Vile is well versed in the ways of evil and Globbor is capable of striking in an instant."

"We don’t have much choice," Tommy stated. "If we try to deal with them one at a time they could cause some real damage. We’ll just have to keep our eyes open for any tricks."

"If Master Vile sends Globbor to attack we might be able to locate his ship," Billy commented. "I think I might be able to recalibrate the Power Chamber’s scanners to detect Master Vile’s hiding place. But I’ll need some help."

Trini volunteered to stay behind.

"I suggest Tommy, Samoht, Trey and Jason each lead a team," Billy advised. "Trey, Adam and Tanya should go to Briarwood, Samoht, Aisha and David to Stone Canyon, Jason, Zack and Kimberly deal with that rat thing, and Tommy, Kat and Rocky should head to Blue Bay Harbour."

"All right guys," Jason said. "It’s Morphin Time!"

"Green Ranger Power!"

"Purple Ranger Power!"

"White Ranger Power!"

"Black Ranger Power!"

"Pink Ranger Power!"

"Red Ranger Power!"

"Zeo Ranger I – Pink!"

"Zeo Ranger II – Yellow!"

"Zeo Ranger III – Blue!"

"Zeo Ranger IV – Green!"

"Zeo Ranger V – Red!"

"Gold Ranger Power!"

The Rangers teleported away in twelve columns of light, leaving Billy and Trini to their work.

Master Vile watched as his plan unfolded. With the Lightspeed Rangers and their allies suitably distracted in Mariner Bay, he concentrated on the others. It was no surprise that the assorted Ranger teams made short work of his monsters; they were secondhand creations and rejects that his daughter had refused to send into battle. They had successfully drawn the Rangers into the open and the trick now was to keep them occupied long enough for his little surprise to strike. Speaking of which…

"Pink Tornado Slash!" Pink Morphin called.

Using the power of the Mind Aspect, she called forth a gust of wind that picked up the loose stones around her. As she gestured the stoned formed a whirling blade of wind and stone that she slammed into Tunnel Rat.

The monster recoiled before using his shovel arm to bat the stones away.

"Rolling Thunder!" Black Morphin cried, unleashing an attack that caused the monster to be struck from all sides by thunder and lightning.

"Tyranno Fist!" Red Morphin bellowed as he channelled the power of the Body Aspect into a single punch.

Tunnel Rat was sent flying back into the rock face, causing stones to crash down upon him. He came to his feet to find the three Rangers readying their Power Weapons for the final blow.

Light Armadillo appeared to have two abilities: the power to curl into a nigh indestructible ball and the power to create shadowy minions to fight on his behalf. While the former was a nuisance, the fact the object he created the shadow creatures from crumbled to dust after a few minutes, made the second the more deadly weapon.

He sent his shadowy creations against the three Zeo Rangers and while they were distracted, rolled himself into a ball and threw himself in the Rangers’ direction.

Green Zeo leapt over the ball shaped monster before drawing his Zeo Pistol and firing. The shots had little effect but did change its direction enough to buy Yellow Zeo the time to duck. The shadow creatures she had been fighting were not so lucky and had been flattened by their own creator.

There had been reasons why Light Armadillo had never been used by Rita. It had been created during a period that Finster had been experimenting with a creature he had captured. After he had finished the model he had feared that Rita would discover the origins of its power and either punish him or worse send it to Earth and risk Zordon discovering his crimes; there were certain rules that the good guys clung to and even villains chose to follow.

However, the monster had other weaknesses that Finster had feared would make it easier for the Rangers to defeat. There was the unfortunate matter that it lacked control over its ability to transform from its ball form, which placed a limitation on the time it could remain in a ball before being forced to revert to its normal form. When he had later created the Soccerdillo, Finster had given his monster control over its ability to ball-up.

In its normal form, another vulnerability became evident: the lamp on its chest was a powerful weapon that could generate intense bursts of blinding light and scorching heat in addition to creating the shadow minions. Unfortunately Finster had designed the weapon to be so effective offensively that he had forgotten to provide it with protection. And due to its importance, Light Armadillo often spent so much time protecting it that he forgot to use it as a weapon.

"Zeo II Power Weapon!" Yellow Zeo called as she summoned a pair of yellow clubs.

She ran toward the monster, dodging a from his chest ray. Her clubs struck his feet and ankles, causing him to hop on one foot while holding the other leg. As she slotted the two clubs together and drew them apart again, they were joined together by a thin chain, allowing her to use them as nunchakus. She took a swing for the monster’s head, causing him to lift both his hands to block the assault.

"Zeo IV Power Hatchets!"

As Yellow Zeo assaulted the monster with her weapon, Green Zeo leapt into the air with his hatchets at the ready. As Light Armadillo raised his hands to protect his head, Green Zeo descended and drove his weapons into the monster’s chest.

"Where’s my brother?" he demanded as he repeatedly pummelled the monster. But Light Armadillo either didn’t know or stubbornly refused to answer.

The fragile lamp that granted Light Armadillo the majority of his offence, shattered. And as Green Zeo continued to attack with his Power Hatchets and Yellow Zeo pummelled him with her weapon, he was unable to curl up into his protective shell. And as the two Rangers held him in place, Gold Zeo had lined himself up to deliver the finishing blow.

"It’s Time For a Gold Rush!"

Dimensional Mammoth knew that he was a reject. He didn’t even have a real name. Finster had referred to him by a design number with Dimensional Mammoth being a simple description. He had been created during the period when Rita had been banished and Lord Zedd had dismissed Finster’s services as unneeded.

After the Rock of Time had been destroyed by the Power Rangers, Finster had visited the spot where it had stood. His search had yielded a few pieces of the rock that had survived the blast from the Power Cannon. He had ground those remains down to create the sand needed for Dimensional Mammoth’s hourglass. However, he had had no desire to anger Lord Zedd by revealing his actions and had left the monster unfinished. Later he had managed to locate a tiny shard of the Orb of Doom and had add it to the mix giving Dimensional Mammoth a potent weapon.

With a wave of its trunk the monster shifted the sand within its hourglass, creating ripples in time that aged the city of Stone Canyon and made its buildings crumble. The citizens affected by its temporal waves found themselves either rapidly aged or turned into children. As they struggled to escape the disruptive vibrations from the hourglass seeped into the ground, threatening to shake the city apart.

It was at that moment the three Rangers arrived.

"Power Stick!" Purple Ranger cried as she vaulted into action, her heavy staff forcing the monster to stop its spell on concentrate on her.

Meanwhile Green Ranger tried to stabilise the buildings long enough for White Ranger to help a few stragglers to safety.

"Oh no you don’t Rangers," Dimensional Mammoth warned. "I’ll make you so old you won’t be able to fight back."

"Oh yeah? Try this on!" Green Ranger replied. "Dragon Fire!"

A ball of green flame shot toward the monster, causing it to shield its face. The ball of fire did not cause any real damage, but as it opened its eyes the monster panicked as White Ranger sliced through the end of its trunk with Saba.

"Let’s finish this!" Green Ranger ordered. "Dragon Dagger!"

"Power Stick!" Purple Ranger added.

"Saba!" White Ranger concluded.

"Combine!" they called together.

Saba slid onto one end of the Purple Ranger’s Power Stick just as Green Ranger’s smaller blade connected with the other end, forming a twin bladed staff. Purple Ranger took the combined weapon and jumped into the air. Green Ranger and White Ranger joined hands, creating a platform that propelled the Purple Ranger toward their enemy. The combined weapon glowed in an energised mix of green, purple and white light as it descended upon a monster that suddenly wished that it was somewhere else.

Antagonist was a fairly simple monster compared to some of Finster’s creations. A humanoid ant with a large cannon on its upper right arm. It lacked the flaws of some of Finster’s rejects but had never been submitted to Rita for use because Finster had considered it an artistic failure. It’s design did not incorporate any special abilities, it did not have any traits that would help it in battle. It was just a monster ant and Finster hated it.

So when given the the opportunity to fight for Rita Repulsa, the monster had been extremely enthusiastic. More so when it found out that it now served Master Vile. Its weapon did not have any special effects on the things it hit, but it caused damage anyway.

Blue Zeo had already discovered that the ant’s weapon packed a punch. He had jumped towards it intent on delivering a blow with his Zeo Power Weapons, when Antagonist had lifted its weapon and fired. Blue Zeo had found himself bouncing off the sidewalk. It was an unwelcome reminder that he still had a bad back.

Before the monster could take the initiative and attack Blue Zeo, Pink Zeo had joined the fight. Her Zeo Power Weapon easily deflected a shot from his arm cannon. And her Zeo Pistol proved that she had some firepower of her own. The monster backed up as the blast hit it in the chest.

As Red Zeo moved in to help, the two Rangers were able to keep the ant from firing another shot. They kept him off balance with Red Zeo using his Zeo Power Weapon in an attempt to hack its arm off.

"Defender Sphere, Activate!"

The Defender Wheel had been damaged during a battle with a powerful monster. When the weapon had been rebuilt it had been modified and after the Turbo Rangers had become the active team, it had upgraded to take advantage of their speed. The Defender Sphere was the result.

As Blue Zeo loaded himself into the launcher, he was aware that the new design would prove more of a challenge than the old design. The Turbo Rangers were not as physically powerful as the Zeo Rangers, but they were able to move at greater speed for longer periods. Blue Zeo started to wish he had not eaten so much the day before.

Then he remembered that this monster had been one of the things responsible for his sister’s disappearance. That was something he would not forgive.

"Engage Defender Sphere, Now!"

Red Zeo and Pink Zeo moved out of the way as the Defender Sphere crashed into Antagonist.

Master Vile watched as his monsters were slowly defeated. This had been the moment he had been waiting for.


A blue blur slammed into Gold Zeo, taking the veteran Ranger off his feet. At the same time a yellow fist connected with Yellow Zeo’s helmet, knocking her to the ground. As Green Zeo turned to face their attackers, he found himself confronted by two of the missing Turbo Rangers.

The two Rangers did not give Green Zeo the opportunity to appeal to their true nature. They attacked, using their speed to combat their more experienced opponent. While Green Zeo was reluctant to fight back against a fellow Ranger, their programming meant they had no such qualms. A brutal double punch to the chest nearly broke through the Ranger’s uniform. It proved sufficient to forcibly demorph him.

"Adam!" Yellow Zeo cried, jumping between the two Turbo Rangers and her boyfriend.

She held her Zeo Pistol at the ready. While she had no desire to hurt her friends, she knew that while wearing their uniforms she needed only to pull her strongest punches. The Power of Turbo would protect them.

Still it quickly became clear that against two Turbo Rangers she had little hope of winning. Justin was a better martial artist than she could hope to be, even with the training she had received. And Tasha was just vicious; the Yellow Turbo Ranger simply moved toward her with punches and kicks.

"Guys, you have to listen to me," she tried. "Master Vile is controlling you. You have to fight it."

Her words fell on deaf ears as the Turbo Rangers continued their assault and she found herself disarmed. Her eyes widened as she looked down to see Yellow Turbo had taken her Zeo Pistol. Yellow Turbo had the Zeo Pistol in one hand and her own Auto Blaster in the other. Both were resting against Yellow Zeo’s midsection as Yellow Turbo pulled the triggers.

Gold Zeo had by this time recovered enough to rejoin the battle, but it seemed the Turbo Rangers had had enough. They fired their side arms at the ground under Gold Zeo, striking a gas main. As he picked himself up following the explosion, he saw them grab Adam and Tanya. Then they vanished.

Yellow Turbo threw Adam to the ground in front of Master Vile. Blue Turbo followed suit with Tanya. Both had proven that Shanara’s twisted control had been a success. Neither had fought her spell even when their fellow Rangers had appealed to them. Of course the spells that filtered out any such appeals had helped with that.

The Putties had moved in quickly to grab the fallen duo before they could fight back. With three Putties securing them and the Turbo Rangers hovering in readiness to land what would be a fatal blow if they resisted, neither Zeo Ranger was in a position to try and escape.

"Take them to the cells," Master Vile instructed before turning his attention to where Pink Turbo and Green Turbo had engaged their targets.

Antagonist staggered back from the impact of the Defender Sphere. It had survived the attack, mostly thanks to it armoured hide. It had retaliated by firing rockets from its left shoulder, which Pink Zeo had skilfully deflected. As Pink Zeo and Blue Zeo held the monster in place, Red Zeo had energised his Zeo Power Sword and driven it into the prone monster, finishing Antagonist once and for all.

The ground around the three Zeo Rangers exploded as they found themselves under attack. Green Turbo stood on top of a building with the Thunder Cannon in hand. He fired again and the Zeo Rangers were forced to jump for safety.

That allowed Red Turbo Ranger to strike. As Pink Zeo landed, Red Turbo attacked with his Turbo Power Sword. The blow knocked her off her feet and caused Red Zeo to move in to help. That had been exactly what Red Turbo had been hoping for as Green Turbo fired again and intercepted the leader of the Zeo Rangers.

However the Zeo Rangers were not defeated. Blue Zeo engaged both Green Turbo and Red Turbo, relying on his experience to combat them. Unlike Green Zeo, Blue Zeo did not hesitate when he attacked. He knew how capable the Turbo Rangers were and that their powers would protect them from most attacks. As he fought he he was unable to stop Red Turbo from teleporting Tommy and Kat away.

"Guys, you need to fight this; you are better than this. We’re your friends," Blue Zeo tried as he landed a heavy kick to Red Turbo’s head.

With a quick flurry of punches he managed to disarm Green Turbo. It was clear that whatever spell the Turbo Rangers were under had taken away Franklin’s ability to strategise. Normally the Green Turbo Ranger would have had a backup plan. His last blow seemed to do the trick as Green Turbo fell to the ground and demorphed.

It was then that Rocky realised that he had made a mistake. Green Turbo had had a strategy all along. Rocky had assumed that Red Turbo and Green Turbo had been working alone. He had not stopped to think that it was unusual for Green Turbo to fight without Pink Turbo at his side. So he was unprepared when Pink Turbo attacked using Turbo Wind Fire.

If it had just been the energy attack, Rocky would have had a chance, but it seemed that whatever spell they were under meant that the Turbo Rangers were no longer concerned about each other’s wellbeing. And as a result, the Blue Zeo Ranger was forced to stay in place to shield Fred and Franklin from injury.

Pink Turbo charged her brother, discarding the Turbo Wind Fire in favour of her Auto Blaster. Blue Zeo had drawn his Zeo Pistol and returned fire, guiding their battle away from the fallen Turbo Rangers. Unfortunately that gave Fred and Franklin the opportunity to morph again and join the attack. Now Blue Zeo was seriously outnumbered.

The three Turbo Rangers charged their fists and delivered a crippling blow to Blue Zeo’s chest. Despite his best efforts, Blue Zeo could not hold out and his fallen form was promptly teleported away.

As soon as Tunnel Rat had been destroyed, a new threat had made itself known. The monster’s destruction had triggered a spell Monastra Repugna had placed upon him, transferring his essence into the surrounding rocks. The result was a rock monster capable of throwing parts of itself at at the Rangers.

Black Ranger knocked the rocks aside with his Power Axe, allowing Pink Ranger to attack with her Power Bow as Red Ranger moved in from behind with his Power Sword. Together the three Rangers used teamwork to overcome the monster’s strength.

Blue Ranger and Yellow Ranger chose that moment to arrive. They had been waiting for Master Vile to spring some sort of trap and believed that this was it; had they delayed a few seconds they would have known of the attack on the Zeo Rangers, but it was too late to help there.

"Ideas?" Red Ranger asked as he drove his foot into the monster’s knee, slowing it down for a time.

"Maybe if we expose it to extreme temperatures," Blue Ranger offered.

"He means we make it really hot or really cold," Yellow Ranger added.

"I call on the power of the Mastodon!" Black Ranger cried, concentrating on his link to the mighty Zord that was a part of his powers. "Mammoth Shield!"

A smaller version of the shield normally worn on the Megazord’s arm appeared in Black Ranger’s hand. The Ranger held the shield aloft, shooting a spray of freezing gas from the end of its snout. The rock monster was frozen in place.

"Okay, let’s finish this!" Red Ranger called. "Power Blaster!"

The five Rangers rapidly formed the original version of the Power Blaster. They fired and the frozen monster exploded. They had not expected the resulting shower of stones that rained down upon them, burying them. As Red, Yellow and Pink Ranger struggled to fight their way free, Globbor took the opportunity to sneak up on Black Ranger. The Ranger struggled briefly before collapsing and was promptly teleported away as Globbor decided to try for a second Ranger.

He zeroed in on Billy as the Blue Ranger tried to lift a heavy boulder that had trapped his leg. The monster was about to snatch the injured Ranger when Yellow Ranger freed herself and intervened. Her Power Daggers knocked Globbor’s hands aside, but the monster decided that a Ranger was a Ranger and grabbed her instead.

As Globbor and his new prisoner vanished, Red Ranger managed to free himself from the stones. He was too late to stop Globbor from escaping and had to settle for releasing Pink Ranger before the two of the moved to help a distraught Blue Ranger.

The moment Dimensional Mammoth had been destroyed, the Rangers had found themselves under attack. Master Vile had not wanted them to interfere with his attempt to grab the Zeo Rangers, and so he had sent as many Putties as he could spare to keep the three Rangers busy. Enhanced by the magic of Monastra Repugna, the foot-soldiers successfully forced the Rangers to split up.

"Hello Samoht."

It should not have been a surprise to step through a doorway and find himself in an unfamiliar place. He had been teleported many times before. But there had been no sensation of moving, it was as if he had just naturally stepped into a new location. He was not surprised to find the door he had stepped through had vanished, along with the rest of the campus.

"Do I know you?" he asked.

Standing before him, sword in hand was a tall silver-helmeted knight with red eyes. A black flexible material was covered with silver metal plates with blue highlights. His belt, wrist braces, knee pads and ankle braces were gold.

"I’m sure I’d remember that face."

"Funny guy," came the response. "We’ll see how funny you find it after I defeat you."

"If that’s the way you want it," Green said, summoning his Dragon Blade.

"We’ll see," the knight promised as he charged.

Samoht had over two centuries of training and his own form of magic to call upon in addition to his sword. He was not going to go down without a fight. While he was outnumbered, his sword made short work of slicing through the Putties while a ball of green fire kept the knight at bay.

"If that is the best you can manage, this will be over sooner than I hoped," the knight mused.

"Sorry to disappoint you," Green Ranger said as he blocked a slash from the knight’s sword. "Let’s see if I can offer more of a challenge. Green Fire!"

The power of the Morphin Grid flowed into his fist as he stepped closer to the knight and delivered a firm punch to the chest. The knight was thrown back but soon regained his footing.

"Return Strike!"

The knight did not have a name although Finster had considered calling it Rebound. He had been an early prototype that Finster had rejected after Rita had made it clear that her monsters needed to be offensive and not defensive. It had been designed to take the brunt of an enemy’s attack and then reflect the energy back at its opponent.

The result was that Green Ranger was hit by his own attack just as more Putties came to Rebound’s aid. As Samoht struggled against them, he was gripped by multiple hands and teleported away.

"Purple Ranger Strike!"

"White Ranger Strike!"

Rebound had no time to prepare for the combined blow from the two remaining Rangers. As two balls of energy connected, the monster was destroyed, leaving the Rangers triumphant.

Master Vile had not expected his scheme to be so successful. The Turbo Rangers had proven a master stroke that had landed him five Zeo Rangers to drain. But the addition of Trini, Zack and Samoht had added to the his victory. Now he could not only drain the power of the Zeo Crystal, but he could also tap into the power of the Morphin Rangers.

All his plans were coming to fruition and soon not even Dark Specter would stand against him.

Power Chamber

The surviving Rangers had regrouped. Trey had been injured by the Turbo Rangers and Billy was still bruised from the rocks. In a single strike Master Vile had managed to take away eight of their friends in addition to those he already held.

"Zordon, we do not have a choice," Trey argued.

It had not taken long after they had arrived back at Power Mountain for the computers to detect Master Vile’s attempt to tap into the power of the Zeo Crystal. Trey had been quick to suggest disconnecting the Zeo Crystal, preventing Master Vile from gaining control of it. He would be able to drain the energy that remained in their Zeonisers but little more.

However Zordon had been reluctant to do so because without the Zeo energy to sustain them, the Ranger’s lived would be in jeopardy. The Rangers’ link to the Zeo Crystal had changed following their encounter with Minion. The powers had become linked to them physically and from the few tests that had conducted, had altered their bodies to accommodate the power.

The downside was that once the Power of Zeo entered their bodies, it could not be separated from their life energy. That meant that as Master Vile drained their powers, he was also killing them.

Already the monitors that tracked the health of Katarina, Christina, Lillian and Jamie showed that they were in serious danger. If Master Vile continued to siphon away their powers it was likely they would die. Tommy, Rocky, Adam, Tanya and Katherine were showing a slower decline, likely because their link to the Zeo Crystal had not been interfered with.

"If Master Vile gains enough power he will be able to take control of the Zeo Crystal," Trey continued.

"I fear you are correct Trey," Zordon answered. "Once Master Vile has drawn sufficient power from the Zeo Crystal, he will be able to take it for himself. However, severing the link between the Zeo Crystal and the Rangers’ Zeonisers would allow Master Vile to drain their bodies. If that happens and we cannot retrieve them, they will likely die."

Zordon and Alpha had already reduced the link between Katarina, Lillian, Jamie and Lillian, and their Zeo sub-crystals. It had not been so easy to limit their powers since their powers had bonded with their bodies. And it had been impossible to cut the link between Nathan and his powers since the Power Chamber could only monitor and had little control beyond a little guidance.

"We need a way to find them," Jason declared.

The others nodded.

"Billy, isn’t there some way you can track them through their Zeonisers?" Kimberly asked.

"I have been unable to locate their Zeonisers or communicators," Billy told her. "However, I might be able to track the energy from the Zeo Crystal now that Globbor is draining it. But to be successful the link will need to be maintained."

"Ai-yi-yi-yi-yi!" Alpha cried as one of the consoles started beeping.

"What is it?" Aisha asked.

"It appears that Master Vile has started to drain the power of the Morphin Rangers," Zordon replied.

"Samoht’s vital signs have deteriorated," Alpha added.

"When your new powers were created, they were bound to your bodies," Zordon explained. "Any drain on those powers would risk damage to their bodies."

"We need to get them back!" Jason declared.

It was an obvious remark and he knew it, but saying it made him feel confident that they would find a way and that they would not give up until they found a way.

The Power of Turbo, derived from the extra-dimensional energy source known as the Speed Force, provided many advantages for those that used it. Not only could those that drew upon its powers move faster, their healing was enhanced beyond the accelerated most Rangers enjoyed. Their senses and perceptions were enhanced to the point where when the Turbo Rangers worked together, they could counter a threat before it arose.

Shanara was an old and skilled manipulator of mind and senses. She had turned the most vocal opponents of Master Vile into loyal servants. Altering the brainwaves of five children had been simple in comparison. And with the added precaution of shielding them from the words of their former allies, the result was five loyal servants. Or so she thought.

While she had found a way to work around their apparent immunity to mind control, she had been wrong to assume that her spells would last. The moment they had morphed into battle their powers had started to counter her handiwork. By the time the confrontation was over, their minds were starting to break her hold on them.

And even as Master Vile gloated of his victory, one of the Turbo Ranger’s hands twitched as he raised his Auto Blaster and did something that risked putting an end to the villain’s sinister scheme.

Somewhere on the Moon, there was an explosion.

End of Part

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The Titanium Heist

Disclaimer: I do not own the Power Rangers. They belong to whoever holds that copyright. I also do not own Doctor Who, which belongs to the BBC.

Lightspeed: The Titanium Heist

Washington DC

26 September 1998

“Captain Mitchell, thank you for returning. We would like to resume from where we left off.”

“Certainly Senator.”

“There have been a number of concerns raised about the continued existence of the Lightspeed project. The cost has yet to be fully justified and we have seen very little progress made in recent month. Could I ask how you justify the continued use of resources on a threat that has to date not been fully defined? I’m sure the taxpayers would love to know why their dollars are being spent on such a low priority operation.”

Captain Mitchell sighed. He hated these hearings. Every few months it seemed that some ambitious senator would try to push for the ending of Lightspeed and the reallocation of its resources for military operations. And as usual he would be making the exact same argument he had made the previous time.

“Firstly, Senator Stern, the only taxpayer dollars spent in relation to Lightspeed is for limited oversight of General McKnight’s office, the processing of incidence reports and the money spent on these hearings. Lightspeed is privately funded and has been since its inception. We are independent of government agencies and intend to remain so. We also source our materials privately, providing jobs and investment in over two hundred businesses and their suppliers.”

He took a sip of water, allowing the senator time to adjust his questioning given that his arguments about value for money were effectively dismissed.

“As to your point about our continued operation, I admit that I am as disappointed as you on that matter. Unfortunately it seems that the demons are just not willing to show themselves.”

“I beg your pardon?”

Captain Mitchell sighed. “As you will know from previous hearings, Lightspeed was set up in response to predictions made regarding the return of Queen Bansheera and her court. Unfortunately those predictions were not as accurate as we first believed. The demons have been released earlier than predicted and those we have encountered so far have been the weaker members of her court. To date no members of the royal family have been located, ad we believe they are currently still trapped. AT this point we are attempting to contain the threat of the minor members of her court and locate the prisons of the more powerful demons. If we can locate them we hope to seal them away before they can be unleashed, preventing a need for our continued operation.”

“I’m sure we can all agree that the outcome you describe would be desirable,” Stern said, “which raises the concern about the sale of Lightspeed assets to foreign governments. Lightspeed is not a licensed weapons supplier and you Captain Mitchell have no authority to negotiate with foreign powers.”

“Once again Senator, I draw your attention to what the reports actually say,” Mitchell answered. “Lightspeed does not, never has and due to its treaties created long before my time, never will supply equipment to any military force or government body. That includes all power foreign and domestic. I’m sure that the outcome of the few cases where governments have attempted to seize equipment we supplied to private organisations have been released to the committee. In all cases the seizure of Lightspeed equipment caused the activation of a safety protocol rendering all equipment inaccessible; the purchasers were also reimbursed and compensated as a result.

“So far Lightspeed has provided small, medium and large scale rescue equipment to twenty-three organisations around the globe. Those organisations run under a similar charter to Lightspeed prioritising the rescue and preservation of innocent lives over all other considerations. All products sold have been heavily redesign to remove any combat potential. While I’m sure you’ll agree that a fire axe can be used as a weapon just as easily as it could be used as a tool, I ask you to accept that we are merely providing the means to deal with emergency situations.”

He had expected the protests over Lightspeed’s decision to effectively franchise its operations around the world. The Japanese organisation had been especially busy in recent weeks and there was no question that the advanced fire-fighting equipment had been helpful in saving lives. He knew at the very least the protective suits had saved workers from harm.

“And rumours of off-the-record activities being undertaken by Lightspeed employees?”

“Are just rumours,” he assured them.

“Really?” Senator Stern asked. “I have here a record of several persons later linked to Lightspeed engaging combatants in cities around the United States… Perhaps if you are unaware of what is going on inside your organisation Captain Mitchell we should provide additional oversight.”

“As I said Senator, those are just rumours. The reports you refer to were provided by Lightspeed as part of our reporting procedures. All encounters were conducted by authorised Lightspeed personnel. At no point have outside agents or agencies been used. Lightspeed is not limited to using Rangers to carry out its task; we have worked side-by-side with NASADA, UNIT and the GSA for decades.”

The use of Power Rangers was a new approach to the problem. It did not hurt to remind those present that Lightspeed had been demon hunting long before Rita Repulsa had made an appearance. He also didn’t add that Lightspeed had willingly placed itself under the authority of those organisations when required.

“Surely you can understand the concerns of this committee that allowing unenlightened persons to control powerful weapons that could be put to better use defending our national interests is both wasteful and a security threat.”

“And I remind you again that Lightspeed is an independent organisation and that it is located in this country purely out of convenience. If it is your wish that we should cease operations, we will of course move to an alternative facility in South America.”

There was a prolonged silence as both parties wait for the other to give way. Eventually it was the senator that realised that his time was running out while Captain Mitchell had little to lose by waiting. He decided to move onto another subject.

“Captain, Lightspeed was recently asked to examine the equipment used in the Titanium Project to determine why it failed. Have your staff been able to reach a conclusion on the matter?”

“They have.” There was a pause as Captain Mitchell retrieved his copy of the report, well aware the committee had copies. “While there was evidence of inferior components being used in the manufacturing process and that there were some design flaws, there were no design failures that would have led to the deaths of those attempting to use it.”

“Thank you Captain.”

“My research team did however identify one of the safety features in the design had been disabled during testing and that had they been engaged the outcome would have been very painful for the operator, but not fatal. At this time it is not clear who deactivated the safety device or what they would have gained from doing so. My staff has suggested tat though deliberate it was most likely an oversight.”

While the answer had not placed the blame at the feet of those working on the project, it had not completely cleared them of incompetence. And from the look on Stern’s face, it was clear that this was not the response he had been hoping for, no doubt because of the outraged look on the face of Justin Hammer.

“I see. And during their testing of the morpher, were your personnel able to resolve the problems?”

That had been one of the reasons the device had been turned over to Lightspeed, besides General McKnight’s insistence that the project was totally removed from Hammer’s control. They hadn’t asked Lightspeed to repair it, but they had hoped that in finding the fault they would also correct it, saving the government the need for further spending on development.

“They did not,” Captain Mitchell replied. “Despite numerous attempts they were unable to sustain a controlled transformation without causing it to torture the operator. They did however conclude that the problem is not related to the hardware; the problem is that the human body is incapable of handling the strain. As I’m sure you can understand we have no way to solve that problem without altering the device.”

“It sounds like you are saying the Titanium Morpher is a failure?” Stern pushed.

“If a morpher cannot be used to morph, then I would say it was a failure,” Captain Mitchell agreed. “In this case it was a very expensive failure.”

There was a lot of noise from those seated behind the captain as they recorded their quotes for the evening news. Suddenly Senator Stern was very eager to end the discussion before anything else could be said.

“I think that would be a good place to adjourn for today. This hearing is adjourned.”

Mariner Bay

The Lightspeed Aquabase had been designed to include quarters for the majority of its personnel. However there were some that preferred to spend their free time on dry land. For those needing transport to and from the Aquabase, it was necessary to either use the transport tunnels that ran beneath the surface of the sea bed or when the tide permitted, hitch a ride on one of the submarines that journeyed back and forth on a regular basis.

However just because transport between the land and the Aquabase was possible, did not mean it was easy. Security was tight due to the sensitive nature of the Aquabase’s function. Those wishing to enter required a special token that would unlock the security door. Personnel watching from a nearby room were on hand to make sure that nobody tried to sneak through. Given that demons preferred not to touch the waters of Mariner Bay, the likelihood that they would try to sneak on board the submarine or gain access to the service tunnels were high.

On the other hand security around the submarine was surprisingly lapse. Two men were supposed to stand guard on the dock, but given how quiet their day was normally, they had retired to a small room to drink coffee. They hadn’t even noticed the slight fizzing of their drinks as they sipped them. A few minutes later both guards were asleep, unable to stop the masked figure from walking in and removing breathing apparatus from the store room.

When the submarine departed, nobody noticed the stowaway attached to the side of the submarine. He remained unnoticed as the submarine docked with the Aquabase and he detached himself. The Aquabase’s cameras were obscured as he swam under the submarine in search of the airlock that led to a service entrance. Only when he emerged from the airlock did he encounter security; a knee to the mid-section followed by a blow to the head soon solved that problem.

He carefully made his way through the Aquabase, avoiding the various personnel until he reached the office of Captain Mitchell. He managed to force the lock and sneaked into the empty room. A brief search followed before he located the drawer where the dangerous Titanium Morpher was stored. He looked up at the sound of running as the door opened and security guards entered.

It was obvious there had been an alarm either on the door or the drawer and his actions had triggered it. He weighed the possibilities of trying to bluff his way out, but dismissed the thought entirely when he noticed one of the Rangers in the crowd. There was no way she would be fooled.

With that in mind he reached a decision, vaulted the desk and barrelled into the first two guards. He didn’t stop to fight, just punched anybody that tried to grab him before making his way to the exit. By that time the alarms had sounded and the various exits were locked down. Fortunately he had planned for such an event and moved towards the hangar where the Lightspeed Rangers’ hummer was maintained. A few buttons raised the connection tube into position and he took off at a run, confident that the guards would not risk gun fire inside the pressurised tube.

He was not surprised when he heard the engine of the Hummer as the Rangers gave chase. He stopped running and refitted his breathing mask. The torture of the last twenty years had revealed a small magical gift that since his awakening he had found himself capable of using. And after experimenting under the tutelage of Diabolico and the other demons, he had discovered a way to use that gift to unleash bolts of focussed magical energy. He didn’t aim for either the Rangers or their vehicle. Instead he targeted the walls, breaking the pressure seal. As he was sucked out of the transport tube, water poured in, forcing Lightspeed technicians to activate emergency bulkheads. However, that in turn prevented the Rangers from giving chase. The thief was gone and the Titanium Morpher was missing.

“At least we know he can’t use it,” Joel commented in an attempt to lighten the moment.

Despite his words he was just as worried by this turn of events as the others. After all if the Titanium Morpher was useless, why steal it? He couldn’t shake the feeling that something bad was about to happen.

10 September 1998

To the casual observer it was just another monster, although even by demon standards this one was extremely hideous. Vaguely human it was a combination of putrid flesh and stolen organs, soaked in the blood of the innocent humans Curszer had sacrificed.

There were warnings surrounding the raising of the dead, although for those deluded enough to actually attempt such acts they were more of a guideline to success: for every soul returned to the world of the living another soul was needed to take its place was the normal rule intended to provide balance. But that rule only applied in the case of a willing exchange where a person offered their own life so another could live. In the case where there were no willing sacrifices, the ceremony required more souls to fulfil the contract. Curszer had been very generous in his offering and there were many unexplained disappearances that could have been pinned on him.

He renewed his dark chant, using incantations that were normally forbidden in Queen Bansheera’s court; even the Hell Goddess had her limits. As he spoke the mass shifted on the stone slab, the many parts merging together to form a single and exceptionally healthy humanoid body. Curszer had been careful to choose the right parts, knowing that his plan required a specimen of exceptional strength. Bright light burst from the living corpse as nature tried to return it to its previous state.

“Soul of the fallen, renewed by my hand, take your form, by my command!”

The soul had been carefully selected for the task and had been pulled painfully from its resting place; it had been subjected to twenty years of suffering in the space of a few months. Curszer with the help of his fellow demons had broken the innocent mind while teaching it what it needed to know to function as an adult. They had also poisoned his thoughts and memories, placing the blame for his suffering on a man he had been taught to hate. And with that hatred he was willing to do anything for revenge, even serve Queen Bansheera.

“Impressive Curszer,” Diabolico commented as he inspected the finished work. He had taken a personal hand in breaking the child, offering a few kind words while directing others to inflict pain. “Is it done?”

“Not yet,” Curszer spoke. “The enchantments need to be sealed, or else they will break down in a matter of hours. Once the final offering is made, the process cannot be reversed and he will be alive.”

“Then proceed,” Diabolico instructed. “I will make certain Queen Bansheera knows of your sacrifice.”

Curszer bowed and then gestured to the Batlings to unlock the heavy chains that had held their new warrior in place. As soon as he was released, his body sprang into action, striking at the Batlings, dispatching them with ease before turning on Curszer. The demon did not offer any resistance as his creation’s hand slid around his neck. The spell required the shattering of the human’s soul to anchor him to his new body. While having him kill a human would have been preferable, it would have lacked the blind rage. Curszer’s death tethered the tortured soul and prevented it from moving on willingly.

With a growl the construct tossed Curszer’s body aside and froze as it realised what it had done. The wizard’s corpse exploded into a swarm of flies, his magical energy seeking out his brother Jinxer while the rest attacked his murderer. In the background a high pitched grinding noise could be heard, but Diabolico assumed it was part of the ceremony.

“Enough!” Diabolico commanded, causing the flies to land on his back where they turned into a sickly black mark. Diabolico ignored that as he addressed the court’s newest servant. “You have proven yourself worthy of serving Queen Bansheera. Now, this is what you will do…”

But the human failed to respond, his mind broken by his experience and unable to accept the mindless murder it had committed. The taking of a demon life was not enough to lock the distressed soul in place and after so long without comfort, it chose to retreat into the afterlife.

“That’s the problem with soul magic,” a voice said from behind. “Equivalent exchange is always greater than you realise.”

Diabolico turned to confront the unfortunate soul that that wandered into his domain. The figure wore the hooded robes of a monk from one of the many religious groups that had sprung up around the planet during the time the demons had been absent. He was about to summon some Batlings to feed on the stray when he took the opportunity to study the human a little closer. There was something different about this one, he could sense the taint of magic and a more familiar power. With a growl he realised that this human had at some point been in magical contact with a member of the royal family.

“The Sorcerer!” Diabolico accused. There were few instances when a human would have had the opportunity to encounter one of Queen Bansheera’s children. Very few humans had been around at the time when her empire was at its peak and those that were had looked very different to modern humans. But there had been some that had dared to rise up against the demons’ rule and of those humans only one had demonstrated the power to stand against a member of the royal family: the Sorceror of the Sands. “You will pay for what you have done to out empire!”

The response was the raising of a pale hand and a placating motion. On closer inspection there was a small piece of parchment held within the palm with some sort of symbol marked upon it. Diabolico found himself unable to take his eyes off the symbol as he tried to decipher its meaning. And the longer he was forced to stare the more difficult it became to concentrate on attacking. The pressure on his mind was incredible and despite being a demon, it was clear this man had the power to almost enthral a servant of Queen Bansheera.

“Enough!” Almost was not enough in Diabolico’s case and with a sudden snap, he returned to his senses. The moment his mind had recognised the purpose behind the magic, he had been able to break the spell. “Parlour tricks will not save you.”

A power gust of wind knocked the hooded figure off his feet, causing his hood to fall away and exposing his head. It was the sight of the scarred third eye on the human’s forehead that made Diabolico to rethink his decision to destroy him. Clearly this was not a normal human.

“Parlour tricks? That technique was one of my most powerful abilities. It is a testament to your power that you were able to break free, despite the power of the seal,” he replied. “I am not an enemy of yours, mighty Diabolico. I am one of many that willingly await the return of Queen Bansheera and the restoration of her great empire. I am here to assist you in your endeavours.”

Humans were not the only intelligent life in the universe, Earth was not the only place where humans existed, and those that currently called the world theirs were not the first humans to do so. There had been several great human empires since the Earth had first formed. Most had disappeared completely with no evidence they had existed. He was one of the few that had survived from an older time. He was old, injured and had lost much of his power, but he was a survivor that had witnessed the power of Queen Bansheera and had sworn loyalty to her forces. While he had never been promised a reward, he hoped that aiding her return would restore him to his former state.

“My civilisation was dying when you demons first set foot in this dimension. We welcomed you here and worshipped the children of your queen. We could not prevent their imprisonment, but we have worked for their release.”

Diabolico remembered there had been a few humans that had worshipped Queen Bansheera and her family. Most had willingly given their service to her children and were considered as pets while others had worked throughout the ages to undermine the work of the Sorceror of the Sands and his followers.

“And what could you offer me in return for your life?” Diabolico asked, gripping him by the collar of his robes to make certain he could not escape.

“I have knowledge that will assist you; tomes stolen from those that opposed you long ago. I know that no matter how many times you attempt this ceremony it will fail. There is another way to accomplish it without the need to sacrifice Queen Bansheera’s loyal retainers.”

“And in return?” Diabolico was not foolish enough to believe that such an offer would be made for free.

“Let me take the remains,” he answered, pointing to where the construct was starting to strain against the spells. Without Curszer to renew the magic he had placed there, they were starting to weaken. The construct’s body started to glow around the edges, a clear indication that the soul within was struggling to break free. The priest waved his hand idly in its direction; the light faded. “The choice is yours of course. I wouldn’t dare to tell someone as powerful as you what to do, but time is running out. Do you really want to waste this opportunity?”

If nothing else it appeared that he had convinced Diabolico that he could be useful.

“Perhaps your services will be accepted,” Diabolico agreed.

“Thank you. Now I will show you the powers my people possessed…” He closed his eyes and reached out to the dark powers his race had once mastered. Time and injury had made it more difficult for him to feel the flow of the power. But his anger and hatred for the humans that now claimed the world as their own enhanced his senses, allowing him to pull on the weak connection he maintained. And once he found the energy, he instinctively recalled how to use it, his words shape the energy to his will. “Dark Fist, Flowing Reversal!”

Twenty years earlier.

The man drove his car along the twisting road with his two children secure in the backseat. It was raining and the driver lost control. The car spun off the road and over the cliff, crashing down on the rocks below. Shockingly the man and his children survived, but the car’s fuel tank had ruptured and the battery had started to short-circuit, causing sparks. With only a limited time the man knew he had time to save only one of his children. He could only release and carry either his son or his daughter to safety.

“Oh dearie my, which one will die?”

The man turned as he heard the voice, shocked and angered to see a demon standing before him. The flames and everything else around him seemed to have stopped.

“What do you want?” the man demanded, his hand moving to a gun he kept in his jacket.

“If I wanted to kill you I wouldn’t have slowed down the fire,” the demon responded. “I’ve come to make you an offer.”

Seeing that the man was not going to ask, the demon pressed on.

“You can only rescue one child. The other will die. Give him to me to raise as my own and know that he shall live. But which shall you choose?”

The demon enjoyed playing with the emotions of others. It enjoyed the torment it saw upon the man’s face as he tried to decide which child he would give up. The demon enjoyed the knowledge that it had won.

“Neither!” the man decided, shocking the demon as he rushed to the car.

The demon laughed as it watched the man struggle, knowing full well that he could not carry one child away and return for the other before the car exploded. He heard the man say something to his son before grabbing his daughter and running. The boy somehow managed to free himself from the car and screamed for his father to help him. And that was when the car exploded. In the heat of the moment the man failed to notice the odd sound or the way that for a moment the flames seemed to freeze in place. He would always remember the mocking laughter as he wept for his lost child.

10 September 1998

The monk groaned as the strain forced him to end the technique. It was not the time travel that was the problem, but the separation of his mind and spirit from his body. The further he travelled and the longer he was away, the greater the pull became and the less strength he had to pull himself back. Just a few minutes was almost too long for him to endure.

As a young man he would have brashly tried to force his way back to the day of the accident, something that would have likely killed him for twenty years was well beyond his natural ability. But as he had grown older he had learnt to use other techniques to create stepping stones from which to jump. That made one long journey a series of shorter leaps.

Even so time was very difficult to manipulate. If there was one thing he had learnt it was that the way events were recorded was more important than the record being made. In this case the death of Ryan Mitchell could be subdivided into a sequence of events, some witnessed and others deduced from the evidence. William Mitchell had seen the car explode with his son still trapped within. The incident report had shown that the body of a child had been retrieved from the wreckage but was so badly charred that identification was impossible. Those were the events history recorded and that allowed him room to make changes. That he had been there that night in the original timeline and had encountered his future self meant that he knew the way to play events to his liking; originally he had been there to kill William Mitchell as a show of his value to the demons, but Mitchell had survived.

History recorded that the body of a young boy had been removed from the wreckage. And so he had started with a visit to a morgue in a little town that by his calculations no longer existed. There he had removed the body of a boy that was the same age as the crash victim. He had placed the body at the scene and waited until the moment Captain Mitchell had turned his head aware in despair. Had he waited long enough? Did Mitchell suspect that his son was alive? There was no way to tell but Mitchell had never questioned the declaration that Ryan Mitchell had been killed in the incident. The switch had occurred before Curszer had grabbed the child’s soul, leaving Ryan Mitchell alive and well.

“Shadow Play, Dream of Torment!”

Shadow Play was a technique that trapped the victim within a dream state. There they would endure whatever torture the caster desired until they were released. And while their bodies would show the signs of injuries they sustained while dreaming, they would not need food or water while they slumbered. In the past he had used such dreams to break his enemies, but for Ryan Mitchell he had something more ambitious in mind.

His manipulations allowed Ryan to slumber for twenty years, his body shielded from harm. He reshaped Ryan’s memory of the accident, making him believe Diabolico had saved him from death when his father had let him fall. The boy would dream of a life spent living among the demons, of pain and suffering while knowing that his sister was safe and cared for. And as the demons taught him to fight and to hate, he would start to believe that they were his family after his father had abandoned him.

And as his mind and spirit returned to the present, the boy was left in the care of his past self as events played out right up until the moment he had called on the powers at his command and travelled into the past. With a flourish, he revealed the slumbering child, now a grown man. As he released the technique, he allowed Ryan Mitchell to emerge at Diabolico’s side. Except now he was trained as a warrior to hate humans, despise Lightspeed and desire nothing more than the obliteration of his father and all the man held dear.

28th September 1998

“I have completed my side of the bargain, oh great Diabolico,” the warlock said as he regarded the Titanium Morpher in Diabolico’s hand.

Ryan had performed the task he had been given flawlessly and the powerful device was now in their possession. It was impossible for a human to use the power contained within the Titanium Morpher, no matter their strength or training. The device had been designed to surpass the Lightspeed Morphers and therefore required a candidate who was physically superior to the other Rangers; twenty years of pain and suffering spent in a hell dimension, something o human should have endured… That Ryan had survived the ordeal was a sign of his suitability to his new rol as the Titanium Ranger.

“And I will keep mine,” Diabolico stated, pointing to the body the demons had previously constructed. “Take it and go before I change my mind.”

The warlock nodded and left, taking his prize with him. Diabolico had not asked what he intended to do with the rottings construct, but he was sure the demon would be pleased when he saw the results. And when the demons conquered the Earth he was certain that he would be welcomed as one of their trusted servants.

Diabolico watched the warlock leave and then turned his attention to his new warrior. It was time that their servant introduced himself to the Rangers. Soon their obstruction would be gone, Queen Bansheera would be free to return and their kingdom would be restored at last. And best of all, with her children missing, Diabolico was certain that Queen Bansheera would recognise his efforts and grant him his own territory, just as he deserved.

End of part

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Titanium Victory

Disclaimer: I do not own the Power Rangers. They belong to whoever holds that copyright. I also do not own Doctor Who, which belongs to the BBC.

Titanium Victory

Mariner Bay,

“Let’s take it up a notch,” Red Lightspeed said. “Super Train Megazord, Initiate!”

The Super Train Megazord was rapidly formed, its powerful weapon systems brought online and ready to face off with their demonic foe.

“Gattling Blasters!”

A high pitched whine filled the air as the Zord discharged the weapon on its right arm. Diabolico however was unaffected even as the left arm of the Megazord unloaded with its full battery of rockets. Indeed as the Megazord continued to fire upon him, Diabolico merely laughed and marched toward them.

A single shot from the demon’s staff was all it took to fell the Megazord. Sparks erupted around it as the metal giant toppled to the ground. Diabolico seized the opportunity to finish the metal warrior with the sharpened blade that formed one end of his staff.

“No!” Red Lightspeed gasped as he gripped the controls.

The Megazord responded, its giant right hand catching the weapon before it could reach them.

“Don’t you know when to give up?” Diabolico growled as the Megazord forced its way back to its feet.

“Yeah, never!” Red Lightspeed replied.

“Well then,” Diabolico chuckled as the Megazord forced him to step back, “Let me show you real power.”

The head that made up the demon’s midsection glowed with power. The star in the forehead pulsed with red light while the eyes glowed green with power. A blast of energy fired from the mouth area, knocking the Super Train Megazord backward. For an instant the Megazord stood still while its legs tried to redirect the control signals that had been lost, along with a vast section of the Megazord’s torso. Then reality seemed to catch up with the massive machine as it tumbled backwards.

Around Mariner Bay, Lightspeed personnel had been busy while the Megazord had been losing its fight with the stronger demon. Technicians backed by armed soldiers ran miles of cable through the city streets and positioned equipment in predetermined positions. Even as the Megazord collapsed from the tremendous damage it had endured, Lightspeed’s electricians busied themselves testing circuits.

Inside the Aquabase, Miss Fairweather received the final confirmation that everything was in order.

“They’re ready, Sir,” she reported softly.

Next to her, Captain Mitchell nodded his approval.

“Tell all personnel to clear the area and send in the Lightspeed Rescue Zords,” he instructed. “It’s time to put an end to this.”

“What, the Rescue Zords?” Green Lightspeed asked, unsure what was happening.

“Does that mean he have to abandon the Super Train?” Blue Lightspeed added.

“There’s not much we can do from here anyway,” Pink Lightspeed stated as Yellow Lightspeed worked to control the fires that had broken out in the cockpit.

Red Lightspeed considered their situation for a moment. The Super Train Megazord was much more powerful than the Lightspeed Rescue Megazord, but it was too badly damaged to be of further assistance… unless they could restore its firepower and move Diabolico into the path of its weapons.

“We’ve got no choice,” he said finally. “Move it.”

Transferring between Zords was a quick but dangerous matter. For just a few seconds they were left exposed to their massive enemy. Fortunately he had chosen to ignore them. With a few well practiced movements, the Rangers were inside the relative safety of their Zords and the Lightspeed Megazord had been formed.

“Megazord go, Lightspeed!”

With a few whistles and clicks, the Megazord had been formed. The steam from the powerful pistons that locked the head section to the main bulk of the body ceased as the mechanisms locked into place.

“Lightspeed Megazord Saber, Ignite!”

Even it full power it appeared their weapon was ineffective against the demon. A fact he quite happily confirmed.

“Your puny saber is useless against me,” he told them after shaking off its effect. “All of your pathetic weapons put together are no match for me; for I, Diabolico, am invincible.”

His chest pulsed with energy to emphasize the point before blasting them with more of his energy.

“That blast just took the Zords beyond their safety limits,” Fairweather warned.

“Activate the system and then instruct the Rangers to pull back,” Mitchell replied. “The effects should give them time.”

“But Sir, this could be our only chance,” Fairweather protested.

Captain Mitchell hesitated. The weapon they had erected would only work once against Diabolico and would alert the demons that their human foes had uncovered knew knowledge. But the lives of the Rangers were on the line and that was too high a price for defeating a single demon.

“Sir, we have incoming,” one of the technicians reported. “It’s the Max Solarzord.”

“Ryan?” Ms Fairweather queried as she exchanged a worried look with Captain Mitchell.

On the screen they could see the Max Solarzord’s firepower knock Diabolico aside.

“Max Solarzord, back in action and at your service,” they heard Titanium Ranger announce.

“Ryan, you can’t be up there,” Captain Mitchell called over the communication channel. “The cobra…”

“It’s okay Dad,” Titanium Ranger assured him. “The cobra is history and so is the curse.”

They could hear the cry of jubilation from Pink Lightspeed at that news.

“Get the Solarzord Control Centre online,” Mitchell ordered. “I want full systems support ready for when he needs it.”

Meanwhile Ms Fairweather had settled in front of her console and was rapidly inputting commands.

“Now we’re going to show Diabolico some real fireworks,” she muttered. “All teams, we’re going for integration.”

“Activate sound system,” Mitchell ordered.

“The Titanium Ranger?” Diabolico asked in disbelief as he shook off the effect of the energy blasts and watched the Lightspeed Megazord grab onto the Max Solarzord and lift into the sky.

Before he could react however the city came to life with an eruption of sound. Lightspeed’s operatives had trailed miles of speaker wire throughout the city, linking it to powerful amplifiers and massive speakers on top of vehicles that could have passed for miniature Zords.


The word boomed through the city, followed by equally loud chants that seemed to carry and emphasize the word.

“What? Impossible! How did you learn that?” Diabolico demanded as the volume increased.

The words hurt his ears, forcing him to hold his head as his powers seemed to abandon him.

“Rangers, he’s vulnerable. Activate Battle Booster!” Miss Fairweather instructed.

Inside the Megazord, Red Lightspeed obeyed. “Initiating Lightspeed Solarzord sequence. Three-five-six activate!”

The Lightspeed Megazord released its grip on the Max Solarzord, freefalling back toward the ground as the shuttle rotated and seeming broke apart.

“Magna-locks are online!” Yellow Lightspeed reported as parts of the Max Solarzord were repositioned around the Megazord, forming armour that slid over the metal robot.

“Connection made,” Titanium Ranger confirmed, “Systems are running in synch.”

As he finished speaking, the combined system of the newly formed Zord came online, activating the thrusters in the machine’s feet and saving them from a nasty impact. As Green Lightspeed took control of their flight, Yellow Lightspeed and Blue Lightspeed used their control over the arms to fire at the demon.

“This can’t be happening,” Diabolico groaned, his rage allowing him to tune out the effects of the sound system. “I told you, I am invincible.”

“Invincible enough, you’re still a demon,” Pink Lightspeed snarled. “And even the most powerful demon can be conquered if you know his name.”

And there was the truth, laid out for the demon to understand. The humans had discovered his true name, the source of his demon power. If used in a single battle it would allow a single combatant to negate his power, but Lightspeed had been clever and had used their knowledge of demon lore and the wisdom Zordon had provided. Instead of simply using his name as a one-time weapon, they had embedded it into a faux ceremony similar to that used by those trying to summon demons from other dimensions. The words, the chanting, bound a part of his power allowing them to plead their case.

But it was not a true ritual and Diabolico was not trapped in another dimension. And that meant that with sufficient rage and more than a little concentration, he was able to break through the spell and unleash his full power at the Lightspeed Solarzord.

What Diabolico had not expected, but should have been prepared for, given his knowledge of the Titanium Ranger, was that the Lightspeed Solarzord mimicked the energy absorbing attributes of the Titanium Ranger’s weapon.

“Ryan, channel the energy into the weapon systems,” Fairweather instructed.

Titanium Ranger did as he was told, causing a pair of large cannons to appear on the Lightspeed Solarzord’s hips. These were the machine’s main weapons, capable of emptying all the power contained within its energy cells as a single discharge. And the chant Diabolico had been listening to had enraged the demon so much, he had fired everything he had in their direction.

“Diverting all remaining power to secondary weapons,” Blue Lightspeed confirmed.

“This can’t be happening,” Diabolico repeated as the Zord glowed with power.

“Sure it can…”

Whatever Red Lightspeed said was lost as he pulled the trigger and unleashed the Rangers fury at the creature that had dared to attack their city.


And the Lightspeed Solarzord opened fire, emptying the stored power in a barrage that ripped into the demon. It was over in a matter of seconds, but the damage had been done. Diabolico’s weakened body crackled and sparked as he tried to withstand the devastating blast. His staff dropped to the ground as he raised his fists in defiance, but it was a fruitless effort.

“You have done the impossible,” he conceded as he felt his body reach breaking point. “You have defeated the mighty Diabolico. But be assured that Queen Bansheera’s forces with avenge me a thousand fold. And don’t think for a moment this little trick of yours will work again.”

That much was true, despite its effectiveness the naming of the demon had revealed the knowledge they possessed and the means they used to wield it. In the city below the lesser demons were making certain that the massive sound system Lightspeed had utilised would not be used again.

Then it seemed Diabolico accepted his fate as he toppled forward and exploded, leaving the Rangers triumphant.

The Lightspeed Rangers had emerged victorious, but their mission was far from over. With the Titanium Ranger on their side they had gained a valuable weapon in the fight against Queen Bansheera. But the demons were more than just Diabolico and their devotion to the queen had never been stronger. With the fall of one, a new leader would step forward to destroy the human civilisation and restore the world to the demon paradise it had once been.

But for now the Rangers had earned their celebration and for the Mitchell family it was a chance to rebuild the bonds that the demons had tried to break.

Jinxer stood upon the site where Diabolico had fallen, chanting in an ancient tongue. For Queen Bansheera demanded the total devotion of her subjects and not even death would spare Diabolico from her service. Fortunately for the former leader of the demons, Jinxer had not been instructed to revive the fallen villain, only to claim what remained of his power. How Queen Bansheera planned to use that power remained to be seen, but JInxer had more than a few idea and gleefully chuckled as he imagined the look on the face of the human traitor when he realised that his betrayal had only made the demons stronger.

End of Part

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From the Shadows

Disclaimer: I do not own the Power Rangers. They belong to whoever holds that copyright. I also do not own Doctor Who, which belongs to the BBC.

From the Shadows

“Oh what a beautiful morning,” Vypra sang as she trekked across the rooftops of Mariner Bay. “Oh what a beautiful day. I’ve got a wonderful feeling…” A ball of purple flame erupted in her palm as she growled the last line of her song: “The humans are going to pay!”

She took a moment to enjoy the sights, relishing how much there was to destroy.

“This city is so beautiful. I can’t wait to see it burn. This is the last morning those humans will ever see!”

She threw the fireball at one of the larger skyscrapers, well aware that it would be enough to draw the attention of Lightspeed. A few more fireballs for good measure and she lowered herself to the city streets and led her Batlings on a stroll of destruction, ensuring that the humans would know where she was at all times.

“Am I the only one that finds this odd?” Joel asked again as Carter directed the Rescue Rover through the streets of Mariner Bay. “A demon lights a few fires and then sticks around so that we can just find her?”

“We know Joel,” Carter assured him. “She’s up to something.”

Lightspeed had been fighting the demons for some time and they had been able to use those encounter to build up profiles of how those demons behaved. Vypra did not normally act in such a way unless she was trying to draw them towards a trap; they all remembered the taco incident.

“The only way we’ll know what she’s up to is to spring the trap and be ready for anything,” Kelsey agreed.

“She heading for some of the warehouses,” Dana pointed out. Before considering the matter. “Miss Fairweather, can you get a list of what’s being stored there?”

“Doing it now… Just a few sporting goods and some soap.”

“That’s it!” Carter realised. “Send out a message for all citizens to get inside and to keep their windows closed.”

“Fumes?” Dana asked.

“Fumes,” Carter confirmed as he turned the vehicle into the entrance of the warehouse and the Rangers clambered out of their vehicle.

“Lightspeed Rescue!”

Combusting potentially lethal chemicals in an attempt to unleash poisonous gases on the population of Mariner Bay had not been Vypra’s intention, but as she continued to set fire to anything in her path, she really didn’t object if she accidentally killed a few humans in the process.

As she made her way from one warehouse to the next, she was concerned only with leaving a trail the Lightspeed Rangers could follow.

“It’s only a matter of time before Mariner Bays falls to the power of Queen Bansheera,” she told the Batlings, only to suppress a smile as they exploded around her. It seemed the Rangers had caught up.

“Oh! I know when that’ll be…” Green Lightspeed quipped: “Never!”

“You! You’ll pay for that,” she promised. “Destroy them!”

The Batlings attacked and the Rangers fought them off with ease. After months of training, fighting and more training, they had reached the point where they could handle large numbers of Batlings without breaking a sweat.

“You’re outmatched here, Vypra!” Red Lightspeed warned. “Time for you to get out of Mariner Bay.”

“And stay out!” Yellow Lightspeed added.

“Yeah!” Green Lightspeed offered. “And leave the rest of the planet alone too!”

That brought Carter and Kelsey up short as they remember the demon threat was not just against their city. Demon attacks had been reported around the world and had it not been for the teams of Demon Hunters that Lightspeed had engaged, the Rangers would have been overrun.

“Oh I assure you, nothing could make me leave right now,” Vypra told them. “This is where you meet your match, Rangers.”

She started chanting in an ancient tongue, twisting reality to her will, conjuring smoke and cloud along with thunder and lightning that made it difficult for the Rangers to see. A shape started to form in the cloud as white and silver sparks ran up and down the walls. There was a loud thunderclap that caused the Rangers to cover their ears and a flash that blinded the visual feeds from their helmets. Something hit them, hard and the Rangers hit the floor.

There was a second flash and their visual feeds cleared, allowing them to see the cloud had dispersed and been replaced by the Titanium Ranger.

“The Titanium Morpher, that’s impossible!” Green Lightspeed protested. “Nobody was able to use it, right?”

The others nodded. They remembered the failed tests and the pain those test subjects suffered during attempts to make the Titanium Morpher work.

“That morpher is Lightspeed property!” Pink Lightspeed stated.

“Not any more,” Titanium Ranger answered.

“Just who do you think you are stealing our property?” she pressed.

Dana could be a little pushy sometimes and it seemed that her attempt to ‘reason’ with, which most of the Rangers thought of as nagging, had failed.

“I’m your worst nightmare,” Titanium Ranger told them.

“Look you’re a Ranger, we’re Rangers too,” Blue Lightspeed tried. “We don’t want any trouble.”

“Trouble, oh you have plenty of that,” Titanium Ranger told them.

He moved so fast that the Rangers had difficulty realising he had even started to move. He drew a large laser and after bracing it against his forearm, raised it in the Rangers’ direction.

“Titanium Laser!”

He opened fire, striking both the Rangers and the wall behind them. He increased the intensity of his shots until the wall gave way and the Rangers were thrown through the hole. Titanium Ranger was in hot pursuit. He kicked Green Lightspeed into a pile of wooden pallets before turning his attention on Pink Lightspeed.

Pink Lightspeed fought back, but Titanium Ranger was stronger. He blocked her punch, swept her legs out from under her and then delivered repeated stomps to her abdomen. He laughed as he heard her groan in pain, but was too busy pummelling the downed Ranger that he failed to notice Red Lightspeed approach.

“That’s enough!” Red Lightspeed yelled as he tried to spear the evil Ranger.

Titanium Ranger hardly moved from the impact. He then leapt over Red Ranger and delivered a sharp chop to the back of his head. As Carter recovered and turned to engage, Titanium Ranger let loose with a flurry of punches and kicks that sooner had the Red Ranger on the ground.

“Follow if you dare,” Titanium Ranger hissed as he grabbed a hold of Yellow Lightspeed as she tried to assist her team-mates and leapt onto the roof of a nearby building.

Lightspeed Aquabase

“Sir, we’ve lost visual feeds from all Rangers,” Miss Fairweather said.

“Bring up the command codes for the Titanium Morpher and send the remote shutdown! Captain Mitchell ordered. “Tell Carter that as soon as it deactivates he is to detain whoever has that morpher and bring them back here.”

When a Lightspeed Morpher activated, it was connected to the Aquabase’s computer systems. This allowed the computer to send guidance to the Rangers during battle. It also allowed the Aquabase to shutdown the morphers and in the right circumstances, permanently deactivate them. Since the Titanium Morpher had been stolen the technicians had been searching for a way to render it safe by remote control. This was their opportunity.

“Sir, something is interfering with the command,” the technician replied. “It’s the Titanium Morpher, its infected our systems!”


“We can’t! It’s locking us out!”

Miss Fairweather moved to one of the consoles and start typing furiously as she tried to remove the foreign program.

“It’s accessing the Tactical System,” she reported. “I’ve locked it out of the Arsenal and Zord Systems.”

There was no way they wanted a rogue Ranger having access to their weapons and machinery.

“Sir, video feed has been restored.”

“Kelsey!” Pink Lightspeed cried as she made her way over to the Yellow Lightspeed Ranger.

Titanium Ranger had discarded his hostage as soon as he reached the rooftop, knowing full well the other Rangers would be right behind him. A metal bar took Green Lightspeed out of the punch while he traded blows with Blue Lightspeed. Chad managed to hold his own for a short time, but the Titanium Ranger seemed to call on another burst of power to deliver a strong kick that knocked Blue Lightspeed away.

“Unilaser!” Red Lightspeed called, realising that their current fight had them at a serious disadvantage. As the others regrouped behind him, the Rescue Bird arrived and converted into its firing formation. “This has gone far enough. Stop where you are!”

Titanium Ranger did so long enough to change the position of his Titanium Laser. Then he continued to stalk towards them, shifting its side arm to resemble an axe as he did so.

“You were warned,” Red Lightspeed told him. “Fire!”

The Titanium Ranger took two more steps forward, then stopped as he raised the axe to meet the oncoming blast.

“Sir the Titanium Ranger just accessed our files on the Unilaser,” Miss Fairweather reported. “He’s looking for something… he’s found the energy emission frequency. Rangers, take cover!”

As the Rangers received the message, the axe started to glow as it absorbed the energy from their blast. Titanium Ranger made a show of twirling his weapon in the air as he lined it up to swing back in their direction. As he did so the energy they had fired upon him was released along with some of his own power, catching them dead centre and blowing them off the top of the building.

“Rangers, break off the attack and withdraw,” Captain Mitchell ordered.

Reluctantly – for despite the beating they had taken their anger drove them to want more – the Rangers did as instructed and left, allowing the Titanium Ranger his moment of victory.

“This isn’t over, Rangers,” Titanium Ranger promised as he placed his axe over his shoulder. “This won’t be over until you are destroyed.”

Lightspeed Aquabase

“Who was that guy?” Joel demanded. “I thought nobody could use the Titanium Ranger.”

“Diabolico must have found somebody,” Kelsey replied.

“There is no way that guy was human,” Joel pressed. “Even with Ranger powers he shouldn’t have had that much power.”

“It’s not possible for demons to use our technology,” Miss Fairweather countered with a slightly insulted look on her face. “We’ taken steps to make sure that those that use it are human.”

She typed in a few commands, causing the display screen to come to life.

“Then how…”

“The Titanium Morpher is a transition between existing Lightspeed powers and the next generation of Power Ranger. They’re designed for extreme rescue situations, being immune to higher levels of heat and energy dispersal. In short the reason why he was stronger was because his powers are designed to be stronger.”

“And that thing he did with the Rescue Bird?” Carter demanded.

“When he morphed he was able to gain access to the Aquabase computer systems. We locked him out of most of the systems, but he was able to gain details about your powers, including the Unilaser. Normally he should have been able to shield against such attacks, but with the correct frequency he was able to channel and use it against you.”

That was bad news. With his increased strength and durability, the Titanium Rangers was already a problem. Having gained access to their systems and being able to use their weapons against them, made him more of a threat.

“Can’t we just change the frequency?” Kelsey asked.

“We can, but he’ll know the moment we do so,” Miss Fairweather replied. “Right now everything that we can see or hear on our systems can be seen by him. That’s how he knew where to catch Joel when he jumped onto the roof.”

They needed something new that the Titanium Ranger could not access. Something that was not on the system… She pressed a button on her earpiece. “Kendrix Morgan, Damon Henderson and Kai Chen to Rescue Ops, now!” she instructed before rushing out, leaving Captain Mitchell to take over the briefing.

“Regardless of how he managed to use the Titanium Morpher, the most important thing now is to find him and get it back before he can cause more damage.” He pressed a few buttons as he gave the Rangers a stern look, making it clear that what he was about to do was something they would not like, but now was not the time to argue. “I’m calling in every resource Lightspeed has to track him down. That includes Garth and Nancy.”

He could see the almost mutinous look on Kelsey’s face when he said that. It was well known that the Rangers had acted to stop Nancy being made a Lightspeed Ranger. When they had tried to stop Captain Mitchell from making her a part of the Demon Hunter teams, they had been told clearly that he would accept their resignations over the matter. That had stopped the formal objections, but Kelsey and Dana had proven reluctant to involve Nancy in any of their missions since.

As far as Mitchell could tell Nancy really didn’t care about their objections when it came to doing her job. And as far as Garth was concerned he was doing what he had been designed to do… hunt and kill.

He stared into the depths of the Titanium Morpher. His morpher, HIS power! He had spent years as a nothing, fighting to survive in the demon’s dimension, faced with constant beatings as the demons trained him to become their weapon. The Titanium Morpher had changed him, given him the power to fight back. In the weeks since he had stolen it he had trained himself to use its power, safely hidden inside the demon’s domain. He had established himself in the pecking order, ensuring that the beatings had quickly stopped as he focussed his ire on the Lightspeed Rangers.

“You have done well,” Diabolico commended. “Your mastery of the Titanium Morpher has proven your worth. You are truly the Titanium Ranger. And now we shall use your power to destroy those Rangers and restore Queen Bansheera’s kingdom.”

He continued to stare at the morpher, but he was not thinking about how to defeat the Rangers and restore Queen Bansheera. The Rangers were just the start. With them gone he would destroy Lightspeed piece by piece until he stood over the helpless form of William Mitchell and showed him what it was like to burn to death.

Carter wasn’t sure why they were walking around Mariner Bay searching for the Titanium Ranger. He figured that when the Rogue Ranger reappeared he would not be trying to blend in while sipping coffee in the mall. And since they had no idea what he looked like when not in his uniform, and no means of tracking the Titanium Morpher, their only option lay in waiting for him to show up.

“Guys, this is Joel, everything’s quiet here at Bay Plaza.”

“Too quiet,” Dana responded as she met up with Carter by a fountain in the park.

Various other reports and comments followed as the many agents Captain Mitchell had deployed reported in.

“Hey Kels, did you see that?” he heard Chad say after a few minutes. He remembered Kelsey and Chad had been sent to the down-town area.

“Yeah,” Kelsey responded. “What is that thing? Guys, I think we’ve found it. Big yellow ball of something heading for down-town Marina Bay.”

“Okay guys, rendezvous with Chad and Kelsey. All non-Rangers clear the area, now!” Carter ordered.

Surprisingly, Captain Mitchell did not counter the order.

Dana was already in the Rescue Rover as Carter clambered in and started the engine. “Let’s go!”

Kendrix Morgan was in her element, surrounded by state-of-the-art computers as she furiously created new loading protocols. Behind her the vast Weapons Bay was at work creating new tools for the Lightspeed Rescue’s Rangers. Overseen by Kai Chen, one of Lightspeed’s many keepers of lost knowledge, Damon Henderson and his team of modern day blacksmiths produced up-to-date interpretations of the weapons found in some of Kai’s texts.

And as they worked, with Miss Fairweather overseeing the project as she had done many times before, they knew that this time they had to come up with a working model in a matter of hours.

“Triple feed configuration is done,” Kendrix stated.

“Okay somebody get me the oscillating frequency tuners and a large mallet,” Damon said. He was the guy that had solve a problem with one of the Zords by hitting it with a hammer.

“We’re not going to be able to test this so make sure you get it right,” Miss Fairweather warned.

The clock was ticking.

The ball of light slammed into the side-walk, drawing the attention of the citizens. The landing caused a small quake that damaged nearby property and caused a huge cloud of smoke to rise from the street followed by an explosion. From the debris stepped the Titanium Ranger, his Titanium Laser resting on his shoulder. The crowd hesitated, realising on some level that he had caused the explosion, but not considering a Ranger to be a threat. That changed as he growled and levelled his weapon at them, ready to pick off the nearest target.

An engine roared and he twisted as the Rescue Rover slammed into him at full speed. Titanium Ranger was thrown up and over the bonnet of the machine as Carter turned the wheel, placing the Rover between the Titanium Ranger and his prey.

“You realise that is coming out of your salary,” Joel commented as he arrived alongside Chad and Kelsey.

“It’ll buff out,” Kelsey said as she helped a few more civilians on their way.

“This isn’t a good place for a fight,” Chad noted.

“I don’t think we have a choice in the matter,” Carter answered, his eyes fixed on the Titanium Ranger.

The Titanium Laser flickered up as he unleashed a volley of random shots, striking buildings, vehicles and punching large holes in the ground. It quickly became clear as he turned in the Ranger’s direction that his intention had been to stop them from using the same trick again, as he raised his laser a second time and did the same thing to the street behind their vehicle.

“Who are you?” Carter demanded.

“Who I am doesn’t matter any more,” came the reply. He sounded angry.

“Look, we don’t want to hurt you,” Joel tried. “Just lower the gun and let’s talk about this.”

“Hurt me? Your pathetic powers are no match for mine!”

“We’ll see about that,” Carter said. “Lightspeed Rescue!”

The five Rangers charged and Titanium Ranger quickly kicked them aside, taking extra time to nail Red Lightspeed with some powerful kicks before struggling a little with Blue Lightspeed. After dispatching Blue Lightspeed and flipping Green Lightspeed to the ground, he zeroed in on Pink Lightspeed. He grabbed her by the throat and leapt upward to land on the Rescue Rover where he slammed her repeatedly into the bonnet before tossing her to the ground

Green Lightspeed jumped up onto the vehicle to fight him as Yellow Lightspeed used her zip line to gain some height before diving back toward him. Green Lightspeed had managed to hold Titanium Ranger’s right arm in such a way that he could not fire his weapon. Of course that meant that Green Lightspeed had left himself open for a series of sharp kicks.

Titanium Ranger dropped back as Yellow Lightspeed landed, her Rescue Baton striking heavily against his right arm. With a growl he raised the Titanium Laser and fired, pulverising the Rescue Rover and throwing Green Lightspeed and Yellow Lightspeed into the air as Blue Lightspeed hauled Pink Lightspeed clear.

Bang bang bang bang bang!

His advance on Red Lightspeed was cut short as a series of projectiles connected with his body, pushing him back. He looked up to find Nancy and Garth in their Demon Hunter armour ready for action.

“You shouldn’t have interfered,” he growled.

The two Demon Hunters did not answer, raising their side-arms while waiting for the computers in their helmets to tell them where to shoot. The computers failed to find a successful shot so instead they fired and moved, keeping the Titanium Ranger off balance as the Lightspeed Rangers regrouped. Armour enhanced strength allowed Nancy to withstand a few kicks from the Titanium Ranger while Garth’s altered biology made him versatile enough to take a few punches.

“Miss Fairweather, we’re out of time,” Captain Mitchell stated as he watched the battle unfold.

Ordering Garth and Nancy into battle had been a risk, but it had bought the Rangers a little time to recover. But that short rest would be worthless if they could not find a way to breach the Titanium Ranger’s defences.

Nancy had chosen to use her sword while Garth relied on his shotgun. The combination of close combatant and long range fighter made it difficult for Titanium Ranger to use his weapon. Any time he raised the Titanium Laser to fire at Garth, Nancy used her sword to spoil his aim. And when he tried to use his axe, Garth opened fire to remind him he was still there.

The only problem was that unlike the Rangers, Garth and Nancy had a limitation on how long they could remain in combat before their armour needed to recharge. And while their fight with Titanium Ranger had been short, it had been brutal. Nancy was starting to tire.

“Their finished,” Miss Fairweather reported, “but they’re completely untested.”

“We’ll just have to hope for the best,” Mitchell replied. “I’m ordering Garth and Nancy to pull out. Get ready to send.”

With a sigh she gave Kendrix a signal to start compiling the teleportation codes. After that the new equipment would be integrated into the Lightspeed Rangers’ arsenal and ready for use.

“Kai, we have to finish up,” she warned.

The Lightspeed Librarian was adding the final inscriptions to the weapons, embedding spells known to weaken Queen Bansheera’s forces into the modern technology. He gave a quick nod and removed himself from the safety area as Damon made a final check of one weapon’s edge before he nodded his approval and gave a thumbs up. They were as close to ready as the could be without hours of testing every component.

“Carter, I’m sending you an update. Activate V-Lancers!”

“Tekno Shield!” Garth bellowed.

It was a clear sign of how much the battle was taking out of him that he was having to shout the commands. In less stressful situations he could achieve the same result without any verbalisation. The heavy shield exploded out of his left hand, blocking the Titanium Axe, allowing him to level his modified shotgun and fire two of his special demon buster rounds into the Titanium Rangers’ midsection.

As the Titanium Ranger was not a demon the rounds had very little effect although the impact was enough to back him up. He responded by delivering a powerful kick to Garth’s chest, knocking the Demon Hunter aside before he turned to block Nancy’s sword strike. Nancy’s pistol shots were ineffective against his suit although when she used her gun as a club it caused his head to rock to one side from the concussion.

Titanium Ranger’s response was to fire his Titanium Laser indiscriminately, no longer caring if he managed to hit an opponent or not. His actions made it difficult to block and both Demon Hunters were forced to back away from the rage-fuelled onslaught.

“Garth, Nancy, pull back!”

“Understood,” Nancy replied.

There was no question in her voice, no protest. Unlike the Lightspeed Rangers, the Demon Hunters understood that their role sometimes required them to step back and allow others to act.

The Lightspeed Rangers had regrouped while Garth and Nancy had taken their turn with the Titanium Ranger. As they watched the two Demon Hunters fight, they realised just how skilled Nancy had become. When they had blocked her from becoming a Lightspeed Ranger, they had worried about losing another team member. And even when Captain Mitchell had found an alternative role for her, they had fought him every step of the way.

Now it was clear their fears were unfounded and that the Demon Hunters were extremely capable and more than a little vicious.

“Carter, I’m sending you an update. Activate V-Lancers!”

 “Understood,” Red Lightspeed replied. “V-Lancer!”

A large metal red V appeared from his hand. A quick glance confirmed that the other Rangers were holding similar objects in their own colours. Instinctively he raised it in the Titanium Ranger’s direction and then threw it. The other Rangers followed his lead.

Titanium Ranger was not sure what to make of this turn of events. V-Lancers were not a part of the Rangers’ arsenal that he had seen. However, the moment Red Lightspeed had called for it, Titanium Ranger found his display flooded with data. So much so he failed to react when the fiver Rangers threw them at him. The metal shapes energised as the spun through the air, striking him at full power before bouncing off and returning to the hands of their Rangers.

As he sifted through the data he had received he realised that somebody had used his access to their systems against him, dumping a massive load of computerised garbage into the data feed to cause distraction. With a growl he terminated the feed and turned his attention to the Rangers. It looked like he would be facing them without knowledge of their new weapons’ capabilities.

“Defence!” the Rangers called.

At their command, the main part of the V-Lancer was teleported to its corresponding Ranger. As they attached the metal Vs, which functioned as the power core of the completed weapons as well as boomerangs for distant attacks, the weapons extended to their full length, deploying a sharpened blade at the end.

Titanium Ranger raced forward, but this time the Rangers were on the attack. The knowledge of how to use their new weapons had been uploaded through their helmets, giving them an almost instinctive skill when using them. And even though Titanium Ranger was still more powerful, the use of teamwork and their new weapons prevented him from landing more than a few glancing blows.

Working together they were able to slow their opponent down and position him so that Red Lightspeed could knock the Titanium Laser from his grasp. With the five spears pointing in his direction they had expected him to back down. Instead he fought even harder, dodging around their lances as he did so. But they had the numbers advantage and managed to land more than enough glancing blows to slow him down.

As Pink Lightspeed and Yellow Lightspeed ran passed him, dragging their blades across his side, Red Lightspeed stepped forward and swiped his V-Lancer across the Titanium Ranger’s chest, knocking him backwards.

Still as the Rangers once again regrouped, it was clear the Titanium Ranger had not given up as he laid eyes on his side-arm.

“Don’t do it!” Red Lightspeed warned, but his words went unheeded as the Titanium Ranger lifted himself up and started to sprint to where his weapon rested.

“Rangers, switch to Blaster,” Miss Fairweather instructed.

“Got it,” Right Lightspeed confirmed. “V-Lancer, Blaster Mode!”

The base of the V-Lancer was pushed forward, causing the weapon to retract its blade as it shrunk. Even as Titanium Ranger retrieved his gun, the Rangers attached their Blaster Grips to the V-Lancers, transforming them into blasters.

There was a moment of stillness and then the Titanium Ranger lifted his weapon and pulled the trigger. The Rangers responded to the threat, firing the V-Lancers and striking their opponent in multiple spots. For the first time their weapons actually brought him to a dead stop before he was thrown backwards. It was still not enough to keep him down though.

“V-Lancers, Spectra Blast!”

The Rangers aimed at a spot above Titanium Ranger’s head and fired. The combined energy from their weapons merged into a mass of energy and with a slight twitch of their weapons, they brought it crashing down upon their opponent where it exploded.

Captain Mitchell watched the video feed from each of the Rangers. From his terminal inside his office he could retrieve the data that the various sensors on their suits constantly relayed back to the Aquabase where its computers performed countless tests and filings so that command decisions could be made. As he watched the Titanium Ranger struggle to his feet, clearly weakened by the blast, he saw that the helmet visor had lowered – no doubt to counter the effects of the blinding light on his visor-, allowing the sensors to lock onto the facial features beneath.

It would have been a long shot to have identified someone just from the small area of face that had been revealed, but Captain Mitchell had been running another program in the background just days earlier and had not closed it down when the Titanium Ranger had first appeared. The two programs shared data, resulting in an unexpected match.

“Stand down before this escalates,” he heard Red Lightspeed say. “Don’t force us to destroy you.”

The Titanium Ranger was either unable or unwilling to stand down though as he continued to stagger forward, his weapon drawn and ready to raise again. As the visor closed and he levelled his blaster, the Rangers prepared to respond.

“Energy Level Ten!” Miss Fairweather instructed.

It would have been unsafe to fire the V-Lancers at full power without testing. Now that they had proven safe, the Rangers were free to use maximum power.

He noticed the box indicating that a match had been found and clicked the accept button, loading the profile.

“No,” he breathed, not believing what the computer was telling him. That was replaced by panic as he saw the Titanium Ranger about to attack again and the Rangers lifting their V-Lancers ready to unleash a second potentially deadly shot.

“Full Power!” he heard Red Lightspeed command. A separate display indicated the Rangers had turned up the power of their weapons to their maximum settings. “Lock on!” The visual feed showed them levelling the V-Lancers into position. “Target Locked!”

He hesitated, uncertain what to do. The Titanium Ranger was a deadly foe, a dangerous threat. Yet if the computer was correct… If there was even a slim chance that the computer was correct then he had no option.

“Don’t fire!”

“Don’t fire!”

Red Lightspeed had been about to pull the trigger when Captain Mitchell had spoken.

“What? Please repeat sir,” he said.

“Hold your fire,” came the repeated command.

“What is he talking about?” Blue Lightspeed asked.

“But sir, this is our chance to finish him,” Yellow Lightspeed protested.

“Don’t shoot.” The voice sounded uncertain.

Even though the instruction had been given, in the field the decision lay with Carter. For a moment he considered disobeying and taking the shot, but he trusted Captain Mitchell to have a reason and that was enough to stay his hand.

“All right, V-Lancers, stand down,” he instructed as they watched Titanium Ranger falter. For the second time in recent battles, they left the scene with the mission incomplete. “Let’s go!”

“We’re not finished!” Titanium Ranger protested as he managed to stand once more. “Come back!”

But the Rangers walked away; they had no choice since the Rescue Rover had been reduced to scrap by the Titanium Ranger’s offensive. A frustrated Titanium Ranger punched the ground with his fist as exhaustion overcame him and he was teleported away.

It was a long walk back to the Aquabase after a battle. When the Rangers arrived they were hurt and tired, and not in the mood to be palmed off by Captain Mitchell’s staff.

“Retreat?” Carter demanded as he burst into the Briefing Room. “Sir, we had him!”

“He would have shot at us without thinking twice!” Joel added.

“Now he knows about the V-Lancers,” Chad reasoned. “He can learn to counter them just like he did the Unilaser.”

“That was our chance,” Kelsey snapped, “maybe our only chance. We want an explanation.”

“Well sometimes you don’t get what you want, Kelsey,” Mitchell replied, his back to them. “I am in charge of Operation Lightspeed and I make the call on what orders I give. If I choose to share my reasons with you I will, but you do not get to demand anything. Am I clear Miss Winslow?”

It was very rare for Captain Mitchell to allow his agitation to show. Even when the Rangers had tried to force him to cancel the Demon Hunter project he had remained calm in his response. At that moment he was unable to keep the irritation out of his tone and a part of him enjoyed seeing Kelsey flinch.

“Until further notice you are not to engage the Titanium Ranger. You’re dismissed. Carter, please stay.”

Chad, Kelsey and Joel left, but Dana lingered.

“I meant you too, Dana,” Captain Mitchell told his daughter.

“I think I should stay, Sir,” she replied as she closed the door. “I did a little research before we got here. I checked what you had been doing before you decided to order us to stand down.”

“You didn’t tell me that,” Carter protested.

“You had no right,” Mitchell argued at the same time.

“I have every right, Father,” Dana replied. “You forget that I am more than just a Ranger. I am also one of the stakeholders in Operation Lightspeed. This is my heritage as well as yours and I have a right to know if something has compromised you.” She paused before explaining. “I only looked at what you were doing, not what you saw that made you change your mind. I respect your privacy enough to wait for you to tell us.”

“Please sir,” Carter begged. “Help us understand.”

Mitchell sighed, but saw little choice in the matter.

“A few weeks back I ran a computer program to find out what my son would have looked like if he was alive today,” he explained. “It was just a way of dealing with the memories.”

“I’m sorry sir, I didn’t know,” Carter said, but Mitchell waved the comment aside.

“When the Titanium Ranger appeared I thought I’d closed the program, but it had been left in the background. When his helmet was up I saw an opportunity to find a facial match.”

“You thought he was a criminal,” Dana realised.

“Or a policeman, fireman, paramedic… just about any circumstances where a photograph is stored on government networks there was a chance of a match. It was a long shot, but if we could have found out his identity, there was a chance to find out how he managed to use those powers.”

“So what happened?”

“The two programs interacted and the computer made a match,” Captain Mitchell said. “I don’t know how it is possible, but there is a very high probability that the Titanium Ranger is my dead son, Dana’s brother.”

Dana was unable to respond, not sure how she should be feeling to learn that her brother was alive, and had just tried to kill her. So it was left to Carter to ask the question…

“So what now?”

End of Part

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Vile Plans

Disclaimer: I do not own the Power Rangers, Transformers, Harry Potter or Doctor Who. They belong to their respective copyright owners. This is a work of fanfiction and no profit is being made.

Vile Plans

Earth was an interesting planet from a magical point of view. The blue planet contained an incredible amount of magical power, but due to events that occurred during its formation, the source of that power was scattered throughout its structure and suppressed by massive quantities of Cold Iron. It made the Earth one of the least magical worlds with perhaps the highest magical potential.

But there were places on Earth where magic found its way into the real world more easily than others. The humans called them ley lines and had throughout their history developed stories, legends and theories of how and why the intersection of those points corresponded with the strange, the unusual and the magical.

And then there was the child who had been playing with his train set one night as his parents and their new age guests had discussed the nature of the ley lines. His young mind had been distracted and unable to grasp the meaning of many of the words they used, but at night his dreams were filled with trains running along ley lines magic of magical energy. A dream that turned into a nightmare as the brightly coloured magical railway was slowly taken over by the creeping darkness and the beautiful stations that once stood as beacons of light were taken over by a new operator.

It was a simple dream by a lonely child who probably did not realise that his dream was a reflection of the corruption of the Earth’s magic as a dark force prepared to consume the planet in shadow and enslave its people. They had been preparing for a long time and finally it was time to breach the barriers between their dimension and the place where mortal minds awaited them. But for now, they waited.

The United Alliance of Evil’s advance against the universe was progressing as planned. Already a number of villains assigned to system’s close to Onyx had started their invasions; some had already conquered their assigned worlds and were making preparations to complete the remainder of their tasks. Others had been assigned worlds far away from UAE Headquarters and were still travelling toward their destination.

Rita and Zedd had only just entered the system adjacent to their final destination. The Machine Empire was still a considerable distance from their target. And Divatox had allowed herself to become distracted en-route and was not even close to starting her mission.

However for the most part Dark Specter’s plan was proceeding just as he had foreseen. But there were always a few that were unwilling to accept their place in the grand scheme of things, and it was those rogue elements that were about to cause problems for the Rangers of Earth.

Master Vile was not a minor villain. As a powerful demon bound to the willing body of a Sradin male, he had built a powerful empire centred around the M-51 Galaxy. He had never accepted an inferior position to anybody and was unwilling to submit to the will of Dark Specter; Master Vile considered himself above all others including the Grand Monarch of Evil. So, while he had given the impression that he was obediently following orders, he had spent most of his time uncovering the secrets of Dark Specter’s past and clues regarding the Grand Monarch of Evil’s true goals.

“Why are these planets so important?” he asked himself, not for the first time as he looked through list of assigned tasks.

The planets Dark Specter had targeted were of little strategic value and from the reports he had seen offered little resources that could not be obtained elsewhere. Which led eventually to the conclusion that the planets were chosen because they were unimportant.

“A test of loyalty, or perhaps a means of learning who can follow instructions?” he mused before dismissing the idea.

Had Dark Specter ordered the conquest of those worlds, their destruction or even both then that would have been a possibility. But the orders had required his followers to break their targets down without completely obliterating them meant he was looking for something hidden inside the remains.

“What are you after and how did you know that you would find it in those places?” he wondered.

That Dark Specter had so far gone out of his way to preserve secrecy suggested that he was after something powerful.

“Talking to yourself is a sign of madness,” a voice said.

He turned, prepared to blast whoever had invaded his throne room, only to pause when he registered her identity.

“But then you haven’t been sane for a long time, haven’t you?”


Monastra Repugna was Master Vile’s former queen and the mother of Rita Repulsa. Although they had separated they remained close – as close as two villains could be. She was experienced in the ways of evil, having married several powerful villains over the course of her extended life. And while she lacked her -ex-husband’s power, she was intelligent enough to grasp that Dark Specter was hiding something from the United Alliance of Evil’s members.

“You were right,” she told him, holding up a small orb, “Dark Specter is after something… And I know what it is.”

“And you would share that knowledge with me, willingly?” Master Vile replied. He was not foolish enough to believe that their goodwill extended that far. They were still competitors and each knew they would stab the other in the back if the opportunity arose. “What’s in it for you?”

“Now is not the time to worry about that,” she answered. “If Dark Specter succeeds his hold on this organisation will be unbreakable. Do you really want to hand over control of the empirewe built to that upstart? Besides, knowledge is powerful only as long as you can use it. I have the answers to what Dark Specter is doing, but I need your brilliantly evil mind to find a way to use it. Trust me, it will be worth your time. Have I ever failed you?”

He snorted at the idea of trusting her. Monastra Repugna was every bit as ruthless and evil now as she had been when she had shared his throne on Gamma Vile. He had never allowed himself to lower his guard around her and that had been at a time when she was sworn not to harm him – for he had known at the time that she would have been delighted to rule in his place-, so there was no way that he would lower his guard around her when she could attack him without worrying about a magical backlash. But he was also aware that he needed information and that while Monastra was unquestionably vicious, he would be safe as long as she needed him.

“Very well,” he said. “Show me.”

She smiled wickedly as she pressed the orb to his forehead, certain that he would find the experience enlightening… and just a little uncomfortable.

At the dawn of time and the formation of the universe, there was an object. Shaped like an enormous egg it was made from solid crystal. While there were many arguments about the events that occurred and plenty of myths surrounded the being that emerged from the egg, few wondered what happened to the shell of the egg once it broke apart.

In fact once the shell cracked and the occupant emerged, the egg was left as a floating mass of crystal that was tossed into the cosmos by the explosion known as the Big Bang. While the crystal was not destroyed by the biggest and most powerful explosion ever seen, it shattered into pieces that were carried outward in all directions.

Over time the larger fragments became drawn in by and covered in debris. They became the centre mass of stars, planets and other celestial bodies. Over time the debris grew larger and the crystal fragments were lost within their new homes.

By this strange crystal had a number of unusual properties. For a start all the countless fragments of crystal pulsed with what some would term bio-electrical energy and despite being broken apart at a physical level, the energy link between the many pieces of crystal survived, criss-crossing existence. Secondly the energy field generated by the crystal led to the emergence of new life; the pulsing crystals deep within the hearts of the stars and planets encouraged the birth of the most primitive of organisms, which in turn evolved into more complex and wondrous creatures.

Finally the crystal fragments acted as a conduit for other types of energy. The smaller fragments of crystal, those that were not large enough to bring life to barren rocks in space, were still powerful and over time and with application of heat and pressure became valuable gems of great power; the majority of magical stones, crystals and gems found throughout the universe contained a piece of the original crystal. As the tiniest fragments slowed their journey, the specks worked their way into the cellular structure of the building blocks of the universe, forming a detectable energy grid.

“That is the knowledge that started Dark Specter on his quest of power,” Monastra explained. “Powerful crystals trapped within the bodies of life-sustaining worlds. Imagine what would happen if he could find one of those chunks.”

Master Vile could imagine the power such objects would bring. It also explained why Dark Specter had ordered the careful breakdown of planets. It didn’t explain why had had started with worlds so far away.

“Do you understand what it means?” she asked.

“Of course I understand,” Vile snapped.

And he did. If the information was correct then the broken down remains of the Cosmic Egg had spread throughout creation creating an energy field capable of sustaining life, a mean for the extra-dimensional energies known as the Power to seep through and was the foundation of the energy field that permeated all matter throughout the universe.

“There’s more,” she promised.

Over time the crystals started to break down within the planets that had formed around them and shifted around the surface of those world giving the occupants access to great powers. Most of the fragments also shifted out of phase with the physical universe, making them inaccessible. That was a good thing because removal of the crystal proved disastrous, as one world discovered when their leaders unknowingly exhausted their planet’s crystal core to the point where the planet exploded.

However in some places the crystal remained a physically accessible object. On some worlds the existence of the crystal was even known to the occupants although its true nature was hidden by myth and legend.

“The Heart of Edenoi,” Master Vile guessed.

The Heart of Edenoi was the source of the Masked Rider’s power. It had been suspected that Dregon had been searching for something when his forces had conquered the embattled planet.

“I believe so,” Monastra agreed. “It is likely Dregon was acting under Dark Specter’s orders to locate the crystal, but the activation of the Masked Rider somehow prevented him from doing so.”

Given Edenoi’s current state it was extremely possible that Dregon had either succeeded in his mission or had somehow damaged the crystal core. Or perhaps the activation of the Masked Rider had drained the crystal’s energy so that the world could not heal.

“It explains why Dark Specter is targeting those worlds,” Monastra continued. “He’s testing to see if he can safely extract the crystal, but I believe he does not expect to be successful.”

She believed that the worlds Dark Specter had targeted would fail to yield the crystals he sought. This was just practice for when his forces turned inward and struck at their real targets.

“There’s more, isn’t there?” he pressed.

She smiled knowingly.

“Think about it,” she challenged, “a powerful piece of crystal capable of channelling great power found buried within a world. Does that sound familiar?”

“Impossible!” he retorted. “The Zeo Crystal was not a part of the Moon, it was just hidden there.”

“Was it? Really?” she pressed. “Think about it, carefully. We know that the Zeo Crystal was crafted by those pesky Technomancers, but where did they find it?” She smiled. “Would you like to find out?”

Of all the chunks of crystal, one of the largest travelled far beyond its origin before it was trapped within the formation of a small world that would one day become known as Earth. Due to its size it was expected by the high powers that the planet would become a powerful world filled with life and magic. However, before the planet could solidify, it was struck by another planet; Theia was a life bearing world about the size of Mars that had been knocked toward the Earth by unknown forces.

The collision between the two planets fractured the Earth’s crystal, forming several smaller crystals that were scattered through the planet’s mass. Theia’s life-sustaining crystal also broke up with the majority remaining at the core of the Earth while a smaller chunk was ejected along with a mass of molten rock into space. There the rock cooled and eventually formed the Moon, which while capable of sustaining life eventually became a mostly lifeless rock.

In the aftermath of the collision and the shattering of its crystal, the Earth retained the ability to sustain life and remained inhabited long after the other planets within its solar system died. However as time passed the ability of those born on Earth to use magic was limited and the potential of those that could wield the Power was for the most part, greatly reduced. Another unexpected effect of the impact was that the Earth’s crystals remained physical objects.

The crystal that had been ejected from the collision drifted in space until it was found by a group of travelling monks, who sensing its great potential shaped it into a tool to channel and control the Power and perhaps even tap into the fully power of the greater crystal. When the forces of darkness sought the newly crafted Zeo Crystal for their own ends, it was taken back to where the monks had found it and hidden in the caves beneath the lunar surface.

“Now you have you answers,” Monastra told him. “The Zeo Crystal you have obsessed over for so long is a part of the planet it protects. Obtain it and you will have the means to draw upon the one of greatest powers imaginable.”

She didn’t mention that there were other means to tap into the power of the original crystal. The Zeo Crystal had been crafted by the monks of the M-51 Galaxy, but there were other parts of the original crystal still to be found. Many of the jewels and magical gems had some tie or other to the Xeno Crystal – as she preferred to think of it -, but the Zeo Crystal promised the greatest chance of success. Provided of course that they could secure it.

Master Vile did not answer. He was lost in thought. His quest of secure the legendary Zeo Crystal had started when he had conquered the M-51 Galaxy. He had pursued the monks for thousands of years before learning that the elusive Zeo Crystal had been hidden on the Earth’s moon. It had made him furious to learn that his daughter had discovered its location in the Caves of Deception during her war with Zordon, but her ignorance about its power and being locked away for ten-thousand years had meant she had never told him.

That Zedd had also known of its existence and had dismissed it – for despite Rita’s joke about Zedd’s face, Master Vile was aware that the other villain had never tried to retrieve the Zeo Crystal himself – only confirmed his low opinion of the Emperor of the Dark Zones.

~How could that fool allow to ignore such a power for so long?~

He knew the answer of course; the Earth had a natural magic that seemed to turn even the most evil of villains into incompetent fools. Of course if there was a crystal similar to the Zeo Crystal at work then it made sense that the purifying effects of the crystal would spread around the planet. It made the Earth a valuable but very dangerous target.

~Still if I can retrieve the Zeo Crystal and unlock its power, I can show Dark Specter what it means to be a true master of evil.~

Master Vile knew that while his power was close to rivalling Dark Specter’s, the Grand Monarch of Evil would hold the advantage in a direct confrontation. Just as when it came to magical knowledge and strategy Master Vile held the edge. The two were equals if he was honest, they just excelled in different areas. If either of them got their hands on the Zeo Crystal it was likely that they could tip the balance in their favour.

The question of course was how to go about capturing the Zeo Crystal when there were Rangers using it? And that was before he took into consideration the other Rangers that had appeared since the last time he had visited Earth.

~Of course! I’ll snatch some of those new Rangers, and then brainwash them into helping me secure the Zeo Rangers and the Morphin Rangers! Perhaps I can secure Zordon and his allies at the same time.~

The possibility of gaining the power of the Zeo Crystal, Morphin Rangers and multiple Morphin Masters – some of whom were beings of legendary power – made the venture worth the risk of Dark Specter’s wrath.

~Soon it will all be mine, just as it should be.~

End of Part


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