Remember Your Power

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Remember Your Power
by Carl Turner

Katherine Hillard, Tanya Sloan, Jamie Zedden, and Samantha Dean were waiting for the arrival of some friends of Samantha’s from Gateway City, and since then, she had been driving everyone else crazy. “I mean, wait until you meet them, they are the coolest, they…,” Samantha started.

“Sam, if I knew this is how you would be acting, I would have joined Trini and Kim on Themyscira with Wonder Woman. I know you have been excited to see your old friends again, but the way you’ve been going on, I half expect you to turn into Sally Field at the Oscars, screaming, ‘You LOVE me, you really LOVE me!'” Tanya interrupted. “Now, don’t take this the wrong way, but SHUT UP, ALREADY!”

“Come on, Tanya, we’ve both had friends that we haven’t seen in years. It’s only natural to act like that,” Kat answered her with great patience.

“Kat, the woman started a countdown two months prior to their arrival!” Jamie spoke up then. “That’s nuts!”

Just then, the arrival doors open, and a young Asian girl with long, dark hair, slightly taller than Trini, walked through, talking to another young woman with long auburn hair, and a younger lady with shoulder length hair. All three seemed to be excited about something that happened on the trip.

Soon, at the Angel Grove Youth Center, the newcomers were relating an adventure that they had on the bus. The young Asian girl was Cassie Chan, one of the three friends that Samantha was excited about seeing again. The others, Ashley Hammond and Karen Peel, were talking about these creatures that had attacked the bus. Ashley tried to describe them. “They looked like a bunch of badly designed robots, attacking almost anybody. What were they called? I’ve seen them on TV. They were called…”

“Cogs. You’ve had a run-in with a pack of cogs. They’re the new menace that the Power Rangers deal with, courtesy of the Machine Empire,” Kat told them.

“So, that’s what those bloody things were. I thought that those were those bloomin’ Cybernauts my grandmother told me about,” Karen spoke, with a very noticeable British accent.

“Your grandmother?” Jamie asked. Jamie noticed something familiar about the 13 year old, the way her hair was styled, the way she seemed very calm about the incident, even her name. Then, it hit her. “Karen Peel. Would you grandmother be, by any chance, Emma Peel?”


Kat answered, “We’ve met her and John Steed. Quite a pair. Fascinating.”

“Really. I love her, and I’m proud to be her granddaughter. I’m going to be a British agent, just like her, but I have to ask, what trouble was she in?”

“None. In fact, they had helped us out on some trouble we had a while back,” Tanya told her, and left it at that. Why involved time travel, and their new powers as Zeo Rangers. “How about Steed? What’s he really like?”

“He’s truly terrific, but the one you really have to ask about that is his grandson, Justin. He’s coming over here, too, for schooling here. His dad’s idea. Something to do with the family business, same as my grandmother’s and my mom’s. Anyway, back to these cogs, just how often do these buggers pop up?”

“Long enough to be an appetizer for whatever trouble that either Rita or the Machine Empire has cooked up,” Tanya told her.

Cassie asked, “What about Zedd?”

“It seems he’s out of that now. According to news reports, he was only evil due to a spell placed on him long ago. Once it was wiped out, Zedd’s career ended,” Jamie told them.

While they were talked, a slight glow started to encompass the room. It began to grow in intensity, until it was almost blinding. When it faded, the girls looked around. “Something’s missing,” Ashley spoke up.

“Yeah. All the men here. This is not fun. I have my suspicions as to why could have played such a stupid joke, and if I ever get my hands on Mr. Tommy Oliver, Kimberly’s going to have to look for a new boyfriend,” Samantha snarled.

Tanya disagreed. “I don’t think so, Sam. Listen to this,” she said, pointing at the portable TV on the counter.

“…as it seems that ever male on the Earth has vanished or is fading away. We will keep you posted as news develops. Sarah Brightman, in for Stone McCauley, KAGV news.”

Kat, Tanya, Jamie, and Samantha looked at each other. They had to do something, but not in front of their friends. Their communicators went off, however, taking that choice out of their hands. “Rangers, come to the Command Center, and bring your young friends. This is an emergency,” Alpha spoke up.

Kat answered, “On our way.”

“Rangers? Okay, girlfriend, what has happened in your life since I moved to Gateway?” Cassie demanded.

“We’ll fill you in later. In the meantime, hang on,” Tanya spoke up.

At the same time, in the park, another group of young women, led by a tall, dark-brown haired lady named Laurie Partridge had just formed a bond after fighting a similar group of creatures, this time, Putties. “Everyone all right?” Laurie asked.

Aisha Campbell was the first to answer. “Nothing broken, except my pride, thanks. Everyone else all right?”

Kris Thomas added, “I’ve been through worse, thanks. Tracy? Kay?”

Kay, Kris’s sister, added, “Some walk in the park, huh?”

Tracy, Laurie’s sister, shouted, “And I thought Angel Grove was going to be like San Pueblo. San Pueblo was the pinnacle of boring, by the way.”

It wasn’t over yet, as a tingly sensation shot through all five women. “Now what?” Laurie bellowed.

Soon, they faded into beams of light, and shot out of the park.

In minutes, both groups of women were at the Command Center, where two sights were waiting for them. One, a woman in white, with a white veil, in Zordon’s tube, the other Wonder Woman, and the Pink and Yellow Morphin Rangers, helmets off.

“Trini, what’s going on here? Why did we bring our friends here, and where’s Zordon?” Jamie shouted. “And where are the guys?!”

Trini Kwan, the Yellow Ranger, stopped her, and said, “First, the guys seemed to have disappeared, along with seemingly ever male on the planet, including the male Justice Leaguers. We’re trying to track the energy that seems to have caused this. The one thing that we know, it’s magical in nature.”

“Magical? Then why not get Isis on this?” Tanya said.

“It seems that this magical energy also knocks out most female heroines, for some reason. In any case, Isis, Hawkwoman, and Black Canary fell to this. It also seems to affect Zordon, too, but his powers and those he gave them to seem to be immune. As to why we had to bring your friends here, they, too, are of a heroic nature. The eight of you, more so, in fact,” Wonder Woman added.

“Um, how so? I mean, I never thought of myself in that light,” Laurie told her.

“I think I’ll let Dimitria handle that.”

The woman in Zordon’s tube spoke, “Thank you, Wonder Woman. I came to this planet to warn Zordon of a new threat to this solar system.”

Kat frowned. “In addition to the Machine Empire?”

“I am afraid so. In fact, worse than the Empire. Dark Spectre and Darkseid have pooled their resources together to create a cadre of evildoers to destroy the entire universe, and to that end, hold on, they have brought together 3 evil deadly women: Astronema, Divatox, and someone I believe Wonder Woman is familiar with, Circe.”

“Oh, that’s just lovely. And since most of her spells were directed against men in the past, something like this is right up her alley! But, what does she get out of this?”

“More slaves, more subjects for her magic experiments, who knows with her. Anyway, this unholy trio only means more grief for this galaxy, which means, in spite of its defenders Earth normally has, more are needed.”

Ashley gasped. “That’s why we were brought here. To become Rangers!”

Dimitria smiled. “Yes, Ashley, you, Cassie, and Aisha are to be a part of a team that was born originally on KO-35, but… Anyway, the powers are en route from there, and soon, as your other teammates arrive, your team will be complete. Karen, Kris, and Kay, likewise, your powers need for the other members to arrive before you can assume them. Unlike your new friends, your powers are the very elements of Earth. Laurie and Tracy, your powers are that of the might jungle cats, and like the others, you need for the rest of your teammates to be here before you take control of them.” Dimitria finally finished.

A newsreport interrupted any other thought they might have had. “A vast amount of magical energy, similar to the one which took away every male, has been detected off of the coast of Rhode Island. It is not known what effect this blast will have, but the question on the world’s lips is, ‘Where is the Justice League?'”

Kimberly Hart, the Pink Ranger, asked, “Does he mean just us?”

Trini spoke determinedly, “He does now. Come on, let’s get the men back!”

Alpha quickly added, “I’ve programmed the ThunderZords to follow Kat, Tanya, and Jamie’s commands, as well as Kim, Trini, Samantha, and Wonder Woman’s orders. Still, be careful!”

“As you were saying, Trini, let’s do it! Alpha, make sure our young guests are all right. Ladies, IT’S MORPHIN TIME!” Trini bellowed.







Materializing in the middle of a panic, women were running from putties, cogs, and a new creature. Jamie shouted, “WHAT THE HELL ARE THOSE THINGS?!”

Wonder Woman spoke up, “I’ve read about those things. Quantrons. Get ready!”

In seconds, a major battle was waged, with the creatures soon on the losing end of the whole thing. Between Kim’s Battle Bow, Trini’s Dyna Daggers, Sam’s Screaming Slings, Kat’s Zeo Power Discs, Tanya’s Zeo Power Clubs, and Wonder Woman’s Golden Lasso, the creeps were toast, except for one who looked like a mummy out of the old horror movies. In minutes, he was firing deadly blasts of lasers from his fingertips and eyes, and trying to wrap them up as he did so, saying, “Stupid women, Mumm-Ra will destroy you and present your bodies to the great Circe. With you as a sacrifice, her power will return to full, and the world will be hers. Now DIE!”

“In your dreams, gee! Eat arrow-taser!” Kimberly yelled, and fired, striking home on his right shoulder. Mumm-Ra screamed in pain and agony, and soon fell to the ground, almost exploding.

“Not this time!” a voice boomed.

“Circe,” Wonder Woman snarled.

“My power is nearly gone, spent doing this entire scheme! I will not wind up like Rita Repulsa! I will destroy you with this, my last blast of power! If you win, the men are returned. I will not let that happen. Mumm-ra, return to the living, and GROW!” In seconds, Mumm-Ra had grown to gigantic proportions, ready to smash anything, especially the heroines.

“Okay, time to go to work,” Trini yelled. “WE NEED THUNDERZORD POWER, NOW!”









“Let’s not waste any time, people! Go straight for the big gun!” Wonder Woman yelled.

“Right! THUNDER-MEGAZORD, ENGAGE!” In seconds, the colossus was ready for battle. Wonder Woman operated TigerZord like it was made for her. “TIGERZORD, ASSUME WARRIOR MODE, NOW!”

Mumm-Ra fired any and all weapons at his disposal, for all the good it did. Using its sword as a shield, TigerZord charged, slamming into it at least nine times, knocking it off balance, then jumping out of the way, screaming, “DO IT, GANG!”

Tanya shouted, “You heard her!”


In one swift stroke, a slashing move, Mumm-Ra collapsed once more, this time for good, as he hit the ground and exploded.

“NOOOO!!! You will pay! My power is now totally spent, thanks to you all! I shall have my revenge, I swear it!” Circe screamed over and over, voice fading as she did. Again, another flash of light, and soon all the men had returned, as if they had never left.

“I get the feeling that this isn’t over, this was way too easy, especially for her powerful I heard Circe once was,” Trini frowned.

“We’ll all just have to be careful in the coming days. Let’s go home,” Wonder Woman told her young cohorts.

Back at the Command Center, the Rangers saw Zordon was in his tube, along with another tube, containing Dimitria. Cassie, Ashley, Aisha, Karen, Kris, Kay, Laurie, and Tracy were bubbling with excitement. “We know what our colors are!” Cassie smiled. “Laurie, Karen, and me, we’re pink.”

“Pink. Ugh!” was Laurie’s reaction.

Kris grinned. “I’m Green.”

“Tracy, Kay, and Me, we’re yellow!” Ashley grinned.

“But, I want to know, who are our teammates?” Laurie asked.

“In the coming days, they will make themselves known. As for all of you here…” Dimitria started.

Wonder Woman interrupted, “Dimitria, this battle has taught our younger heroines, all assembled, that they can do anything in their grasp, that they don’t need a man to depend on.”

Kimberly smiled, “And when you say ‘power’ this time, it’s not what we use to fight monsters and bad guys. It’s our spirit, our independence, our own sense of worth. You told all of us recently ‘The better you can fight, the less you’ll have to.’ You didn’t just mean physically. In everyday life, we sometimes run up against hurdles and restraints that tests our spirit. And it’s that spirit that will help us get to the next level.”

Trini added, “In our words, Remember Your Power.”

“Exactly,” Wonder Woman spoke up.

Jamie asked, “Dimitria, are you staying here, too?”

“Yes. With Astronema, Divatox, and even a powerless Circe joining forces, I am needed her more than ever.”

“Great to have you aboard,” Tanya added.

“Let’s go check on the guys, and see if they’re all right, but first, let’s take our guests home. Welcome to the team, by the way,” Samantha added.

“Great to be here,” Ashley spoke for the new girls.

“Okay, ladies, let’s roll!” Wonder Woman shouted.

In a series of colored lights, the women left.

The End

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Avenger Zeo, Part Two : Red, Gold, and Purple

Disclaimer: No, I don’t have the rights to Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Power Rangers Zeo, Jamie Zedden, Leslie Zedden, Larry Zedden, Justice League of America, the Avengers, John Steed, & Emma Steed don’t belong to me at all. MMPR, PRZ, belong to Saban, Inc., JLA belongs to DC comics, Jamie Zedden, Leslie and Larry Zedden, and the majority of this storyline belong to Ellen Brand (Thanks go to Ellen for allowing me to use her characters and the storylines from ‘Things Left Undone’ and ‘Two of Hearts’ in this tale.) and the Avengers, Steed and Mrs. Peel belong to Luminere. Part 2 (Conclusion) coming up…

Avengers Zeo, Part Two: Red, Gold, and Purple
By Carl Turner

“What the hell is wrong now?” Zedd snarled.

Rita gasped, “The Machine Empire is coming!”

Signals blared like mad in the Command Center, and soon all attention was on what Zordon had to say. “Rangers, we must prepare for the coming of the evil Machine Empire.”

Hal Jordan asked, “Machine Empire?”

“Yes, Green Lantern. They were created by an evil scientist/dictator to help him rule his domain, but they soon took over, and had him destroyed.”

“Soon, they were ruling this domain, and soon intended to slowly take control of the entire universe.”

“Zordon, wait! How come we haven’t heard of this ‘Machine Empire?'” Robin asked with a lot of disbelief.

“Batman advised his young partner, “The universe has countless galaxies and zones, so there’s no logical way of covering them all. Besides, Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd were running around for five years before we heard of them, and they were causing all sorts of havoc for the Power Rangers.”

Zordon continued, “When he created them, he made them out of cold steel and iron, rendering Rangers helpless against them, so wizards in the M-51 Galaxy, along with scientists created the Zeo crystal, which behaved like science, allowing the wielders of its power to fight the machines, even though it was powered by magic.”

“Magic?” Tommy Oliver asked.

“Yes. You see, the Morphin Grid is the source of power humans call magic, and it underlies all of the universe. It can be tapped by those magicians with the talent to do that, and is part of every known race in creation. The Power is a part of all things, except one, cold iron, which disrupts and repels the Power, which is why, in Earth legends, cold iron is a barrier to magic. And all places feel the pull of the Power. Iron is one of those extremely rare materials in the universe, and in a very, very few places, it is found in large quantities, and usually those planets are almost totally divorced from the Power, although not completely, proof of which being the Olympian Gods who created the Amazons.”

Wonder Woman rose an eyebrow upon hearing this news.

Zordon resumed, “The Morphin power is magic, where the Zeo Crystal is not. It is rooted in the intersection between magic and technology, containing some magic, but it follows the rules of science.”

Batman looked at Zordon. “You have to admit, this does seem a little far-fetched, but, from what I’ve seen with the JLA, it does seem possible.”

Jason asked, “When do you think that the Machine Empire will arrive in this system?”

“Hard to say. On the plus side, we are receiving some help from the Gold Ranger. He is coming to help stop the Machine Empire, but we still need to find the red and purple shards. With the Machine Empire arriving, we need to activate the Zeo Ranger team as soon as possible,” Zordon stated very plainly.

“Just who is this ‘Machine Empire’ composed of, anyway?” Emma Peel asked.

Zordon directed everyone’s attention toward the viewing globe. “This is King Mondo, he is the main force behind the power of the empire. With him his wife, Queen Machina, almost as evil as her husband, and their youngest son, Prince Sprocket, who is very eager to step into his father’s shoes.”

Zack Taylor asked, “Youngest son?”

“Mondo has an older son, Prince Gasket, who married an archrival’s daughter, Archerina, and has been estranged from the family ever since. And these are Klank and Orbus, footmen to the throne. This composes the entire Machine Empire. We must all be prepared for their arrival, so we can stop them, once and for all, permanently.”

Kimberly Hart spoke, “Until then, we just have to keep an eye out, huh?”

“Exactly. Be careful, Rangers, and keep looking for the red shard,” Zordon told everyone.

An hour later, Jason was running, making his rounds through the park. Usually this helped him think a lot better, and the past six months had given him a lot to think about. First, helping the Justice League of America on a case, then becoming one of their newest members, afterwards having to do Aquaman away, something he had nightmares about still, and just recently, an act that seemed to redeem that act, helping Hal Jordan forgive himself enough to return to action as Green Lantern. Now, the Machine Empire was coming, and he and the other Morphin Power Rangers, along with their JLA teammates, had to be prepared, along with legendary superspies, John Steed and Emma Peel, who timetraveled from 1966 simply for a new experience.

His mind now completely swamped, he sat down under a tree to enjoy the beauty of the day, and to take his mind off things.

“Is this a private party, or can anyone join?” an unfamiliar, sweet voice asked. Jason opened his eyes to see a girl he had never met before standing in front of him, standing.

“Pull up a root, and sit down,” he replied, gesturing off to his left. “I don’t remember seeing you around here before.”

“No, I just moved here Friday. I start school here next Monday.”

Jason couldn’t help looking at her. she was striking, but not conventionally pretty. Her features, certainly pleasant, but were far too strong. Her hair was a brilliant red, the color of autumn leaves, and her eyes were a smoky hazel. Her height stunned him most of all, for when she sat down next to him, he saw that she was almost an inch shorter than Kimberly, standing only about 5’1″. “I’m Jason. Jason Scott. What’s your name?”

“Jamie Zedden. I’ve heard of you, nice to meet you. I hear you teach martial arts. What style are you?”

“I’ve got a fourth degree black belt in American style Karate,” Jason told her. He hadn’t pictured his morning discussing martial arts with a beautiful redhead, but he wasn’t complaining.

“American Style, huh? That’s pretty interesting. I just earned my fourth in Shotokan.”

Now Jason was impressed. “Shotokan? That’s a tough style.”

“Yeah, but I love it. Besides, where I come from, you have to be tough.”

“So, where are you from?”

“Just moved up here from one of Los Angeles’ ‘finer neighborhoods,” she frowned.

Jason and Jamie spent a long time discussing everything they could think of. Jason was completely enthralled. Jamie was the most interesting person he had met in al long time, and he really enjoyed being with her. He hadn’t felt his way since his first date with Samantha. After that quick reflection, he steeled himself to ask the question that had been tumbling around in his mind. “Jamie, I was wondering if you’d like to go see that new action movie at the Angel Grove multiplex tomorrow night?”

She smiled at him. “Are you asking me on a date? Seriously, though, is that the one with those teenagers with superpowers who save the world? What’s it called, ‘Lightstar Heroes’ or something?”

“No way!” Jason gasped. “Those things are so cheesy! I meant the new Segal movie.”

“Sure, I’d love to IF you promise to take me to the Lightstar thing sometime. I like cheesy. Besides, I’m a sucker for a man in Spandex.”

Jason thought to himself, -Oh Jamie, if you’d seen what I sometimes wear,- but he let it go. “Great. Meet you there at eight?”

“Sure.” They talked about other things for a while, but all too soon, reality intruded, and they both had to go home. Walking back to his house, Jason felt really great, like things are once again goin to be great. Then, he thought, _How’s Samantha going to feel about this?_ Even though the two had since broken up, he still had to winder how she felt about his finding someone soon after their separation.

Kat Hillard, Tanya Sloan, Rocky DeSantos, Adam Park, and David Trueheart were also enjoying their day. The Zeo Rangers to be were having a mini picnic, and talking about their new situation.

Adam spoke up, “The Rangers sometimes work with the JLA. In fact, they’re the newest members of the team. Do you think we’ll work with them as well?”

“Maybe. Remember, we’re the second power team, but first, we’ve got to… HEADS UP, GUSY! PUTTIES!” Tanya screamed.

A group of putties had arrived there with a sensor, looking for one of the remaining shards. “We’ve got work to do, guys! Let’s go!” Rocky yelled.

In seconds, they were in a major fight, slamming putties left and right, until the putties were completely trashed, and they had gotten hold of their sensor to find the shard. Kat shouted, “Guys, that device is pointing us southward in that direction! Do you think…?”

Within minutes, David had a shovel teleported there, and were digging in that spot the sensor indicated, and soon, had found a red crystalline shard with a star at the top.

“THAT’S IT! Let’s get it to the command center!” David yelled.

In seconds, they were gone.

In Paris, France, a frustrated Eugene Skullovitch walked into the office where he and his school pal, Bulk, worked, and slammed his hands on the desk. “I’VE HAD IT! Let’s face facts, Bulk, we’ve got nothing here, and we are going nowhere fast with this secret agent business. I’m through, and I’m going back.”

Bulk’s jaw dropped. “What? You can’t, I mean, we haven’t fulfilled our contract with Inspector Klouseau yet!”

“So what? He can keep the money he was going to pay us! This is the stupidest thing I’ve ever done, and I don’t want to do this anymore!”

“Skull, if we leave, we’re finished here.”

“GOOD! I’m miserable, damn it! You’re the one who wanted to be a spy, so what are we doing? Training, I can understand, but all we’re doing is paperwork on top of paperwork! I was happier as a detective, even if I did stink at it.”

“I’ve finally learned that it takes time to learn to do anything. I mean, all of our lives, we got into trouble and made fools of ourselves by trying to do things the easy way. Now, I’ve finally got something that I want to work for, and I’m not going to give it up.”

Skull sighed, “You don’t have to. I’m going home, whether you come with me or not and this is the last time I ever do something that I don’t want to do. I’m not going to throw my happiness away anymore because we’re on different tracks.”

Bulk swallowed and stood up, shaking his hand. “I’m going to miss you, buddy, but I’d rather you were happy. Promise you’ll write?”

“You bet. We’ll always be friends, Bulky, no matter what.”

Tommy, Billy, and Flash were on hand when the Zeo team teleported in with the red Zeo crystalline shard. “It’s here! Now what?” Rocky asked.

Zordon spoke up, “Rangers, the Gold Ranger’s Zord, Pyramidas, has entered our atmosphere, and Rita or the Machine Empire will be after him.”

Billy spoke, “Don’t worry, Zordon, we’re on it.”

Mrs. Peel also told him, “I’m coming along, too. I’d like to help.”

“Ok, but be careful. 1. Putties and Tengas are not what you’re used to, and 2. Zack and Kimberly would kill us if anything happened to you or Steed,” Tommy told her. “It’s Morphin Time!”



The four were soon on Angel Grove beach, and almost as soon as they got there, the Putties and Tengas started to attack. The Flash slammed Tengas into each other at a very high speed, leaving nothing but feathers for the most part. Tommy and Mrs. Peel were a very effective team; she set them up with several well placed punches and kicks, while he knocked them down and out for the count. Billy kicked and slammed putties all over the place, but they just seemed to keep coming, when a new arrival showed up, trashing the Tengas and Putties with ease. Dressed in an outfit almost like the Black Ranger’s, with a golden shield, and a totally different helmet with an eyepiece shaped like a tri-fold bar.

“Power Rangers of Earth, I am happy to be of service. I am Trey, of Triforia, the Gold Ranger.”

The heroes soon introduced themselves. “Hi, I’m Tommy, the White Ranger.”

“Billy, Blue Ranger.”


“Emma Peel.”

“We had best retreat to your Command Center. My Zord, Pyramidas, is right over there, cloaked. Would that be all right?”

“Zordon would be happy, and so would we. Let’s go,” Billy smiled.

Soon, all five were inside Pyramidas, which soon teleported towards the Command Center.

On a plane high over the Atlantic, Skull was relaxing in a seat, eating his peanuts, and flirting with the stewardesses. Amazingly enough, some of them were flirting back. He remembered a time when they would have shot him down in a heartbeat. He really had grown up.

Part of it, of course, was his appearance. In his khakis, yellow-button down shirt, and suspenders, he didn’t look like the punk he had been for so many years. He was also far more relaxed than he had ever been in his police uniform or the suit he mentally referred to as “Spywear.” Life as a detective completely agreed with him.

Sighing, he closed his eyes, and tried to get some sleep. He wasn’t sure of what was going to happen when he got home, but he wanted to be ready for anything.

Temperatures were in the mid 60’s in downtown Angel Grove, and the streets were jam-packed with people hurrying somewhere. The festive atmosphere of that long weekend was infectious, and Jason felt better than he had ever been since the whole Aquaman fiasco. Part of it, he was positive, had to be attributed to falling in love again.

There was something so right about the two of them when they were together, and he was always happiest by her side, and she seemed to feel the same way.

They had both enjoyed the Segal movie, and true to his word, Jason took her to the “Lightstar Heroes” a few nights later. To his amazement, he actually like the campy film, laughing at Jamie’s jokes, and cracking a few of his own. He had teased her about drooling over the Red Lightstar Hero, but had to shut up after she caught him ogling over the Pink one. He wondered briefly if morphing really did that to a woman’s physique. He hadn’t noticed, but at the time, he had been busy with other things; these days, those things included trying tot think pure thoughts when standing around Wonder Woman.

Now Jamie had dragged him antique shopping, something he hadn’t even done for Samantha. Jamie was looking for antique weapons, however, which was something Jason had always been interested in. Besides, her excitement made everything worthwhile.

Finally, they came to Old as the Hills, the last store on the list. Inside, the owner, Ignatz Hill, showed the two an excellently elaborate collection of antique swords, daggers, crossbows, knives, and other weapons.

A flash of light on steel caught her eye, and soon she was at a case where a beautiful, strangely-crafted sword was lying on purple velvet. “Could I take a look at this one?” she asked.

“A good choice. No one knows where this sword came from, I’m afraid,” Mr. Hill commented in his Maine drawl. “I inherited this from my grandfather, but where he got it from, I never found out. He never wanted to discuss it at all. I’ve had it examined by every expert in the area, but none of them could tell me where this sword is from.” He then lifted it from its case, and handed it to her.

When she had it in her hands, it felt oddly like it was meant for her, somehow; a slight, harmless shock happened, then nothing. Testing the heft in one hand, she lifted her eyebrows at its light weight, asking, “Steel?”

Mr. Hill shook his head. “Nope. They don’t know what it is. It seems to be plumb old. How old, no one can say.”

She examined it closely, saying, “You’re right, it’s very odd. Look, the blade is shaped like an English broadsword, but there’s no blooding channel, and it has these funny runes etched on the blade. I’d almost say they were Norse, but the Norse never made swords like this. The pommel stone’s like nothing I’ve ever seen. It could be milk quartz, or moon stone, but it’s huge, almost the size of a quarter.” A decision was made. That sword had to be hers. “How much?”

Looking at her for a long moment, Mr. Hill spoke, “A sword like that usually costs upward towards one thousand dollars, but, it’s almost worthless to a collector, with no past or identifying marks, so, I figure it’s time to unload the thing. $22.00, and it’s yours.”

Jamie was in complete disbelief. “$22.00, are you sure, sir?”

“Course, I’m sure. $22, take it or leave it.”

“I’ll take it!” Jamie handed the man a 20 dollar bill and two singles, and he put them into the cash register. “Oops, almost forget,” Hill cackled. Reaching behind the counter, he pulled out a scabbard made of something dark. “This was always with the sword. Part of the purchase price. You’ll want to keep it sheathed in town, of course. And before you ask, no, it ain’t leather. Nobody knows what it is, either.”

Wholeheartedly, Jamie told him, “Thank you very much, sir,” Slipping the sword back into its scabbard and heading out the door. Jason started to follow, when Hill suddenly put a hand on his shoulder.

“Young man, is she your girlfriend?” the old man asked, seriously.

“I like to think so, sir,” Jason told him, wondering what was going on.

“You keep an eye on her. There’s something funny about that bladed, like it was meant for her. I don’t reckon there’s anything dangerous about it, otherwise I wouldn’t have sold it to her if I thought there was, but…” he trailed off, but Jason understood.

“Don’t worry, sir. I’ll keep my eyes open.” He then followed Jamie into the sunshine.

Isis was talking to Zordon about Zedd’s recent change of attitude toward his career of evil. “We were talking about this while we were in 1976 London, and it’s like he really doesn’t have it in him to be that evil anymore.”

“Hmmm. If what you’re saying is true, then it proves an ancient legend is based in fact. That Zedd was brainwashed into the service of evil, and maybe… What is it?” Zordon asked the Human goddess.

“Jason. His new girlfriend, Jamie. Goldar! Excuse me, Zordon, I’ve got work to do!” Isis shouted, and soon flew in the direction of the park.

In the park, Jamie stopped to unsheathe her sword and try a few practice moves. Jason leaned against a tree watching her, smiling. Jason’s thoughts were cut off by a flash of gold fire. Goldar, grinning evilly, materialized in front of them.

“Don’t worry, all I want is the sword. Hand it over, and I am out of…” That as far as he got, for he was hit by a bolt of lightning. Isis stood between him and the teens.

“Beat it, you Wizard of Oz reject!”

“Who invited you, witch?”

Jamie interrupted, “You want my sword, that I just paid $22 for? Dream on, you overgrown chimp.”

Goldar snarled, “Give it to me, human. you have no use for it, and no clue about its true power and worth, so it’s useless to you.”

“You want it, monkeyboy? Come and get it!”

Jason cried, “Are you crazy? He cheats!”

“I’ll make sure he doesn’t!” Isis bellowed, and cast another lightning bolt on Goldar, sapping his strength.

“Witch, what have you done to me?”

“Evening the playing field. Try anything underhanded, you’re lion chow!”

Jamie smiled. “Still want the sword?”

Goldar growled, “Yes!,” and the battle was on. Goldar started with a ringing downslice, but Jamie blocked him with ease. It was soon obvious that both were masters of the sword. Cuts, parries, thrusts, and slices formed a glittering web of razored steel. Normally, Goldar would be far stronger than Jamie, but the spell cast by Isis took away that advantage. Jamie also had grace and speed on her side. Goldar’s cunning made up for his lost strength, so they were evenly matched.

Goldar then lost his patience and fired a large, golden energy beam at her, but to everyone’s amazement, she absorbed the blast, as a purple aura formed around her. Smiling at the winged ape, she fired a large purple bolt of energy at him, directly in his chest, knocking him back at least two yards.

Isis shouted to Goldar, “You lose, winged wussy! Beat it!”

Without one word, he vanished in purple flame.

“well, that was fun. What was that all… ISIS?!” Jamie was amazed. It really was one of the Justice Leaguers who helped her with Goldar.

Jason enfolded Jamie in his arms. “I think that sword gave you special powers, but you must have a death wish or something, he could have killed you!”

She shrugged. “I somehow knew I could take him. Weird as it sounds, the sword told me I could do it.”

“Jason, we’re going to have to tell Zordon about this, and we’re also going to have to tell her about…” Isis started.

“I know. Jamie, there’s someone I think we all should talk to about this,” Jason told Jamie.

“Where are we going? Who?”

Isis told her, “You have to see it to believe it.”

In minutes, all three were at the Command Center. “Jason, is something the matter?” Zordon asked as they materialized.

“Big time,” Jason replied. While he went over these recent events, Jamie was staring around the Command Center with amazement. After hearing all this, Zordon had Alpha 5 run a scan on the sword.

“I want that back in one piece! So, where are we, and who are they?” Jamie asked.

“Jamie Zedden, meet Zordon of Eltare, interdimensional being and mentor to the Power Rangers,” Jason told her.

“Power Rangers? You’re a…”

“The Red one.”

“Wow. I heard about you and that Aqua-creep. I know you were upset about it for a while. I won’t push you, but if you need to talk about it, I’m willing to listen.”

“Thanks, Jamie, I’d like that. Maybe later.”

“Jamie Zedden?” Isis asked.

Zordon continued, “Age 17, daughter of Lawrence Zedden.”

“Yes, but my dad’s dead, though. Do you two know me?”

“It’s more fitting to say we know of you,” Isis spoke.

“We both now have our suspicisions as to what happened in the park, although we will have to wait until Alpha finished his analysis of the sword to be sure, and the others arrive,” Zordon told him.

“You mean, you found the red shard?” Jason asked.

“The Zeo Rangers found it. And now it seems that…” Isis started.

Alpha interrupted, “Ay yi yi! Analysis complete! The sword is of Zarakin manufacture, one of the six elemental blades manufactured by the Wizard Ralthor over three hundred millennia ago! It is the long-lost Sword of Lightning!”

“Zordon, it really is true!” Isis replied heavily.

Jason was baffled. “What’s true?”

Jamie asked, “Zarakin? Sword of Lightning? What’s going on here?”

Before explanations could be made, a rainbow of light appeared in the Center, which materialized into the other Morphin Rangers, and the soon-to-be Zeo Rangers, along with the Flash and Black Canary.

“I am glad you are all here. Before we begin, I was about to tell Jason and Jamie about the history of this sword, and I feel you all should know as well. You see, the Zarakin are a people who live many light-years from here, on a planet known as Danata. Long ago, they settled there to escape the constant invasions their people were subject to.”

“Oh, kind of like Belgium,” Trini interjected.

Isis continued, “In a way. You see, the Zarakin were determined not to be driven off their planet again, so a great wizard named Ralthor created six magical swords to be given to worthy wielders, known as the Elemental Blades. They were the Sword of Fire, the Sword of Water, the Sword of Wind, the Sword of Earth, the Sword of Heart, and the Sword of Lightning. From what I’ve read, the Zarakin House of Swords was an organization of bodyguards to the king that grew up around these swords. Along with being able to control the element for which they were named, each blade had another hidden power, known only to the wielder.”

Zordon took over at this point. “The Sword of Lightning, however, had a power that could not be hidden. It transformed its wielder into a formidable warrior, the Purple Zeo Ranger.”

“Purple!” Jason exclaimed. “Then that’s…”

“The Purple Zeo Shard. It was forged into the handle of the sword, apparently.”

Jamie asked shyly, “Do you want it back?”

Isis assured her, “Jamie, the sword has bonded to you. The power is yours, no matter what you do.”

Zordon continued, “We would like you to be a full-fledged Zeo Ranger, tied into the grid. That way, we could come to your aid, if necessary, but you are under no obligation.”

“I’ll do it. How?”

“Take the sword in both hands, and concentrate on the crystal.”

Jamie did just that, and saw the crystal separate from the handle and float over to the other Zeo crystals. At its apex, a hexagon.

It soon joined the other crystals, and Zordon announced, “The time has come. Zeo Rangers, accept your powers.”

The Gold Ranger stood by and watched as the new team assembled, one by one. Zordon spoke, “Rangers, through courage and sacrifice, the Zeo Crystal is here. To the ones chosen, it will give powers beyond imagination.

“Katherine, from this day forth, you will be known as Zeo Ranger 1, Pink!”

As he said this, a pink flash covered Kat, and when it faded, she was in a pink spandex uniform, and a helmet with an oval eyepiece.

“Tanya, you shall become Zeo Ranger 2, Yellow!

“Rocky, you are Zeo Ranger 3, Blue!

“Adam, the power for Zeo Ranger 4, Black, belongs to you!

“David, you shall assume the identity of Zeo Ranger 5, Red!

“And finally, Jamie, to you goes the power of Zeo Ranger 6, Purple!”

Soon, the team was ready for action. “Zeo Rangers, the crystal now resides within you. How do you feel?”

Adam spoke for all six. “I feel powered up and fully charged!”

Zordon continued, “Your Zeonizers will give you access to your new powers. Soon you will receive your Zeo zords.”

“Zordon, I need to know, how does my father fit into all of this?” Jamie asked.

“Jamie, your father is a Zarakin prince,” Zordon told her.

“WHAT?!” everyone else yelled.

Zordon continued, “The Zarakin, like most races in the universe, are neither all evil or all good. They, too, have the potential to create great heroes or the most fiendish villains, one of whom is Lord Zedd.”

“ZEDD? I thought the Zarakin people were like humans physiologically!” Isis cried.

“They are. The form that you know as Zedd is not his true one. As a Zarakin, he appears to be a completely normal looking human. Zedd was born to the King and Queen of Danata many eons ago, even before my birth. He was the pride and joy of the royal court, a baby of uncommon handsomeness and intelligence. He had a slight temper, but that trait has bred true throughout seven hundred generations of rules and extends to most of the planet as well, so there was little chance that he would escape that.

“He grew to become one of the finest warriors Danata had ever seen, graduating first in his class from the House of Swords, and given the Sword of Fire. As he grew, it was thought that he would become one of the finest kinds that the Zarakin Sector had ever known.

“Then, something happened, and to this day, no one knows what. Up until recently, it was believed that he was seduced by a dark power, but his recent actions suggest that he was taken against his will, much like Rita did with Tommy. In any case, he became an evil sorcerer of great power, drawing on the darkest sectors of the Morphin Grid.”

“Zordon, I thought the Rangers used the Grid?” Black Canary asked. At that moment, Emma Peel returned to the Command Center.

“What’s going on here?”

“Emma Peel, meet the Zeo Rangers!” Zordon spoke.

“A pleasure.”

Zordon resumed his tale. “The Morphin Grid is a vast source of power humans call magic, which permeates the universe, and is tuned to the polar extremes of being. Some, like the Rangers powers, answer to the light pole, while Zedd, Rita, and most evil sorcerers answer to the dark side. Rita, in truth, is a witch, drawing her power from objects which magic has been infused, and has no other form. Zedd, however, is currently in his alternate persona, monstrous enough to draw power from the Grid’s dark pole. On the light side, Isis is a goddess, using a natural connection to the Earth and the Grid to achieve her skills. At her level, most things she does takes a mere thought. I am a wizard, also drawing my power from a natural connection with the Morphin Grid. Unlike Isis, I use mental disciplines to summon the power. There are many other classifications, but it would take too long to go into them now, and I have already strayed too far from my story. One millennia ago, Zedd returned to Danata to cause a massive war with a nearby planet when Zarador, and the Council of Elders, trapped him, stripped him of his alternate form, and sent him to Earth, where he would fit in, but not rise to power. This was twenty years ago.”

“Twenty… oh, boy!” Flash whispered.

“On Earth, he took the name Lawrence Zedden. He then created a past for himself, and soon fell in love with Leslie Corren. They soon married, and had one child, a daughter named Jamie.”

“Actually, they named her Jamaica Theresa, which she has been trying to live down ever since, and being grateful they didn’t give me Sommers for a middle name, as they had planned,” Jamie smiled sickly.

“Jamie Sommers Zedden?” Kimberly smiled.

“Hey, my mom was a huge ‘Bionic Woman’ fan! Give her a break.”

Zordon resumed the tale. “Jamie, I am unclear on the details on Lord Zedd’s return to power, but I believe the minions sent to retrieve him planted that false body so that no one would wonder where he had gone. It would be a piece of cake for them to generate a duplicate of your father’s body and dump it in the river.”

Jason walked over to her and gave her a hug. “Look, I don’t care if you are Zedd’s daughter. I like you anyway.”

“So do we,” Zack added.

“Thanks. That’s good to know,” Jamie smiled.

“Jamie, there’s something else that you should be aware of. According to Zarakin law, your parents are still married. There was no divorce, and no real death, so the marriage was not dissolved. This means that Rita and Zedd are not really married, which may be a bad omen for you. Rita does not like to be replaced, and lately, Zedd seems to want that life to be over, so that in a way, makes it even worse.”

Jamie shivered at the thought of Tengas or Putties attacking her mother.

“I’m going to have to tell her about this, Zordon. She has to know.”

Isis put a hand on her shoulder. “I agree. We’ll both teleport to your house, and explain things to her.”

Zordon spoke up, “One other thing. The Elemental Blades can be stored in a pocket in hyperspace. Simply concentrate on putting it in a pocket.” Jamie did this, and the sword disappeared. “To retrieve it, simple imagine it in your hand.” She concentrated, and the blade returned.

“Cool. And this pocket will go wherever I do?”


“Great! Any other interesting talents I have?”

“Lord Zedd could tell you more about them.”

Jason held her hand tight. “Hurry back.”

“You got it.” In flashes of purple and gold light, the two teleported out.

Jamie teleported into the hall of her house, Isis alongside her. “Mom?” she called.

“In the kitchen, honey. Did you have a nice day? Buy anything deadly?”

Isis asked, “Buy anything deadly?”

“Long story,” Jamie told her. “Mom, I’ve got a special guest with me. She’s truly one of a kind.” Jamie grinned and entered the kitchen with her guest.

Leslie Zedden looked at Isis. “Since my daughter couldn’t make up a wild joke like this, I guess you really are Isis. How did you two run into each other?”

Isis studied both women. It was easy to see where Jamie got her looks. Leslie had the same red hair and short, slim build as her daughter, with similar facial features. Only their eyes were different, Jamie’s a smoky hazel, Leslie’s a cool emerald green. Jamie also inherited toughness of spirit from her mom. She never had anything that she couldn’t tell her, but this, well…

“Mom, the day you found out that Dad was dead. You never really talked about it. You just said that the police called and told you his body was found in the river. What happened that day?”

Isis added, “It really is important. Please excuse my manners, it’s nice to meet you.”

Leslie sighed. She really didn’t want to remember the events of that afternoon, but Jamie was certainly old enough to know the truth, and she wouldn’t ask if it weren’t important, although how it could involve Isis, she had no idea.

“I was doing something in the kitchen, and you were watching ‘Sesame Street’ in the living room. There was a knock at the door, and two strange men were outside, looking like they didn’t belong there or anywhere. They said they were friends of your father, but something told me otherwise, so I said no, but they insisted, so I kneed one of them and whacked the other with a skillet, then slammed the door in their faces, heading back into the kitchen. Then, the door blew in.”

Jamie and Isis looked at each other in shock.

“Larry was afraid something like this would happen, although he never told me why. They were chasing us soon afterwards, but luckily, Firestorm showed up, and put a stop to both of them. He saw that we were okay, and went back to check on them, but they had got away. We went to Grandma’s almost soon after. Later, I found out our house was set on fire, and virtually nothing survived. For awhile, the police thought we had died in the fire, but they found out we were alive, so they called me and told me about Larry. It was almost more than I could take. If it weren’t for you, I would have given up. To this day, I still don’t know who those men were or what they wanted. Why are you asking me this now?”

Jamie took her mother’s hands into her own and sighed. “Mom, I have something to tell you, and you may not believe any of it.”

On the moon’s surface was a Winnebago, cloaked from the Watchtower’s motion sensors, and inside, Lord Zedd was listening to Goldar’s explanation with mounting anger, when something Goldar said caught his train of thought. “A girl, you say? Red hair, about seventeen?” Zedd asked, leaning forward.

“Yes, my lord.”

“And she was able to call upon the sword’s powers?”

“Yes, Lord Zedd.”

“Hmm,” Zedd mused. Common sense told him it was impossible, but in any case, his heart began to pound. “She must be a half-breed Zarakin. Let me see this girl!”

Zedd’s eyebeams shot down towards Earth, allowing him to see whatever he wanted. As he did so, a duplicate of the image formed in front of his henchman. “Goldar, is this the girl?”

“Yes, my lord.”

The image was of Jamie talking with her mother in the kitchen, Isis listening with patience. Zedd’s breath caught in what passed for his throat. He didn’t recognize the girl; far too many years had passed. The woman, however, was as familiar as his own name. He dreamed about her every night.

“Leslie,” he whispered.

“Leslie?” Rita asked.

Zedd whirled on her. “That’s my wife! She’s alive!”

Rita paled. “What-what does that mean for us?” she managed.

“I don’t know. I’ll have to think about this.” Confused, he left the Winnebago for a long walk.

Emma Peel and Wonder Woman were talking about the Amazons, Themyscria, (Wonder Woman’s birthplace), and women crimefighters in general when Trini walked into the Command Center, wanting to ask both of them some questions about how to deal with male chauvinism in their fields of work, Mrs. Peel being from the 1960’s, lending some historical perspective. Tanya was with her.

“You are a married woman, and yet you do dangerous work for England. How does your husband deal with this?” Tanya asked.

“My husband’s gone missing.”


“Yes. He was in the Amazon, doing research on something when the group he was with lost track of him. I haven’t seen him since. Almost two months later, I found myself working with Seed, involved in these wild adventures, and now we had just finished a case involving killer cats, believe it or not, when we got into this affair,” Mrs. Peel told them.

Tanya looked skeptical. “Killer cats? Oh, like runaway tigers and lions?”

“No. Regular housecats. Long story.”

Trini asked, “Recently, I found out that I’m a descendant of Xena, Warrior Princess. I’m wondering how my life is going to change because of that.”

Wonder Woman answered that one. “Trini, no matter what happens to you in the near or distant future, the fact remains that you, even without the power or the new heritage, will always be a very special person. Nothing will ever change that.”

“Thanks. How about a pizza? My treat.”

“MY treat, Trini. Come on, your friends are probably waiting for both of you, and I really am hungry. Mrs. Peel?”

“Why not?”

It had taken a fair amount of arguing, one exploded toaster, a blown microwave, and a morph, but Jamie had finally convinced her mother of the truth of her story. Now, Leslie was trying to deal with the realization that her daughter was a superhero, her husband, presumed dead, was a space alien who may be on the side of evil against his will, and his current wife was probably hiring an avian hit squad to attack them even now. She was taking all of this rather well. “So, what are the fragile areas on a Tenga?” Leslie asked calmly.

Isis smiled at Jamie. “Mrs. Zedden, I am happy to say it looks like nothing surprises you or your daughter for long. As for the Tengas, eyes, beak, throat, and the… usual,” miming a knee to a sensitive area.

“So, these are male birds?”

Before either Jamie or Isis could answer, the room was filled with a hail of black feathers.

“Looks like we’re gonna find out. Jamie, get your mother out of here!” Isis yelled.

“Mom, go in the other room!” Jamie shouted and joined Isis as both dropped into fighting positions as Goldar and the Tengas materialized. Both sides prepared for a major fight.

“NOT IN THE HOUSE!” Leslie bellowed, startling all combatants into silence. “We can just take this outside! You have no idea how long it took me to clean this floor this morning!” she told them all.

Goldar and the Tengas looked at each other sheepishly, then walked out the back door. Jamie, Isis, and Leslie looked at each other for a moment, then Isis teleported all three of them to the Command Center. They materialized in the middle of the room.

“Looks like I’ll have to get used to that. So, this is that Command Center you were telling me about?” Leslie sighed, taking in her surroundings.

Zordon boomed, “It is indeed. Welcome, Mrs. Zedden. I am Zordon, mentor to the Power Rangers. May I congratulate you on a rather ingenious way of escaping the Tengas? However did you think of that?”

Leslie shrugged. “Even things like that had to have mothers. Some behaviors are just universal.”

“I assume Goldar and the Tengas have returned to Rita to tell her about their failure to get chewed out,” Isis spoke up then.

“Exactly. I doubt that they will show up again for a while, but, in case they do, Mrs. Zedden, I would like you to have this communicator. Jamie, I have made some for you and the other Zeo Rangers as well,” Zordon told them. Leslie received a purple and white wristband, while Jamie’s was simply purple. “Should you be attacked, simply touch the large button, and you will be teleported here instantly.”

“Thank you,” Leslie replied, buckling the band onto her wrist. “I had better had on back home. I had a cake in the oven that will probably need my attention soon.” And with that, she teleported out.

“I’d better head to the youth center myself. I told Jason I’d meet him there. I’ll see you later.” She also teleported out in a purple rush.

Zordon smiled to himself. There were now two Ranger teams, Morphin and Zeo. There is also a connection with the Justice League of America. Things couldn’t be any better than now. However, such thoughts ended when the alarms blared, signaling a new threat.

Isis seemed to know what was the cause. “Machine Empire?”

“Yes. On the moon, and already planning to destroy everything, starting with Zedd and Rita.”

Finster was looking for Zedd and found him two hours later, dangerously close to the JLA Watchtower. “My lord, I have some rather disturbing news.”

Zedd growled, “What is it, Finster? I would prefer to be alone right now.”

“I overheard Rita talking to herself in the trailer, and I made an interesting discovery. The fire that consumed your home, and that you thought killed your family was set by Dendrian mercenaries, the same ones who brought you back to your forces.”

Zedd’s head swiveled slowly towards the little crafter. “What? Why?”

“To destroy your ties on Earth, so that you would have no choice but to leave your life as Lawrence Zedden and return to being Lord Zedd. Apparently, there was also a contract out on your wife and daughter, but the mercenaries underestimated her, and she escaped.”

Pride was evident in Zedd’s voice as he spoke again. “Leslie always could take care of herself. It was one of the reasons I fell in love with her.”

Finster chose his next words carefully. “I also know who placed the contract on your wife and daughter.”

In a tone that would make even Batman flinch, Zedd demanded, “Who?”

“Rita. It seems even at that time, she had hopes of gaining control of the empire through you. She used a communications spell to hire the mercenaries that Goldar recommended, although he didn’t know why she wanted them. That way, they would return you to your empire where she could someday get close to you.”

Without a word, Zedd turned and strode back to the trailer. Finster followed in his wake, smiling to himself. Fur was going to fly tonight.

At that moment, unknown to everyone, except Zordon, the Machine Empire had landed, installed a cloaked castle on the moon, and were soon making plans to enslave the Earth, first, they planned to destroy Rita and Zedd. “Yes, the time has come at last! Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd will be the first to perish,” King Mondo smirked.

Queen Machina smiled. “Darling, that would be lovely. Then the world will be ours to demolish. But what about this ‘Justice League of America’ and ‘Power Rangers’ that we have heard rumors of?”

“That’s all they are, my dear, rumors. We should have no real opposition to our takeover of this planet, and then, the world. But, just in case, I have a little present for their mightiest member, Superman. A bit of his home planet, so to speak.”

“Kryptonite. How wickedly delicious!”

“Rita!” Zedd bellowed, standing outside the trailer. “Get out here, witch!”

Rita knew better than to disobey Zedd when he spoke in that tone of voice, and hurried out the door.

“Yes?” she asked, fear showing very obviously on her face.

“I know about what you did, bitch. Both this morning and nineteen years ago. I ought to kill you right here and now, but, for some reason, I’m feeling merciful. You can have the Putties, the Tengas, your idiot brother, and even that rotten trailer. Goldar, Finster, Scorpina, you are all with me. I’m heading back to Serpentera and maybe, if I’m still in a merciful mood, I’ll free you from the spells Rita put on you, and you will return to your individual lives. Rita, if I ever seen your ugly face again, or catch you even thinking about attacking my wife and child, there won’t be enough left of you to put in a dumpster. Goldar, Scorpina, Finster, come!” And with that, Zedd turned and stomped away, with the three he summoned following him.

Before he could say anything else, a series of explosions rocked the surface, followed by several of Mondo’s scouting rockets.

A bored Hawkwoman was on monitor duty in the Watchtower when the moon shook.

“Well, it looks like there might be some action after all. Activate viewer, and set for moonscan!”

What she saw looked like a replay of the Vietnam war and Star Wars combined.

“Zedd vs. Rita vs. who I think may be that Machine Empire Zordon warned us all about. Time to call in the troops!”

Zordon spoke, “Yes, Hawkwoman. I’ll summon the Rangers, both teams. Contact the JLA, too!”

Soon, at the Watchtower, the Rangers and the Leaguers were watching the battle scene unfold. “Man, it is really going hot and heavy out there!” Samantha stated.

“We had best split up into three teams and attack on all three fronts,” Flash shouted.

“Let’s do it!” Jason yelled. “IT’S MORPHIN TIME!”















Mondo held the chunk of kryptonite, smiling all the while. “If there is a Superman, he won’t dare attack while we hold this! It is the only substance that can actually kill the man of steel!”

Though totally robotic, the news of the kryptonite was a turn-on to the evil Machina. “Oooh, I love it when you’re ruthless like this! They won’t know what hit them!”

Klank and Orbus scurried in to the throne room, terrified. “It’s not a rumor! He’s coming! He and three of his friends have already destroyed our finest cog fleet!”

“Well, let him come! I am completely prepared for our unwanted guest!”

The sound of crumbling masonry signaled the arrival of Superman and the Flash.

“Machina, I do believe we have a surprise for our guests! And here it is!” Mondo snarled, and threw the kryptonite.

What happened next, however, no one expected.

“Mondo, for a superior machine, you have a real lame brain. What the hell is this supposed to do to me? This doesn’t hurt me anymore. You’re through!” Superman bellowed, and trash the Cogs, Klank, Orbus, Gasket, Archerina, and short-circuited Machina. “Anything else?”

In a complete rage, Mondo charged Superman, and was completely dismantled.

Flash smiled. “You don’t need me at all! You were great!”

Superman smiled, then changed into the Martian Manhunter.

Flash grinned. “J’onn, they never had a chance.”

J’onn J’onzz returned the smile. “How is the real Superman doing?”

Speaking of Superman, he, John Steed, and Emma Peel were trashing Tengas and Putties with ease, protecting the people of Angel Grove. Emma completely smashed and trashed Putties with complete ease and style. Steed was also finishing off his group with little or no effort, using his bowler and brolly, he had them dispatched in no time. Superman just smashed Tengas one right after the other. In no time, the three had finished their opponents off, and Zordon contacted them with news the other had to know about Zedd. “Zordon, Mrs. Peel and I are on our way back there, while Superman joins the others on the moon,” Steed told him.

Putties, badly-created monster, Squatt, Rito, Baboo, and cogs were what the Morphin Rangers, Wonder Woman, Batman, Green Lantern (Hal Jordan), and Hawkman ran into. Not even an annoyance. Rita tried to create monster with her magic, but without Finster, or the book of spells, she wasn’t even worth the effort.

Kimberly said it for everyone. “This is what we were worried about for three years? Let’s put her out of her misery, and out of our hair!” And they did.

“Shall we join the others with a real threat? Lord Zedd?” Hawkman asked everyone.

Goldar and Scorpina were promptly trashed by Adam and Kat, and as for the so-called ‘improved’ King Sphinx, well, Tanya, Rocky, David, and Jamie completely messed him up. Tery, Green Lantern (Kyle Rayner), Hawkwoman, and Isis trashed Serpenterra, and soon, only Zedd was left. Jamie raced up to him, and as he was attacking the others, shouted, “Dad, don’t!”

Zedd froze. “Jamie?”

At that moment, the other Justice Leaguers, including the Morphin Rangers, arrived at the scene with Superman, with news from Zordon. “THE STAFF! Zedd’s staff! That’s the focal point of Zedd’s spell! Destroy the staff, the spell is broken for good!”

“Hurry!” Superman told everyone.

Tommy promptly used himself to distract Zedd from what the other Rangers were doing. Using his sabre, he fought Zedd, blocking every move Zedd made with his staff. While he was doing this, Jason, Kimberly, Zack, Trini, Samantha, and Billy combined their weapons into the Ultra Blaster.

Kat, Tanya, Rocky, Adam, David, and Jamie formed the Zeo Ultra Blaster with their weapons.

At a signal from Superman, they stood ready.


The Morphin Rangers fired the ultra blaster.

The Zeo Rangers fired the ultra blaster.

Both Green Lanterns fired a blast from their power rings.

Isis fired a lightning blast.

The Gold Ranger cut loose a blast from his power staff.

The influx of power was too much for the staff, which reverted into a snake, then vanished in a bright flash.

Forced to his knees by the loss of power, Zedd flickered, assuming his natural form as he did, a cloud of black mist rising up from him, blown away by the wind.

Zedd choked, “Oh God, what have I done?”

At a signal from Jason, both teams demorphed. Tommy walked over to the kneeling man and put his hand on his shoulder. “What you did, you had no control over. It’s in the past. You can’t change it; you have to live with it. What’s important is what you do now,” Tommy told him, remember when he and Jason had played out this little scene years ago.

“Red Ranger, Power Rangers, for what I have done, can you forgive me?”

“The League may have a bit of trouble, but we understand. We have no grudge against you.”

Accepting Tommy’s hand, Zedd rose slowly to his feet. “Jamie,” he started, crossing to his daughter. “I-know that I haven’t been a very good father to you. I missed to much of your childhood, and I’m sorrier than you will ever know. I realize that we cannot go back to what has been, but could we- maybe- start again? Could we try to be a family again, of some sort?”

Jamie threw her arms around him, bursting into tears as she did so. “I’d like that, just so long as you leave my boyfriend alone.”

“I won’t be any more protective than any other father, all right?”

“Deal,” she sniffed, tears flowing freely.

“Would your mother- still be interested in seeing me?”

“She still wears your wedding ring. Otherwise, you’ll have to ask her yourself.”

Still keeping one arm around his daughter, Zedd turned to all the assembled heroes. “Thank you all for helping me.”

Kimberly, Zack, Trini, Hal, Wonder Woman, and Kat smiled. Kat spoke, “Don’t mention it. It’s our job to help people.”

Tanya, Batman, Robin, Flash, Hawkman, Rocky, and David grinned as Adam suggested, “I saw we all go back to the Watchtower. We can talk about this better there.”

“Right,” Hawkman nodded. In a rainbow of colored light, Zedd, the Rangers, and the Justice Leaguers teleported out.

With both Steed and Mrs. Peel there, Zordon soon spoke, “I am very proud of all of you. You have all come through this battle with flying colors. Zedd, it is good to have you on the side of the light again.”

“What about Goldar and Scorpina?” Hawkman asked.

Wonder Woman spoke up, “Well, with the spell on Zedd wiped out, in turn, they are pretty much two free people themselves, their spell simultaneously ended. I guess they are going to return to their own lives at this point. But, what about Finster? I mean, what’s he going to do now?”

Zedd spoke up then. “Finster’s going to help Zordon for a while until he’s able to return to his own planet. And, as for me, it’s good to be back. Look, everyone, I’m not really Zedd anymore. I’ve really changed too much to go back to all that insanity. I’m just plain old Lawrence Zedden now.”

Zordon spoke, “Mr. Zedden…”

“Just Larry.”

“Larry, you know, of course, that by giving up your powers, you will now age at an accelerated rate to make up for the time you kept the aging at bay.”

“I know, Zordon. Of course, accelerated for you and me is completely normal for Earth humans. I won’t live much longer than Leslie, and that’s the way I like it. Now, my powers are gone, but I’m still a Zarakin, and I still have the Sword of Fire. If you ever need it or me, I’m more than willing to help you.”

John Steed and Emma Peel spoke up then. “This has been a true wild time, but we’ve got to get back to our own time period. Do you think…”

Hal Jordan smiled. “You got it! It’s been a real gas, as Jason would say.”

Zack quickly said, “Man, it’s been an honor to work with you.”

“Kimberly added, “I am going to remember this case for a long, long time. I really enjoyed having the both of you here.”

Mrs. Peel smiled back. “Zack, Kimberly, both Steed and myself have learned that, no matter who you worship, it is always best to be yourself. Don’t try to model yourselves on us, just be who you truly are, and you will find that to be the best advice anyone can give you.”

Steed then told them, “Besides, from what I’ve seen, you don’t need to pattern your lives on anyone else’s. You are doing just fine.”

“Good luck, all of you,” Mrs. Peel smiled.

“Thanks. Good luck to you, too,” all the Zeo Rangers and the other Morphin Ranger said, and the Justice Leaguers agreed.

Zack and Kimberly walked over to the two superagents, and said, “Always keep your bowler and your leather boots on in times of stress, and an eye out for dangerous masterminds.”

Steed and Emma smiled back. “Thanks.” Then, they both stepped back through the swirling green portal, and when it faded, they were gone.

Larry was stunned. “Where those really…?”

Billy spoke, “Yup. By the way, this is for you.” He pulled out a purple and white communicator, which he accepted readily.

“Who’s up for a party at the youth center?” Jason asked.

“Yeah!” all the Rangers shouted.

“You guys have fun, we’ve got to get back to our own cities as well,” Hawkman told them. “See you at the next meeting, gang!” And with that, they quickly teleported out.

“You kids go on, I’ve got some catching up to do,” Larry smiled, and teleported out. Nobody doubted as to where he was heading. Exchanging amused smiles, they all teleported out.

Jason and Jamie danced every dance together, as did Tommy and Kimberly. Zack was promptly claimed by Angela, Trini and Billy were with each other all of the party, Kat and David were together, Tanya and Adam were seemingly joined at the hip, Trey was with Tommy’s sister Chelsea, Rocky and a new girl, Katarina, sat at a table, talking. Only Samantha was alone, but not for long. Skull walked in to the youth center, and immediately had her attention. “Hey Skull, how’re you doing?”

“Hi. You look great.”

“Yeah, so do you. You with anyone?”


“Hey, wanna dance?”

Skull smiled. “I’d love that.”

As the two went on to the dance floor, Samantha thought to herself, “Me? Falling for Skull? Who’d believe it. Well, after these last six months, I now know strangers thing can, have, and will happen.” As the two danced together, she began thinking these next few months are going to bring even more wild changes, and she was gonna be ready.

The End

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Avenger Zeo, Part One : Pink, Yellow, Black, and Blue

Disclaimer: Power Rangers, Mighty Morphin and Zeo, don’t belong to me (I wish!) They belong to Saban. DC heroes, JLA, and all related items don’t belong to me either (Damn!) DC comics owns them. The Avengers, John Steed, Emma Peel, Purdey, and Mike Gambit aren’t mine either (I can’t get a break!) Luminere owns them. This is my first 2-parter, but it is also a self-contained story. Here we go…

Avengers Zeo, Part One: Pink, Yellow, Black and Blue
By Carl Turner

Zordon scanned the intergalactic dimensions, always looking for new forces of power to use in the fight against evil. On this session, he rediscovered a very potent, powerful source. Alpha 5 was on hand when he found it. “Alpha! I’ve found the Zeo Crystals scattered throughout three eras. Two in this era, two back in the sixties, and two in the seventies. Contact the Rangers and some of the Leaguers. We could use their help in this endeavor.”

At this time, Tommy Oliver, Samantha Dean, Jason Lee Scott, and Billy Cranston were helping two new students, Tanya Sloan and Adam Park, adjust to their surroundings, Angel Grove High School. Tanya in particular, seemed to be nervous about starting the school year in a new school.

“It’s still all so strange, nothing that I know about this place. I’m glad that you and your friends have helped us so far,” Adam told them.

Tommy spoke up, “Believe me, I know what it’s like, being the new kid. You’ll find your way around here.”

Jason was about to speak when their communicators went off, followed by Zordon’s voice. “Rangers, teleport to the Command Center right away, and bring your five new friends here as well, for this also concerns them as well. This is of the utmost important.” This was after school was over for the day, so no one was concerned about cutting class.

Tanya asked, “What was that all about, and who was that?”

Jason just smiled and said, “You have to see it to truly believe it.” Holding on to their new friends, they teleported out.

In seconds, all nine teens were at the Command Center, joined by Trini Kwan, Zachary Taylor, Kimberly Hart, and six Justice Leaguers, Batman, Robin, Flash, Wonder Woman, and two Green Lanterns: Kyle Rayner, the newest GL, and Hal Jordan, who had recently returned to action. They were soon joined by Black Canary and Isis. Rocky was truly shocked by all of this. “Uh, Tommy, what’s going on here?”

Tommy went straight to the point. “Well, guys, the truth is, we’re the Power Rangers. As for why Zordon had us bring you here, I have no idea.”

Zordon’s boomed just then. “Rangers, your friends were called to become part of the Ranger team. I have recently discovered a great source of power known as the Zeo Crystal. It has been broken into seven shards, and scattered throughout three time ears: the 1960’s, the 1970’s, and today. Recent tracking puts the pink and yellow shards in London, England, 1966, and the blue and black shards in the same place, this time in 1976. If Rita and Zedd get their hands on these, it could mean disaster for the Earth, and the known universe. We cannot allow that to happen.”

“Hal and Kyle can get us into both eras, no problem. But why were Kat, Tanya, Rocky, Adam, and David brought here?” Trini asked.

“Because, they must be asked if they want to assume this power, and become a 2nd Ranger force, known as the Zeo Rangers,” Zordon told them.

“Wait a minute, do we know these five kids can handle this sort of power? I mean, how will they be able to handle themselves in a fight?” a concerned Flash asked.

“I know, because I’ve seen Rocky and Adam in practice for various tournaments, and from sparring with them on occasion. They’re both good,” Jason vouched.

“Kat and Tanya also have the same potential. We can trust them took,” spoke Trini.

“I’ve gotten to know David very well this summer. I know he’d make a damn good Ranger,” Tommy replied.

“And all five can handle stressful situations. Remember that earthquake in Stone Canyon? They handled emergency situations, helping the homeless, medical assistance, almost anything. If anyone deserves to be Rangers, these five do,” Billy revealed.

Tanya asked, “How did you know all that?”

Billy told her, “Remember when the Blue Ranger came along with Superman to help out with the relief efforts?”

“You’re the Blue Ranger?”


Zordon then spoke up once again. “Rangers, our five new allies must know of the three rules that Rangers must follow:

“1. Never use your powers for personal gain.

“2. Never enter a battle unless the forces of evil escalate it, and

“3. Always keep your identity secret. No one must ever know you are Power Rangers.”

“You got it!” Rocky shouted.

“Always!” Adam declared.

“We’ll always keep your secret,” Tanya declared.

“You can count on us,” David added.

“And we will never betray you,” Kat said firmly.

Samantha broke in. “When do we get started, Zordon?”

“As soon as you morph. Alpha and I will explain all about what we do to our five new allies. Good luck, and may the power protect you,” Zordon said.

“OK, guys, IT’S MORPHIN TIME!” Tommy yelled.








Batman spoke up, “Black, Pink, White, and Yellow Rangers will come with Wonder Woman, Black Canary, Hal Jordan, and myself into the 1966 period.”

“And the Red, Purple, and Blue Rangers will come with Flash, Robin, Isis, and myself into 1976,” Kyle spoke up.

“All right people, let’s do it!” Isis yelled. In a matter of moments, two green flashes of light covered the two groups, and soon, they were gone.

Downtown London: 1966:

As the flash of green light died down, the eight time-traveling heroes promptly got to work in searching for the pink and yellow shards of the Zeo crystal when a rather portly, well-dressed man in his early 40’s was being chased by three street punks, and five creatures the Rangers knew all too well.

“Heads up, PUTTIES!” Kimberly yelled.

“And they’re after that man! He must have found one of the shards! We gotta get him to safety and gets those creeps off his back!” Wonder Woman shouted.

Soon, the battle was raging on. Zack and Kimberly took the man to safety and stayed with him while Tommy, Trini, and Batman trashed putties left and right. Black Canary and Hal Jordan (Green Lantern) took to the young toughs who were with the putties and nailed them with well-placed punches and kicks.

Goldar had also appeared, and truthfully expected to do battle with Tommy or Jason, and take both shards. Instead, he found himself about to receive a major beating from Wonder Woman. The winged ape was definitely outclassed in every way, and quickly retreated. “This isn’t over yet, Amazon!” he snarled, before leaving in a flash of golden fire.

“Are you all right, sir?” Kimberly asked.

“Yes, I am, thanks to you and your friends, but I must get this to Seed,” he told them.

Both Zack and Kimberly had bolts of realization. “Of course! Steed! He’s talking about John Steed! Oh man, this is like fantasy of mine, to actually work with him and Emma Peel!” Zack squealed with joy.

Batman had overheard this conversation. “Of course! 1966! If I may ask your name?”

“I am Professor Emil Vasil. Can any of you oddly dressed people get me in touch with him?”

“We seem to be only one block from his place, 13 Stable Mews. Let’s go!” Zack said, definitely overjoyed.

Soon, the heroes were at 13 Stable Mews, where Zack quickly rang the doorbell. Kimberly quickly though, “How do we explain ourselves? I mean, we just can’t go up to him and say, ‘Hi, we’re from the future, 30 years from now, and we need your help in finding a pink crystal shard and a yellow crystal shard, so we can use them to save the universe.’?”

“Why not? From what I’ve read about them, they’ve dealt with much wilder things than this,” Black Canary told her.

Right then, the door opened, and in five seconds, Zack was in love. A beautiful, cultured woman answered the door. Deep blue eyes, clear, silky skin, and a lilting voice, plus long, chocolate brown hair, she would be called an ‘English Rose.’ However, she wore a black-leather outfit with matching boots. “Hello, you’re a little early for beggars’ eve, aren’t you?”

“Uhm, this is going to seem pretty wild, but we are from the future, 30 years to be exact, and we’re here looking for two crystal shards, pink and yellow. These are very important to the safety and well-being of Earth’s future,” Tommy said rather bluntly.

“Come in, please. And before anyone asks, that story sounds so bizarre, no one could have made it up, it has to be true. Just a second, I’ll fetch Steed. By the way, Mrs. Peel, please, sit down.”

Only two minutes had passed, when Mrs. Peel returned, with a well-dressed, seemingly well-cultured English Gentleman. Zack was the first to shake his hand. “Mrs. Peel tells me you are from the future. You are…”

“The Justice League of America. We are looking for two shards of crystal called the Zeo Crystal. But first, this gentleman was being pursued by some very evil putties and some street punks,” Wonder Woman told him.

“Emil! How are you, old boy! I see you’ve gotten yourself on the spot again. What can I do to help?” Steed asked.

Vasil told them, “I must get my plans to the Yanks in America, but as for those crystal shards, I think I have found them.” He opened a large valise, and pulled out a yellow, long, crystalline shard, at the top this symbol: =

“The second Zeo shard!” Trini shouted.

“Thank you, professor. Now we have to find the pink shard. But, it seems you need help in getting the professor to the States. How can we help?” Zack asked without any hesitation.

“No doubt the airports will be watched by our enemies, your putties, and the people after the Professor’s papers. Steed, I have a plan, and these young people can help us pull it off. Can we depend on your assistance?” Mrs. Peel asked.

“Of course!” the four Rangers shouted.

“You’ve got it,” Green Lantern and Black Canary added.

“What do we do first?” Wonder Woman asked.

Two hours later, the professor was at the airport, awaiting his flight, when a large group of toughs, led by a sneering fiend named Perov, started toward him, determined to stop him. At that moment, a group of screaming pop fans, led by Kimberly, Trini, and Black Canary cut them off. Zack and Tommy, dressed as a rock and roll duo, the object of the screaming fans, also added to the mass of confusion, which soon included Mrs. Peel, Wonder Woman, and Green Lantern, as British paparazzi, snapping cameras, flashbulbs going off, blinding the hit men long enough to get Vasil out of harm’s way. Batman quickly got him to a private car, where Steed quickly got the professor to a waiting private plane, and soon, he was safely on his way to the states, while the heroes took out the group of friends. Steed looked at all the unconscious would-be-killers, and smiled. “Not bad. Jolly good, in fact.”

Mrs. Peel spoke, “You said you were also looking for a pink crystal? I think I found it. Take a look.” She then produced a shimmer pink crystalline shard with an oval at the top of it.

“That’s it! Thanks,” Kimberly smiled.

“You’ve really helped us out quit a lot. Thank you,” Wonder Woman told the super agents.

“Hey, you helped us out, too. If you’re ever back this way, timewise…” Mrs. Peel told them.

“Actually, Mrs. Peel and I have some vacation time stored up. If you wouldn’t mind…?” Steed asked.

“Sounds good to us!” Tommy smiled.

After a quick phone call to their superiors, John Steed and Emma Peel joined the heroes traveling back to 1996, Mrs. Peel asking, “Why do you wear those strange helmets?”

Meanwhile… Downtown London, 1976

As the green flash cleared, Jason quickly spoke up, “We’d better start looking for the blue and black crystal shards. Zordon did say that Rita and Zedd would be looking for the Zeo crystal shards as well.”

“Is it me, or does it seem that Zedd’s heart isn’t in his evildoing these days? I mean, it’s almost as if, well, it’s not really him doing these things. Like Zedd would rather not be doing this,” Flash mused.

“You’re right. I’ll ask Zordon about it when we get back. Meanwhile, let’s get our minds back to the task at hand,” Isis told them.

Screaming people interrupted their train of thought. “Looks like trouble’s followed us here! Let’s get to work!” Samantha bellowed.

In seconds, they saw the cause of the screams. A group of bird-like humanoids, called Tengas, were trashing Trafalgar Square, making their way towards what was once called ‘Carnaby Street.’

“Hold it, bird-brains,” Robin and Jason shouted as one.

Spinning their heads around, the Tengas attacked the young heroes, but as they did, a young woman in a Triumph ’76 Roadster stopped her car, leaped into the fight, kicking the Tengas in a very sensitive area, causing them extreme pain. Billy noticed this, and then a lightbulb went off in his head. “This woman, I’ve read about her, in the JLA Files. Glad she came along, we could really use her help.”

Within seconds, with the young woman’s help, the putties were chased away, and soon, they started their search for the Zeo blue and black crystal shards.

“Thanks for your help. I’m Isis, this is Flash, Robin, Red Ranger, Purple Ranger, Green Lantern, and Blue Ranger. That was a risky thing you did, please try not do anything like that again, OK?”

“Uh, Isis, it’s in her job description. She’s one of England’s top agents, working under Steed. Am I correct?” Billy quickly corrected her.

“That’s right! How did you know that?” the woman asked.

“We’re from the future. You are known as Purdey, right?”

“Yes. Steed is away right now. Why are you here? From the future, you say?”

Green Lantern (Kyle Rayner) finally spoke up. “Yes, and we’re looking for two particular crystal shards, one blue, one black. Have you seen anything like that around today, have you?”

“Not today. But, I am on my way to check out a crash in Hereford. Two weird meteorites crashed near a pasture. Gambit is already out there,” Purdey said.

“Mike Gambit,” Samantha asked.

“That’s the one.”

Robin said, “Well, then, let’s go! Those may be our shards.”

Soon, at Hereford, however, they and Mike Gamit were fighting more Tengas, doing their level best to keep them from getting their claws on the meteorites. “Lightning Strike!” Isis bellowed. In seconds, lightning bolts struck the bird-creatures, deep frying them. Flash and Green Lantern nailed even more of them, Flash sent them flying into a ring-created vise, smashing them totally. Jason and Samantha trashed their tengas by using a double play that they had no idea would be used. In seconds, those Tengas were trashed. Robin and Gambit beat the hell out of the last few Tengas, leaving Purdey and Billy to check on the meteorites. “It’s them! The Blue and black Zeo Crystal shards! We’ve gotta get them back, now!” Billy shouted.

“Billy, are you sure those are them?” Samantha asked.

“Take a look,” Billy told her.

The blue crystalline shard had a triangle at its top, while the black shard had at its apex, a rectangle.

“Just what was all of this about?” Gambit asked.

“The well-being of our planet in the future. We’d better be going back now, thanks again,” Robin told them.

With both the blue and black shards in their possession, the green light rose over the seven heroes, and when it faded, they had vanished, returning to their own time.

Just before both teams returned, the Command Center was soon under attack from a putty squad, intent on destroying the Center. Kat, Tanya, Rocky, Adam, and David waded into the putties, and their leader, Rito Revolto, by first slamming the putties into each other, then tricking Rito into a anti-gravity room in the center, making him helpless.

Kat grinned. “Gotcha!”

“NOOO!” Rito moaned.

“Well done, Zeo Rangers. Return to the Command Center, the other teams are returning from their missions, hopefully with the shards,” Zordon’s voice boomed. In seconds, they returned to the base, where two flashes of green soon faded, and fifteen heroes and two British agents.

Alpha gaped. “Who…”

Mrs. Peel was totally awestruck by what she saw, and mind you, hardly anything ever shakes her cool. Steed, although just as stunned, still kept an air of nonchalance. That is, until he saw the warp tube, and Zordon.

“Thank you both for your assistance, Mr. Steed,” Zordon began.

“Just Steed, that’s sufficient.” Nothing ever surprised John Steed for long.

Mrs. Peel had also regained her composure. “Tell us more about these… supervillains, and what you have to do to stop them. They seem like another bunch of these ‘…Tomorrow, the world!’ maniacs we’re always fighting.”

“I feel that I must tell you, when you returned to your own timeline, you won’t remember much of anything of this period. That said, we welcome you to 1996, and value your help,” Zordon spoke up.

“Glad to be of help, old boy,” Steed returned.

Jason looked over at both Zack and Kimberly. Both totally were soaking in every word the two British superagents said. _A serious case of hero worship here!_ he thought to himself, before telling Zordon, “Isis brought up that Lord Zedd doesn’t seem to be as into his evil ways as before. It’s almost as if he wants us to stop him.”

“Hmm… I’ve heard that this might be the cast. If it’s true, then there may be a chance to return Zedd to the side of good. I will have to look into this futher. Meanwhile, the remaining shards, red and purple must be found.”

“What about the gold shard?” Trini asked.

“Trey, prince of Triforia, has that shard. He uses it to fight off evil forces on his planet as the Gold Ranger. Since he was successful in this, he is coming here to aid us in our fight,” Zordon told them.

Wonder Woman looked relieved. “Good, ’cause I have a feeling that very soon, things will get pretty rotten real fast, and we’re going to need all the help we can get.”

At that moment, on the dark side of the moon, in a beat-up old winnebago, Rita Repulsa was pondering all that had happened in her life that had gone completely wrong in the past five months. Actually, they started almost a whole year before, when she and Lord Zedd tried to first destroy the connection to the Morphin Grid, thus ending the Power Rangers once and for all. However, Superman ended those plans when he caught Rito trying to sabotage the Zords. That plan was truly the beginning of the downward spiral, and from that point on, Rita tried to include the possibility of him or some other meddling superhero interfering, for all the good it did her. The last six months have been the worst, with the Rangers joining the Justice League, then having their castle headquarters destroyed by Flash, Green Lantern, and the White Ranger, who then hauled them all off to the intergalactic police, then coming back and finding the JLA had installed their new Watchtower HQ in place of their castle, now Zedd didn’t seem to have the heart to go on with any evildoing whatsoever, almost as if he wanted it to just be over and done with. “We really have to talk, Zedd. I want to…” Rita started, but then a sudden twinge of fear came over her, and soon began to take over her entire being. “I guess that will have to wait. I… I think we’re in trouble!”

Zedd was alternating between anger and a feeling that could be best described as an ‘I-don’t-give-a-damn-anymore.’ “What the hell is wrong now?” he snarled.

Rita gasped, “The Machine Empire is coming!”

The End… for now

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Disclaimer: Rangers not mine, they’re Saban’s. JLA, Green Lantern, Hal Jordan, and all other related heroes not mine, they’re DC’s Special thinks to Chris McIntyre, who wrote the original version of this tale, entitled: The Return of a Hero. This version is located at if you would like to read this before you start this version.

By Carl Turner

It had been two months since the entire Aquaman affair. Jason Lee Scott, the Red Ranger, was upset about the event, because he had killed the former Sea King. A week before, he and his girlfriend, Samantha Dean, the Purple Ranger, had called it quits, saying they weren’t meant for each other. Those events combined, sent Jason into a deep depression. Sensing that he needed a change of scene, Kyle Rayner, Green Lantern, invited both him and Trini Kwan, the Yellow Ranger, to New York City to help Jason.

Trini smiled as she saw the view of NYC from the top of the Empire State Building. Kyle had just finished the artwork for an ad campaign, so he decided to take his fellow JLAers sightseeing. While Trini was higher than a kite, Jason’s spirits were still at an all time low.

Trini spoke up then, “I know this sounds strange, but I’m hungry. Any place around here to get a really good chili dog?”

“Maybe not a chili dog, Trini, but we could get some great lunch at Warriors about now,” Kyle suggested.

Jason asked “Doesn’t Warriors belong to Guy Gardner?”

“Yeah, it does, but Guy’s pretty cool. If he ever was a total asshole, he sure has changed from that. Besides, they make the best double bacon cheeseburgers in the city. Let’s go,” Kyle responded.

Within minutes, they were at Warriors, a super sports bar and restaurant, munching on mega nachos, waiting for lunch, and asking Guy a lot of questions, mainly about Hal Jordan, Kyle’s predecessor as Green Lantern, when a beautiful woman in a sharp business suit came in, asking, “Had anymore bar fights lately, Guy?”

“Nice seeing you too, Carol. Kyle, Trini, Jason, this is Carol Ferris, supersharp businesswoman and Hal’s former lady. Carol, you already know Kyle. The two newcomers are Trini Kwan and Jason Lee Scott. They… help Kyle on occasion.” Guy knew about the Rangers too, but was also sworn to keep their secret. “So, why are you in town, Carol?”

“I’m trying to get a loan to restart Ferris Aircraft. Tom Kalmaku has designed an engine that could cut fuel consumption in half, and we want to produce and manufacture it together on a mass scale,” Carol told them.

“You got here just in time. It’ll get dark soon, and this place will be completely swamped,” Guy told her, pouring a drink.

Jason asked, “Ms. Ferris, what was Hal Jordan really like? Kyle told us of all the times he went up against him, and that he was reminded of all the things he did as a hero, saving the world. That’s all Trini and I know, legendary tales. How could he have changed so radically like that?”

“Truthfully, Jason, I don’t know what happened to him. I talked to Hal after Coast City had been destroyed, and he seemed to have put the whole thing behind him, but then again, Hal was never an easy man to figure out. I just can’t believe… why are you asking this?” Carol asked the teen.

Jason quickly turned away, saying, “Uh, I have my reasons, and I’d really rather not go into them right now.” But soon, he, Trini, and Kyle asked each other the same question: How can only man change so drastically in a matter of minutes?

Trini puzzled, “Carol said that he seemed to have put Coast City behind him. Why put himself through all of that garbage if he did?”

“That’s right. When I met the man, it sure didn’t seem like he was the type of person who would make such an extreme change like that,” Kyle wondered.

But before the three could try to figure out any more of this, their communicators went off, followed by the voice of the Flash, saying, “Green Lantern, Superman needs your help in Metropolis as in YESTERDAY! Get there at once!”

Trini spoke into the communicator, “Jason and I can help, Flash. We’ll go too.”

“OK, Trini, you go with GL. Jason, Zordon wants you to come to the Command Center. He says it’s important.”

“Jason, this is Ganthet. He is the last of a group of mentors called the Guardians of the Universe. They created the Green Lantern Corps. He needs your help in finding a certain person. You were the one he asked for, because both of you have incredible amounts of guilt, and you both truly believe in the heroic ideal.”

“Who are you looking for?” Jason asked.

“Hal Jordan.”

Jason was in shock.

Trini and Kyle had both transformed into the Yellow Ranger and Green Lantern, and were ready to fly to Metropolis, when they were both stopped by Guy, who was ready for action.

“Neither of you are going without me! I want a piece of Extant after what he did to me during Zero Hour. He’s going to get what’s comin’ to him!”

Superman was in serious pain. Extant, who was basically time energy, was able to create Kryptonite chains, wrapping the Man of Steel in them tightly, smirking, “Did you actually think you had any chance of stopping me? ME?!? Really. Now, I can prolong your agony, or just kill you now. I can…”

That was as far as he had gotten when he received a flying kick from the Yellow Ranger. In quick order, he was then attacked by the White, Purple, Blue, and Green Rangers.

“Zordon thought you could use some help, so he got Phil to use the coin again,” Tommy Oliver, the White Ranger, told her.

Trini asked, “Where are Kim and Zack?”

Samantha told her, “They’re helping Wonder Woman on Themyscira. Rita’s trying to capture the island, and no way are they gonna let that happen.”

“We could really use their help. Extant is not just gonna roll over, and… HE’S UP AGAIN, GUYS, BACK TO ACTION!” Trini yelled.

Weapons ready, the Rangers promptly leaped back into battle. Phil had just freed Superman, and together, they tried to attack the fiend from all sides, when Extant let loose a sense-shattering blast of chronal energy, knocking almost all of the heroes unconscious, cheering, “Uhm, uhn, uhn, can’t do thinks like that, gang. Now, let’s end this farce, shall we, hmm?”

Kyle and Guy shouted together, “Yeah, you son of a bitch, let’s!”

In seconds, Guy blasted Extant into the next building, leaped on top of him, and created a scimitar from his Vuldarian arm, shouting angrily, “You know, I never got the chance to repay you for what you did, almost ripping my guts out. don’t worry, that’ll seem tame compared to what I’m going to do to your damn ass!”

But as Guy was about to play slice and dice with Extant, a weakened Superman grabbed his arm, saying, “I can’t let you kill him, Guy.” Unfortunately, that gave the villain enough time to blast all three heroes with a stream of energy. “Ah, well, so much for all that.”

Jason was in Silent Springs, Nev., with Ganthet. “I don’t understand. How in the world did he survive the Sun-Eater? And, why me? I mean, why not guy, or one of Hal’s friends. He doesn’t even know me.”

“I have absolutely no idea how he survived that encounter, but as for why you are here, I believe you both can help each other. We are here.”

“A roadside diner? Hal? After all I’ve heard about him, I never would have expected anything like this. Ah, well, we won’t get anywhere standing out here. Let’s go inside.”

As the two walked inside, people pretended not to notice a 19 year old teen and a three-foot tall midget, thinking they were hallucinating. Both walked into the back where Jason asked, “Hal Jordan?”

“Yes. What can I… Oh, no.”

In seconds, they were out back, where Jason told him about what was going on in Metropolis, quickly explaining, “I know who you used to be. You are the League’s last hope.”

Ganthet took over, saying, “Extant is going to finish what you started, first, by destroying the heroes who stopped him.”

“And how does our young friend figure into all of this?” Hal asked.

“Best if I just show you,” Jason said, whipping out his morpher and yelling, “TYRANNOSAURUS!,” transforming into the Red Ranger.

Hal asked, “You want me to become a Power Ranger?”

Ganthet said, “No. Time for you to become who you truly are.” Then, in a flash of green, Hal had a power ring on his finger and was in his old uniform. -It feels good to wear this again, it feels right,- Hal thought. “But aren’t you afraid that I’ll try to destroy the universe again?”

Ganthet answered, “No, that was not truly you. Do you remember just before you were exiled into space? A very powerful Quadrian being brought out your evil side with a mere touch. We all thought that the combined will of the Corps had driven the evil out of you. Instead, it drove itself deep down within you. Later, the tragedy of Coast City caused this to reassert itself with a vengeance.

When we were merged, I tried to suppress this anger, but it was too strong. Your real self finally started to take control, and when the Sun-Eater finally drained your power, it also drained that evil.”

“But I destroyed the Corps, killed…” Hal started, but Jason took over by saying, “Man, what you did, it wasn’t truly you. You weren’t in control. It wasn’t your fault. Unlike me.”

“Wrong, Jason. I saw that battle when it was broadcast on tv news. Aquaman could have very well killed you. The man had, like me, grown too powerful If he had gotten his way, this world would not exist if you hadn’t stopped him. You did what you had to do to protect the planet. Now, let’s get to Metropolis. We are needed there,” Hal told the young hero.

Ganthet handed Hal a Lantern battery, saying, “Here, you will need this.” As Jason watched proudly, Hal placed the ring to the battery, and said his oath:


Metropolis was like a war-torn battlefield. Flash, Hawkman, Hawkwoman, Black Canary, Superman, Green Lantern (Kyle), and the Yellow, White, Purple, Blue, and Green Rangers were captured and taunted by Extant, who smiled, “Pity, I truly expected more from the World’s Greatest Superheroes. Enjoy breathing, friends, you won’t be doing it much longer. With all of you out of the way, I’ll just destroy the earth. Too much work to rule. Jordan may have started this, but he was too much of an idiot to see this thing through.”

“Well, who in the hell declared you an Einstein, shithead?!” Jason yelled.

“Ah, the elusive Red Ranger. Where are you, you young…” Extant was interrupted by three things: 1. A powerful kick to the jaw by Jason. 2. Jason’s sword slicing his upper arm and lower thigh, causing him extreme pain. and 3. the sight of Hal Jordan… Green Lantern.

Extant screamed in terror, “Do you really think that you and this …relic can stop me? I’m more powerful than ever! I’ve caught Superman! No one can stop me, ever!”

Hal smirked, “Extant, stay away from those old ’50’s comic books. They’re rotting what’s left of your brain. Now get this through your skull, I’m back, I don’t live in the past anymore, and I have a responsibility to live up to starting with taking you out, no ifs, ands, or buts. Believe me, it ends here.”

Angrily, Extant tried to blast Hal with an energy stream. Dodging it with ease, Hal put up a shield that blocked a stream of yellow energy. “The new ring must be like Kyle’s,” Hal thought. Shooting off another bolt of ring energy, Hal knocked Extant off his feet.

Meanwhile, as the two were fighting, three teleportation beams came in alongside Jason. Kimberly Hart, Zack Taylor, and Wonder Woman arrived, and helped Jason free the other heroes.

Hal sent a ring beam right into Extant’s very being. “Guess what? If you won’t give up your power, I’ll just have to take every bit of it that you have, like it or not!” As the energy drain started, Hal glowed a bright green, bucking with pain. Jason, Kimberly, Zack, Wonder Woman, Kyle, Hawkman, Trini, and the other heroes rushed over to take some of the load off. Guy revived, and joined the team in their effort.

Hal shouted to everyone, “We need to suppress his will. Everyone focus your willpower into one. One mind, one will. Just let your minds go with it. Let it go and relax. Just let it go on instinct.” In a flash, Extant sat there in the form of an ordinary human, powerless, and they’ve won. Everyone ran up to Hal, asking him questions, most glad he’s back, and a few wondering what he’s up to.

Jason smiled happily. He now feels he has atoned for what he has believed to be a fiendish crime. Hal, too, was pretty happy. He had realized that he had gotten a second chance to put his life back together.

Two weeks later, Jason and Hal were both at the Watchtower. Hal just got a job as a test pilot for a new airline corporation based in Angel Grove. Jason asked him, “So, what are you going to do now, rejoin the League?”

Hal thought about it and chuckled, “Maybe later. Not now. You know, Jason, hopefully we’ve both learned something here. We can’t change what’s happened in our past than we can change who we are. You’ve got to accept the past, and plan for the future, and be who you are.”

Jason looked at him and smiled, the first smile he had since Aquaman. “In other words, you just have to roll with it, right?”

“Exactly. Just be who you were meant to be.”

“That’s exactly what I plan to do. Come back inside. One thing I’ve learned about the Flash and your successor, both are total pizza fiends.”

“You go ahead. I’m gonna take a little space flight. See you later, Red Ranger.”

“Later, Green Lantern.”

In minutes, Hal had taken to the airless void of space. He loved flying like this. He meant everything he told Jason, and he was going to live by that, too. He’s gotten his life back together, now to move into the future.

He’s Hal Jordan.

He’s Green Lantern.

And he’s back.

The End… for now

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When Heroes Fall

Disclaimer: Rangers: Me, no. Saban, yes. JLA and other DC heroes: again, me, no. DC, yes. If you are an Aquaman fan, TURN BACK NOW!!! This will not be your cup of tea. If, however, like me, you want to have the so-called ‘king-of-the-sea’ as the guest of honor at a modern day lynching, you will enjoy this tale. Note: This story takes place two weeks after “Kimberly, Zack, and Trini: Warrior Rangers.”

When Heroes Fall
By Carl Turner

Trini Kwan felt a twinge of deja vu and longing as Black Canary took both her and Jason Lee Scott on a tour of the Hall of Justine in Metropolis. Deja vu, because some of the League’s earlier cases mirrored some of the Rangers’ early adventures. Longing, because she wished she could have been a part of those cases. Barely a month ago, she and the other six Rangers had become the newest members of the Justice League of America.

Jason was soon standing in front of a portrait of the original Leaguers, completely fascinated, and had a lot of questions, such as… “How was it, I mean, your first few adventures as a team?”

Black Canary told him, “Not too differently from yours. Then, we were all very different people, full of piss and vinegar, along with a good dose of righteous anger, ready to take on the scum of the Earth.”

Trini had the next question. “We know what happened to the original Flash and Green Lantern, but what happened to Aquaman? There’s virtually nothing on him.”

Black Canary growled, “That is something we have been asking ourselves for the past eight years. Somehow, four years after we got together, he changed, and not for the better. He disbanded the League, and replaced most of the team with a group of complete idiots who had absolutely no business whatsoever ever crimefighters. The press called the U.N. funded League ‘an expensive joke.’ Wrong on all counts. Sure, they were ridiculous at times, and admitting Guy Gardner was a major faux pas, but at least they actually got the job done.

Aquaman’s team was the real joke, no teamwork, no interplay, nothing but powers and attitude. J’onn and Aquaman were proud of that motley crew of turkeys. I respect J’onn’s opinion, and still do to this day. But, as far as fish-face goes…”

Trini and Jason gasped in surprise. “Fish-face?” They had no idea that her contempt of the one-time Sea King ran so deep. However, it seemed they had only scratched the surface.

“He had already begun to change at that point. He blamed the entire surface world for his own failures and stupidity. When his JLA went down in flames, he saw this as the last straw.

He began to reject any ideas and thoughts other than his own. When he resigned this last time, no one, not even Power Girl, cared one bit. His actions soon reflected this new murderous attitude, as he began attacking waterfront cities and destroying lives. When he initiated an assault on an underwater farming project, he destroyed ten years of work which would have helped ease world hunger. He also crippled and nearly killed all the personnel assigned to the project. And, as time went on, he just got even worse, with no remorse to what he had done.”

Trini spoke up then, “Man, that’s low. From hero to complete bastard, I mean, that has to be a major 180.”

Black Canary continued, “His recent escapades prove he’s only gotten worse. In fact, just one month before you and the other Rangers joined, he used his powers to demolish the waterfront district of Gateway City, and would have tried to trash the entire city, if Wonder Woman wasn’t there. I’m happy to say that she stopped his rampage and beat him shitless. Unfortunately, he was able to escape.”

“I’ve seen him on recent broadcasts. It’s almost as if he’s just remaking the entire planet in his own image. But, didn’t the other Green Lantern try to do that?” Jason asked.

“There’s a slight difference, Jason. From everything I’ve ever read, he was villainous for less than one year, and towards the end, he began to atone for his misdeeds, even though it cost him his life. It seems that Aquaman has absolutely no intention of reforming whatsoever,” Trini told him.

At that very moment, all three JLA signal devices went off. The Flash was clearly disgusted. “He’s done it. The point of no return. Teleport to the Watchtower.” All three knew who he meant.

Soon, the entire JLA had assembled, including all seven Power Rangers. Batman was even grimmer than usual. “Rangers, Aquaman plans to destroy Angel Grove and all of its population. No ransom demands, no negotiations, nothing. He plans to wipe out any and all continents, beginning with North America, Angel Grove beings the focal point.”

“We’ve discovered that he’s somehow got hold of Rita Repulsa’s book of spells and incantations. He’s into mass destruction and black magic now. The worst thing is, we don’t have any idea how he got his hand on the book,” Isis told everyone.

“Oh, man, that book was trouble times 90 in Rita’s hands. I don’t even want to know what sushi-boy can do with that!” Samantha Dean spoke up.

“We should contact your mentor, Zordon, and ask him bout what our ‘Sleaze-of-the-Sea’ can do with this thing,” Hawkman told them

Robin asked, “Wonder Woman, do you think he’ll try to destroy Gateway City again?”

“I wouldn’t put it past him. Meanwhile, we have another mystery on our hands. Tommy, you can help me with this one. You started out as the Green Ranger, right?”

“Yeah, why?”

“Well, a friend of mine, Phil, has found a coin similar to the one you had as a Green Ranger. If it is like that, could it give him your old powers?”

“It could, if it is the second green coin. Considering what’s going on, we need another Ranger, even a temporary one.”

“I’ll contact Phil and tell him you’re coming. Tell him all about the Green Ranger’s powers and see if he’ll help us out,” Wonder Woman told us.

Within minutes, Tommy and Green Lantern were in Dayton, Ohio. “There’s the address WW gave us, Tommy. Let’s go,” Green Lantern said.

Phil’s first response to what greeted him on his doorstep was quite simply, “God, it’s too damn early in the morning for this crap. Go away!”

“Mr. Farrell, Diana sent us. We really are the White Ranger and Green Lantern, and we could really use your help. Can we depend on you to do this?” Tommy asked.

“If I can. How?”

“Diana told us that you found a coin with strange energy coming out of it. Could we see this coin, please?” Green Lantern asked.

“Here! Take this damn thing, and get it out of my sight! Since I found the thing, I’ve had nothing but trouble and grief. Who the hell needs that crap?” Phil growled as he handed the coin to Tommy.

As the White Ranger held the coin, he noticed the power starting to fade. “What in the hell? GL, look at this.”

“Uh-oh. Ah, Phil, would you hold the coin for a second?” Green Lantern asked. He reluctantly did so, and the power returned to full. Phil had an instinctive response. “Oh, hell no!”

Tommy began, “We have to test it to make sure, but if it is what we think it is, we have a huge favor to ask…”

“NO! My life is full of headaches and grief as it is now! I don’t need this insanity in my life! No way!” Phil growled, then continued, “My fiancee is in a coma, my career as a performer seems to be on permanent hold, my uncle is in the early stages of Alzheimer’s, now this?!? If I knew that being friends with Diana would bring stuff like this…”

“Uh, just how did you and Diana meet, anyway? Truth be told, you strike me as the type who wouldn’t have a superhero as a friend, much loss tolerate all that comes with it,” Tommy asked him.

“Well, three years ago, the Cheetah came to Dayton, intent on stealing rare silver pieces from the Art Institute, and other rare items. I forget what they were. Anyway, Diana tracked her here. While she was in pursuit, she ran and collided into me in front of the Victoria Theatre downtown where I was heading for an audition. We traded some four-letter insults, and then we both calmed down. She helped me get my audition, and I was able to help her set up the Cheetah and put her away. And we’ve been tight ever since.”

“What type of performer are you?” Tommy asked.

“Musician, comedian, actor. But, considering my fiancee’s condition, I really haven’t done much in that field lately. She was one of these people who were in Florida working on a underwater farming project when a…”

“…huge wave crashed into the area with deadly results? Oh, my God, it couldn’t be… could it?” Green Lantern asked.

Tommy immediately grasped what he was getting at. “You think Aquaman caused that disaster? My God, he really has gone past the limit.”

Phil also got the idea. “That son of a bitch was responsible for Michelle being in a coma? And you say that this coin will only work for me?” he asked, looking at the coin in his hand.

“Wait a minute! The idea is to catch him and put him away, if possible, not kill the guy! I’ve been Green Lantern for two years now, and I’ve learned that being a hero does not involved that sort of revenge.”

Before the matter could be discussed any further, the signal went off. Tommy responded, “Go ahead, we read you.”

“Teleport to the Watchtower right away, the stakes went up, big time,” Hawkman told them.

Phil stopped them both. “I’m coming with you, and before you say anything else, the coin will only work for me, so I might as well come along. Besides, I can keep my emotions in check, and Id don’t have it in me to kill anyone, no matter what. Besides, you probably need all the help you can get, don’t you?”

Tommy said in resignation, “OK. Hold on to my shoulder. Hawkman, three to teleport now.”

Within seconds, Hawkman and Zordon were outlining what Aquaman had created with the book of spells. “It seems that he’s been able to create an army of the undead from the sea… zombies, if you will, to do his bidding, along with a batch of sea golems, animated bodies of water, as a backup, unstoppable force. He’s already destroyed a good portion of the waterfront area of Angel Grove, along with killing nearly 50 people. He can’t turn back now, we have to stop him at all costs, by any and all means necessary.”

Zack Taylor told them, “But we took an oath to never take another life, no matter what.”

“In this case, Zack, this may be the only way. I have told all of you Rangers that all life is scared, but anyone who kills indiscriminately, with no remorse, and at his level of power, vastly increased, there is no other option. No prison can hold him, he’s too deadly to keep under observation, and he’s much too deadly and vicious to be allowed to go free,” Zordon told him from the special tube that Green Lantern had created for him.

“We’d better teleport to Angel Grove now! And this time, the gloves are off!” Hawkwoman stated.

Zordon told them, “First, Phil, you have the Dragonzord coin. Now, accept your morpher.” In a flash, a Ranger morpher appeared in his hands. “Go now with your fellow Justice Leaguers, Rangers, and may the power protect you all.”

Kimberly Hart asked, “You know what happens next, don’t you?”

Phil said nervously, “Yeah. Here goes. DRAGONZORD!”

There was a blinding flash of green light, and in seconds it faded, and there was the new Green Ranger standing there. “OK, let’s do it,”

Hawkman yelled. “Right. Move out!”

Angel Grove was total pandemonium. People running in total panic from all of the zombies caused chaos and leaving blood-filled streets in their wake. Isis and Hawkman sent Billy to Atlantis to recapture the book. Hawkman’s communicator beeped. “Did you get it?”

“Yeah. I just sent it to Zordon. He’s trying to come up with a way to defeat those things. I’m on my way over there now. Billy out.”

“Your days of terrorizing are over, ugly! Eat size nine!” Zack yelled, and did a flying kick alongside Robin. The two connected with the zombie’s head, knocking it off. When this happened, the body collapsed, and then disappeared.

“That’s how we handle the zombies. Remove the head, it falls apart!” Trini yelled.

“But what about the water golems… and THAT?!” Samantha Dean shouted.

“Oh my God. Aquaman used a growth spell on himself!” Green Lantern yelled.

“Well, we can’t call the Zords, the golems will overwhelm you guys. What the hell do we do now?!” Jason yelled.

Kimberly shouted, “Hey guys! Zordon just told me that any Ranger can take the size of a MegaZord for a brief period of time, but with that huge golem and Fish-face himself, two of us have to do it, but I kinda have my hands full at the moment.” She was protecting a troop of Girl Scouts from zombies using her Power Bow.

Jason bellowed, “I’ll do it!”

Phil added, “So will I!”

Soon, the two were concentrating on their sources of power, and in seconds, both grew to the size of the ThunderMegazord. “Phil, you take care of the big monster, I’ll take the Turncoat-Chicken of the Sea!” Jason shouted.

The ultra golem was about to march into town and destroy everything in sight. Phil blocked it at every turn, making several kicks and punches, all made contact, but since the creature was made of water, they had little or no effect.

“This is really getting me steamed. Wait. Steam. That’s it! And since dragons were supposed to breathe fire… worth a shot.” The Green Ranger concentrated hard, and a huge ball of fire materialized in front of him. “Hope you like spicy food, you son of a bitch!” he yelled, and hurled the fireball right at the golem, striking it’s head, and having the desired effect, turning it into whisps of steam.

In turn, with the big monster out of the way, the smaller monsters quickly evaporated, leaving only the zombies, which the Rangers and JLAers quickly took care of.

Meanwhile, Jason was taking a real beating from Aquaman at first, but slowly but the upper hand. Each time Aquaman tried to thrust with his hook, Jason parried with his sword. “Man, why the hell are you doing this? You were a hero, once! Don’t you give a damn about what you’re doing?”

“Hell, no, not for the past seven years! Your world is a rotting husk! No one here was worth risking my life for, so now I’m getting rid of this cancerous realm once and for all! Your world is pure trash!” Aquaman snarled.

“Who said your world was a utopia? Wake up, damn you! Only one person is responsible for your life and your feelings.. YOU! Go sell that bullshit somewhere else, you stupid bastard!”

“You young punk, you really think I give a damn anymore? Hell, no! None of you can stop me, and I will rid this world of land masses, and none of you can stop me. The only way to do that is to kill me! None of you can ever hope to have the guts to do that, ever!”

“Wrong, I can do that. I have to stop you. I have to do this.” Jason’s voice lowered as he steeled himself for what he had to do next. Aquaman advanced on him.

“Don’t make me do this,” Jason whispered.

As Aquaman fired his harpoon-hook at the young hero, Red Ranger dived out of the way, weaving in and out of the line of fire with his Power Sword at the ready, driving it into Aquaman’s rib cage, just below his heart.

“I’m really… surprised. For a… lousy punk… Ranger, I didn’t think… you had it in… gasp… you,” a surprised Aquaman choked.

“Wherever you wind up, I truly hope you receive your just due,” Jason whispered as he prepared to deliver the final, killing blow. “I never wanted to do this, but if I don’t, this world will never get another chance. May God have forgiveness on you, because I don’t think you’ll get any here.”

With one swing, Jason beheaded Aquaman, and watched as his body fell into the sea. He then returned to normal size, and promptly took off his helmet and ran behind a tree, throwing up and crying. In minutes, Hawkman was at his side, along with Tommy, who was worried about his best friend.

Hawkman looked at the Young Ranger. “Jason, all that I can tell you is that, hopefully, you can use this to help you one day. Believe me, this is something you never truly get over. It kills you inside, but you can’t let it destroy you, not in this line of work.”

Tommy spoke up then, “He’s right, Jason. You did what you had to do. It’s over. You did the right thing.”

“No. This can never be called right. Never,” Jason wept.

One Month Later

Jason was outside of the Command Center, looking into the sky. The tears were gone, the self-loathing was nearly gone, along with an unknown hollow feeling. Only the guilt remained.

He soon realized that Hawkman was behind him. “Did Phil make a decision about his powers yet?”

“Yeah. He’s decided it’s not for him. His girlfriend’s just come out of that coma, and she’s recovering nicely, his career seems to be back on track, but he feels that being the Green Ranger would make her a target, and send his career right down the toilet. Zordon’s got the coin now, but asked Phil to be a reserve member, just in case. He’s performing at a comedy club in Dayton,” Hawkman said.

“You know something? I could use a good laugh right about now.”

“Still gets to you, doesn’t it? Jason, remember, he crossed the line a long time ago. He had to be stopped. Your fellow Rangers could be plotting revenge against Aquaman right now, if he had gotten his way. There was no other way to handle the situation.”

“God, I wish there were. Do you think there will be anyone who remembers him the way he was? I mean, before he changed?”

“I don’t know. But his crimes were so hideous, almost worldwide genocide, that I doubt that anyone on this planet would ever look at him in a favorable light again.”

“Man. You’re right. I just wish it made it easier. Now, let’s go to that comedy club. I could use a few good laughs right now. Thanks.”

“Anytime. Now, come on, Jason. They’re waiting for us.”

As they both headed inside, Jason started to feel better about himself and tried to forgive himself for what he had done. Not completely better, but getting there.

The End… for now

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Kimberly, Zack, and Trini : Warrior Rangers

Disclaimer: If I said that the Rangers were mine, Saban would have me killed. Same goes for Wonder Woman, JLA, and DC Comics, as well as Xena, Gabrielle, and MCA/Universal. TIME TRAVEL WARNING! There is definitely time travel involved in this tale, and before you ask, no, the Rangers and Wonder Woman do NOT go back in time. Possibility of culture shock for Xena and Gabrielle. Don’t say you weren’t warned. End sequence paraphrased from ‘There She Is, Miss Amphipolis.’

Kimberly, Zack, and Trini: Warrior Rangers
By Carl Turner

The Angel Grove Museum of Ancient History was filled to full capacity with the tour of the Xena scrolls. Kimberly Hart, Zack Taylor, Trini Kwan, and Diana Prince were there to see the historical items from the earliest days of civilization, telling the tales of a heroic warrior princess.

“I couldn’t believe how packed the place was. You almost have to make a reservation just to get in the door!” Trini sulked.

“Yeah, I’m really bummin’ about it! I’ve heard all about those scrolls, and wanted to check ’em out for myself!” Zack frowned.

Diana was optimistic about the situation. “You know, we’ve still got two more days before they leave California. We can make plans to…” This was interrupted by an unwanted pack of clay-brains.

Kimberly snarled, “Putties! I knew this day was gonna go from bad to worse! Well, let’s take these potheads out!”

As the four started to fight the putties, Trini noted that one of them took out a strange jewel and threw it away from the fight.

“Careful, gang! Looks like we may be getting more grief!” The jewel then started to glow, then exploded into a weird doorway of light.

Zack had a pretty appropriate response. “WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT DAMN THING?!”

Meanwhile… (about 2000 or so years ago) Two women were grousing about their most recent adventure.

“I don’t care if the end result is total warfare! I will never, I mean NEVER, EVER AGAIN go undercover in a beauty contest! NEVER!” Xena snarled.

“Well, you gotta admit, it was a lot different than our usual tales of danger and catastrophe,” Gabrielle told her.

“True. I usually don’t dress like a tramp or act like a total IDIOT! I HATE pageants! Four days watched pigheaded warlords and a bunch of underdressed overdeveloped BIMBOS in a BEAUTY CONTEST?!? NEVER! NEVER AGAIN!”

“Uh, Xena? What is that glow in front of us?” Gabrielle whispered.

“I’m not sure. It looks like a passageway of some sort. In any case, we won’t find out what that is standing here. Let’s go!”

Kimberly had her hands full with three putties when…


When she looked up, a woman in a brown leather outfit with an odd-looking breast-plate was making short work of the claybrains.

“What sort of creatures are these things? More importantly, where are we?” the woman asked.

“Angel Grove, California. Where did you think you were?” Kimberly asked impatiently.

“Celaphonia… wait? What is ‘California?'” the mystery woman replied.

Kimberly was amazed that her companion didn’t seem to know about her surroundings. In fact, she seemed to be downright out of place. On a hunch, she asked, “What year do you think this is?” The answer she got…


“Actually, you’re 1982 years off. It’s 1996, and, I may be way off base here, but you just traveled through time, probably through that portal thing over there,” Kimberly explained as best as she could.

Xena interrupted, “Let’s worry about all that later, how do you stop these…?”

“Putties. Hit ’em in the ‘Z.’ That usually does the trick,” Kimberly finished.

“GABRIELLE! Hit these… putties… on that spot marked ‘Z.’ Don’t give them any opening, anywhere!” the Warrior Princess yelled to her partner, who was helping Trini finish off her group of the putties.

“Persistent creeps, aren’t they?” Gabrielle asked.

“Oh, you haven’t seen anything yet. For brainless creatures, they can really test your patience,” Trini told her.

Meanwhile, Zack and Diana were slamming putties together. “Man, we’re gonna have to recycle way too much clay after this!” Zack grumbled.

“Getting back to the issue at hand, I believe our two new allies came from that portal, or gateway, or whatever that is, probably intended to send us somewhere. Three guesses as to who sent it,” Diana quipped.

“Easy. Rita and Zedd. Odds are, it would have been a one-way trip, knowing those two. Now what?” Zack asked.

Gabrielle spoke up then. “Xena, it looks like we went through some kind of time portal and wound up in 1982 years in the future! Now, how are we supposed to get back home to our own time?”

A stunned Trini gasped, “Xena?”

“I was when I woke up this morning. You?”

“Trini Kwan. It’s an honor to… HEADS UP! MORE PUTTIES!”

Zack bellowed, “THAT’S IT! I’VE HAD IT! Let’s finish these things! Kim, Trini, shall we go to work?

“Let’s do it!”

“Let’s kick some putty!”





“On that note, time I got into my working clothes,” Diana shouted, reaching into dimensional space to get her Magic Lasso. Billy had created a special vibration to change whatever clothing she was wearing into her Wonder Woman armor. “Time to finish this. Black Ranger?”

“In the groove, ready to move!”

“Pink Ranger?”

“Let’s smash these clay pots!”

“Yellow Ranger?”

“Powered up and ready!”

The six warriors quickly went to work, Xena quickly kicking and punching as skillfully as any of the Rangers. Trini noticed that she could probably give both Jason and Tommy a run for their money, maybe even give Batman a real workout. Xena noticed that all of her new friends were very adapt at fighting, especially Trini. In almost record time, the putties were completely trashed. “Now that those are out of the way, let’s see about getting you home to your own timeframe. I assume that the portal is still over… Uh, guys? The portal is gone. I guess they did intend for us to have a one way trip,” Wonder Woman finished.

“Our one way home is GONE?!? I do NOT believe this! There must be a certain group of gods who have it in for us!” Gabrielle shouted.

By this time, the Rangers had demorphed. Trini suggested, “Maybe Zordon could create a time portal that could get you back to your own time period. We’ll need this though,” as she picked up the diamond-like substance.

“Well, it’s worth a try, anyway,” Wonder Woman added.

At the Command Center, Alpha 5 was examining the jewel while Zordon told them, “Since the Chronogen is magical in nature, I can recharge its energy to full, it will take quite a while, however, given the amount of time energy that Rita had used to keep herself young, and the temporal distance than the two of you have crossed to get here.”

“Chronogem?” Kimberly asked, confused.

“Yes. The chronogem, in addition to being able to create temporal portals anywhere, past or future, it also can keep the wielder eternally young. Beautiful, however, is another matter. Because Rita is evil, quite naturally, she will get ugly, no matter what. If, let’s say, Trini held it, not only would she stay young, she would still be beautiful, even after 50,000 years,” Zordon revealed.

“That could put a lot of plastic surgeons out of business,” Zack joked.

“We also know now how it came to run low on energy. Rita using it for almost 10,000 years, and it still didn’t do a damn thing for her! Talk about greedy!” was Wonder Woman’s response.

“What do Gabrielle and I do in the meantime?” Xena asked.

“Well, since you both won’t remember anything about this little time trip except us, it really won’t do any harm for them to explore our world,” Zordon spoke up.

By now, Gabrielle was totally confused. “How different could your world be from ours.”

Trini told her, “You’d be surprised. A lot can and has changed in

over 1982 years.”

Within 27 minutes, Xena and Gabrielle discovered just how much different the world was from what they knew. Neither were used to the concepts of electricity, indoor plumbing, (after all, it had been almost 2000 years), cable and satellite TV, clothing stores, music stores, telephones, restaurants, and just about everything else. Kimberly tried to explain the concept of shopping malls.

“You mean people actually build places for trading and selling? What a world this is!” Xena marveled.

Kimberly was dumbfounded. “Maybe this isn’t the time to explain credit cards just yet.”

“Credit cards?” Gabrielle asked.

“Never mind. Maybe later.” It was at this point that Kimberly noticed something about Xena’s armor, mostly the design and texture, reminding her of a family heirloom. “My family has this item I think dates back to your era. Maybe you can tell me all about it.”

“My mom said it was almost 2000 years old,” Kimberly told Xena. They were now at Kim’s house, examining a ring that was ancient in design. “She said it involved one of my ancestors who was saved by… NO WAY! She was about to become a sacrifice of some weird deity.”

“…Of Fertility. A couple of days ago, Gabrielle and I rescued a young woman from some sicko tribal priest, who also seemed to get a form of sick joy out of the whole thing,” Xena replied.

Kimberly whispered, “If it weren’t for you, I might not even be here. Hey, I owe you a major thank you!”

“My pleasure. By the way, what is a ‘Power Ranger?'” Xena asked.

“Power Rangers protect the Earth from total turkeys like Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd, and lately, some earthbound scum, Brainiac comes to mind. As for how we became Power Rangers, well…” Kimberly started, when Diana, Zack, Trini, and Gabrielle came in, along with Tommy Oliver, who had just heard about his teammate’s recent run-in with the putties, and was completely blown away with his first glimpse of Xena.

After being brought up to date by Kimberly, Tommy asked, “How long do you think you’ll be here in this timeframe?”

Xena truthfully answered, “I wish I knew. To tell you the truth, it depends on your friend Zordon. As for your world, it moves a little too fast for me.”

“Too fast for you? Shall we talk truly ironic here. We don’t exactly live the quiet life ourselves, either,” Gabrielle smirked.

“Kimberly was telling me all about the Power Rangers. How old are you, and how did you become these super teens?” Xena asked.

“17,” Zack told her.

“I’m 17, too,” Kimberly chimed in.

“18 here,” Trini spoke.

“19,” Tommy said.

Trini piped up, “The others are 18, 19, and 18, and wait ’til you meet them.”

“As for how we became Power Rangers, it all started when a really ugly, evil creature from the pits of hell, named Rita Repulsa, escaped from her dungeon can-cell. She then started her plans to destroy the planet,” Kimberly told her.

“That was when Zordon first chose Trini, Kim, me, Jason, and Billy to become Rangers. Rita’s kept us hopping ever since,” Zack finished.

“Two months after that, Rita captured me, and made me her evil Green Ranger. The Rangers were able to break the spell, and I’ve been with them ever since, first as the Green Ranger, then, when my powers were gone, as the White Ranger,” Tommy added.

“Samantha made the scene three weeks later after that. Rita tried to do the same thing to her, but Zordon had gotten to the Purple Power Coin before she did, and rescued her from a putty ambush. She then accepted the Coin, and became the Purple Ranger, and the seventh member of the team,” Trini finished.

“And only one week ago, all seven Rangers helped the JLA crush a major scheme by Lex Luthor, and a seemingly reformed Legion of Doom. after that, they became the newest and youngest members of the Justice League of America,” Diana added.

Xena was suddenly taken by a charm that Zack was wearing. “Not to change the subject, but I’ve seen that before. How long has that been in your family?”

“Longer than I can tell you. It was said to have come from one of my ancestors, a guy named after the God of joy and revelry, Dionysus,” Zack told her.

“Dionysus? Uh-oh!” the Warrior Princess paled suddenly.

“Dionysus? One of your former lovers? This is too wild for words!” Gabrielle shouted in a voice that could be heard for almost thirty miles.

“Former lover? JAMMIN’!” Zack shouted with obvious glee.

“Oh, God, we’re never gonna hear the end of this!” Trini moaned.

The Yellow Ranger was polishing a half of a round disc, with ornate decoration. “I brought this over to see what you could make of this. My mom said, according to family legend, the other half was lost in battle almost 1,550 years ago.”

Gabrielle looked at the chakram that was always at Xena’s side, then looked in her own pack. She then pulled out a piece that was nearly identical to Trini’s. “Um, Xena, didn’t you say that you had a second chakram in your family, belonging to your father before he was killed in battle? His children held on to one half, but we got the other half from his killers. Do you think…”

“Hold on. There’s only one way to prove this. Trini, let me see your piece. Maybe they do…” Xena started as she brought the two pieces together. There was a pull from both pieces, almost as if they were two magnets. A sound of clanking steel, a blinding flash, and when the light cleared, there was a whole, second chakram.

Trini sputtered, “Zack, I think I got you beat.”

“So you’re one of my descendants. Well, this is yours now. Use it well. With your line of work, you’ll probably need it.”

“Is that the truth! Thanks.”

Right then, the communicators went off. Zordon’s voice rang out, “Rangers, Goldar and a team of Tengas and Putties are giving Jason and Hawkman trouble in the park. They need your help. Hurry there at once, and may the Power protect you all!”

Tommy shouted, “You got it, Zordon. IT’S MORPHIN’ TIME!”





Diana also transformed into Wonder Woman once more. “Tommy, if you don’t mind me saying it this time, BACK TO ACTION!”

In seconds, the seven warriors were at their fellow Leaguer’s side, fighting Tengas, Putties, and Goldar, Zedd’s right hand monster.

“Well, it looks like I finally get to finish you off, White Ranger!” the simian louse retorted.

Tommy snarled, “Bring it on, you Wizard of Oz reject!”

Soon, Tommy and Goldar were going at it tooth and nail, while Kimberly, Zack, and Hawkman kept slamming both Tengas and putties into the ground, trees, playground rides, passing busses, and at one point, even into a portable barbecue grill.

Kimberly joked, “Southern Fried Tenga, anyone?”

Zack added, “It’s finger-licking good!”

Hawkman chuckled, “I think I’ll pass.”

Scorpina had just arrived and tried to attack Jason from behind, when she was caught completely off-guard by Wonder Woman. The Avenging Amazon walked right up to her, tapped her on the shoulder, and said, “Hi, there,” very smugly before knocking her into dreamland.

Tommy, however, wasn’t fairing as well against Goldar this time around. In fact, Goldar had him cornered and at a disadvantage. Goldar was about to use his sword to deliver the final, killing blow, grinning, “So long, White Ranger. You’ve fought your last fight!,” when two deadly, razor-sharp disc-weapons flew through the air, both aimed at Goldar. One smashed into his sword, trashing it, while the other hit him in the forehead, knocking him out and leaving a nasty gash. Before blacking out, he saw both Trini and Xena flying at him, fists armed and ready, a flash of colors, a sense of extreme pain, then blessed unconsciousness.

Trini walked over to Scorpina, who was just waking up, and yelled, “Now take your garbage and GET THE HELL OFF MY PLANET!”

“The chronogem is fully charged and working again. Xena, Gabrielle, thank you for your help. I do regret that you won’t remember anything else about this time frame, outside of us,” Zordon spoke.

Gabrielle smiled, “I wouldn’t have missed it for anything, although it would have been nice if I had met one of MY descendants!”

“Trini, how are you taking all of this?” Xena asked.

“It’s kind of a shock. I’m related to one of history’s greatest heroines. This is really a lot to take in at once.” Trini smiled, “My family is going to royally flip!”

“You now have a powerful weapon to use in your battle against the forces of Rita and Zedd. Use it with pride,” Xena told her, then hugged her young counterpart.

Trini returned the hug, whispering, “I’ll make you proud of me.”

Xena whispered back, “I will always be proud of you. Be proud, Trini. Remember your family is your power. It was nice meeting the rest of you as well. Take care of her.”

“We will, and you take care, too,” Zack grinned.

“You both be careful, too,” Kimberly cheered.

Wonder Woman, Tommy, Jason, and Hawkman smiled and waved goodbye.

The time portal opened. “Good luck, and may the power protect you both!” Zordon spoke.

“Give Rita and Zedd no mercy! Trash both of them! Good luck, my young friends!” Xena shouted as she and Gabrielle jumped back through the portal. In seconds, the portal disappeared.

“Man, awesome! Simply awesome!” Zack smiled. He then looked at Jason’s hurt expression. “What’s up, bro?”

The Red Ranger frowned and said, “You guys actually met Xena and didn’t think to call me and let me know!”

“We didn’t call you because you would be drooling all over the place!” Kimberly smirked.

“You’d have your tongue hanging out!” Tommy added.

“And basically making a damn fool of yourself!” Zack finished.


“Yeah, YOU!”

Trini, meanwhile, was looking at the chakram that was now part of her armor as the Yellow Ranger. She now had two power weapons to call her own. Thinking about her heritage, Trini was brought out of her reverie by Wonder Woman. “Penny for your thoughts?” Diana asked.

“Man, the past two and a half weeks have been just so damn cool. I just realized how lucky I really am. One great family, cool friends, the ability to defend my planet against supercreeps, a member of the world’s greatest superteam, and now, one fantastic heritage. I’m thinking, ‘Am I blessed, or what?’ How much better can my life get?” Trini bubbled over.

“Well, it certainly looks like it. Right now, you are flying pretty high, and with good reason, so, for now, just try to enjoy it, and remember it’s not all just fun and games. Things will get a lot tougher at times, so you have to take it all in stride. But for now, let’s shelve this and go help Jason. He looks like he’s being put through the wringer, and the rest of the gang isn’t going to make it any easier for him.”

“Oh, poor Jason. But, I gotta add to the fun, too!” Trini grinned.

At this point, 1,982 years in the past, Xena and Gabrielle had returned to the very point where the last adventure had begun.

“I don’t remember much about our little trip, but I get the feeling that the future is definitely in good hands. Gabrielle, are you going to write about this?”

“You bet. I was thinking about calling it… ‘Xena’s Mighty Morphin Power Warriors.’ How about that?”


“How about ‘Wonder Rangers?'”


“‘Super Friends?'”


“OK, OK!”

The End

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From Heroes to Legends

Disclaimer: MMPR and all related items courtesy Saban, yadda, yadda, yadda. JLA and all related characters courtesy DC comics, blah, blah, blah. Writer’s Note: 1. Since I am writing this as my first MMPR/DCU story, I made some changes to the Ranger’s history, mainly that in this, There has been no Power Transfer, and no Ninja competition. Thus: Rocky, Adam, and Tanya (another change) do not appear until Kat makes her 1st appearance. 2. There is a 7th Ranger, a purple one, named Samantha. 3. This is not the official DC universe.

From Heroes to Legends
By Carl Turner

The alarms in the Command Center were blaring like crazy. Alpha 5, Zordon’s robotic right hand, seemed to be going just as insane. “ZORDON!” the android sputtered, “we’ve got real trouble now! A group of Tengas and Putties…”

“Rita and Zedd are really starting to get bolder with this attack. I’ll…” Zordon started.

“It’s not Rita or Zedd! You’re not going to believe this, but those creature are with the Cheetah, the Riddler, Two-Face, Brainiac, Felix Faust, Major Force, Doctor Light…” Alpha sputtered.

Zordon looked grimmer than usual. “Hmmm. Some of the Justice League’s worst enemies. And if the putties and Tengas are with them, then a very foul alliance has been formed. This can only mean true disaster. Contact the Power Rangers immediately!”

At that moment, Zack Taylor and Kimberly Hart were helping a new science teacher, Andrea Thomas, get settled into her new surroundings.

“This is a major change from Lockspur. I hope I can fit in,” Andrea told the two young students.

“Man, science is gonna totally jam this year!” Zack assured her.

“I wish I was in your class. Zack’s right, you make science totally cool! Billy is so lucky to have you as his teacher,” Kimberly spoke.

“From what I hear, you two are already in fine shape in your science classes,” Andrea told them. She was about to say something else when two alarms went off. One was the signal for the Power Rangers, the other…

“Sorry, but we better be going, Ms. Thomas. Prior commitment,” Kimberly told her.

“Go ahead, I have an important errand to run myself,” Andrea told them. With that, Zack and Kimberly raced down the hall into a deserted lobby. “We read you Zordon, go ahead,” Kimberly whispered.

Zordon’s voice boomed, “Rangers, teleport to the Command Center right away. This is vital.”

Zack whispered, “We’re on it, Zordon.” Soon, he and Kimberly faded into black and pink light and shot out of the school.

Soon, the two Rangers were joined by Jason Lee Scott, Trini Kwan, Tommy Oliver, Samantha Dean, and Billy Cranston. Zordon spoke, “Rangers, behold the viewing globe. The world’s worst supervillains have joined forced with Rita and Zedd. Whatever they have planned, it can be no good for the world.”

“That’s something we have to find out as soon as possible,” Jason told her. “Guys, IT’S MORPHIN’ TIME!”








In a flash, the seven Rangers teleported into downtown Angel Grove. The Cheetah and another villain, Felix Faust, were about to lay waste to the entire area.

In his guise as the White Ranger, Tommy bellowed, “Hey, grandpa! Drop it! Don’t make this any harder on you than it already is!”

Faust sneered, “Well, if it isn’t the next generation of Teen Titans! Sorry, kiddies, you may defeat stupid monsters, but were’ too much for you to handle. You can’t beat us. You’ve already lost!”

Red Ranger (Jason) snorted, “Wanna bet, has-beens?”

The Black Ranger (Zack) yelled, “Come on guys, let’s put these geezers back in the Old Villains’ Home where they belong!”

“Oh really?” Cheetah snarled. “Putties, Tengas, ATTACK!”

But the Rangers made short work of the creatures. The Yellow Ranger (Trini) spoke up, “You’re next, kitty! Behave, and you may even get a saucer of milk!”

“Sorry, kid, I prefer mice. Ranger mice, to be precise. Shall we, Felix, hmm,” Cheetah growled as she and Faust attacked the Rangers. Unfortunately, the creeps had the Rangers at their mercy. “So long, kiddies,” Cheetah started when a voice behind her shouted, “Oh really? WE DON’T THINK SO!” Cheetah and Faust turned to see who they were facing, and both said the same two words before getting a right to the jaw. “OH, NO!”

Wonder Woman and Isis looked at the villains in disgust. “Picking on kids. What’s neck, kicking kittens?” Isis griped.

to wit, the evil twosome said six words, “WHO THE HELL INVITED YOU TWO?!”

“No one,” Wonder Woman smiled. “We decided to crash. Oh, and speaking of crashes…,” and then promptly threw the Cheetah into a tree and just proceeded to beat the living hell out of her. Meanwhile, Isis showed Faust just who was the better sorcerer. She shot him into the air like a cannon. Joining him, she grabbed him, and sent him screaming back to the ground, where Wonder Woman had just sent the Cheetah into orbit. The two fiends collided in mid-air and soon were unconscious on the ground.

Isis walked over to the unconscious teens. “Are you all right? I saw those turkeys messed you up real bad.” Jason was the first to recover from the attack. Looking a the two sleeping villains, he said, “I know we didn’t do that.”

Isis gets this funny look on her face was bells go off in her head. She thinks to herself, “Jason? No, it can’t be,” before forcing her thoughts to return to the business at hand.

Kimberly (Pink Ranger) had the same idea, asking, “What were those two creepazoids doing here?”

“They, along with several other superbastards have joined forces with your Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd. They’re planning to destroy several cities throughout the United States. Someone is bankrolling the whole operation, but we’re not sure who he is yet. If their plans succeed, the future of America, maybe the world, is in severe jeopardy. We need your help, Power Rangers. Will you help us on this?” Wonder Woman asked.

The Rangers quickly conferred with each other, and soon had their answer. “YOU GOT IT!”

In hours, they were at the JLA’s satellite HQ. Batman briefed everyone on what he had discovered in his investigation. “Basically, none of these people have the financial resources or brainpower to do this alone. Five guesses who is funding this whole cataclysmic endeavor?”

The Flash mused, “That of course being…”

“Lex Luthor. He is the only one with the money to pull something like this off, and pull together this type of talent. Needless to say, he’s the brains behind this,” Batman told everyone.

Billy (Blue Ranger) was understandably puzzled. “I heard Luthor was a humanitarian and a benefactor to various organizations that do nothing but help people. Why would he be involved in this hellish scheme?”

Superman told Billy, “The philanthropist, benefacting, humanitarian is just a snow job. This man is a completely ruthless, conniving sleaze who would do anything to expand his power base.”

Hawkman then told everyone, “We have less than 29 hours to stop this plan from ever coming to reality.”

“If we’re going to be truly effective in stopping their plans, we’d best split into smaller teams,” Wonder Woman told them. “The Pink and Black Rangers are with me in Boston.”

“Red Ranger, you’re with myself and Robin in Gotham,” Batman told him.

“Yellow Ranger, you come with Hawkwoman and me to Chicago,” Hawkman replied.

“Flash, Green Lantern, and myself will take Angel Grove,” Tommy told them plainly.

“Isis, the Purple Ranger, and I will head for L.A.,” Black Canary told everyone.

Superman spoke, “That leaves Metropolis for the Blue Ranger and myself. Let’s get going.”

Many important events in this country’s past have happened in or around Boston. Recently, it was the first city Wonder Woman had called home for her first six years in man’s world. Now, she and two of the Power Rangers had come to save the city from Poison Ivy and Bloodsport.

“Ooooooh, where do we start first, what do we do first?” Poison Ivy snickered.

“How about ‘Surrender peacefully,’ how’s that for an option?” Wonder Woman spoke up. She, Zack, and Kimberly had promptly decided to knock their blocks off. “Hello, Ivy. Anything to say before we know you two into next week?”

Poison Ivy growled, “You really know how to kill a party WW, you know that?”

Bloodsport shouted, “Let’s just blast them to hell! All three of them!”

Bloodsport immediately began blasting away at the three with a mega-cannon he had transported from somewhere, but Wonder Woman was ready. She promptly deflected each shot right back at him with her bracelets while Zack aimed his Cosmic Cannon at the creep’s weapon and fired, destroying the death-dealing item. Another shot destroyed his transportation belt, taking away any weapon access he had. One that was taken care of, Zack did a flying kick, right to Bloodsport’s jaw, knocking him out.

Kimberly, meanwhile, avoided any and all of Poison Ivy’s attacks with chemicals, or whatever, simply by ducking and avoiding the botanical vixen, and when the time was right, she grabbed her by the wrist, and slammed into the base of the Paul Revere statue, revealing almost 200 pounds of plastique. “Wonder Woman, the bomb’s here!” Pink Ranger shouted.

In seconds, the Amazing Amazon was there, wrapping the statue with her magic lasso. Then, using her superstrength, she hurled it up into the stratosphere. Zack took aim at the statue with his Cannon, as did Kimberly with her Battle Bow, and when it was high enough, both fired, safely detonating the threat high above the city where it could harm no one. Kimberly told the others that she found the real statute, hidden in a storage chamber, with so many items covering it, no one would be the wiser.

“Smooth move, we saved Boston!” Zack cheered.

“All right, we did it!” Kimberly screamed.

Wonder Woman was more cautious. “Let’s hope our friends are just as successful in their efforts to stop the perps.”

Gotham was, and always has been, a city that has seen better days. Caught in the grip of constant crime, violence, terror and despair, it’s no wonder that hope is a truly rare commodity in this city. It is this reason that only Gotham City could have given birth to the Batman. Now he, Robin, and Jason, the Red Ranger, had to find the Scarecrow, the Riddler, and sixty canisters of deadly fear gas.

“I never thought I’d actually be in here,” Jason marveled. But only for a second. Where they were was at the Batcave.

“Knowing the Scarecrow’s insane desire to put everyone in a state of total fear, it’s most likely they would want to disperse the gas at an extremely large gathering, but where? That’s what we had to find out, and soon,” Batman spoke.

Robin wondered, “Hmm… Rock concert… Electronics and computer exhibit… boat show… football game… man, it could be anywhere?”

“Wait a minute, why didn’t I think of this before? Isn’t there supposed to be a MAJOR Martial Arts exhibition here in Gotham in 45 minutes?” Jason asked.

Batman shouted, “Of course! Every martial artist in Gotham will be there, not to mention the differing masters of each discipline. That has to be it!”

Robin shouted, “What the hell are we waiting for? We’d better haul it to the Mazzuchelli Auditorium!”

In fifteen minutes, they had arrived at the auditorium. “Spread out, and most importantly, find those canisters!” Batman yelled.

Jason teleported into the rafters above the seating area, and discovered the Riddler attaching twenty canisters to the ventilation systems. “Hey, puny boy! Turn around!” Red Ranger yelled.

“So, Red Ranger, is it? I’ve got one for you. Why are you like a baby carp?”

Jason promptly responded, “I’ve never thought of myself as a small-fry.” He then threw his Scathing Sword at the pipes that connected the canisters to the ventilation system, cutting them in two. Leaping twenty-five feet to catch him, Red Ranger shouted, “Hey, Riddler, I’ve got one for you. What’s the difference between a lawyer and you?”

Riddler asked, “What?”

Jason slugged him in the jaw, knocking out the criminal, saying, “You see, a lawyer goes before the bars of Justice… and you’re going behind them.”

Meanwhile, Robin encountered several Putties at the ticketbooth, along with twenty more canisters of fear gas. After kicking his way into the booth, he remembered what Jason told him about their “Z” spot. He waded into the putties, taking them out with ease, then simply disconnected the canisters. Both soon got in touch with Batman, who found the remaining twenty under the stage. After disconnecting the valves, he confronted the Scarecrow, who taunted the Dark Knight with “A little present from me to you, Batman!” he sneered, tossing a plastic skull at him.

As always, Batman was prepared, snatching the skull out of the air and throwing it back at the Master of Fear. Emitting fumes, the skull had soon enveloped Scarecrow, who began to hallucinate images of bats, robins, and tyrannosauruses, ripping him apart. The images ended when Batman knocked him out, saying, “That’s my present, Scarecrow!” Robin and Jason joined him with news that they had stopped their foes, and that Wonder Woman, Zack, and Kimberly had been successful with their mission. Batman said, “That’s good to know. Contact Hawkman and let him know.”

Chicago has been known by many names, the Windy City chief among them. Although not as bad as Gotham, Chicago is still loaded with crime, bigotry, and strife. The city gained two guardian angels four years ago, by the names of Hawkman and Hawkwoman. Today, they and the Yellow Ranger must stop Major Force and Two-Face.

“They’re holding the entire city commission hostage. They are demanding $45,000,000 in unmarked bills,” Hawkman told them.

Trini spoke up, “They’re dreaming. No way are we going to get that.”

“I agree. Let’s attack from both high and low,” Hawkman told them. “Hawkwoman, loan the Yellow Ranger your wings and anti-grav belt. You can take these Tengas on ground level. We’ll attack them on high.”

As Hawkman and Trini shot into the sky, Hawkwoman went after Two-face and his group of Tenga terrorists. The dual demon taunted, “Looky, looky. The bird-lady without her wings. Let’s put the dear woman out of her misery, shall we?” But they quickly learned that day never, ever underestimate an angry Thanagarian woman, with or without wings.

After making short work of the Tengas, she went after Two-Face, saying, “Yoo-hoo, half and half, guess what?,” giving him a flying kick to the jaw the minute he whirled around. “Moron,” Hawkwoman smirked as she tied him to a chair securely, then went to check the hostages, to make sure they were okay.

Hawkman and Trini, meanwhile, soared down onto the Tengas and Major Force on the roof of city hall. Trini had come up with a very risky plan. “Suppose I draw their fire. While they’re busy with me, you can take these creeps out of commission.”

Hawkman told her, “Good idea, only I’ll draw their attention. Use my Gravitron pistol if you have to.” With that, he swooped down low and took out the Tengas, leaving only six left to aid Major Force.

While Hawkman confused them all, Trini used her Dyna Daggers and Gravitron pistol to disrupt the head villain, in effect, temporarily canceling his powers. He whirled to discover the Yellow Ranger swooping down upon him, but he really couldn’t do anything; It was too late for him. Using full power, Trini knocked him out.

“Yeah, we did it!” Trini yelled.

Hawkman spoke into his signal device, “Hawkwoman, how did you do?”

“Nailed them. Those losers are history!” she yelled.

Angel Grove is the exact opposite of Gotham in every aspect. The only kind of trouble it usually receive comes from the husband and wife trouble team of Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd, but that is more than enough. These two have caused the White Ranger and his fellow Rangers more than enough grief to no end. But this time, with the help of the Flash and Green Lantern, he intends to put a permanent end to their plans. Doctor Light aided them by slowly removing the light from Angel Grove. They had an earth based HQ which our heroes had discovered. “I’ll take care of Light, you take care of Rita and Zedd!” Tommy yelled.

As Light tried to steal the rest of the light from the city, Tommy burst through the door, scattering Putties and Tengas in his wake, making Doctor Light furious. “So, the teen superhero wants to try to stop me, does he? Well…” But before he could do anything, Tommy leaped out of his vision field, landed behind him, and snatched his gadget-laden belt, returning Angel Grove’s light and power in the processes.

“Hi!” Tommy snorted and gave him a quick right hook. Quickly recovering, and having no stomach for physical confrontation, the cowardly crook began to run, crying for mercy. Tommy simply teleported in front of him and yelled, “BOO!” Light fainted. White Ranger groaned, “Green Lantern was right about you. You are a complete wus.”

Rita and Zedd soon discovered that their putties, Tengas, and various other creatures were being taken out by a blue of red light. “How,… who… what… OF COURSE! THE FLASH! STOP HIM NOW! GOLDAR!” Rita bellowed at her simian right-hand man, who leaped into the battle, sword at ready, but the sad truth of the matter was, Goldar never had a chance. The Flash simply ran circles around him, creating an incredible updraft, sucking him up into it, sending him 95 feet into the air, and then simply stopped. Completely disoriented, Goldar hit the ground with an amazing CRASH!, causing shockwaves in the immediate area.

“Had enough, you overgrown Wizard of Oz reject? Winged Wussy?” the Scarlet Speedster taunted.

“Big deal, Speedster. You took out Goldar. Rita and myself are another matter entirely. No, prepare for your end!” Zedd shouted angrily. Just as they were aiming their staffs, a green claymore smashed them out of their hands, destroying them instantly.

“NO!” Rita screamed.

“YEAH! I am the coolest!” Green Lantern laughed.

“Right, and I’m Cindy Crawford!” Flash said jokingly.

“I’ll ask for your autograph later, Miss Crawford.” Green Lantern chuckled while trapping the terrible twosome in green electric chairs created from his Power Ring, proceeding to hit them both in their faces with ring-created creme pies. The Flash took one look at the once-powerful villains and snickered, “Low class finish, GL.”

As Tommy joined them with the unconscious Doctor Light, Green Lantern responded, “Yeah, well kiss my ring, buddy!” Tommy couldn’t help but laugh as these two continued to rag on each other.

In the past three years alone, Los Angeles has had it’s share of unwelcome attention and controversy. Race relations fragile at best, the city is constantly on the verge of exploding into an all-out war zone. Hopefully, the Purple Ranger, Black Canary, and Isis can stop that from happening by catching Killer Frost and Count Viper, who are trying to completely ruin any peace left between it’s inhabitants.

Frost was spreading lies in downtown L.A., trying to stir up racial unrest. “Once again, the pigs in charge don’t want you to receive your fair share, and keep you in no position to get ahead. They don’t want you to ever in a a…” Frost was spewing, when she was hit with an intense blast of searing heat, connecting solidly, and knocking her off her podium. Quickly recovering, Frost discovered Isis and the Purple Ranger standing over her, disgusted. “Neither of you can stop me. It has begun.”

Isis look at her and growled, “And now, it’s going to end. you lose.”

“NO! I will not be defeated by the likes of you! FOLLOW ME, MY…” Frost started, as she tried to cover downtown L.A. in a blanket of killing ice.

This was cut short by Samantha, who shot two concessive blasts of heat from her Sonic Slings, followed by a roundhouse, takedown kick from the Purple Ranger. Angrily, Samantha grabbed her and yelled, “Why in the hell are you trying to ignite a race war?”

Knowing she had lost, Frost said, “I was paid by Lexcorp to start a race war to generate negative publicity against Los Angeles bad industries and damage the city’s financial and social bases.”

“You nearly destroyed a city for the sake of commerce? My God, what sort of scum are we dealing with here?” a disgusted Samantha growled.

Isis told her young companion, “The type who won’t be around much longer, if we have anything to say about it.”

In a high-rent district of L.A., Count Viper had just chalked it all up to a loss, and was just about to cut his losses, and hit the road, when he was hit by a sonic blast. Looking up, he saw Black Canary standing before him. Angrily, she kicked him in the ground, then promptly began to slam him around the office, finally kicking him almost out of the tenth-story window, screaming, “YOU MISERABLE SON OF A BITCH! You take away jobs, homes, family, and virtually, freedom from people because of the color of their skin, trying to start a race riot all in the name of the mighty dollar? GIVE ME ONE REASON WHY I SHOULDN’T THROW YOUR DAMN ASS TO THE STREET!”

Samantha told her, “I’ll give you a reason. He’s not worth it. Let the police deal with it.”

Basically known as Gotham’s exact opposite, Metropolis is thriving in any and all aspects. Although it too has it’s fair share of crime, unrest, poverty, and other social ills, these are significantly lower, due to her No. 1 citizen, Superman. Today, he and the Blue Ranger must stop Brainiac from destroying the downtown business district, and put a permanent end to the architect of the entire scheme, Lex Luthor.

“So far, I’ve stopped at least ten executives from jumping to their deaths, but how in the… OF COURSE! MIND CONTROL!” Billy shouted.

“Why not? Makes sense. He commands them to give Luthor power of attorney, giving him control of their companies, then has them leap to their deaths! Diabolical! But we’re putting a stop to this.. RIGHT NOW!” Superman shouted.

“I’ll get started by running a trace of the brainwaves,” Billy told him. “Bingo! They’re coming from Luthor’s world headquarters. Time to interrupt his brainwave items,” Blue Ranger spoke up.

Superman added, “As your friend Jason would say, ‘Let’s do it!'”

Like before, with Count Viper, Lex Luthor knew the JLA and their young allies had beaten them, but next time, no one would stop his schemes, he thought. However, this would be the last time for a long time. His secretary was shouting, “Wait, you two can’t go in there…” to no avail.

In seconds, the heavy, oaken doors were broken down and Superman and Billy strode into his office. “We finally nailed your ass, Luthor! You’re going to be in jail for a long time,” Superman grinned.

“You can’t prove a thing, you sanctimonious…” Luthor started, but was soon interrupted by the Blue Ranger.

“You were so certain that you would ascertain a victorious expedition that you failed to protect your past indescrepancies and peccadilloes.”

Luthor bellowed, “What the hell did he just say?”

“He said that you were so sure your scheme would be such a windfall for you that you didn’t cover your crooked ass! We uncovered schemes that go all the way back to the Nixon Administration, and this time, you can’t con your way out of any of it. Your fakery ends with us, and since the police are here, I’ll just let them in so they can do their job.” The Man of Steel grinned.

Billy added, “It’s all over, Luthor, and by the way, get used to prison. You’re going to be there for a long time.”

One month later, all seven Power Rangers were teleported to the JLA satellite, and then to the moon, where a new fortress was installed when Rita and Zedd’s castle used to be. Wonder Woman told them, “This will be our secondary headquarters, the WatchTower. We figured that you’d better get used to the place, especially if you accept our invitation.”

Zack as the first to react, “Invitation? For what… OH, MY GOD! Are you kidding?”

“We’re not kidding. We would like for all of you to join the JLA,” Batman said.

Hawkman asked, “Well, how about it?”

“Jammin’! This is a major groove!” Zack shouted.

“This is so totally awesome!” Kimberly cheered.

“Count me in!” Trini yelled.

“This is fantastic. Count me in, too!” Tommy shouted.

“All right, I’m in!” Jason howled.

“Outrageous!” Samantha shrieked.

“This is most prodigious!” Billy chimed.

“Zordon told us of the three rules that you must follow as Power Rangers. We’ll uphold these as well, and provide all of you access to any and all JLA files as well. Tommy, Kimberly, Zack, Trini, Jason, Samantha and Billy, welcome to the JLA!” Superman smiled.

As the other Rangers got accustomed to the HQ, Jason was deep in thought about this new situation they were in. Thinking to himself, he said, “Don’t worry, we’re going to try to be worthy of this.”


Hereby elects:

Tommy Oliver (White Ranger)

Kimberly Hart (Pink Ranger)

Zack Taylor (Black Ranger)

Trini Kwan (Yellow Ranger)

Jason Lee Scott (Red Ranger)

Samantha Dean (Purple Ranger)

Billy Cranston (Blue Ranger)

Collectively known as the Power Rangers

to membership for life– with all privileges and gratuities including the signal device(s) and possession of the special keys which permit access to the teleporters which provide entry to the satellite-sanctuary and the WatchTower, and the libraries, laboratories, weapons range, armory, conference rooms, and souvenir rooms of both headquarters.

It is also resolved that:

The Power Rangers

shall receive a special commendation for their assistance on this case file-named:

Deadly Alliances

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Final Arrangements

Disclaimer: Even in my wildest dreams I do not own the Power Rangers. They belong to Saban and are used here without his permission. Saban also owns Masked Rider and VR Troopers. Mandarin belongs to Marvel Comics and North Valley belongs to the creators of Super Human Samurai Cyber Squad. UNIT is own by the BBC as does the Master and his TARDIS.

Some of the additional characters i.e. Chelsea and Teddy Oliver, members of the De Santos family, Jamie Zedden, Larrie Zedden, Lillian O’Neil, Parker O’Neil and the IGPF belong to Ellen Brand. I have also borrowed the idea of Morphin Warriors and based my description of the Morphin Grid on her series. Thank you for allowing me to use them Ellen:-) Now for what I do own. The idea for the Full Aspect Morphin Powers is mine, use it if you want. Minion is also my creation. Silvo, Bronzo, and Brasso are my creations named after tins of metal polish. Any likeness between these characters and anybody else’s are purely coincidental.
Author’s Note: Anything appearing like -this- is a conversation Sam is eavesdropping. *This* is a telepathic message. [This] is a computerised message. Beetle Borgs are called -colour- Borg. Gem Coin Rangers are referred to as Zeo -Ninja Animal-. VR Troopers are referred to as -colour- Trooper.
Special thanks: for this part goes to Ellen Brand for the explanation of the Morphin Warrior costumes. The ideas and descriptions for some of the new Zeo Zords come from Matt’s Samurai Ranger series. If you haven’t read their series yet I suggest you do so they are excellent reads. Oh yeah, everybody hurts was written by REM and is used without permission.

Final Arrangements

The Power Chamber, normally quiet apart from times of crisis was currently the location of a deep debate about a subject affecting both the Morphin and Zeo teams.

“Are you sure this will work?” Billy asked looking first at Zordon and then at the grinning Time Lord and the Blue Morphin Master trying to look inconspicuous.

Alpha Five for his part tried to stay out of sight of the slightly annoyed Blue Ranger. This close to their trip to Aquitar Billy was even more on edge than he had been for the last few months. The constant stress of being a Ranger was starting to take its toll on the young genius. Fortunately Trini had been on hand to keep him calm and the other Rangers had accepted his unpredictable temper as a passing phase.

“Have faith young wolf,” Ninjor replied in his unique way. “I built them so I should know what they can do.”

“Besides,” the Doctor added, “If you don’t try we’ll never know and you know we are short four Zeo Zords.”

“You must have faith Billy,” Zordon reassured the still uncertain Ranger. “When we built the original Zeo Zords I foresaw the chance we might have needed to replace them in the future.”

“Okay,” Billy conceded. “But I still think we need to find a decent mechanic to handle this sort of thing.”

“Come on Billy we know you can do it,” Trini reassured her friend. “After all, Ninjor built one set of Zords and you built the other.”

“But neither of us built the third set,” Billy protested. “At least if we used the remains of Serpenterra we would know how the power is generated. Even stripping on of the Gem Coin Megazords would be a better option than this.”

“I agree with you Billy,” Alpha said. “But with Aisha now holding the power of the Grey Morphin Zeo Ranger we have a chance to merge the Earth based Zeo technology with the power of Grid and Crystal. Beside, we need to ensure the Zeo Rangers have Zords that will work on Aquitar.”

“Where do we start?” Billy asked.

“First we must gather the Zords and separate them from their power source. Then we can start to modify them,” the Doctor said.

“That means we need to call the Zeo Rangers,” Billy said. “Although Trini and I can summon Morphin Zords.”

“I will summon them for you Billy,” Alpha said.

“Call on Aisha as well,” Zordon told him.

“Right away Zordon,” Alpha replied glad to be in everyone’s good books. “They’re on their way Zordon.”

“Relax,” the Doctor whispered to Billy. He remembered the last young genius he had come across in E-Space and the pain he had felt when Adrian had died. He promised himself he would ensure Billy had the chance to reach his full potential and if that meant freeing a planet from the hands of a pair of formerly incompetent henchmen.

Ten coloured columns announced the arrival of most of the Rangers summoned. The Doctor looked at those assembled and asked, “Where’s Samantha?”

“I’ll call her again,” Alpha volunteered.

Beep beep beep beep beep beep

The sound of a communicator came from inside the Doctor’s TARDIS.

“Alright, alright! I’m coming,” came the familiar English accent belonging to Samantha Jones the current Yellow Zeo Ranger. “Can’t you let a girl get a bit of bloody sleep every now and then.”

Even Billy smiled, as the Doctor’s travelling companion appeared in the doorway her hair a mess from sleeping too near the static generator again.

“Language Sam,” the Doctor said trying to hide his own smile. Sam was the first companion he had known with the possible exception of Ace to gain the upper hand in terms of temperament. Most companions, even those who were supposed to be refined and scientifically advanced eventually ended up screaming at the smallest thing.

Unlike Ace however Samantha fought her battles with words as opposed to Nitro Nine. It was a relief to the Doctor who always feared Ace would one-day blow up the Console Room. Samantha on the other hand drew strength from her faith in the Doctor and could find her way out of trouble without screaming.

“Yeah well it wasn’t me who flooded the bedrooms because I forgot to empty the swimming pool was I?” Sam snapped back. Finally she noticed the other Rangers and remembered the communicator. “So, what’s up?”

“Zeo Rangers,” Zordon said regaining control. “We need you to summon your Zords so we can update your arsenal.”

As Zordon spoke Trey summoned a box containing the Super Zeo Gems. Holding his Power Staff over his head he energised the four remaining Gems.

“The Purple, White, Silver and Black Super Zeo Zords are ready Zordon.”

“Good,” Zordon replied. “Morph outside the Power Chamber and call on you Zords. Then teleport back here. Billy and Trini summon the other Zords we need.”

“It’s Morphin Time!”

“Zeo Ranger I – Pink!”

Zeo Ranger II – Yellow!”

“Zeo Ranger III – Blue!”

“Zeo Ranger IV – Green!”

“Zeo Ranger V – Red”

“Zeo Ranger VI – Purple!”

“Zeo Ranger VII – Silver!”

“Zeo Ranger VIII – Black!”

“Zeo Ranger IX – White!”

“Zeo Ranger X – Gold!”

“Yellow Ranger Power!”

“Blue Ranger Power!”

When the day is long and the night, the night is yours alone,
when you’re sure you’ve had enough of this life, well hang on.
Don’t let yourself go, everybody cries and everybody hurts sometimes.

Sometimes everything is wrong. Now it’s time to sing along.
When your day is night alone, (hold on, hold on)
if you feel like letting go, (hold on)
when you think you’ve had too much of this life, well hang on.

Everybody hurts. Take comfort in your friends.
Everybody hurts. Don’t throw your hand. Oh, no. Don’t throw your
If you feel like you’re alone, no, no, no, you are not alone

If you’re on your own in this life, the days and nights are long,
when you think you’ve had too much of this life to hang on.

Well, everybody hurts sometimes,
everybody cries. And everybody hurts sometimes.
And everybody hurts sometimes. So, hold on, hold on.
Hold on, hold on. Hold on, hold on. Hold on, hold on. (repeat & fade)
(Everybody hurts. You are not alone.)

Skull placed the earphones back under the seat, his eyes filling slightly with tears. It had been six weeks since the accident and he knew he should be feeling better, but the loss of his only friend was still too painful to forget.

He thought back on his childhood, how the other kids had bullied him because he was small for his age. That was before Bulk had shown up. He was also bullied because of his weight and his name. A friendship had been formed and Skull knew he had a friend for life.

After that day Bulk and Skull had been inseparable. Even though their had been detentions and arguments along the way the two boys had never been able to stay mad at each other for long.

Everything they had done since then they had done together. They had entered highschool as a duo, tried out for the football team together and even trained as junior police officers together.

But what time had failed to accomplish fate had managed. Bulk was dead, killed saving Skull from a piece of shrapnel. At the time Skull had wanted to go after the man he blamed for his friend’s death, but after much soul searching he decided it was not Richie Ryan’s fault.

When Inspector Klauseau finally explained the organisation he worked for Skull had been amazed. He had accepted the Power Rangers without question, but the thought of immortals covering the planet and an organisation dedicated to recording their lives was amazing.

Of course had somebody told the boys about the Quickening before they had followed Ryan they would have known to get clear when the warehouse exploded.

Skull looked out of the window as he heard the plane reverse thrust ready for landing. On the ground he saw the crowds waiting for passengers. Of course he knew nobody would be there for him, as he had not told anyone he was coming.

_Not that anybody would be there if I did, _ he thought sadly.

One of the few things he regretted about his friendship with Bulk was the way they had alienated the other students and citizens of Angel Grove. In truth they had been lonely and being bullies was the only way they could get attention away from Jason Lee-Scott and his friends.

It had succeeded to some extent, except instead of respect they had ended up with detention.

“Oh well, time to go home,” he said to himself as he retrieved the small bag from the overhead compartment. Inside was his final tribute to Bulk, which he hoped Ernie would help him deal with. The official funeral had taken place in Sunnyvale where the Bulkmiers had made their home before coming to Angel Grove.

Of course the casket was empty because the Watchers had wanted the body for some reason. It made Skull sick to think what they were doing to his friend’s corpse.

Paris Mortuary,
Six Weeks Ago

“Monsieur Skullovitch, I know this is difficult but I would ask you to look at the body in this room and tell me if it is indeed Farkus Bulkmier,” the police official said.

“Oui Monsieur,” Skull replied.

He gazed at Bulk’s body noting the peaceful look on the boy’s face. His heart sank, as he thought of life on his own.

“Au revoir, Bulky,” Skull said before allowing the morgue officials to show him out.

As they left the room one of the morgue’s attendants placed the corpse into a storage locker and left. Unaware of the figure watching from the Power Chamber.

In a column of green light Samoht Revilo appeared in the morgue and made his way to the locker where Bulk had been placed.

“Zordon, what do I do?” he asked.

“Remove the shrapnel from his back,” the Doctor said. “Then stand back and wait.”

Samoht did as he was asked still not understanding why Zordon had insisted none of the other Rangers be made aware of his mission.

“What the…”

A small bolt of lightning struck the exposed wound healing it instantly. Another bolt struck and Bulk let out a howl of pain.

“You can bring him back now,” the Doctor said.

Samoht obeyed, ignoring the fact he was grave robbing.

Year 2000,

In Seacouver Duncan Macleod sensed the approach of someone with a long lifeline and drew his sword ready for action. Even as the new arrival moved into view Duncan was ready to strike.

“Put it down Duncan,” a voice said. “You know I’ll kick your butt.”

Duncan frowned. Only one person spoke to him like that and if he remembered their last meeting the Doctor did not carry a sword.

“You’ve changed faces again,” Macleod said humourlessly.

“And you still insist on carrying that thing,” the Doctor replied.

He had tried years before to get Duncan to give up the Game and for a time Duncan had responded. Now though not only was Duncan back in the fight it seemed he was teaching.

“What brings you here?” Duncan asked aware of the fact wherever the Doctor travelled trouble was almost always nearby.

“I need you to train a new student,” the Doctor replied.

“I’m not in the Game anymore Doctor. I quit.”

“Well I’d appreciate it if you’d consider this one a debt,” the Doctor told him.

“A debt?”

“Well your student made him immortal so I thought maybe you could train him.”

“Doctor, Richie is dead,” Duncan said.

“I know,” the Doctor said. “Killed by your own hand. But before he died he was responsible for the Quickening that killed your next pupil.”

The Doctor gestured to his side and a large teenager who resembled a football player stepped out.

“Bulk, this is Duncan Macleod of the Clan McCloud.”

Farkus Bulkmier held his hand out experiencing a serious headache. Duncan reluctantly shook the boy’s hand agreeing to tutor him.

_Good, _ the Doctor thought. _Now we just need to handle Skull. _

Outside of Power Mountain,

“We need Zeo Zord power, now!” six of the ten Zeo Rangers called.

“Red Battle Zord!” Red Zeo called.

“Warrior Wheel!” Gold Zeo called.

“Super Zeo Zords Online!”

Now it was the turn of the Morphin Rangers to call forth their contribution. “Battle Borgs, Power Up!”

On the side of a mountain in an unknown land the eight Battle Borgs looked at each other before setting off to aid the Rangers for the last time. At Power Mountain the Holding Bay opened and the Zeo Ranger’s Zords were released from the Zord Cannon.

“Line them up!” Red Zeo ordered.

The twenty-six Zords arranged themselves in lines before the Rangers. The Super Zeo Zords at the back ready for action. In front stood the six Zeo Zords, the Sphinx and Taurus Zords detached from the weapon systems they normally dragged into action. In front of them were the smaller Battle Borgs, each carrying a larger version of the Power Weapons. In the front row the Red Battle Zord and Warrior Wheel kneeled down awaiting further instructions.

“Zordon we’re ready,” Billy said.

“Isolating now,” Alpha replied.

There was a bright flash as the Rangers were demorphed leaving the Zords standing powerless. Inside the Power Chamber Ninjor removed the link between the Battle Borgs and the Grid. Now all they were waiting for was the rangers to return.

“Alpha, tell Sam to collect Skull from the airport,” the Doctor ordered. “I’m going to get Bulk.”

As the Doctor stepped into the TARDIS and went to collect the boy he had left in twenty-first century Seacouver Billy returned to the Power Chamber and with the help of Aisha started to reconfigure the Zords.

“Unifying power source,” Billy said.

Manipulating the controls Billy combined the residual energy of the Morphin Grid contained in each Battle Borg into a single power cell. Next he drained the energy of the Super Zeo Gems leaving only enough power for them to operate the Gem Coin Zords. Finally the new power source was place beneath the Zeo Crystal so the powers of Gem, Grid and Crystal could merge.

“Power source unified,” he said looking at Ninjor. “You can reconnect them now.”

“Won’t this make them Morphin Rangers?” Aisha asked.

“No Aisha,” Zordon replied. “Only a trip to the Temple of Ninja Powers will reconnect them.”

“Look,” Billy cried excitedly, “The Zords are reconfiguring to take advantage of the new powers.”

In a flash of golden light Trey of Triforia appeared. “With the Zord changes in progress I think now would be a good time to pass on the Gold Zeo powers. I won’t be any help on Aquitar.”

“You are correct Prince Trey,” Zordon said. “I suggest you we take the time to separate the Zeo Crystal from the Golden Power Staff so you can continue to use the Gold Ranger powers to defend Triforia.”

Billy also agreed remembering how the Aquitian world had affected Trey on his previous visit. “We’ll need somebody to take the powers.”

“We will hold the ceremony tonight,” Zordon said. “By then the candidate will be here.”

Angel Grove Airport

Skull stepped through the baggage area and picked up what little luggage he had. As expected nobody was there to meet him. Nobody cared.


Skull turned to where the voice had come from. He could make out a lone figure waving to him although he had no idea who it was. Deciding to be polite Skull walked towards the green clad teenager trying to place the name to the face.

“Hi Sam,” Skull said finally remembering the boy’s name.

“Hi Skull,” Sam replied. “I- I’m sorry about what you’ve been through the last six week, but we had to wait before telling you the truth about Bulk.”

“Bulk’s dead,” Skull said simply.

Sam took a quick look around to ensure nobody was looking before grabbing Skull’s wrist. “Skull, Bulk is alive and I will take you to him if you come with me.”

Skull laughed, the first time in six weeks. Samoht might have been mad, but he had succeeded in cheering the former bully up.

“I’m serious Skull,” Sam said. “I retrieved his body after they put it in the morgue. The Watchers never took his body, the Power Rangers did.”

“Oh so you’re a Power Ranger,” Skull said sceptically.

“Green Morphin actually,” Sam replied. He had no idea why Zordon wanted Skull or why he had been allowed to reveal his identity, but he trusted Zordon enough to obey without argument.

“Yeah, right!” Skull said not believing a word of it.

Truthfully Skull had always had an idea of who the Rangers might be. In fact part of the reason Bulk and Skull had undertaken to find out their true identities was to help them remain a secret. By constantly putting down those they suspected and allowing the Rangers time to remove any evidence they had been the unsung heroes of the early Ranger days.

“Trust me,” Sam said. Casting a spell to prevent anybody from seeing what was going on he pulled out his morpher. “Green Ranger Power!”

Skull’s mouth opened but no words came out. After all that time spent wondering he couldn’t believe he was so wrong. The Green Ranger removed his helmet and Skull did a double take.


It was Sam’s turn to look surprised. So far only Daniel Pellerin had seen through his disguise. For Skull to have done so meant he was open to the Morphin Grid in some way.

“Come with me,” Green Ranger said. “All will be explained, I hope.”

Mondo’s Machine Base, The Moon

“Father I detect the Zeo Zords are weakened,” Gasket, Mondo’s first made son said. “Now would be a good time for a strike.”

“Yes my son I believe you are right,” Mondo replied unaware of the look his youngest son was giving him. “Klank, I need a monster to destroy the Zeo Rangers while they are vulnerable.”

“Yes ya Majesty,” Klank replied. “Perhaps Hellrunner would do.”

Mondo considered the machine Klank referred to. Based on a large dinosaur the machine was equipped with a single Ion Cannon on its back.

“No,” Mondo said. “We need a monster that can adapt.”

“How about the Death Ball?” Sprocket asked.

The Death Ball was something Sprocket had built. Basically designed as heavy armour for Sprocket the ball featured powerful weapons. The machine would mean Sprocket would be unable to escape in the event of destruction.

“I agree father,” Gasket said. “It is the perfect way to destroy the Rangers.” _Not to mention if it fails Sprocket will be gone. _

“Please Daddy,” Sprocket begged knowing his father could never resist his pleas.

“Very well,” King Mondo conceded. “But take the Death Ball down at full size and have Klank arm it with Cold Iron pellets.

“I am so proud of you,” Queen Machina gushed.

“If you succeed you will be the undisputed successor to Dad’s throne,” Gasket whispered.

“The Death Ball is ready ya Majesty,” Klank reported.

With a small amount of effort Sprocket was inserted into the Death Ball, which then closed around him. Activating the computer systems he armed the weapons and switched on the anti-gravity generators.

“Draw them out son,” Mondo said. “Then crush them.”

Sam and Skull appeared in the Power Chamber at the same moment the TARDIS containing Bulk and the Doctor showed up. The door opened and the Doctor stepped out followed by a very healthy looking Bulk. For six years the former bully had been training with Duncan Macleod and he now returned a changed man.

Since he was immortal he had no fear of ageing. The Doctor’s vast wardrobe room had provided Bulk with a new look. He stepped out in a black trench coat with gold trim. Inside the lining of the coat was the military sabre Macleod liked to give all his students.

“Bulky!” Skull cried running over and embracing his oldest friend. For once the two boys were unafraid to let their emotions show. Skull openly wept knowing his pal was okay. “I thought you were dead.”

“I am officially,” Bulk said. “I’m immortal.”

“You mean you’ll live forever?” Skull asked.

“That is what the term means young man,” the Doctor said.

“So, are you going to introduce everybody?” Skull asked assuming Bulk knew who was who.

“Um, Skull this is the Doctor and that there is Sam,” Bulk began.

“And I am Alpha Five,” a small android said as he shuffled into view.

“And I am Zordon of Eltare,” a deep voice boomed.

The two boys turned to where a giant head was floating in the Plasma Tube.

“Hi,” they said together. There wasn’t anything else to say.

“I believe you know Billy and Aisha,” Zordon added.

“I told you they were Rangers,” Skull said to Bulk.

“Indeed,” Zordon said. “Your actions to help keep the Rangers’ identity secret was appreciated even though they could not tell you. And generous nature you showed by allowing Rito and Goldar to stay in your garage has allowed me to make you the offer I am about to make.”

Zordon was interrupted by the alarm sounding. Billy and Aisha immediately looked up from their workstation to find out the cause of the alarm. Billy swore when he discovered it was a machine monster.

“The Zeo Zords won’t be ready for a while,” he said. “The Morphin Rangers will need to cover.”

“Take the Ninja Zords and use your speed,” Ninjor advised. “I’ll be on call if you need me.”

“The other are on their way,” Alpha said.

“Then it’s Morphin Time!” Sam called.

“Green Ranger Power!”

“Blue Ranger Power!”

In another part of Angel Grove similar voices could be heard calling on their powers.

“White Ranger Power!”

“Red Ranger Power!”

“Purple Ranger Power!”

“Black Ranger Power!”

“Yellow Ranger Power!”

“Pink Ranger Power!”

“We need Ninja Zord power, now!” the Rangers called.

“Log on!” Red Ranger ordered as he appeared in the Ape’s cockpit.

“Zack here moving and a grooving.”

“Billy, the Wolf is ready and able.”

“Trini here ready to boogie with the Bear,”

“Hawk is airborne,” Tanya reported.

“Ditto for the Falcon,” David added.

“Kim here, Crane is flying, but I ain’t lying, Kat’s been messing about with my stereo again!”

“Panther standing by Jase,” Sam reported. “Let’s bring them together!”

“We need Ninja MegaFalconzord now!” Red, Yellow, Blue, Black and Pink Ranger called.

“Ninja Battlezord, power up!” Green and Purple Ranger called.

The Crane started to fold to form the head while at the same time the Frog transformed to become the legs and the Bear converted to become the Ninja MegaFalconzord’s upper body. The already modified Ape and Wolf joined onto the Bear to form the arms as the Crane linked on to become the head. Then the whole upper body joined onto the Frog as the Falcon Zord linked onto the back. Hands formed over the Ape and Wolf’s heads.

The Panther Zord transformed to stand upright on its hind legs. The head rotated downwards to become the chest and the front paws became the arms. The Hawk Zord’s wings and head folded into the body as the Hawk Zord joined onto the shoulders of the Panther to become the head of the Ninja Battlezord. The Panther’s tail converted into a Power Sword as Purple and Green Rangers slid into the cockpit ready for action

“Let’s take this machine down!” Red Ranger ordered.

Together the two Zords circled the Death Ball. Sprocket responded by activating his lateral thrusters and causing the ball to spin. Increasing the power of the thrusters on one side he squealed in delight as the Death Ball ploughed into the Zords. Spikes emerged from the ball to cause some damage.

“Maybe you should be tied up,” Sprocket stated.

Chains shot from the ball and surrounded the Zords. Activating the current he attempted to overload the Zord’s energy banks.

“Fire!” Sprocket commanded activating a flamethrower attached to his machine.

The Ninja MegaFalconzord was engulfed by fire and the Rangers had to put all their energy into the shield. Even the energy that might have allowed them to escape.

“Battle Strike!” Green and Purple Rangers called, hoping to break free using their Power Sword.

“Spike them!” Sprocket responded.

The spikes in the ball’s surface shot out like spears, breaching the Battlezord’s shields and breaking the Zord’s body.

“Time to finish this!” Sprocket cried in triumph. “Fire!”

Two high impact rifles emerged from the Death Ball and fired, pumping pellets of Cold Iron into the damaged Zords.

“We’re losing power!” Pink Ranger said.

“Billy, can you get us any more power?” Red Ranger asked.

“Negative,” Blue Ranger replied. “But we could try the Super Ninjazord.”

“Right!” the others replied. “We need Super Ninjazord power!”

The Hawk Zord detached from the Panther Zord, connecting to the back of the Falcon Zord, which had in turn detached from the Ninja MegaFalconzord. The Panther folded as the Hawk and Falcon finished their link up hovering in the air so the Hawk and Falcon could join with it. The rear of the Megazord opened to allow the Hawk, Falcon and Panther combination to rest inside. The Panthers face appeared just under the Bear.

Sprocket’s reaction was to fire a second barrage of pellets into the Zord. The Super Ninjazord’s cockpit exploded, the consoles sparking violently and threatening the Rangers with electrocution.

“Boost the shields!” Red Ranger ordered.

“We don’t have any shields!” Blue Ranger snapped back.

“Zordon, those Zeo Zords had better be finished soon. Cause we’re going down.”

“Billy, can we call on the other Zords?” Green Ranger asked.

“Negative,” Blue Ranger responded. “This Cold Iron would render the Shogun, Dino and Thunder Zords helpless.”

“We need a miracle,” Black Ranger stated as the Zord was again pummelled with pellets.

“Alpha, summon the Zeo Rangers,” Zordon said.

“On their way Zordon,” Alpha replied.

In ten columns of light the Zeo Rangers arrived. Aisha moved from her place at the computer terminal to join them.

“Rangers,” Zordon began. “The Morphin Rangers need your help. Your new Zeo Zords are ready.”

“Each Zord has additional powers you will learn about in time,” Alpha said. He flicked the controls and the ten Zeo Zords appeared. Six were shaped like the animal based Zeo Zord, the other four in the shape of robots resembling both the Super Zeo Zords and the Battle Borgs. “The Scorpion, Spider, Lion, Bat, Sphinx and Phoenix Zord each have a humanoid conversion,” he added.

“Good luck Rangers,” Zordon said. “And may the Power protect you!”

“It’s Morphin Time!”

“Zeo Ranger I – Pink!”

Zeo Ranger II – Yellow!”

“Zeo Ranger III – Blue!”

“Zeo Ranger IV – Green!”

“Zeo Ranger V – Red”

“Zeo Ranger VI – Purple!”

“Zeo Ranger VII – Silver!”

“Zeo Ranger VIII – Black!”

“Zeo Ranger IX – White!”

“Zeo Ranger X – Gold!”

“Grey Morphin Zeo Power!”

Once outside the Ranger raised their hands to the sky, summoning their Super Zeo Gems.

“We need Zeo Zord Power now!”

The front of the Zord Holding Bay opened to reveal the new Zeo Zords, ten colossal machines superior to Billy’s earlier creations. At the signal from the Rangers the Zords started their first battle charge.

“Here they come!” Pink Zeo cried as she saw the Zords approaching.

Shaped into the form of a Phoenix, a Scorpion, a Sphinx, Spider, a Bat, a Surfer complete with board, a Sentinel, a Cyclops, a Lion and a Dragon the Zeo Zords approached.

“Let’s go!” Tommy instructed. “Log on!”

“Phoenix is ready to fly,” Pink Zeo reported.

“The Scorpion is online and active,” Yellow Zeo said.

“Zeo Zord III is go,” Blue Zeo called.

“Spider Zord ready,” Green Zeo said.

“This Sentinel is cool Oliver,” Purple Zeo reported.

“Cyclops is here Tommy,” Silver Zeo agreed.

“I gotta get me one of these,” Black Zeo commented from inside the Bat.

“Surfer Zord is airborne,” White Zeo said.

“Zeo Lion is here Red Ranger,” Trey said.

“Zeo Dragon V logged on and ready to fly, let’s go Rangers!” Red Zeo ordered.

The Phoenix was an impressive Zord. The Phoenix Zeo Zord had only embodied the spirit of the creature. This one had captured the grace, the beauty and the wonder of the mythical Sun Bird of the Gods.

Trey was not used to such an articulate Zord. He had only ever used the powerful, yet clumsy, Pyramidas. This Lion was more powerful, but more agile, quicker, stronger. Even his recent experience with the Sky Zords and Super Zeo Zord X had not prepared him for how manoeuvrable a Zord could be.

Tommy’s Dragon Zord as the Green Ranger had been a good Zord, then Jason’s Red Dragon was also as impressive, but this Dragon he was in no, well, incredible! Its colour was as deep red as you could get. At first glance it looked black. It had a powerful jaw lined with glistening razor sharp teeth and four feet of equally sharp claws. The legs powerful, especially the rear. It could stand back on them to fight against someone hand to hand (or claw to hand). It had enormous wings, each one longer than the whole of the Dragon’s body. When they were folded away, the stretched back nearly as far as the tip of its tail. Tommy assessed the controls, taking in just what the Zord could do. Billy had outdone himself this time. It had so much destructive potential. Tommy knew he would have to be extra careful with his new Zord.

The Surfer Zord flew along on its powerful anti gravity units that Billy had modified to allow a full range of motion. In right hand it held a very big sword. Billy had specially adapted the Zord so during flight the controls could control both the board and surfer separately or as a combination.

Another humanoid shaped Zord appeared. Its right arm from the elbow down was a sword of some kind; the other hand held a large laser weapon. Its armour was a deep black so no light reflected from its surface. On its chest rested a hexagon shaped gem showing its power.

The Sphinx had also been improved. It was faster, providing a more formidable attack mode. Its mighty jaws capable of crushing anything in its path.

The Bat flew into the sky flying vertically so the Moon’s light shone from behind as a warning to the Rangers’ foe. “I’ve always wanted to do that,” Lillian laughed is she returned to hover over the Sphinx.

The Spider and Scorpion raced along next to each other. The Scorpion’s powerful claws and tail snapping as the spider’s jaws opened and shut in hopes of finding a monster to eat.

Running not far behind was the Cyclops, perhaps the simplest Zord create because it combined a Battle Borg, the Warrior Wheel and parts of the Red Battle Zord. That in no way made it the weakest. Unlike some Cyclops’s in mythology that were fat and ugly. This one stood tall, and muscular, wearing silver armour, a heptagon emblem emblazoned across the chest.

The Super Ninjazord made a final attempt to stand before changing its strategy.

“Billy, channel all out power into a single Super Strike,” White Ranger suggested.

“You guys need help?” Tommy’s voice asked over the commlink.

“Anytime you want to show up,” Blue Ranger answered.

“How about now?” Red Zeo asked.

Looking out the damaged cockpit the Rangers watched as the Senturion sliced through the chains holding them in place and fire into the Death Ball.

“No way Ranger,” Sprocket cried as he blasted the smaller Zord aside.

More chains shot out of the Death Ball connecting with the Sentinel and Dragon. Sprocket activated his flamethrower again.

“Fight fire with fire,” Red Zeo said.

The Dragon’s mouth opened and fired back at the Death Ball, heating it up, but not penetrating.

“Try this Sprocket,” Yellow Zeo said using the Scorpion’s claws to grab the Death Ball long enough for the tail to strike, piercing the shell.

“Surfer, dismount!” White Zeo ordered.

The Surfer detached from the board, which then flew away. Sword in hand it hack away at Sprocket’s creation.

On the Moon Gasket could see his brother losing and decided to ‘help’ him. “Klank, Orbus, get going.”

“Yes Ya Majesty,” Klank replied. “Around and around and away ya go!”

When Orbus connected with the Death Ball and inserted his growth program the machine did not grow. Instead it changed, transforming into a more powerful version of Sprocket, complete with sword.

“We need Zeo Megazord power,” Red Zeo called.

“Zeo Megazord I – Power Up!”

“Zeo Megazord II – Power Up!”

The ten Zords split into two groups, the Phoenix, Sphinx, Spider, Scorpion and Lion forming one group and the Dragon, Sentinel, Bat, Cyclops and Surfer forming the second group.

The Spider and Scorpion’s legs retracted as did the Scorpions claws and tail. The two Zords rocked back so they formed the legs with the tail and claws combining to form the lower torso. The Sphinx folded to form the main body as the Lion’s detached allowing the body to split in half to form the arms which then attached themselves to the body. The Lion’s head then moved into place as the Megazord’s head. Finally the Phoenix locked into position on the Megazord’s back, its wings forming over the arms to provide extra protection. A golden axe appeared in the newly formed Megazord’s hand.

With Megazord I complete the other Megazord started to form. The Sentinel and Cyclops formed the legs onto which the Dragon perched forming the main body, its wings folding around. The Surfer moved alongside the Megazord, sword in one hand and board in the other. The Surfer split vertically and folded to form the arms. Still holding the sword the board was no in position as a shield. With a squeak the Bat’s wings moved into the body, which then positioned itself to clip onto the back of the Dragon forming the Megazord’s head.

“Megazord I ready!” Gold Zeo called.

“Megazord II ready!” Red Zeo agreed.

The Megazords and monster exchanged blows before they beat Sprocket back.

“Super Zeo Chop!” the Rangers inside Megazord I called.

The golden axe charged with power cut into Sprocket’s body leaving him vulnerable for the second team to finish. Pink, Yellow, Blue, Green and Gold energy flowed from the axe into the monster.

“Zeo Megazord Sabre – power up!” Red, White, Silver, Black and Purple Zeo called.

The Megazord’s sword charged with energy and then made a series of cuts ending with a vertical strike through Sprocket’s body.

“Aisha, you ready for the Ultrazord?” Red Zeo asked.

“No need Tommy,” Red Ranger said. “Super Strike now!”

The Super Ninjazord stood upright and made a single lunge. Sprocket staggered before exploding. The Machine Empire had just lost its heir.

“Those Rangers will pay for destroying my son!” Mondo boomed. “I will be avenged. They have not heard the last of the Machine Empire!”

The Power Chamber,
Night time

The time had come after almost a year to say goodbye. Trey, Gold Zeo Ranger of Triforia was leaving for home allowing someone else to take his place.

“Rangers,” Zordon began. “Not only have the Zeo Zords proven their worth, but there were sufficient parts to create a new Carrier Zord. As you know Trey will be leaving us and taking Pyramidas with him. As a result I have created a second Carrier Zord to take its place. Grey Ranger step form and take that which is offered.”

Aisha did as she was told and gasped as the knowledge filled her mind. Built to accommodate all ten Zeo Zords the new Carrier Zord could be used with either all the Zeo Zords or just the humanoid Zords.

A blue flash alerted the Rangers to Ninjor’s arrival along with Bulk and Skull. “It’s time to transfer the power and leave for your next mission,” the Blue Morphin Master told them.

“Bulk, as an immortal you will be immune to the problems the Gold Ranger powers have on humans,” Zordon said. “Do you accept this power?”

“I do,” Bulk said.

Trey had already split into his three parts and had summoned the Golden Power Staff. “Farkus Bulkmier, we pass the power of the Gold Zeo Sub-crystal to you to protect.”

“I accept,” Bulk said touching the Power Staff.

“And now I must be going,” Trey said. “I have neglected my duty of Triforia for too long. It’s time to return home.”

“Thank you for your help Prince Trey,” Zordon said. “Pyramidas is back under your control and you will be able to morph to protect your people.”

“Thank you Zordon,” Trey said before teleporting away.

“Now for the final piece of business,” Ninjor said. “Skull, I cannot give you a Power Coin, but I can make you the White Morphin Warrior.”

“You can?” Skull said.

“Yes, you will be the White Morphin Warrior and will remain on Earth in case of trouble whilst the others are away.”

“I accept,” Skull said. “But does this mean I will have to wear spandex?”

Billy chuckled. “I don’t know, Skull. As you can see, it’s fifty-fifty so far. Let me see if I can explain how the costumes work. The Power Rangers, the original ones, drew their costume imagery from two sources. The first was the needs of the power. That meant that whatever costume the power’s avatar wore, it had to allow freedom of movement, some protection, and had to hide the avatar’s identity. Also, it had to bear the stamp of the power it stood for.

“The rest of the costume was determined by the collective unconscious images of the team who would wield the power. For most of us, Spandex determines the image of the superhero, so the outfits were skin-tight. Since humans are extremely visually oriented, the outfits were mainly colour-coded, with only a slight stylistic variation to the helmets to identify the power animal.

“The Power Rangers worked as a team, and therefore had to resemble each other, hence drawing from the collective image. The Morphin Warriors are different. In the first place, the identity is hidden by magic instead of a helmet. Only those close to you can tell who you are. The costumes are also drawn from the individual image, because the power is not so dependent on teamwork. It is still your greatest strength, but it is no longer your only one.”

Skull nodded. “So what you’re basically saying is that I won’t know until I transform.”

Billy grinned. “Exactly.”

Sighing, Skull shrugged. “Well, here goes nothing. Tigerzord!” In a flash of bright white light, Skull found himself clad in a pair of white jeans, rather like the blue ones he always wore, and a white tunic top. Experimentally, he tried a few kicks, and found that the jeans were just loose enough to allow freedom of movement, but not loose enough to interfere. They were slightly less roomy than the pants to his gi. In the chest of the tunic was set a golden coin with the symbol of the tiger.

“Not bad,” he grinned. “Let’s see what I have for a weapon.” Concentrating, he felt a surge of energy flow through him. Suddenly, the energy coalesced into a long silver saber. It was a cavalry saber, approximately two and a half feet long, made of purest silver. Skull had a feeling, however, that it was enchanted to be a lot harder than steel. He tested its weight and heft with a few practice swings and thrusts, letting out a delighted laugh. “It’s perfect!” he grinned. “Perfectly balanced. Makes sense, I guess.”

“I can see those lessons are going to pay off after all,” Bulk laughed.

“Take this as well,” Aisha said pulling her Bio Morpher out of sub-space. “This will give you extra protection should you need it.”

“Welcome to the team,” Tommy said.

“Rangers, it is almost time for you to depart,” Zordon told them. “Skull will remain here with the Doctor and myself. Ninjor, Thalian and Saurian will be on call should he need them.”

“Thanks Zordon,” Jason said. “Come on guys,let’s get to the Zo…”

Before Jaosn could finish, the alarm sound. A scarlet coloured figure had appeared in Angel Grove, causing havoc a he collided with a building.

“Aw man, can’t we ever get a break?” Tommy grumbled as he took in the devastation.

There was no way they could leave Earth with a new threat just arriving. WIth an exchange of looks between Tommy and Jason, and a sad nod from Billy it was clear that Aquitar would have to ait at least one more day.

His name was Barry Allen, although on his world he was better known as The Flash. And Barry Allen was in big trouble. His world had been attacked by a being, a creature driven mad for revenge against the Power Rangers and all who stood beside them. He had already torn through some of his world’s mightiest defenders and following a merger with another villain, appeared unstoppable.

And that was why Barry had tried, breaking all the limits he had ever known in the process, to cross the barriers between worlds in search of help. His Rangers had learnt the beast calling itself Minion had been defeated once before and they had sent Barry to find those that had defeated him to help them do the same.

Bu the crossing had been a matter of desperation and Barry had had no control over his speed after it had received the need boost. He had arrived with no means of stopping himself as he tore through the city of Angel Grove. And now it seemed that those allies he had intended to seek out had already found him. And they did not look pleased…

To be continued in A Cry for Help

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In a deserted warehouse outside the city two figures watched as a third walked into the open.

“Bulky, I’m bored,” Skull complained from their hiding place behind some storage cans. “We’ve been watching this Ryan guy for hours. When are we going to go home?”

“Quiet Skull,” Bulk hissed. “You know the boss said this guy is dangerous. Do you want to end up dead.”

Bulk and Skull had been in Spy Training ever since coming to France. To start with their training had been mostly physical training with a lot of paperwork. Both had benefitted from the training. Skull had developed a sporting physique with good definition, built for speed and strength. Bulk on the other hand had lost most of his weight and replaced it was muscle. He now resembled a football player Angel Grove High would have killed for.

In addition both had been taught to defend themselves and Skull’s Swordsmanship training had improved on the previous lessons his uncle had given him.

Both men had matured since being away from Angel Grove. They’d met new friends and colleagues and stopped fooling around. Both now bore a greater responsibility since they were able to carry guns.

Unfortunately patience was one of the things neither boy had learnt yet. Both were still eager to please Inspector Klauseau, so when he had given them their first assignment they had jumped at the chance. A number of disappearances had taken place over the last few months and two names had been constant in each report: Richard Ryan and William Kincaid.

“Hey look!” Skull said.

Looking over towards the man they had been sent to trail they noticed a tall black man standing in front of him. From their position Bulk and Skull could see the two men were trash talking and it looked as though Ryan was winning the war of words.

“Whoa!” Bulk exclaimed as he saw the larger man produce a cutlass and swipe at the youth known as Richard Ryan. “That’s Kincaid.”

“The other guy’s got one too!” Skull added noting that Ryan had drawn a military sabre.

A brief battle ensued, neither opponent afraid to use under handed tactics to win. After what seemed like hours Ryan drove his sword into his opponent’s stomach.

“He killed him,” Bulk whispered.

Skull didn’t reply. For some reason he felt compelled to watch what was happening. Ryan was standing over his opponent sword raised over his head.

“THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE!” Ryan cried as he brought the sword down slicing through skin, muscle, blood vessels, bone, arteries, muscles and skin.

Bulk and Skull were speechless having just witnessed their first murder. Sure they had seen monsters in Angel Grove and had live with a winged monkey and living skeleton for a few months, but nothing prepared them for what they had just seen.

A strange mist seemed to float from the decapitated body and enter Ryan’s body. The head and body disappeared into the smoke.

“We need to go Bulky,” Skull said urgently. Something told him what was about to occur. “Run!”

Lightning struck the building as the left, shattering the windows and exploding light bulbs contained inside. A stray bolt hit the canisters Bulk and Skull had been using for cover igniting the chemicals inside. As the canisters exploded Bulk threw his body in the way to protect his friend.

“Bulk?” Skull asked when the lightning had subsided and Ryan had left.

There was no answer from his larger friend. Pulling himself out from under Bulk’s mass Skull checked his friend for injury. He didn’t need to look very far; a piece of shrapnel was lodged in the back of Bulk’s spine. A quick check and Skull knew there was no need to hurry with an ambulance. Farkus Bulkmier, known to the world as Bulk was dead.

Jason Lee-Scott was enjoying the small amount of quiet time being a Ranger and teenager allowed. Much as he enjoyed the other Rangers’ company sometimes he like to get away and just think. Things had changed so much in so short a time. One year ago he had returned to the Rangers to hold the Gold Powers. Since then he had lost his powers, become leader of the Morphin Rangers, defeated a homicidal and vengeful villain who just happened to be Billy’s clone and recently endured the stress of seeing a friend sentenced to death.

Fortunately the deal Tommy had made with the Dark One had provided a get out clause and provided Tommy with a second chance. Even so the fear of almost losing his friend had caused Jason to question his future as a Ranger.

It was not a strange occurrence and having spent many nights convincing the Zeo Rangers of their worth after their encounter with Minion Jason found it easy to understand his real feelings and convince himself he was needed.

Some things had changed in the Rangers’ lives. Firstly the arrival of the Doctor and Samantha Jones had provided some new leadership and a new Yellow Zeo Ranger. Aisha had settled into her role as the Grey Morphin Zeo Ranger with the skill and grace only Aisha could manage. Adam Park’s father had not only changed his opinion of the Rangers, but following a conversation with Adam had covered for them during their last few battles.

_Perhaps, _ Jason thought, _My greatest fear is that of leaving Earth and finding nothing here when we return. _

The trip to Aquitar had raised major concerns among all the Rangers, but they had all agreed they would be under manned even with both the Morphin and Zeo teams. The Doctor had offered to watch over Earth, but Jason doubted whether even a Time Lord could withstand the Machine Empire, Rita and Zedd.

“Is this seat taken?” an unfamiliar voice asked.

“Zeddy, Jason is in the park alone,” Rita cried happily.

After discovering he had two potential heirs to his empire and could use neither Lord Zedd had been in a foul mood for some time. Daniel Pellerin his chronologically first born child was immune to the Dark Power. Zedd had tried every method he could think of to transform the youth into a servant, but all his plans had failed.

Garth, Zedd’s youngest son was still on the run having escaped from his mother’s research facility where she was creating the first artificial Ranger. Currently Garth was on the run followed by Rani’s troops. If they ever found him Zedd knew they would gain a powerful ally.

Add to that the discovery of the Zord Dimension and ways to enter the vast arsenal and Zedd was the first to admit he had a lot on his mind.

“Do you want to sent Goldar down with some Putties?” Zedd asked, not really interested.

“YES!” Rita screeched.

Zedd nodded his consent, wondering why he was having to force himself to be evil. _I thought the Dark Dimension had purged my spirit. Maybe it is time to take extreme measures. _ “Rita…”

Jason opened his eyes to see a girl he had never met before standing in front of him, standing.

“Pull up a root, and sit down,” he replied, gesturing off to his left. “I don’t remember seeing you around here before.”

“No, I just moved here Friday. I start school here next Monday.”

Jason couldn’t help looking at her. She was striking, but not conventionally pretty. Her features, certainly pleasant, but were far too strong. Her hair was a brilliant red, the colour of autumn leaves, and her eyes were a smoky hazel. Her height stunned him most of all, for when she sat down next to him, he saw that she was almost an inch shorter than Kimberly, standing only about 5’1″. “I’m Jason. Jason Scott. What’s your name?”

“Jamie Zedden. I’ve heard of you, nice to meet you. I hear you teach martial arts. What style are you?”

“I’ve got a fourth degree black belt in American style Karate,” Jason told her. He hadn’t pictured his morning discussing martial arts with a beautiful redhead, but he wasn’t complaining.

“American Style, huh? That’s pretty interesting. I just earned my fourth in Shotokan.”

Now Jason was impressed. “Shotokan? That’s a tough style.”

“Yeah, but I love it. Besides, where I come from, you have to be tough.”

“So, where are you from?”

“Just moved up here from one of Los Angeles’ ‘finer neighbourhoods,” she frowned.

Jason and Jamie spent a long time discussing everything they could think of. Jason was completely enthralled. Jamie was the most interesting person he had met in al long time, and he really enjoyed being with her. He hadn’t felt his way since his first date…well in a long time. After that quick reflection, he steeled himself to ask the question that had been tumbling around in his mind. “Jamie, I was wondering if you’d like to go see that new action movie at the Angel Grove multiplex tomorrow night?”

She smiled at him. “Are you asking me on a date? Seriously, though, is that the one with those teenagers with superpowers who save the world? What’s it called, ‘Lightspeed Heroes’ or something?”

“No way!” Jason gasped. “Those things are so cheesy! I meant the new Segal movie.”

“Sure, I’d love to IF you promise to take me to the Lightspeed thing sometime. I like cheesy. Besides, I’m a sucker for a man in Spandex.”

Jason thought to himself, -Oh Jamie, if you’d seen what I sometimes wear, – but he let it go. “Great. Meet you there at eight?”

“Sure.” They talked about other things for a while, but all too soon, reality intruded.

“Goldar, your timing really sucks,” Jason muttered in no mood for a fight.

“Surrender now human and we’ll leave the girl unharmed,” Goldar said.

“Since when have you hidden behind threats?” Jason asked, constantly aware of his position between the golden monkey and his new found friend. He waited until Goldar made a mistake and blocked the Putties behind his golden armour. “Run Jamie, I’ll hold them off!”

“I’m staying with you,” Jamie told him with a voice that forbade further argument.

“You are making a mistake girl,” Goldar growled.

Another flash just behind Goldar and Rito appeared with a flock of Tenga Warriors. Instinctively Jason knew he had no choice but to reveal his identity and teleport himself and Jamie to safety.

“Don’t even think about it Jason,” Goldar warned. “Rita put a barrier around the park.”

Jason sighed in defeat and turned to Jamie. “Sorry, I guess I’ll have to trust you.”

In that moment a vow was broken to protect an innocent and a new bond was created.

“It’s Morphin Time!”

The Zeo Crystal came alive on its own sensing the time was right for a new avatar. It had been biding its time for the first of the remaining Zeo Rangers to appear. Now it was time. A beam of purple light left the Zeo Crystal to unite with its new avatar. On the way the Power took a physical form just in case the host rejected it.

“Red Ranger Power!”

Jamie looked on as Jason exploded into action taking out Tengas and Putties before moving on to Rito. Falling into a defensive stance behind her boyfriend she managed to fight off the few Putties that took an interest in her. Goldar however was another matter. While she had been fighting the Putties he had been creeping up behind her. Turning around when she sensed his movement Jamie narrowly dodged the sword directed towards her skull.

The battle stopped when the participants heard the screech of teleportation. A purple tinted sword appeared in Jamie’s hands an occurrence that surprised her as much as Goldar. Closing her eyes and straining to listen, Jamie could hear the sword telling her what to do.

“You and me Monkey Boy!” she said slicing a Tenga through the midsection.

Goldar growled, “Yes!,” and the battle was on. Goldar started with a ringing downslice, but Jamie blocked him with ease. It was soon obvious that both were masters of the sword. Cuts, parries, thrusts, and slices formed a glittering web of razored steel. Normally, Goldar would be far stronger than Jamie, but years of fighting Rangers left him unprepared for combat against a normal human who knew how to fight without needing armour to absorb a hit. As a result his strength worked against him. Jamie also had grace and speed on her side. Goldar’s cunning made up for his lost strength, so they were evenly matched.

Goldar then lost his patience after tripping and fired a large, golden energy beam at her, but to everyone’s amazement, she absorbed the blast, as a purple aura formed around her. Smiling at the winged ape, she fired a large purple bolt of energy at him, directly in his chest, knocking him back at least two yards.

“You next Bone Head?” Jamie asked looking directly at Rito.

The ever present grin on Rito’s face seemed to grow larger (an amazing feat considering he had no skin) as he drew his own sword and charged, leaving Red Ranger to deal with the Tengas that were starting to gain the upper hands.

“Ugh!” Rito exclaimed as he struck the ground.

Jamie looked down at the fallen skeleton and then at her saviour. He was a middle-aged man with brown hair and eyes that spoke of age and wisdom. In his hand were the weapons he had used to trip, disarm and disable Rita’s brother. In his left hand was an umbrella and in his right hand was a cricket bat.

Rito groaned again as he picked the cricket ball from between his ribs where the Doctor had thrown it. Changing his target from Jamie to the Doctor he charged.

The Doctor for his part relaxed in a martial arts form learnt hundreds of years before in the future. Using momentum and pressure points he succeeded in downing Rito for the second time in as many minutes. Looking around he saw that Jamie had finished the Putties after finally learning to hit them in the ‘Z’. Red Ranger had likewise dealt with the Tengas and prevented Goldar from interfering.

For a second Rito reverted to his previous form before he had been ‘improved’ by the Dark Dimension. “Hey, time to make like Napoleon and Bone Apart!”

Goldar quickly followed leaving a victorious Time Lord and a slightly confused Ranger to stare at a human now glowing a faint purple.

“Well that was interesting,” Jamie said dryly as Jason powered down. “What happened?”

Jason enfolded Jamie in his arms. “I think that sword gave you special powers, but you must have a death wish or something, he could have killed you!”

She shrugged. “I somehow knew I could take him. Weird as it sounds, the sword told me I could do it.”

Jason thought quickly of what to do next. He had broken his promise, but Zordon would forgive that. He had also seen a human who not only managed to survive one of Goldar’s energy shots, but also turned it back against him.

“So, are you going to introduce us?” the Doctor asked.

“Jamie Zedden this is the Doctor. Doctor, meet Jamie Zedden.”

“Zedden,” the Doctor repeated raising an eyebrow.

“Jamie, there’s someone I think we all should talk to about this,” Jason told Jamie picking up on the Doctor’s tone.

“Where are we going? Who?”

Jason told her, “You have to see it to believe it.”

In minutes, all three of them were in the Power Chamber. “Jason, Doctor is something the matter?” Zordon asked as they materialised.

“Alpha, ask Samantha report here please,” the Doctor requested.

“Big time,” Jason replied. While he went over these recent events, Jamie was staring around the Command Centre with amazement. After hearing all this, Zordon had Alpha 5 run a scan on the sword.

“I want that back in one piece! So, where are we, and who are they?” Jamie asked.

“Jamie Zedden, meet Zordon of Eltare, interdimensional being and mentor to the Power Rangers,” Jason told her.

“Power Rangers? You’re a…” She stopped for a minute and thought about what she had just seen. “Oh right, you’re the Red one. Then when you were so deep in thought that was about Ranger Business? Oh. Look, I won’t push you, but if you need to talk about it, I’m willing to listen.”

“Thanks, Jamie,” he smiled. “Maybe later.”

“Don’t you believe in letting a gal sleep?” Samantha Jones asked as she slipped out of the TARDIS. “Dimensionally transcending,” She said to Jamie as way of explanation.

“Oh,” Jamie replied still not sure how somebody could sleep in something the size of a telephone box.

“Jamie Zedden?” Zordon interrupted them, frowning. “Aged 17, daughter of Lawrence Zedden?”

“Yeah,” she responded, puzzled. “My dad’s dead, though. Do you know me?”

Zordon sighed and exchanged a look with the Doctor. “I would be more appropriate to say that we know of you.”

“We now have our suspicions as to what occurred in the park,” the Doctor continued, “although we will have to wait until Alpha finishes his analysis of the sword to be sure.”

Jamie looked at Jason, who shrugged. He had no idea what either the Doctor or Zordon was talking about.

“Ai yi yi! Analysis complete, Zordon! The sword is of Zarakin manufacture; one of the six Elemental Blades manufactured by the Wizard Ralthor over three hundred millennia ago! It is the long-lost Sword of Lightning.”

“Then it is true,” Zordon replied heavily.

“What is true? Zarakin? Sword of Lightning? What’s going on here?” Jamie asked.

“It is a long story. The Zarakin are a people who live many light-years from here, on a planet known as Danata. Long ago, they settled there to escape the constant invasions their people were subject to.”

“Oh, kind of like Belgium,” Jason interjected.

“Somewhat. The Zarakin were determined not to be driven off their planet again, so a great wizard named Ralthor created six magical swords, to be given to worthy wielders. These six swords were known as the Elemental Blades. They were the Sword of Fire, the Sword of Water, the Sword of Wind, the Sword of Earth, the Sword of Heart, and the Sword of Lightning. The Zarakin House of Swords, an organisation of bodyguards to the king, grew up around these blades. Aside from being able to control the element for which they were named, each of the swords had another, hidden power, known only to the wielder. The Sword of Lightning, however, had a power that could not be kept hidden. It transformed its wielder into a formidable warrior- the Purple Zeo Ranger.

“Purple!” Jason exclaimed. “We’ve found the Purple Ranger?”

“How did I get the sword?” Jamie asked. “I’ve never seen that sword before.”

“To answer both questions. Yes. We have found the Purple Zeo Ranger. Only one who is worthy of the sword can hold the power. In answer to Jamie’s question, just as the Purple piece, also known as the Shard, is part of the Sword of Lightning so the Sword of Lightning is part of the Zeo Shard. When the Zeo Crystal was recreated after Minion shattered it the Shard was absorbed into the Crystal.”

“When the Zeo Crystal sensed a potential Purple Zeo Ranger close to Jason it sent the Shard to Jamie. Since Jamie might have ignored the power the Crystal sent the Sword of Lightning. When the sword reacted the Zeo Shard bonded with your body.”

“Do you want it back?” Jamie asked shyly.

“Jamie, the sword has bonded to you. The power is yours, no matter what. We would like you to be a full-fledged Power Ranger, tied into the grid. That way, we could come to your aid if necessary, but you are under no obligation.”

“I’ll do it. What do I have to do?”

“Simply agree to follow the three rules all Ranger must abide by:

Never escalate a battle unless forced to do so.

Never use the Power for personal gain.

And never reveal your identity without the permission of a Morphin Master.”

“Okay I’m in,” Jamie said.

“Welcome to the team, Purple Ranger,” Zordon said quietly. “The sword is still connected to the crystal, and will serve as your morpher, in a way. To morph using the sword, simply hold it aloft and shout “Zeo Shard Power! Otherwise you will be known as Zeo Ranger VI – Purple!”

Jason finally asked the question that had been bothering him for a while. “Zordon, if the Purple powers were used by aliens, what’s to prevent what happened to me with the Gold Powers from happening to Jamie?”

“Number one, Jason, Zarakin are very close to humans, physiologically speaking. They do not have the chemical differences that Triforians have, so the powers will be far more compatible with Jamie than the Gold were with you. Number two; Jamie is not completely human. She is part Zarakin.”

“WHAT!” the two teens asked in unison.

“Just what I said. Jamie, your mother is completely human. Your father, on the other hand, was a full-blooded Zarakin prince. This is why you have the ability to absorb energy. You inherited it from the good part of your father.”

“Not just an alien, but an alien prince.” Jamie shook her head, trying to absorb this. “What was he doing on Earth?”

Zordon sighed. “It is a long and somewhat ugly story. The Zarakin, like most races in the universe, are neither all evil nor all good. Like humans, they have the potential to produce great heroes and foul villains. One such hero was Lord Zedd.”

“Zedd!” Jason cried. He was not sure what sounded worse Zedd being Jamie’s father or the thought of him once being good.

“Yes Jason,” Zordon continued. “The man known as Lord Zedd was born many millennia ago as the only son of the King and Queen of Danata. At the same time a second Lord Zedd was born, a demonic creature raised as the offspring of the most evil woman in the Universe. She chose the name because in her tongue Zedd meant great leader. An ancient wizard known as Arigor placed a spell on Lord Zedd binding the prince to the demon who was acting as his apprentice.”

“Lord Zedd’s reign of terror spread across the Universe until he was captured and helped to return to his good self. But fearing that the demon would take over again Zedd agreed to be banished from Danata forever. Zedd came to Earth and eventually married and had a daughter. This all happened twenty years ago.”

“Oh, no,” Jamie said softly, closing her eyes. She had a feeling that she knew what Zordon was leading up to.

“On Earth, he took the name Lawrence Zedden, created a past for himself, and fell in love with Leslie Corren. The two married and had one child, a daughter whom they named Jamie.”

Jamie smiled sickly. “Actually, they named her Jamaica Theresa, which she has been trying to live down ever since.”

“Jamaica?” Jason raised an eyebrow.

“Hey, Mom was under pain medication! Give her a break.”

“So you’re Lord Zedd’s daughter,” Jason marvelled, picking up where Zordon’s story left off

“That is correct Jason,” Zordon said. “Shortly after Jamie’s birth Zedd’s demonic form was resurrected and with the aid of the Dark Side of the Morphin Grid purged himself of Larry Zedden for all eternity. Part of that process involved killing all links with Zedden’s past on Earth. It was Lord Zedd who sent a group of mercenaries to Earth to killed Jamie and her mother.”

“And if he knows we’re alive…” Jamie shivered at the thought of the Tengas attacking her mother. “I’m going to have to tell her all about this, Zordon. She has to know.”

“I agree. I think the two of you should teleport back to Jamie’s house and explain things to her,” the Doctor said. “Take Samantha with you as well. Three of you will offer more protection just in case.”

“What am I going to do with this?” Jamie asked, raising her sword. “If it’s my morpher, I’m going to need it with me, but how can I carry it all the time?”

“The Elemental Blades can be stored in a pocket in hyperspace. Simply concentrate on putting it into a pocket.” Jamie did so, and was surprised to see the sword disappear. “To retrieve it, simply imagine it in your hand.” She concentrated again, and the blade appeared once more. “Under normal circumstances you can morph by simply using the words ‘It’s Morphin Time’ to summon your Zeonisers.”

“Cool. And this pocket will go wherever I do?”


“Neat.” She put the sword away again. “Any other interesting abilities I have?”

“Lord Zedd could tell you more about them.”

In a flash of Red and Purple the two Rangers left. In a flash of Yellow Samantha followed. Zordon smiled as he looked at the Zeo Crystal. Aisha’s transformation had started the ball rolling and with the Purple Ranger in place things could only get better.

Deep inside the Zeo Crystal a change was taking place. With the Purple Ranger selected the Crystal was ready to select the last three Zeo Rangers.

Jamie teleported into the hall of her house. Both Samantha and Jason had agreed to wait in the Youth Centre until she was done, sensing that this was something mother and daughter had to discuss alone. “Mom?” she called.

“In the kitchen, honey. Did you have a nice day? Buy anything deadly?”

“You could say that,” Jamie grinned, entering the kitchen and leaning on a counter. Leslie Zedden looked up at her daughter and smiled.

“You look like you have something on your mind. Care to talk about it?”

Jamie studied her mother intently. It was very obvious where Jamie got her looks. Leslie Zedden had the same red hair and short, slim build as her daughter, with a similar face and strong features. Only their eyes were different, Jamie’s a smoky hazel; Leslie’s a cool emerald green. Jamie had also inherited her toughness of spirit from her mother. Jamie had never run across something too unpleasant for her mother to handle, but she still hesitated to drop this particular bomb.

“Mom, the day Dad disappeared. You never really talked about it. What happened that day? Why were we living at Grandma’s after that?”

Leslie sighed. She didn’t really want to remember the events of that afternoon, but Jamie was certainly old enough to deserve the truth, and she wouldn’t ask if it weren’t important.

“I was doing something or other in the kitchen and you were watching “Sesame Street” in the living room. There was a knock at the door, and I opened it to see two men outside. They looked strange, uncomfortable, like they didn’t belong there and they knew it. They said they were friends of your father and wanted to talk to me inside. I didn’t like the looks of them, so I said no. They insisted, so I shut the door in their faces and headed back towards the kitchen. That was when the door blew in.”

Jamie jumped. The door blew in? None of this was part of her memories of that time, but she couldn’t remember much from before she was five. Still, she had never imagined that her mother’s story was so violent.

“Luckily my father was ex-military and he’d trained me to survive. I picked you up, headed for the car, and peeled out of there. The next thing I knew, they were chasing us. I was never so glad for those driving courses he made me take. I threw everything I had into the chase, and I lost them.

“I couldn’t go home, of course, so I took you to Grandma’s. Later, I learned that our house had been set on fire. Very little had survived. For a while, the police even thought that we had died in the fire. Once they realised that we were alive, they called Grandma’s to tell me about Larry. It turns out they had captured one of the gunmen and he told them Larry had ordered the hit. Why are you bringing this up now?”

Jamie sighed and took her mother’s hands in her own. “Mom, I have something I need to tell you.”

In a winnebego roaming the Moon’s surface, Lord Zedd was listening to Goldar’s snivelling explanation with mounting impatience. He was about ready to blow a hole in the ceiling when something Goldar said caught his attention. “A girl, you say,” Zedd asked, leaning forward. “Red hair, about 17?”

“Yes, my lord.”

“And she was able to call on the sword’s powers?”

“Yes, Lord Zedd.”

“Hmm,” Zedd mused. Common sense told him it was impossible, but nevertheless, his heart began to pound. “She must have been a half-breed Zarakin. Let me see this girl!” Zedd’s eyebeams shot down towards Earth, magically allowing him to see what he wanted. As he did so, a duplicate of the image formed in front of his henchmen. “Goldar, is this the girl?”

“Yes, my lord.” The image was of Jamie talking with her mother in the kitchen. Zedd’s breath caught in what passed for his throat. He couldn’t recognise the girl; too many years had passed. The woman, however, was as familiar as his own name. He dreamed about her every night.

“Leslie,” he whispered.

“Leslie?” Rita asked.

Zedd whirled on her. “That’s Larry’s wife!” Rita paled. “She’s alive!”

“What- What does that mean for us?” Rita managed.

“Nothing, Lord Zedd is married to Rita Repulsa, but Larry Zedden… I don’t know. I’ll have to think about this.” Confused, Zedd left the Winnebego for a walk.

“Goldar,” Rita said far too sweetly, “come here.” The big gold monkey did so hesitantly, knowing what was coming. “You gold-plated buffoon!” Rita screamed, swatting at him with her wand. “You told us those Dendrian mercenaries Zedd hired would get the job done! You swore to me that Leslie Zedden and her brat would be dead by sundown and Zedden would be gone forever! Instead, Zedd is in danger of losing control again, Zedden’s wife is still there to tempt him and it’s all- your- fault!” Rita punctuated each screamed word with another swat with her wand.

Finster, hidden in a corner, listened with interest. Rita and Zedd were a formidable force together, but apart, they would be much less of a threat. The Rangers should easily be able to handle attacks if Rita and Zedd were to separate. This was exactly what Finster had been hoping for since the first day Rita discovered that Earth was not an easy target. He had made his monsters weak on purpose, and found various other ways to subvert the various evil schemes of the two villains. After all, that was why he had joined Zedd’s service in the first place.

Of course that is what would have been going through Finster’s mind in a previous life. Now with his evil reinforced by the Dark Dimension Finster thought only of how to eliminate Larry Zedden for good.

“Now, you have one last chance to get this right, monkey-breath! Take a squad of Tengas and get that woman, I don’t care how. Kill her and her brat, Samantha Jones and Jason Scott if they get in the way, and get rid of the bodies. Without them, Zedden will remain imprisoned in the back of Zedd’s mind where he belongs. Now go!”

With a deep bow, Goldar disappeared, and Rita left, muttering to herself. When Finster was sure that the coast was clear, he slipped out of his hiding place and went to go find Zedd. He rather thought he had some news the Lord of Evil would like to hear. As he walked away, he shook his head. Rita had underestimated the human race again. He didn’t think Leslie Zedden would be a very easy mark. At least, he hoped not. If his plan worked they would never need to worry about Larry Zedden again.

It had taken a fair amount of arguing, one exploded toaster, and a morph, but Jamie had finally convinced her mother of the truth of her story. Now Leslie was trying to deal with the realisation that her daughter was a superhero, her husband, whom she had presumed dead, was a space alien, and he along with his current wife was probably hiring an avian hit squad to attack them even now. She was taking it rather well.

Samantha and Jason had joined them and Jason had filled Leslie in on his experience with the Rangers. After which, Samantha had filled them in on her experiences with the Doctor.

“So, what are the vulnerable areas on a Tenga?” Leslie asked calmly. Jamie blinked for a second, then grinned. Very little fazed her mother for long.

“Eyes, throat, beak, the usual,” Jamie replied, miming a knee to a sensitive area. Jason winced.

“So these are male birds?” Jamie just shrugged. Suddenly, the room was filled with a hail of feathers.

“Looks like you’ll get a chance to find out!” Jamie called; dropping into a fighting position as Goldar and the Tengas materialised. Jason fell in beside her and Samantha the weakest fighter of the three fell in behind covering Leslie. Both sides prepared for a fight.

“NOT IN THE HOUSE!” Leslie bellowed, startling all the combatants into silence. “We can just take this outside,” she informed them all. “You have no idea how long it took me to clean the floor this morning.”

Goldar and the Tengas looked at each other sheepishly then walked out the back door. The three Rangers and Leslie looked at each other for a moment and then Jamie teleported them both to the Power Chamber. They materialised in the middle of the room, holding on to each other.

“Well, I suppose I’m going to have to get used to that,” Leslie sighed, taking in her surroundings. “So this is that Power Chamber you were telling me about?”

“It is indeed,” Zordon boomed. “Welcome, Mrs. Zedden. I am Zordon, mentor to the Power Rangers. May I congratulate you on a rather ingenious way of escaping the Tengas?”

“However did you think of that?” the Doctor asked.

Leslie shrugged. “Even things like those had to have mothers. Some behaviours are just universal.”

“Where are Goldar and the Tengas now, Zordon?” Jamie asked.

“They have apparently returned to the Moon and are relating their failure to Rita and Lord Zedd as we speak. I doubt that they will show up for a while, but in case they do, Mrs. Zedden, I would like you to have this communicator. Jamie, I will have one made for you, as well.” Leslie received a purple and white wristband. “Should you be attacked, simply touch the large button. It will teleport you here instantly.”

“Thank you,” Leslie replied, buckling the band onto her wrist. “I had better go home. I had a cake in the oven that will probably need my attention soon.” With that, she teleported out.

“I’m going to head to the youth centre with Jason. I think it’s time the other Rangers knew about me. I’ll see you later.” She also teleported out, in a purple rush Jason following behind in a red rush.

Samantha and the Doctor returned to the TARDIS, the latter determined to get the machine operating again.

“So you’re Zedd’s daughter?” Kimberly asked in astonishment. Jamie nodded. Jason had contacted all the Rangers and asked them to meet in the park. Once everybody arrived, he and Jamie had taken turns telling the story of her origin, powers, and battle with the Tengas earlier. Now everyone was watching Tommy nervously, wondering how he would react to this particular bit of news.

“Hey, that’s cool with me,” he replied seriously. “I try to judge people by their actions, not their parentage. Besides, in a way, I’m glad Zedd’s your dad.”

“Why?” Jamie asked.

Tommy grinned. “Because that means he’s not mine.” Everyone laughed, and the conversation turned to other things. While everyone was talking and horsing around, Jamie and Tommy slipped off to one side.

“How do you feel about being Zedd’s daughter?” he asked her, no more humour in his tone.

“I don’t really know. I mean, I’m sort of glad that my dad’s alive, because I still love him and I always will. On the other hand, who wants to find out that their dad’s a slimeball? Still, I don’t really feel it the way one of you might. I never really knew him as a villain. It’s going to take me awhile to get the idea absorbed. Then we’ll talk about it.”

He sighed. “You know, I meant what I just said out there. I’ve always known I was adopted, and after I found out that there seem to be some- oddities about me and David, like the fact that we’re danger-prone, and some minor discrepancies on scans, I’ve been worried that maybe my parents were, if not Zedd and someone else, at least someone evil. Knowing I’m not Zedd’s kid is a bit of a load off my mind.”

“How do you know you’re not?” she grinned up at him. His eyes were fascinating, dark and extremely perceptive. If only they weren’t so sad.

“Oh, just a hunch,” he grinned back. “Maybe it’s the fact that I’m not a short redhead.”

Laughing, she dragged him back towards the group. Jamie had a feeling that she and Tommy were going to be good friends.

“You know,” Billy mused as they were sitting quietly, “Just because Larry Zedden was your father doesn’t mean you’re related to this Lord Zedd. There’s also a good chance your reappearance might cause Zedd to revert back to the forces of good.”

The Rangers sat back and thought about Billy’s latest revelation unaware that on the Moon Lord Zedd was thinking the same thing.

After a few hours of searching, Finster finally caught up with Zedd. “My lord, I have some news.”

“What is it, Finster?” Zedd growled. “I would prefer to be alone right now.”

“I made an interesting discovery. The reason Larry Zedden has remained trapped inside your mind is because he believes you killed your wife and daughter. The only reason he still exists is because he did not witness their deaths.”

Zedd’s head swivelled slowly towards the little crafter. “What? Why?”

“In his distraught state Zedden only thought he saw his family die.”

Finster chose his next words carefully, delivering them in a soft, quiet voice. “I also know how you can purge yourself of Zedden for good.”

Zedd suddenly began to glow a baleful, angry red. “How?” he growled, soundings rather like a Rottweiler at the end of its tether.

“YOU must finish the job you began all those years ago. You must use the body of Lord Zedd of Danata and Lord Zedd, Emperor of the Dark Zones to kill Leslie and Jamie Zedden.”

Without a word, Zedd turned and strode back towards where the trailer was parked. Finster followed in his wake, smiling to himself.

Another few weeks and it was the night of the school dance. The Rangers had paired up. Billy and Aisha had agreed to go together since neither had a date and Billy was technically married. Kat and David, Tanya and Adam, and Jason and Jamie had also come as pairs, the latter having become closer on a daily basis.

Surprisingly Sam had paired up with Kimberly. They had grown closer over time and were now in a relationship similar to that which Tommy and Kimberly had enjoyed once before although this was more of a friendship than the false love that had gone before. With two centuries of experience Sam had mellowed and was nowhere near as dark as Tommy. He had also realised long ago that he had no feelings for Kimberly besides friendship.

Zack had finally allowed Angela to see his true nature and she had agreed to let him take her. Emily St John had actually asked Rocky to accompany her, a request that did not fail to boost Rocky’s self-confidence. He had been feeling he would lose out to Jason everytime until she had asked him. Chelsea Oliver, Tommy’s sister and Sam’s descendent had asked trey.

Samantha and Tommy were standing near the drinks table, neither having found a date. As the evening went on another boy drifted up beside them.

One guy was Asian. He had short, straight, black hair that was split in the middle, a well-defined body, and a face that Samantha thought resembled that of a puppy dog.

“Can I have this dance?” he asked her.

Samantha nodded and introduced herself.

“I’m Dolan Kwan,” the boy replied as they danced away leaving Tommy on his own.

“Looks like it’s just you and me,” he told the soda-and-fruit-juice concoction, pouring himself another cup.

“Can I have one?” a voice behind him asked. Tommy turned to see a girl in a knee-length black dress holding a paper cup out to him.

“Yeah, sure,” he responded, filling the cup. As he handed it back to her, he took a better look. Her hair was sandy brown, and her eyes were an odd tawny gold colour. She was rather tall, as well, easily reaching the height of his chin.

“I don’t think I’ve seen you around here before,” he told her, extending his hand. “I’m Tommy Oliver. Are you new to the school?”

“Lillian O’Neil,” she replied, transferring her cup into her left hand and shaking his. “No, I’m not new here. I’ve attended Angel Grove High for four years. You’ve just probably never noticed me. We’re not in any of the same classes, and I don’t get into the spotlight that much. I’ve seen you all the time, though.”

“Oh. So, why aren’t you dancing? Your date stand you up?”

She shook her head, amused. “No, I didn’t have a date. I came with some of my friends.”

“Where are they?”

“Out dancing, same place yours are, I’d expect.”

He looked over at her. “You want to dance?”

“Hmm,” she mused, regarding him for a moment. “Sure. I’d love to.”

They walked out to the floor just as a slow song came on. Tommy swallowed hard. He hadn’t been thinking of a slow dance when he’d asked her. Seeming to sense his discomfort, Lillian looked over at him, challenge and amusement visible in her odd eyes. Tommy smiled his unease evaporating. It was just a dance, after all, even if it was a slow one. It wasn’t like he’d asked her to marry him or anything.

Lillian slipped her arms around Tommy’s neck, and he put his around her back. As the two swayed in time to the music, Tommy thought about how good it felt to have someone in his arms. He had missed Kim and Kat, but Lillian didn’t feel like simply a substitute for either of them. For the first time since his break-ups, Tommy felt interest in someone again. He already knew that Lillian was far different from either Kat or Kimberly. She seemed darker, older. Something about her drew him in a way neither of his two previous girlfriends had done. Suddenly she looked up at him and smiled mysteriously.

“I hear you’re a bit of a Romeo, Tommy. You change girlfriends like most people change socks. Should I be worried?” she asked in her slightly husky voice.

“I don’t think so,” he replied. “When something interests me, I stick with it for a good long time.”

She raised an eyebrow. “Until you get bored with it?”

“Sure. But I don’t get bored very easily. I like mysteries and puzzles, and there’s almost always something new for me to figure out.” At the sight of her one-sided smile, a realisation hit Tommy square between the eyes. They were flirting! He hadn’t flirted with a woman since the first days of his relationship with Kimberly.

“Well, then, I’ll attempt to keep things mysterious. Do you like to hike?”

“I love it. You do a lot of hiking?”

“Yes. I really love photography especially nature shots. I’m very handy with a camera. Must run in the family.”

Tommy’s brow furrowed. “O’Neil? Are you related to Parker O’Neil from the Angel Grove Gazette?”

“Yeah. You have something against reporters?”

“No, actually I really admire your brother’s work,” he told her, his thoughts whirling. Parker O’Neil was one of the best photographers in Angel Grove, known especially for the wonderful shots of the Power Rangers he had taken. Tommy knew the man on a slightly more personal note. O’Neil was the only reporter who didn’t pester the Rangers for “a few words” every time he saw them. In fact, he had earned their somewhat grudging respect by saving the lives of a couple of civilians caught in a monster attack, and then staying out of the way while the Rangers defeated it. Afterwards, he had simply snapped a few follow-up shots of the Rangers, and even helped them slip away from the crowd of reporters who inevitably showed up. Tommy had to admit that he liked the man, even if he was a reporter. Parker’s shots of the Power Rangers shaped the views that Angel Grove had of the Rangers, and he always portrayed them in a favourable light.

He liked Parker, but was unprepared for finding out that the man had a sister in high school, much less one that Tommy suddenly found himself interested in. He’d just have to be careful, that’s all. He’d kept his secrets from even more perceptive people than Parker O’Neil and his sister. It wouldn’t be easy, but it could be done.

“I’m glad you like my brother’s stuff,” Lillian told him, bringing him back to the present. “If you two ever run into each other, he can be insufferable if you don’t like what he does.”

Just then, the DJ announced the final song of the night, to Tommy’s shock. How long had they been dancing, anyway? After the last dance was finished, Tommy and Lillian said their goodbyes and headed back to their respective groups of friends. Both were greeted by knowing grins and an army of questions.

“Guys, it was just a couple dances,” Tommy told his friends. “That’s all. Come on, let’s go. I’ll tell you all about her on the way home.”

At the same time Daniel Pellerin was experiencing a similar ribbing over his date with Cassandra Long. The tall cheerleader was everything a guy could ask for at a dance. Unlike some cheerleaders though she was not so wrapped up in her only feelings that she alienated people. She had had her eye on Lee for a while, but he had agreed to take Christina whilst Oscar was with Marge Lubbock. The two had had a good time although Marge’s eye had travelled to Billy on the odd occasion.

Scott Tracker, Bruce Chen and Clyde Sinclair, the remaining members of the Clique had not had a good night. Clyde and Bruce had been dumped by their dates whilst Scott had been discovered two timing with a pair of twins. The joke had been on Scott when the twins found out and dumped the punch bowl over his head.

“Lil, that was Tommy Oliver, the handsomest boy in our entire school! He’s cute, he’s nice, he’s smart, he’s currently available, and he spent the entire night dancing with you!” Randi gushed, tossing her short red hair. Lillian shook her head, amused at her friend’s bubbliness.

“Randi, we’re seniors in high school. Next year, we’ll all be going our separate ways, off to different colleges. I’m not in the market for a great romance, and I doubt he is either.” Still, Lillian had to admit that Tommy had a definite effect on her. He is cute, she thought to herself. When they’d been dancing, she’d been acutely aware of what martial arts had done to and for his body. Hard biceps, flat stomach, nice chest, defined back, and a very tight butt. Mentally she smacked herself in the head. Stop thinking about it! You’ll never get to sleep tonight if you keep this up!

“He’s so dreamy,” Randi went on, unaware of the direction of her friend’s thoughts. The two were currently walking down the street that led from the school to their homes. Streetlights gave the whole area a comforting glow, and like most Angel Grove girls, they knew a great deal of self-defence. Lillian also had her black belt in Tiger Kung Fu, so they felt fairly safe walking home by themselves.

“Randi, come on. He just broke up with Kimberly Hart. He’s probably not interested in a relationship right now, and if he is, he’s on the rebound. Who wants that?”

“You know what, Lillian? You are too serious and cynical for your own good. If Prince Charming rode up on a white charger to save you from the dragon, you’d ask to see some ID.”

Lillian chuckled. “Of course I would. I’d have already killed the dragon.”

“Oh, you!” Randi shoved her friend playfully. Suddenly, two streaks of light crossed the dark sky and seconds later a shockwave knocked the two girls to the ground. “What the hell was that!” Randi cried.

“I don’t know,” Lillian replied, getting slowly to her feet. “Goodness knows where it hit, but I’m willing to bet it left one major crater. We’ll probably hear about it on the news tomorrow morning. Come on, Randi, let’s go home.”

“What if it’s the Machine Empire?” Randi asked fearfully, rising as well.

“Then we’ll definitely hear about it on the news tomorrow. Come on, Randi.” The two girls headed home, Randi looking over her shoulder for Cogs the whole time unaware of the six tone beep that was sounding in houses across Angel Grove.

At that same moment Chelsea and Emily were leaving together. Rocky and Trey had been called away by Tommy and their other friends had stayed behind to help Zeus, the school’s counsellor to clear up. One thing the students at Angel Grove quickly learnt is to never argue with the huge Texan who served as counsellor and security guard for the school. Like Ernie he was ex-forces trying to settle down in civilian life.

Unlike Ernie who had found himself to have a mind for business Zeus had maintained his physical condition and trained in psychology. An unfortunate run in with the Ranitime Corporation had opened his eyes to the suffering of some teenagers. Since then he had moved to Angel Grove and made himself available for the kids to talk to.

As they walked a loud bang could be heard overhead. _Sounds like an impact, _ Chelsea thought to herself. Both girls decided to investigate.

As they drew nearer they caught sight of a large double crater. In the debris they could make out a white and silver crystal. Moving closer Chelsea found herself drawn to the silver crystal, while Emily felt a strange desire to touch the white crystal. There was a blinding flash of light, and both girls were sent hurtling into unconsciousness.

“Oh, what hit me?” Emily asked, sitting up.

“A Mack truck?” replied Chelsea, doing the same. “That was interesting.” She stared down at the crystal in her hands. It pulsed with a warm, non-threatening silver light.

“What was that? A ‘Do not touch’ sign?” grumbled Emily, looking down at the white crystal she held in her hands.

“Excuse me, ladies,” a metallic voice said behind them, “but I believe those crystals belong to King Mondo.” Emily and Chelsea whirled to see Klank standing behind them, backed up by an army of Cogs.

“You must be Klank,” Chelsea sneered. “I’ve heard about you. If you think we’re going to give these crystals to you, you are out of your metallic mind.” She settled into a fighting stance. Gingerly, Emily did the same. She had no formal martial arts training, but dating first Jason and then Rocky she was more than able to defend herself.

Chelsea on the other hand came from a family where both her brothers were martial artists and she was more than capable of defending herself against them.

“If you insist,” Klank sighed. “Cogs, attack!” The Cogs rushed the girls, but before the fight could begin, the crystals flared with a silver-white light, blinding all the participants. When the light faded, Emily and Chelsea were clad in white and silver Zeo Ranger uniforms, respectively. White Ranger’s helmet bore the symbol of the circle resulting in an almost seamless fit between helmet and faceplate, while the shape on Silver Ranger’s helmet had seven sides.

“Well, this evens things up a bit, doesn’t it?” Silver Ranger chuckled. “Shall we dance?”

The Cogs looked at each other in confusion. Any debate was solved by the other seven Zeo Rangers teleporting in. Klank, realising that he had lost the crystals and had no chance against nine Zeo Rangers, disappeared as quickly as he had come. Red Ranger turned to the two new members of the team.

“Are you two all right?” he asked worriedly.

“We’re alright Tommy, but you’re not going to believe this,” Silver Zeo told him.

“Chelse?” Red Zeo asked.

Even with the night vision their helmets allowed the Rangers realised they should not be standing around in the dark. “Let’s go and talk to Zordon,” Silver Zeo suggested. In nine flashes of light the almost complete team of Zeo Rangers teleported away.

Once back in the Power Chamber the new Rangers removed their helmets barely noticing the gasp that escaped Blue Zeo’s lips.

“What’s the matter Rocky?” Emily asked looking directly at the still masked Blue Zeo Ranger. “I hope you don’t mind your girlfriend being a Ranger. Same goes for you Jason,” she added looking at Red Ranger.

“You know who we are?” Jason asked after removing his helmet.

“When you called me by name at the Beach Club I knew you were the Gold Ranger,” she told him. “When Red Ranger returned I realised you’d taken on that role instead.”

“Um Emily, you might want to turn around,” Chelsea said. “There’s somebody here we’d like you to meet.”

“Welcome Emily St John. I am Zordon, mentor to the Power Rangers of Earth. Both you and Chelsea have been selected to join us. Chelsea, you will become Zeo Ranger VII – Silver and Emily you will be Zeo Ranger IX – White.”

“So, you two on the team?” Tommy asked

“Yes,” Emily smiled.

“You have to ask?” returned Chelsea.

One by one the other Rangers stepped forward to welcome their new teammates. When that was done they decided to go home.

For some people a gentle hint like a strange sword appearing out of nowhere or a meteorite crossing your path is enough to make someone take notice. In some cases a more direct approach is required.

Maguire’s Leap was the last outpost of vegetation along the old Angel Grove highway. Beyond the bluff, the yellow grass and sagebrush gave way to the true desert that California is really composed of. Even in February, it was warm out here, temperatures in the mid-sixties. Sitting under a stunted and rather lonely tree, Lillian O’Neil looked out over the desert, wondering if that band of grey on the horizon was a cloud or a band of Los Angeles smog. A cloud, she decided. They were really too far north to get smog from LA. Shifting position, she sighed. California appealed to her, just like it appealed to the rest of the family. It wasn’t that she didn’t want to travel, it was just that she didn’t want to live anywhere else. That’s why she was heading to Crossworld University for college. The town was close enough to home that she could visit, but far enough away that she’d be getting a real “going away experience.” Besides, Crossworld U had a great chemistry program, the city had lots of martial arts studios, and for excitement, there were always the VR Troopers.

She grinned to herself. Her friends thought she was crazy, trading in one set of monster-fighting superheroes for another, but she liked danger. She didn’t go looking for trouble, but when trouble came, she rather enjoyed handling it. Living in Crossworld promised just the kind of excitement she was looking for.

Suddenly, a bright flash of light caught her eye. Lying in the grass next to her was a strange pendant. A spire of black crystal hung on a black cotton cord, it was not very flashy, and seemed rather inexpensive. Unsure exactly why she was doing so, Lillian picked up the necklace and knotted it around her own neck. It felt right there, as if it had been made for her. That was ridiculous, of course. Sighing, she turned back to her new favourite pastime, daydreaming about Tommy Oliver.

Although she had not wanted to admit it to Randi, he had made an impression on her. He was tall, handsome, and very nice. She’d liked him since the moment she met him, four years. Still, it was silly to fantasise about the two of them. There were only four months left in the school year, plus three months for the summer, and then it was off to college for all of them.

Lillian sighed again. Seven months wasn’t so short a time, she decided. People made do with less. Maybe she and Tommy could develop a friendship in that time. A girl could never have enough friends.

Without warning, a flash of pain and nausea ripped through her. They need me, she thought, unsure where the thought was coming from. Staggering to her feet, she managed to straighten up enough to yell, “Zeo Shadow Power!” Ribbons of darkness whirled out of nowhere, flocking to her and encasing her in almost a cocoon of shadow. The cocoon blew apart, and standing where Lillian had been was a Black Zeo Ranger, her helmet a black hexagon.

“The Youth Centre. I have to get down there.” She thought about teleporting, but decided against it. Teleporting blind into that situation might be disastrous. She ran for where she had left her motorcycle. No sooner had she climbed onto it than it changed, developing some sort of black armour around the handlebars. “Very cool,” she chuckled to herself. No doubt it had weapons on it, too. “Let’s roll.” Kick-starting the bike, she roared off towards the Youth Centre.

Just moments earlier inside the Zeo Crystal a black glow had emerged, alerting anybody watching that the tenth and final Zeo Ranger had taken her place within their ranks. Like the Purple Ranger Lillian could morph without a pendant or sword, but the Power had ensured she would touch the Power in future.

But nobody was watching the Zeo Crystal because at that moment in time they were busy watching Lord Zedd rampage through Angel Grove in an attempt to draw his daughter into the open. Despite having Goldar, Rito, Scorpina and the Putties with him it was Zedd causing most of the damage.

“He has to be stopped,” Jason said.

“Yes Rangers, I fear Jason is correct. You must stop him.”

“It’s Morphin Time!”

“No Jason,” Zordon said. “Zedd has created a barrier blocking the Morphin powers. Let the Zeo Rangers handle Zedd and his forces.”

Jason nodded; conceding that Tommy’s team was better suited to the task in hand.

“Good luck Bro,” he said clasping hands with Red Zeo.

“Thanks Man,” Tommy replied. “It’s Morphin Time!”

“Zeo Ranger I – Pink!”

Zeo Ranger II – Yellow!”

“Zeo Ranger III – Blue!”

“Zeo Ranger IV – Green!”

“Zeo Ranger V – Red!”

“Zeo Ranger VI – Purple!”

“Zeo Ranger VII – Silver!”

“Zeo Ranger IX – White!”

“Zeo Ranger X – Gold!”

“Zordon, are my powers blocked?” Aisha asked.

“No Aisha, your powers are only slightly affected. The Zeo Power will enable you to travel through the barrier where you can use the full Morphin Zeo powers.”

“In that case, It’s Morphin Time, Zeo Ranger XI – Grey!”

Once on the ground the Rangers discovered their problems had increased. Once he had sensed their arrival Zedd had summoned even more Tengas and Putties to assist.

“Split into twos,” Red Zeo ordered. “Aisha, help Rocky and Adam with Scorpina.”

As the three Rangers took off to battle the space monkey Purple and Yellow Zeo launched after Rito, Silver and Gold Zeo took on the Tengas and Putties, and White and Pink Zeo teamed up on Goldar. That left Red Zeo to fight Zedd in a match that was long overdue.

A short time later Rito, Scorpina, Goldar and the Putties were down and unable to help their master. Lord Zedd however had recovered and was now successfully holding off the entire team.

“We need to destroy the staff,” Gold Zeo said. “That’s the source of his power.”

“You Power Pests may have outmatched my idiot henchmen, but I am more than you can handle.” Zedd bellowed sensing their intentions. “This time, I will destroy you myself!”

“This is not good,” Red Zeo remarked as the team regrouped behind him.

“Really, Sherlock?” Silver Zeo asked innocently. “What was your first clue?”

“Power Rangers, try to destroy the staff!” called Red Zeo. “Let’s go!”

The Rangers charged, and the battle was on. Zedd quickly proved that he was a formidable fighter, throwing the Rangers back as quickly as they came at him.

The noise of a motorcycle arriving signalled a lull in the fighting. Rangers and villain stood in silence as Black Zeo Jumped from her bike and landed a blow across Zedd’s face.

“Zeo Power Staff!”

A long bow staff appeared in her hand, which she used to pummel the Emperor of the Dark Zones. A flick of her wrist and the staff collapsed into a three-sectioned staff. A small chain linked the three sections of the staff together with a spiked ball on each end.

“Shadow Ribbons!”

Black Zeo attempted to surround him with her Shadow Ribbons, but he simply batted them back at her with his staff. Realising that they were outmatched, the Rangers called on their Power Weapons. Still, however, Zedd was too strong for them. One by one, he sent them flying back to land in little heaps on the ground.

Yellow Ranger held her own for a time, relying on the skills she had learnt in London and during her travels with the Doctor. Modasian KickBoxing was not a skill Lord Zedd was trained to handle.

Moving in close, Purple Zeo tried to hook the staff from his hands with her sword. He swept her off her feet, aiming the staff at her, as she lay stunned on the ground. A lethal charge of white energy built up at its tip. Looking up at him, Purple Ranger extended her hand. “Dad,” she whispered, “don’t.”

A sudden change came over Lord Zedd. What the Rangers’ weapons had been unable to accomplish the heart of a Zarakin Prince imprisoned for over fifteen years succeeded. Zedd’s hand began to tremble, and at the last second, he pulled the staff away, sending the charge harmlessly up into the atmosphere. Inside his head Lord Zedd ruler of Danata and the demon that had controlled his body were fighting for dominance.

Red Ranger saw his chance and moved in. The two fought for long minutes, until Red Ranger brought his sword down in a strong slice. Zedd, as Red Ranger had expected, blocked by raising his staff over his head. However, nothing could stop the Power Sword, created from the power of the Zeo Crystal. It sheared through Zedd’s staff like a knife through putty. There was a brilliant flash of light, and the staff was suddenly a snake lying on the ground.

The Rangers had been ready for this, and now Red Zeo slammed his sword onto the almost completed Power Blaster. “Fire!” the five main Zeo Rangers called, training their beam on the snake.

“Zeo Cannon, Fire!” Gold, Black, Purple, Silver and White Zeo called.

“Gold Ranger Power!” A beam of light left the Golden Power staff, focusing on the snake.

“Silver Ranger Power!” Silver Ranger called. A blast of silver energy left her hand and struck the snake.

“White Ranger Power!” Her whip turned into and energy weapon and fired.

“Lightning Sword Strike!” Purple Ranger called. Bolts of lightning left her sword and struck the snake. The influx of power was too much for the snake to withstand; it started to glow brightly on the brink of destruction.

“Zeo V Power Sword!” Red Zeo called chopping off the snake’s head.

Zedd had been forced to his knees by the loss of his power, and now, as the Rangers watched, he flickered, assuming the human form of Lawrence Zedden, just as a cloud of black mist rose up from him and was blown away by the wind.

“Oh, my God,” Zedden choked. “What happened? What have I done?”

“What you did you did under a spell,” Red Zeo told him “What happens now is up to you. The demon will never take your soul again.”

“Red Ranger, can you forgive me for what I have done?” Zedden asked.

“I can,” Tommy said honestly. “The others might have more difficulty, but I can.”

“Jamie?” Larry asked, realising this was the first time in years he had seen his daughter through his own eyes. “Can you forgive me? I- know that I haven’t been a very good father to you. I missed so much of your childhood, and I am sorrier than you will ever know. I realise that we cannot go back to what has been, but could we- maybe- start again? Could we try to be a family again, a family of some sort?”

Jamie stared at her father for a long moment, then threw her arms around him, bursting into tears as she did so. “I’d like that. Just so long as you leave my boyfriend alone.”

Zedd chuckled. “I won’t be any more protective than any other father, all right?”

“Deal,” she sniffed, wiping her tears away.

“Would your mother- still be interested- in seeing me?” he asked hesitantly.

“She still wears your wedding ring,” Jamie smiled. “Other than that, you’ll have to ask her yourself.”

Still keeping one arm around his daughter, Zedd turned to the rest of the Rangers. “Thank you for helping me.”

“Don’t mention it,” Kat smiled. “It’s our job to help people.”

“I say we all go back to the Power Chamber,” Adam suggested. “We can talk about this better there.”

“Right,” Tommy nodded. In a rainbow of coloured light, Zedd and the Rangers teleported out.

“So are you going to take off your helmet?” Rocky asked when they arrived in the Power Chamber. In all the excitement nobody had thought about who Black Zeo really was. “We’ve trusted you with our identities, you can trust us with yours.”

Sighing, Black Zeo removed her helmet, setting it down on a nearby console. “Lillian?” Tommy frowned

She nodded. “I was sitting up by Maguire’s Leap this morning when I found a black crystal pendant on the ground. I put it on, and suddenly I knew you needed me. I morphed into the Black Zeo and came to help you.”

“Well, I’m glad you did,” Tommy said coming over and taking her to one side. From where they were standing the Rangers thought they could hear Tommy say something about a movie. The smile on his face as he came back led them to believe she said yes.

“Rangers, I am very proud of all of you. You came through this fight with flying colours, especially you, Tommy. Zedd, it is good to have you on the side of the Light once again.”

Zedd smiled sadly. “It’s good to be back. Listen, all of you. I’m not really Zedd anymore. I’ve really changed too much to go back to that. I’m just plain old Lawrence Zedden now.”

“Mr. Zedden, you know of course, that by giving up your powers, you will now age at an accelerated rate to make up for the time you kept the ageing at bay.”

Larry nodded. “I know, Zordon. Of course, accelerated for you and me is completely normal for Earth humans. I won’t live too much longer than Leslie, and that’s the way I like it. Now, my powers are gone, but I’m still a Zarakin, and I still have the Sword of Fire. If you ever need it or me, I’m more than willing to help you.”

“Lillian O’Neil, I wish to welcome you to the Rangers and the role of Zeo Ranger VIII – Black. You are the Shadow Zeo. Will you accept the Power?” Zordon asked.

“Of course,” Lillian replied.

“In that case,” Alpha said, bringing a set of boxes out from behind a console. “One white, one silver, one black and one purple and white communicator coming up,” he informed them, pulling out four communicators. The white one went to Emily, the silver one to Chelsea who no longer had to use her brother’s, the black one to Lillian, and the purple and white one went to Larry.

“Who is up for a party at the youth centre?” Jason asked.

“Yeah!” all the Rangers replied.

“You kids go on,” Larry smiled. “I’ve got some catching up to do.” He teleported out and no one had any doubts as to where he was heading. The Rangers exchanged amused looks and headed for the youth centre.

On the Moon a marker had been drawn on the lunar surface drawing the power of the Dark Side to a needy villain. Rita Repulsa was chanting, calling forth the power of Lokor and the Ghost of Darkness to aid her.

A trail of black ashes formed inside the shape followed by a pulse of demonic red light. The light grew brighter by the second until it faded revealing a new and improved Lord Zedd.

“Zeddy?” Rita asked nervously.

“Yes,” the demon drawled. “I am Lord Zedd and I’m back!”

Stepping out of the marker Zedd felt his full connection to the Morphin Grid. With Zedd King of Danata finally purged from his soul Lord Zedd was able to assume his true role as Emperor of the Dark Zones.

“Finster, I thank you for freeing me,” Zedd said. “Now I need a new monster to crush those Rangers.”

“Yes Lord Zedd,” Finster replied. “I love being a bad guy!”

“So let me get this straight,” Ernie said as he joined the Rangers at their private table. “There are now nineteen Rangers split into two teams.”

“Three if you count Aisha,” Billy said. “But with Lord Zedd gone we should be able to deal with the Machine Empire and Rita more efficiently.”

“I hope you’re right Billy,” Ernie said. “Because I have a feeling you’re going to need all the help you can get.”

Skull placed his hand luggage in the overhead locker and took his seat. It was six weeks since Bulk’s death and this was the second time Skull had been to America in that time. But the first time had been to Boston where Bulk’s family had moved after Bulk and Skull left for France.

Bulk’s body had been laid to rest in the family’s plot in Sunnyvale. At least that is what the family believed. In truth Bulk’s body was still being examined in France. The funeral was a trip both the family and Skull had been eager to forget. After the funeral Skull had returned to France shortly after. He had not bothered to go to Angel Grove. There had been no point. The only person from his old home who found the time to say goodbye was Lieutenant Stone.

Of course it had been talking to Jerome that made Skull realise he could never be happy in Paris. He missed his home and he missed the people he had known other the years. Bulk had made Paris bearable. Without him Skull simply wanted to go home.

As he sat there flirting half-heartedly with the stewardess he could not help but smiled when she started flirting back. He had to admit he had come a long way from the obnoxious punk the stewardess would have slapped rather than responded to his advances. He really had grown up.

Part of it, of course, was his appearance. In his khakis, yellow-button down shirt, and suspenders, he didn’t look like the punk he had been for so many years. He was also far more relaxed than he had ever been in his police uniform or the suit he mentally referred to as “Spywear.” Life as a detective completely agreed with him.

Sighing, he closed his eyes, and tried to get some sleep. He wasn’t sure of what was going to happen when he got home, but he wanted to be ready for anything.

End of Part

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Revelations: Coming Of The Dragon Master

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Coming of the Dragon Master

JULY 1996

Earth had been under attack from the villain known as the Master for almost three weeks, but right now such matters were beyond Zordon’s thoughts. His Rangers had proved themselves by constantly destroying his plans. Even the return of Zedd and Rita and the rumoured reappearance of the Machine Empire did not concern Zordon at this point. The figure in front of him had his full and undivided attention.

For today the life of a suspect criminal was in the balance and it was Zordon’s job to answer the powerful being’s single and direct question.

“Zordon, as spokesman for the jury I ask you to state the verdict,” the Judge said.

Zordon had sealed himself inside his own personal dimension for the day. Being an active member of the Council as well as mentor to the Earth Rangers could be a strain. It meant he had to juggle his time between politics and his duties on Earth. Today he had one of his least favourite duties, jury duty. Zordon hated being responsible for deciding whether somebody was guilty or not guilty. Luckily he had eleven other members to help him and today the verdict was unanimous.

The evidence had been pretty compelling. In the last ten years Nore had been on a rampage similar to that of young Ivan Ooze. He had attacked worlds along the border of the M-51 Galaxy, offering them innate guidance. Those who refused lost his protection and were normally found to be the victims of a severe environmental disaster within a few days of their refusal. In each case it had been proven the disasters were a result of monsters summoned by Nore.

In the end he had been caught and taken to Erlion to stand trial. It had taken a team of IGPF officers, Senturion Units and Rangers to restrain him. Luckily one of the White Morphin Masters had been able to shield Nore from the power of the Morphin Grid. A special crystal prevented him from reconnecting in the trial room.

Zordon looked at the judge; one of the longest and most respected High Councillors. He had long been force to live with the fact he resembled Master Vile’s demonic form. In truth the three separate faces were invaluable in council sessions, providing a balance and well though out argument to any debate.

“Guilty, High Councillor.”

“Do the jury find any reason for leniency?”

“None my lord, but we request that the sentence of death is not passed. We believe given time General Nore may reform, but the judge should have maximum power to sentence.”

“You’ll pay for this Zordon!” Nore shouted.

“General Nore, you have been found guilty of crimes against life itself,” the Judge said, ignoring Nore’s outburst. “You have perverted the powers given to you by birth for your own selfish reasons. You are a danger to yourself and the Universe. I have no option but to hand down the most severe sentence allowed by Intergalactic Law. You will be taken from this place to Eltare, where the Morphin Masters will strip you of any link to the Morphin Grid for all eternity.

When your link has been removed you will be taken to the IGPF Containment Centre to be held until you show evidence of being willing and able to reform. In handing down this sentence the court is under an obligation to remind you that should you refuse to accept the sentence handed down by this court, the only alternative to incarceration is termination.

May the Power have mercy upon your soul.”

“You will pay for this Zordon!” Nore shouted again. “And it’s Lord Nore, not General Nore!”

“You need pay his words no heed Zordon,” the judge said. “He will not be released until he has reformed and even then he will be in no position to threaten you.”

“I have no fear for myself High Councillor,” Zordon replied. “I only feel sympathy for those whose lives have been ruined by his reign of terror and regret that we were unable to stop him sooner.”

“As always you have managed to get to the point of the matter my friend,” the judge said. “Thank you again Zordon, I do not know where we would be without you wisdom and sense of justice.”

Zordon closed the link from his private dimension to the courtroom, paid his respects to his fellow jurors and returned to the Power Chamber. He felt just the faintest tinge of bitterness that Nore may someday be freed whilst he had been imprisoned for the rest of his life for fighting evil and trying to be a good man.

Still, there was no point in feeling bitter because it would do him no good. Zordon had never regretted the sacrifice he had been forced to make in order to defeat Rita Repulsa. She had betrayed him by breaking the truce he had arranged. In a last effort to ensure she was restrained until a force arose capable of dealing with her evil, Zordon had sealed her inside a Space Dumpster.

The ancient Morphin Masters had decided the Moon surrounding a small planet called Earth would be the best place for the Dumpster to remain. Zordon had discovered soon after that nobody could release him from his timewarp and had determined his best course of action was to go to Earth and protect the planet in case Rita ever returned.

Sometimes Zordon found it strange that Earth had been chosen as the dumping ground for five major villains. Rita had been placed on the Moon and Ivan Ooze was located in Angel Grove away from those who might wish him free. Three other villains had been placed around the globe, their release a constant cause for concern. Zordon could only imagine they chose Earth because it at the time of the earliest imprisonment the planet was without intelligent life, but found it hard to believe they had not foreseen the arrival of human life, given the power Ley Nexuses surrounding the planet.

The result had been ten thousand years spent alone, apart from the occasional council meeting. Alpha Five had been repaired by Lexian after the final battle with Rita and sent to Earth. Alpha had with Zordon’s instruction built the first Command Centre. Together they had watched Earth evolve, careful to avoid detection and never interfering.

General Norquist had arrived on Earth one century after Zordon and the two had formed an alliance of sorts. Norquist had agreed to build a team to service the Zords and Zordon had arranged for Norquist to gain a permit to operate on Earth. Both had kept a low profile until the time was right and Norquist had been able to create NASADA. There he trained Earth’s last line of defence and furthered the development of their Space Program, careful to prevent anybody discovering too much too soon.

Now in the space of a few short years Zordon had gained some new friends and family. From the moment Rita had returned the Rangers had been in his life. The ranks had extended, but finally all his Rangers had their powers and were part of the team. Admittedly having Rita and Zedd to deal with was not fun, but Zordon would not trade his life for anything.

10 NOVEMBER 1996

The powerful hoverjet stopped in front of the prison transport ship. Inside were twenty of the most dangerous captives in IGPF custody. Some were going to be imprisoned and some had been sentence to termination. No chances were taken with such a major transfer. The IGPF had poured, as many resources as it could into ensuring a full contingent of officers were available for escort duty.

The IGPF’s role in the day to day running of the council planets had developed from a limitation placed upon the Power Rangers. Although they had the full authority of the council to repel invaders who threatened their worlds, the Rangers could not act against the everyday scum who preyed on the defenceless. It had therefore been decided to create a second group with a separate command structure, the IGPF.

Unlike Power Rangers, members of the Inter-Galactic Police Force were not compelled to remain on one world, although they did have officers on each council world as liaisons with the local law enforcement agencies. IGPF officers could travel to any would and patrol space to prevent crimes from running illegal drugs to murder.

Over time a close relationship had formed between the IGPF and the Rangers. Ranger teams handed over captured villains to the IGPF and IGPF agents were sworn to aid a Ranger should he or she request it.

Now a third force had arisen, a hybrid between the Rangers and the IGPF. They had the IGPF’s responsibilities to enforce the rules, but some of the Ranger powers. These were provided through shared technology. So far only ten of the hybrid Galaxy Rangers had been created.

The great Ninjor, using some blank Power Coins had created special badges. Instead of being linked directly to an animal spirit they were linked to the smaller part of the Lightside of the Grid. The Galaxy Rangers had increased stamina, speed, strength and aim. They had been equipped with special energy shields concealed in their left sleeve and a laser pistol with a light sword fitted to the handle. In addition they had access to the strongest handcuffs ever created and anti-gravity repulsors linked through a control panel on their belts.

All ten of the Galaxy Rangers had been integrated into the force of IGPF officers who spanned the Universe. Each of them had extra capabilities activated through the badges. Together the ten were a force second only to the Power Rangers and sworn to defend the innocent against the scum who were ruining their lives.

Inside the hoverjet the prisoners had been arranged according to their destination and restrained as necessary. For some that mean having their arms and legs shackled to the seat, for others it meant being placed in a secured cage and for some it meant before secured in a block of solid carbonate. On board the prison transport special arrangements had been arranged for each captive to ensure they could not get away.

The six Blue Senturion Units snapped to attention as the doors opened. Being cybernetic they were beyond bribery, they were expendable and they didn’t need weapons to stop a revolt. A simple twist of the neck was enough to do the trick to subdue a convict permanently.

The prisoners due for transport looked up as the commander in charge of the transfer stepped into the hoverjet. “My name is Marshall Duros. You will obey each and every instruction I give you to the letter. You will not attempt any form of escape or you will be terminated. Obey the rules and respect the authority of the IGPF officers acting as your escorts and this trip will be over quickly. If you do not obey the rules this trip will be the longest journey you will ever make.” Turning to the officers standing ready behind him he added, “Move them out.”

Forty unarmed officers entered the hoverjet, each of them having signed away any rights should they be taken hostage. Without weapons there was no way their prisoners could steal a gun. Together they escorted, dragged and pulled the prisoners out onto the floor of the spaceport.

“Activate containment field!” Duros ordered, pointing at the hoverjet.

An energy screen appeared across the door of the hoverjet. Inside poison gas was pumped in followed by high intensity laser bolts to kill any organic life left inside, thus ensuring there were no stowaways. Then the hover jet was sent back to the prison by remote control.

“Let’s get these prisoners processed and placed on board people,” Duros shouted. “I want to be out of here within the hour.”


Despite Zedd and Rita’s best attempts they had failed to retake their castle from the Master. Eventually they had given up and returned to their old winnebego along with Goldar and Rito. They were still more evil than they had ever been, but the continuous driving force Minion had provided was gone. Their desire to regain their palace was strong, but they just didn’t want it as much as they might have done two months before.

The Master ignored this fact. Rita and Zedd were not important. Zedd’s preoccupation with a human child was causing him to lose sight of his destiny again. Nor was the Machine Empire, who had been secretly rebuilding on the dark side of the lunar surface a problem. When the time came, the Master knew a certain computer-generated villain from North Valley who could wipe out the machines. His concern was focussed fully on the ongoing war with the Power Rangers of Earth.

To that end the Master had started called in his debts on Erlion and gained access to the day’s prison transport logs. Looking down the list of names he dismissed the homicidal maniacs and drug runners. They were not what he needed to defeat the Rangers. He turned the page and discovered the secure prisoners. Four prisoners had been classed as special cases due to magical powers. The first three meant nothing to him, but the name Lord Nore rang a bell.

The Master had seen Nore’s work up close. The villain was truly an artist and he was exploitable. As the Dark Dragon Master he controlled a portion of the Green Morphin Power and had perverted it to evil. The Master recalled his impressions of Nore. The man was vain, pompous and bigoted. An appeal to his vanity would be enough to turn him to the Master’s service, especially if the Master offered him a small incentive.

Of course there was the small problem of freeing Nore first. The Master knew he could do the job himself if he wished, but that was hardly the activity for the Supreme Ruler of the Galaxy. No, he needed a bunch of well-trained mercenaries to act on his behalf. Preferably mercenaries the Master could dispose of quickly when their task was complete. In the end he had located the Nive’s Nest, a group of mercenaries who acted like a miniature army in their assaults. Their leader, Sencro Nive was the most wanted criminal in the Galaxy.

Negotiations had been quick and straightforward. Nive was not a man known for his negotiating skills. He had simply stated his terms and the Master had agreed. Firstly Nive was to be allowed to keep any IGPF officers or criminals on board the ship that the Master did not want for use within his own organisation. In addition Nive had insisted on his share of any valuable materials found on Earth. The Master had agreed to the simple demands. Unlike most of the mercenaries the Master had dealt with Nive did not want a continued share of the profit or an immediate payment upon completion. Instead he had gained access to Earth after the Master conquered it and secured himself some new pilots.

Together the Master and Nive had worked out a plan to complete their objectives. As they worked the Master decided he liked Nive. _Perhaps I will keep him alive in case I need him again, _ the Master thought. _After all, a mercenary with a brain is hard to find these days. _


It had seemed like an endless process, but eventually all the prisoners had been processed and taken aboard one of the three transport ships the IGPF had decided to use. Each prisoner had been rigorously inspected for foreign objects they might attempt to use to escape. Every cavity and orifice had been check, a long and demanding task considering not all the prisoners and IGPF officers were human.

Eventually it had been completed and Nore was transported on board the third prison ship. Escorted by six armed guards he was taken to an empty area in the centre of the ship. There his guards chained him to a fixed metal chair. A solid cage of titanium alloy was placed around the chair. The bars extended to form a ceiling over Nore’s head and a floor under his feet. Beyond the cage was a second set of energy bars. Four laser beams had been placed on the outside and four Senturion Units positioned around the perimeter. Finally a three-part door opened into a gas filled airlock.

The entire cell had been created to be independent from the rest of the ship. From there Nore could have no influence over the rest of the ship and should any accidents occur the officers could be sure he would not be freed. With the last prisoner in place the organic officers left the cell area, sealing it behind them. Only robotic officers were allowed in the detention areas during flight.

At the signal all was clear the spaceport operators opened the forcefield containing the prison ships. All three craft lifted off and joined their escorts in orbit above the planet. Today in addition to their normal escorts they had four advanced level fighters to assist. The Phoenix, Eagle, Liberator and Scorpio were ready for action. Each ship had been created using Ranger technology donated by the Phantom Ranger of Zordonia. Each ship had been given a special function within the escort.

Phoenix and Eagle were the lead ships; both capable of high speed and long range scans. The Eagle served as the command ship, relaying data back to the ships they were escorting, while the Phoenix was the trouble-shooter, meeting possible trouble makers before they got too near. Scorpio was the troop and supply ship, providing a refuelling bay for those fighters that accompanied the prison ships. Scorpio was virtually defenceless, although it did had the most advanced shielding in the IGPF arsenal, after Liberator.

Phoenix was a large blue and red spacecraft, originally fitted for planetary use. The phoenix was fast mainly because of its small mass compared to most ships. The twin engines at the rear provided most of its thrust, with additional power from the additional engines fitted to the each wingtip. Crew by five the Phoenix was capable of releasing three one-man fighters and transforming into a fortress.

Eagle had originally been designed for exploration. Powered by its four rear mounted engines the ship did not have any defences of its own. However, it did sport the largest holding bay in the fleet and always had a squadron capable of dealing with any attackers. To prevent any suicide gambits wiping out its vital passengers Eagle was able to release the docking bay into space and use its own limited shield to provide protection.

Scorpio was a troop and supply frigate. It was primitive and difficult to fly, but had regenerating shields that put most ships to shame. Scorpio’s main purpose on this transport was to provide a simply rear guard against pursuers. If necessary Scorpio could ram an incoming ship and survive intact.

The Liberator was one of only two ships made in its class. Originally built for the colonists of KO-35 it had at one point been known as the Omega Megaship. The exact designers of the ship were unknown, except they had at some staff been involved in a deadly war. The Liberator had been found with its crew in hibernation by the Phantom Ranger and taken to the secret world inside Zordonia. There they had been revived and trained to form the backbone of the Galaxy Rangers. The Liberator was refitted, but the crew liked the ship and the commander of the IGPF arranged to purchase the craft and have and Zord interfaces removed.

What made the Liberator truly unique was its computer system. On KO-35 the Astro Rangers used an AI unite known as DECA. The Liberator’s computer Zen made DECA look like what Earthlings referred to as a ZX81. Zen was more than a simple computer. He had sub-computers handling every task on the ship and everything was linked back to him. Whereas DECA could only monitor the different parts of the Astro Megaship, Zen could monitor, control and repair any part of the Liberator from almost any damage.

The main design feature about the Liberator was its four-part drive system. The main power and hyper rush system was located at the rear of the ship. From out it resembled a large green ball pulsating with energy. The engines were linked into a long fuselage to the seven-man control bay at the front. From the main fuselage three detached engines were suspended, forming an equilateral triangle. Each engine was the length of the main fuselage, culminating with a powerful weapons array near the front. From the rear the Liberator look like a large green ball, but from the front it looked like a four pronged death machine.

Despite these four powerful ships the IGPF had long accepted that small ships were needed to deal with the fast attack cruisers that sometimes attacked convoy. As a result eight IGPF fights surrounded the convoy at all times. Each craft was a Tri-winged fighter piloted by two IGPF officers. The machines were fast and effective both in and outside of convoy formation. They were hyper rush capable and had an advanced targeting system.

As the convoy linked their computer systems together Commander Duros had a green light. Giving the order to his crew the fifteen strong prison fleet jumped to hyperspace, on course for Eltare followed by the Containment Centre.

_How had it gone so wrong? _ Lieutenant Gallen wondered as he struggled to free himself from his Tri-fighter’s wreckage.

In less than half an hour a simple escort mission had turned into the largest tragedy in IGPF history. It had happened so quickly that Gallen doubted anyone could have done anything to prevent it. Three escort ships and numerous snubfighters destroyed, the Liberator crew forced to abandon ship and then captured, three transport ships devastated, their prisoners whisked away to freedom and worst of all the Galaxy Rangers had been killed.

It had started out as per the briefing, the convoy had jumped to hyperspace and the pilots had settled in for a two-hour journey to Eltare. In Hyperspace the ships were impervious to outside influence, or so they thought. An explosion had rocked the convoy after only an hour. The ships had reverted to realspace, nobody aware of where they were or what was happening.

Communications, scanners and even radio signals had been rendered useless by the explosion. At first Gallen had thought they were under attack, but nobody could have attacked them from outside hyperspace. Then the realisation had set in. It had not been an external attack; it had been a bomb planted in the convoy’s path, designed with the sole purpose of forcing the convoy to re-enter realspace.

The bombing of hyperspace convoys was a rare but often successful technique. Firstly the attacker would find out the path its target was likely to take and pick an area where there were few world capable of helping. Next a high yield gravity generator was position to force any ships to slow down. Normally that would be enough for a pirate ship to attack the exposed craft.

But this attacker had had more sinister motives than robbing a goods transporter. Instead of waiting for a ship to re-enter realspace the attacker had attached the gravity generator to a graphashort bomb. The result was an immediate short circuit in every electrical system inside the convoy.

Then the attack had started. A single ship had appeared, larger than most of the ships in the convoy with the possible exception of the Liberator. It had fired its entire laser battery at the crippled convoy. Even though some of the ships were recovering they never stood a chance. Smaller fighters launched from the larger craft and began to pick off the defenders, ship by ship.

The Galaxy Rangers’ own fighters were trapped inside the Phoenix, not because they were disabled, but because the docking bay doors were jammed shut.

Gallen and his copilot Officer Gort had chosen that moment to try and act. Together they managed to rewire their small ship, freeing it from Eagle’s computer. The moment they did so their ship came to life.

“What now?” Gort asked as they directed their ship towards the nearest attacker.

“We get a message sent to IGPF Headquarters and try to keep as many of those fighters away as possible,” Gallen replied. His words were not as gallant as they sounded. A quick look at his status board had told Gallen that a jump to hyperspace was currently impossible due to the failure of the Navicom.

“Targeting Grid online, shields at sixty percent,” Gort reported, activating the weapons and letting Gallen control their flight.

“Two second burst right yoke,” Gallen said.

As he spoke Gallen activated the afterburners and pulled the ship to the right. Zeroing in on the nearest ship he fired, pitching hard left to lock onto a second.

“We have three ships heading towards us,” Gort told his companion. “One has fired heat seeker.”

“Activate diversion,” Gallen instructed.

Gort pressed a series of buttons and a torpedo was launched, keeping speed just behind them. At the last moment a second torpedo was launched, detonating the first and catching the attacker’s heat seeker in the blast.

Gallen was not done yet. Guiding his small craft towards Invincible, the largest of the three transport ships he attempted to dock. A thought had occurred to him during the brief firefight and he hoped he was wrong. Before he could dock another of the attacking ships moved in.

Gort took a moment to identify the craft they were facing. Similar to the Tri-fighter in the form of its three wings, the craft had no nosecone, the cockpit ending in a simple transparent screen. The fighter had been identified as a Yoke Fighter, used exclusively by a fighter group known as Nive’s Nest.

In the time it had taken for Gallen to realise his plan would not work another four fighters were heading in his direction. Using the wreckage from Scorpio as cover Gallen was able to turn his fighter to face his pursuers. Pushing a button he reset his engines so they fired in different directions. Waiting until the attackers were within range and then pressed the engine engage and weapons fire button at the same time.

Propelled from different directions the fighter started to spin, firing its deadly lasers at the same time. For a full two minutes the fighter continued to spin, shredding the attacking snubfighters before slowing down.

“Gallen, we need to move, now!” Gort shouted as he noticed the large cruiser closing in on them. Too late Gallen activated the engines. The Tri-fighter’s canopy shattered depressurising Gort’s section of the cockpit. Gort was torn out of the hole into the cold vacuum of space.

Gallen had not been much luckier. The fighter had continued moving crushing his legs as it smashed into the remains of another fighter. He had the oxygen to survive, but he knew he would never walk again. Without power and with little hope of rescue Gallen was forced to watch as his colleagues were taken from their ships. He saw a firefight from inside Phoenix, which he assumed was the Galaxy Rangers. Then the fighting had stopped and the attackers had gone, taking the prisoners and guards with them.

Now Gallen lay dying among the remains of his fighter. He doubted anybody would ever find the convoy in time if at all. He had no doubt they had been hijacked as far from the nearest council planet as possible. Even the tiniest movement hurt now and Gallen knew he could not go on. Struggling against the pain he reached for the ejection switch. The remains of the canopy were blown into space and Gallen died.

In fact things had not gone as badly as Gallen had thought. True the prisoners and officers had been taken, but they were alive.

The assault had been the perfect combination of the Master’s careful planning and Nive’s insistence on the excellence of those following him. Together they had calculated the convoy’s exact path and had been able to plant the hyperspace bomb on their course.

The explosion had had three main purposes, but had actually achieved an unexpected plus. Of course they had been left stranded, weaponless and without communications, which was the first aim. At the same time an emergency system had released the cell area from each transporter. It had been easy for Nive’s forces to overrun the cells since the guards had all been deactivated in the explosion. The bonus had been that the explosion had smashed the crystal used to prevent Nore from linking to the Dark Grid. By the time his rescuers had arrived he had already teleported away from his cell to the Phoenix.

Nore had wanted revenge and had decided to take it out on the Galaxy Rangers. They had bravely returned fire and used their limited powers to the best of their abilities. In the end though Nore had mercifully slain six of them, leaving the team’s commander and his three top officers alive. It fell to Nore’s sense of humour to torture his victims. The remaining Galaxy Rangers would have only a limited time to live before the air ran out and with Liberator gone they had no chance of getting away.

Finally Nive had convinced Nore it was time to leave. A small snubfighter had somehow managed to fly long enough to destroy some of Nive’s fighters. The officer had been quickly dealt with and the mercenaries had returned to their original tasks, taking prisoners.

Then their task complete Nive’s group changed course and headed for Earth.


“Ah, Lord Nore, so good to finally meet you,” the Master said, attempting to sound weak and helpless.

“Yes, I believe it is your pleasure,” Nore replied. “I believe I have you to thank for my freedom, I hope you don’t expect me to repay the debt.”

“On the contrary my dear Lord Nore,” the Master responded. “I thought you might enjoy the opportunity for revenge against…” He paused briefly to give his words the desired emphasis. “Zordon of Eltare.”

Nore’s eye sparked as he heard the name of the man he blamed for his incarceration. The Master smiled to himself, noting the way Nore had been baited into displaying his anger.

“Zordon of Eltare?” he boomed. “I would give anything to destroy Zordon of Eltare!”

The Master was silent waiting for Lord Nore to reach his decision. “But I cannot do it yet. I need my swords.”

The Master nodded. For all his arrogance and boasting Lord Nore was actually intelligent. He was also starting to regain his demonic form. Without the swords to guide the power flowing through his body he could not take his true body, but already the shoulder armour he had once worn started to grow on his arms and legs. The Master had expected this and was prepared for the occasion.

“The swords will be ours in no time, unless…” he let the words hang, tempting Lord Nore to ask the question.

“Unless what?”

“Well, Earth is defended by a team of Rangers.”

“Fool,” Lord Nore laughed. “Why should Earth Rangers threaten me?”

“Eight of them are full Morphin Rangers and the others are Zeo Rangers.”

“The power of the Morphin Dragons belong to Lord Nore!” the Dragon Master shouted. “Rangers or no Rangers I shall crush the Earth!”

“Even so,” the Master continued in his calm tone “These Rangers have held off Rita Repulsa, Lord Zedd and the Machine Empire at the same time.”

“Show me them!” Nore boomed.

The Master complied with Nore’s demand and showed him a real-time image of the Rangers. Nore studied the fourteen Rangers the Master had told him about. One of them was very interesting to look at, although he could not tell why. Then he made the connection and realised what it was that held his attention. If he had been nearer he would have detected it as a strange odour. On the viewscreen it appeared as a break in his aura. One of the so-called Rangers the Master had told him about had made a pact with the devil and was dying.

Nore laughed despite his best efforts not to. Fourteen Rangers might have stood a chance, but with one of the Zeo Rangers gone the others would split apart.

“Get me the swords and I will deal with Zordon and his pupils.”

As he spoke he could feel the power of the Dark Grid filling his body. Holding his hand out he summoned sour of his fellow prisoners from the IGPF transport.

“First I think we need something to keep the Earth Rangers busy. I summon the four Sentinel Dragons of the Darkness!”

Four stone dragons appeared one in front of each of the inhuman prisoners. Nore’s eyes flashed as he tried to force them to merge with their hosts.

“Perhaps I may be of service,” the Master said softly.

Holding his staff he set the Time Scoop to physically join the dragons’ cells with those of the prisoners. With the physical bond complete the two sets of cells battled for ultimate control of the bodies they now possessed. Soon the dragons had won, transforming their hosts into the demon like servants of Lord Nore.

“Go to Earth,” Nore instructed. “And destroy those Power Rangers!”

The four dragon creatures bowed and vanished. Despite his orders the dragons first had to recharge. They left for Avalon. Now it was time for him to regain his true powers.


Kno’ lit the final candle and kneeled before the altar of the Dragon spirit as she had done everyday since she had graduated from the Morphin Academy. That had been over five thousand years ago, when the exploits of Zordon of Eltare were still being told openly within the Green College.

But in recent months Kno’ had had more than the everyday homage to concern herself about. As the head of the Dragon Spirit she had been given the duty of purifying the swords Lord Nore had tainted with his evil. Once they had been powerful artefacts for the Green Body Spirit. Now they were tools of the darkside.

Kno’ had always had a strong like to the Green Dragon not only through her powers, but also through her ancestors. Her people had evolved from a reptile like dragon race into humanoids with scaled skin. She had never heard of such a dragon in the rest of the Universe, but her link to the Morphin Grid was so developed that it could only have arisen through a genetic link.

Kno’ had hoped that through daily meditation she could draw the evil power into her own spirit, where it could be cleansed through inner peace. But the magic Nore had used held the swords under his continued grasp.

“Those swords belong to me I think,” a voice said.

Kno’ turned and as expected found Lord Nore waiting for her. “You dare to enter the Dragon Vault?” she asked. “Such sacrilege is punishable by death.”

Nore flickered between his human and demon form. In the presence of his swords his powers were growing by the second. With an animalistic howl he charged the Green Master.

“Dragonzord!” Kno’ called.

Plated scale like armour formed around her body as she prepared for combat. In her hand appeared the traditional Dragon Dagger of the Green Dragon Ranger.

“Power of the Dark Dragon transform me!” Nore shouted.

Although weakened without his swords, the transformation was quick and effective. He now resembled a black human like dragon. In his hand he held a darkened axe. The Power was now inside him and he used it. He traded blows with Kno’ that would have shattered a human’s body. Despite the power of the Dark Grid Kno’ was able to hold her own due to Nore’s weakness.

“Nore!” a new voice shouted.

While Nore had kept the Dragon Master busy the Master had grabbed the sword. He tossed them to Nore who was immediately renewed. Kno’ tried her best, almost succeeding in taking Nore’s head off with an energised blow. But Nore had no intention of fighting fair. Vanishing from sight he rejoined the Master who fired the compression beam in his staff.

Kno’ screamed as she felt the cells in her body shrinking. She knew there was time left, but with her last strength sent her morpher back to Green College. There was no way she would be responsible for a new evil Green Ranger.

Nore did not care. He was back to full strength and now it was time for revenge.

“Zordon of Eltare beware,” he said menacingly. “Because Lord Nore ruler of the Dark Dragon has returned.”

“Zeo Megazord Saber!” the Zeo Rangers called.

Mondo’s newest monster looked around trying to find a way to escape; he found only death. The saber cut through the monster like he was nothing and the Ranger returned to the Power Chamber.

For most of the team it had been a successful mission, but both Rocky and Tommy had stopped concentrating. In one instance it had meant they were unable to form the Zeo MegaBattlezord. Despite the setbacks though they had managed to emerge victorious.

When they got back the Rangers were surprised to find Alpha scanning both Sam and Jason. Both of them had the strange expression that the others had seen on Tommy and Rocky earlier.

“Zordon, what is going on?” Kat asked.

“Rangers, I have just received word that a vicious criminal known as Lord Nore has stolen the twin Dragon Blades. Jason, Rocky, Sam and Tommy are feeling the presence of the Dragon Master. He is a dangerous foe and I believe it will take all your strength to fight him.”

“Where is he now Zordon?” Jason rasped.

“He is currently on his way to Earth. I believe he has teamed up with the Master.”

“So what do we do?” Sam asked.

“For now all four of you must rest while Alpha and I determine our next course of action. Billy is in the Holding Bay modifying some of the Zords for use on Aquitar. I suggest you help him Adam.” Reluctantly the Rangers teleported away. When they had gone Zordon issued his next set of instructions. “Alpha, access all our data on the Children of the Dragon.”

The little android scurried to obey as Zordon silently prayed his Rangers would be strong enough to beat back their new opponent. _The Master was bad enough, but Dragon Master may be too much for them to handle. _ He pushed that thought as far away as he could. His Rangers would never accept defeat without first trying and Zordon was not willing to let himself give up either. The days and weeks ahead had already seemed complicated with the Rangers planning on freeing Aquitar. Now the situation was starting to look grim.

A faint noise caught his attention. An image of the Dragon Master appeared on the Viewing Screen. “Enjoy peace while you can Zordon. Because tomorrow will be the Day of the Dragon!”

A tiny rip in the fabric of time and space was all it took. The strange object faded three times before stabilising. The light on the top flashed in sync with the sound of grinding gears. After a loud explosion from inside and a cloud of green smoke the object finally settled behind Angel Grove Police Headquarters. Some would say the object would have looked at home there except the American Police force had no use for a Victorian Police Box outside its headquarters.

There was the sound of more grinding gears as the object attempted to escape back into the vortex where it belonged. A man swore in a dialect so old it had been forgotten even on the distant world where it had originated. The swearing stopped; to be replaced by choking as yet another cloud of smoke billowed from the door.

“Of all the times for the TARDIS to breakdown, why did it have to be now?” a voice said. “Sam, are you okay?”

The door opened as a man and a young girl with blonde hair struggled outside. “I’m okay Doctor. What’s wrong with the TARDIS?”

“The Time Rotor must have seized and overloaded the telepathic controls,” the Doctor replied. “Until I can find am replacement we’re stuck here, wherever here is.”

The brown haired man known throughout the many Galaxies as the Doctor frowned as his mind touched two familiar and unwelcome minds. He wondered briefly if the TARDIS had malfunctioned by itself or whether it had received a push in the right direction. The idea was outrageous he realised. Especially with the restrictions President Flavia had put on Celestial Intervention Agency after the Borusa Interregnum. Still the Doctor knew he was not popular on Gallifrey and the two minds he had felt were definitely not among his few trusted friends.

“This place looks familiar,” the Doctor began. “Late twentieth century Earth I should think. Obviously not England though.” His companion laughed at the comment when he illustrated the lack of rain.

Why the Doctor chose to take a young girl with him on his journeys was beyond his peers. Many of them did not understand the Doctor’s reason for doing anything. They had been amazed when he had proceeded inside a years to eliminate the Daleks, Cybermen and Master, but failed to understand why he had not used his power to wipe out the Sontarians and Reutons at the same time.

In truth the only person who knew the Doctor’s motives was the Doctor himself. He kept the young girls with him for no better reason than he enjoyed having somebody around to ask him questions and need rescuing. It was a similar motive to why kids who were only mediocre at sports invited kids who were worse than them to play. It made them feel important.

“Doctor, we’re in the Freak Zone,” Sam told him.

“Freak Zone?” the Doctor asked. He wondered where on Earth the Freak Zone could be and why he suddenly had a bad feeling about being there.

“You know, Angel Grove.”

Angel Grove? The Doctor knew the name but couldn’t remember where from. He knew he had been here before in a previous life, but why?

“Zordon!” he cried happily as the memory returned. He had fought with Zordon of Eltare during the Grid War. If anybody would be able to find a TARDIS repair kit on a backwater planet like Earth that person was Zordon.


“Doctor, Doctor? Doctor!” Sam shouted urgently. “We’ve got company!”

The Doctor examined the new arrivals. He noted the blank expressions and the small weapons in their hands. He had recently been on the receiving end of a barrage of bullets thanks to a trap set by the Master. He had no intention of allowing that to happen again. “Sam, when I say run, RUN!”

Pushing his companion out of the way the Doctor exploded into action. As the only humanoid with two arms to master Venusian Aikido the Doctor was a skilled fighter. Feet and fists exploded as he expertly disarmed his opponents and dropped them to the ground. He stood back as his attackers struggle to stand. He had seen this sort of brain washing before and he knew what happened enough.

Sure enough the six men bellowed as their bodies contorted into demonic visages. He managed to hold them of for a while before they gain the advantage.

“Hiyah!” Something green landed between the Doctor and his opponent. A quick kick and the attacker was gone. The green figure then kicked two more constantly warning them not to get too near. The Doctor did likewise impressed by the younger fighter’s skill.

When it finally became obvious the attack would not end the green stranger drew a pistol from his side and squeezed off six shots, barely grazing the surface of his attackers’ skulls, but penetrating deep enough to destroy the radio controls implanted in their minds.

The constant stimulation gone zombies dropped to the ground, their bodies showing the signs of what the Doctor and Green Zeo had done to them.

A small box attracted Adam’s attention and he went over to discover the source. After looking it over he decided to take it back to Zordon for analysis.

The sound of shots being fired caused Trevor Park to abandon his reports into the Power Rangers’ latest escapade and run outside, his gun drawn and ready. First thing he noticed was the blue box with the words Police Box written on the top. As far as he knew his precinct had yet to become a museum so that piece was out of context. Second thing he noticed was that the shooting had stopped and six bodies were lying at angels he had never imagined possible. Looking around he noticed two figures, a man and a young girl. Both seemed to be studying one of the bodies, totally oblivious to the armed police and discharge weapons lying around them.

“Freeze!” Trevor shouted. “Put your hands where I can see them without any sudden movements!”

“Officer,” the man said, “This is not what it seems.”

“How do you know how it seems?” Trevor asked. He quickly became aware of a third figure on the scene. He recognised him as one of the Zeo Rangers who had been making his life more difficult for the last year. “I should have known,” Trevor muttered as Green Zeo vanished. “Bring them inside.”

Trevor Park was nothing if not a good cop. He prided himself on his job and ensuring he got the whole truth. He knew he could not haul a Ranger in even though he sometimes wondered what would happen if he tried. The man and the girl seemed to be his only source of answers at this time.


“From the top guys,” Billy instructed.

“Right!” the five Zeo Rangers and Zeo Bio called together. “Sky Zords, power up!”

“Drop Zord now!” Kimberly, Tanya and David called.

“Log in Rangers,” Red Zeo ordered.

One by one the Rangers checked in that they had control of the Zords. “Passengers on board and loaded,” Tanya noted.

“Okay, begin primary merger,” Billy said over the commlink.

With the Drop Zord taking centre position with the White Sky Zord in front, Black and Blue Sky Zords on the left and right and Pink, Yellow and Red Sky Zords forming he rear the Rangers perfected a triangle formation.

“Activating Mega Drop Zord protocols,” Billy advised. “Put it together!”

The Drop Zord’s wings extended down under the Black and Blue Sky Zords. The nose cones of both Zords retracted and their wings detached. As they dropped onto the outstretched wings of the Drop Zord metal clamps locked them in place.

“Kim, you should now have complete control of the engines on the Blue and Black Sky Zords,” Billy advised. “Turn it up to full power.”

Kim complied and the Drop Zord increased its power again. Meanwhile the Pink and Yellow Sky Zords had lost a wing and attached themselves to the now wingless Red Sky Zord. The four detached wings reconfigured themselves into a single wing gliding over the three planes.

“I have control,” Rocky stated, hoping his time in the Red Dragon would be enough to complete this task. Pressing the button he guided the three Zords so the Red Zord lock into position behind the Drop Zord, the Yellow Zord merging with the rear of the Black Zord and the Pink doing likewise with the Blue Zord.

“Kim, control is yours, beginning final lockdown.”

As rocky spoke the wing on the Yellow and Pink Zords folded upward allowing the solo wing to lock into place on the upturned wingtips. The four discarded wings from the Blue and Black Sky Zords join to form two larger wings and locked into place on the Blue and Black Sky Zords. As one the Zeo Ranger and Aisha teleported to the Drop Zord’s cockpit and waited for Tommy to finish the procedure.

“Tommy, cut the power back a bit or we’ll never get near!” David shouted.

Tommy complied and the nose of the Drop Zord opened to consume the rear of the White Sky Zord. As the nose closed up Tommy hit the final controls to seal the joints. The skin of the Sky Zords reformed to create a single large aircraft.

“Sealed for space flight,” Trey reported.

“Thrusters online and responding,” Kimberly confirmed.

“Oxygen and environmental controls active,” David said.

“Take us up Tommy!” Billy ordered.

Obeying his blue teammate Tommy pulled back on the dual controls aiming the plane for the atmosphere. “Deep Space conversion is running.”

“Switch to solid fuel boosters,” Kim instructed.

“Online and active,” Aisha responded.

The Mega Drop Zord seemed to twist as the thrusters cut in. Tommy struggled against the forces threatening to rip the Zord apart.

“Billy, I’ve got a rip in the left wing seal! I’m losing cohesion.”

“Trying to compensate,” Adam responded adjusting the metallic skin to seal the rip.

“No good,” Tommy reported. “I’ve lost control we’re falling back to Earth.”

“End Simulation!”

Billy slammed his fist into the console. It was bad enough that they couldn’t use Pyramidas to get to Aquitar due to the planet’s affect of Trey, but now the Sky Zords had failed to convert to space mode. With the Dragon Master on the loose Billy wanted to get the job done quickly.

Whilst the other Rangers helped Billy reset the experiment Adam went to the main chamber. On the Viewing Screen he could see a man and young girl under attack

“Zordon,” Alpha reported, “One of them is Gallifraen and read ad the Doctor.”

“Shall I go and help him Zordon?” Adam asked.

Zordon considered for a moment then decided since all the Doctor’s enemies eventually became a threat to Earth, the Rangers could act. “Be careful Adam and may the Power protect you!”

“Zeo Ranger IV – Green!”


By the time Adam arrived the Doctor had already disarmed his opponents. Adam jumped in and quickly knocked them down, but they kept coming. In the end Adam drew his Zeo Pistol and fired a series of six shots before going off to investigate a small box next to a police box.

He heard a noise and looked over to see his father arresting the Doctor and the girl. _At least they’re safe, _ he thought, teleporting away.


In the midst of the sleeping island a force stirred. During the darkest times of human history its occupants had lived, watching down on man and guiding them on their path. They had died as traitors to their kind for they had obeyed the will of the Black Dragon and attacked the humans. Now in death they once again heeded the call of the Dragon Master and following their pledge of total and undying obedience the four Sentinel Dragons returned to live.

Four plots of Earth lifted from the ground to expose the decaying bones of Nore’s servants. From the pits of hell fire ignited to consume the bones. As the fire ceased the rebirth began. Moving slowly at first but with ever-increasing speed the bones clicked back into place. Muscles formed in the joints followed by the scaled skin of the dragons. Smoke emerged from their nostrils, as they stood upright and looked to the sky. Raising their arms they regain the armour they had lost in death.

In their humanoid form they looked almost human except for the scales and the skin colour. One was a deep red, similar to somebody left in the snow far too long. The second was a light blue. Ice dripped from his nostrils where the smoke emerged. The third was a dirty brown. Large than the others he was used to fighting without having to think. Finally their leader, the green scaled dragon emerged.

After checking themselves over the four dragons left for where their master had summoned them. From there they went to Angel Grove for the fun to begin.

On the Moon the Master and the rapidly changing Lord Nore watched the events unfolding on Earth. With luck the Rangers would soon combat the Sentinel Dragons and discover the truth about their powers.

Detective Trevor Park looked deep into the eyes of the brown haired man sitting opposite him. They had arrested him three hours ago for the murder of six other men. So far every answer the man had given only served to raise another question.

“We’ll start again,” Detective Park said. “What is your name?”

“I am called the Doctor,” the man replied.

“Your full name,” Trevor insisted.

The Doctor thought for a moment. It had been a while since he had been asked to give his full name and had been unable to divert the question. “Doctor John Smith,” he said finally, choosing the most common name he could think of.

“Well Doctor Smith, it seems that the young lady who was with you…”

“You mean Sam?” the Doctor asked enthusiastically, always happy to help the authorities with any small problems and generally transforming them into big problems. “Lovely girl, English you know.”

“Well this Sam has been spinning us quite a story about space travel and vampires need I go on?”

“She told you all that?” the Doctor asked. “That’s terrible! That’s not meant to happen for another six months.”

“Now look Doctor,” Detective Morris intervened. “We don’t have time for these games. So why don’t you tell us why you and one of the Power Rangers saw fit to murder six innocent men?”

“Innocent? I hardly think so. Those men attack us. If it had not been for that Green Ranger… Did you say Power Ranger?”

“Yes,” Trevor said, “Power Rangers.” He had been hoping to leave the Power Rangers out of the interview. Somehow the mysterious Doctor Smith was weird enough without being exposed to the so-called heroes of Angel Grove.

The Doctor was shocked. He had sensed the Master and the Rani on Earth, but had assumed they were just up to their usual schemes. Things must have been very bad for Zordon to bring in a group of Rangers. Aquitar was the nearest Council planet and the Doctor could not see a team of Aquitians lasting very long on Earth. _Maybe Triforia or Eltare, _ he thought.

“Hey!” Morris shouted as the Doctor placed his hand into his pocket. It had taken the best part of an hour to empty those pockets and was still stuff inside.

“Just getting some identification for you Detective,” the Doctor said. Now he knew the situation was serious he was determined to make a quick exit and speak to Zordon. Fishing out an identity card he handed it to the detective.

“And this is you is it?” Detective Morris asked. The face on the pass bore no real resemblance to the man sitting opposite.

“Oh it was in a former live,” the Doctor’s voice seemed to change for a moment. “Now go and called the Brigadier. There’s a good chap.”

Trevor stared at the Doctor’s face for a moment. It had changed briefly into a thicker face with white hair. Trevor blinked and he was looking at the Doctor again.


Trevor opened the door to the interview room to see a younger officer waiting for him. He also noted Adam standing to one side.

“Excuse me sir,” Officer Harker said. “Your son insisted on talking to you about the murders.”

Nodding Trevor escorted Adam to a private room leaving the Doctor with Officer Harker. “Okay Adam, what’s this about?”

“Dad, you have to trust me on this. You need to let him go.”

“And why should I do that Adam?” Detective Park asked. He had thought for a moment Adam was interested in the Doctor’s companion, but his son had only said they had to let the Doctor go. “As far as we know six men were murdered outside this station by the Doctor and the Green Ranger.”

Adam sighed. After returning to Zordon and showing him the box he had found and the describing the stranger in detail Zordon had asked him to get the man out of prison. Adam had known that could cause a problem. Luckily his Green Zeo uniform had recorded the incident from the time he arrived.

“This will prove it,” Adam said. “It’s a tape from the Green Ranger’s helmet camera and shows how they died.”

“How did you get this?” Trevor demanded.

“The Rangers gave it to me,” Adam lied.

Trevor remained silent as he placed the tape in a video recorder and watched the fight. He saw the man moving like lightning throwing his attackers around and disarming them. He saw the Ranger appear and help the man hold his own before firing a series of shots. The footage stopped for a second to be replaced by a detailed printout of the trajectories of each shot. Finally the footage restarted and showed the final moments of the fight when the attackers had collapsed.

“Did the Green Ranger give you this?” Trevor asked, pointing to the screen and quickly adding, “That Green Ranger?”

“Yes Dad,” Adam replied.

“I will need him here to say he did before I can take your word for it,” Detective Park stated.

“You have the video, why do you need him?” Adam asked.

“Look Adam, there are six dead men lying in the city morgue. The homicide rate in Angel Grove is practically zero. So when there is a suspected murder I AM expected to investigate fully. Now, I am asking you where is the Green Ranger?”

Adam closed his eyes in thought. Zordon had given him permission to do what he needed to do, but it did not alter the fact he was about to reveal a major secret to somebody outside of the Rangers. Finally making up his mind he walked over to the door and locked it. Turning back to his father he noted the puzzled look on his dad’s face and almost laughed.

“It’s Morphin Time! Zeo Ranger IV- Green!”

Trevor Park’s jaw dropped. One moment he had been watching his son lock the door. Then his son had turned to face him, made some fancy hand movements and transformed into the Green Ranger. To say he was shocked was an understatement. Not because he did not think Adam could do such a thing, he knew his son to be a brave and sensitive young man, but because of his own narrow minded view of the Rangers. Trevor had always assumed the Rangers were college kids adept at showing off. This would take some thinking about.

“Harker, release both the Doctor and his companion. My son will be wanting to talk to them.” Trevor regarded his son before opening the door. “We’ll discuss this later,” he said leaving Adam to power down.


As Adam returned with the Doctor the alarms sounded. The other Rangers quickly appeared gaining a raised eyebrow from the Doctor when he noted their age.

“Rangers, Lord Nore has sent down his Sentinel Dragons to destroy Angel Grove,” Zordon told them.

“We’re on it Zordon!” Tommy and Jason exchanged glances and almost laughed. “It’s Morphin Time!”

“Zeo Ranger I – Pink!”

“Zeo Ranger III – Blue!”

“Zeo Ranger IV – Green!”

“Zeo Ranger V – Red!”

“Zeo Ranger X – Gold!”

“Zeo Bio Armour – Online!”

“White Ranger Power!”

“Black Ranger Power!”

“Pink Ranger Power!”

“Blue Ranger Power!”

“Yellow Ranger Power!”

“Red Ranger Power!”

“Purple Ranger Power!”

“Green Ranger Power!”

“Well old friend it seems you’ve been busy since my last visit,” the Doctor said adjusting some of the sensitive scanning equipment.

“And you have changed many times as well Doctor,” Zordon replied.

“Still refusing to leave that timewarp then?”

“If I were to leave the only place I could go is Eltare,” Zordon said. “My Rangers need me and I cannot abandon them.”

“No, no of course not,” the Doctor replied. “Oh, this is Samantha Jones, a young student of mine.”

During his time in the Command Centre and later the Power Chamber Zordon had always noted the faces of those who noticed him for the first time. All the Rangers had been shocked, sometimes even in awe of a vast head floating in a plasma tube. Sam was different. She showed no sign of surprise and even just a tinge of pity.

*Still picking up the pretty ones I see,* Zordon said to the Doctor via the telepathic link.

Out loud he said: “I am honoured to meet you Samantha.”

“Eltarian?” Sam asked looking at Zordon but directing the question to anybody who would answer. As normal Sam’s inquisitive nature was emerging just as it did first time she forced the Doctor to take her on a trip. She had matured a lot since then. Having to face death on numerous occasions does that to a person.

Saw was also in the unique position of being six months outside of her time zone. To her this was the past.

“Yes, he is Eltarian,” the Doctor replied. “One of the Morphin Masters.”

“Oh,” Sam said. Now she was impressed.

“I take it the Master is the reason you chose Earthlings to become Rangers?” the Doctor asked.

“You know as well as I what the human spirit is capable of,” Zordon replied. “I have watched this planet for ten thousand years and have seen them grow into the society they have today. Besides, Aquitians would not last very long on this world. We tried, but they had to return home.”

“As for the Master he is only the latest of a string of villains to try to conquer Earth. Rita Repulsa, Lord Zedd and the Machine Empire have been trying to take-over this planet for a while now.”

“And I thought Daleks and Vampires were the worst that could happen,” Sam stated.

Zordon remained silent for a moment, reaching out his senses to touch Sam’s mind. What he found was a spirit that protected others and worked to maintain peace. _The perfect Yellow Ranger, _ he thought.

The red Sentinel Dragon opened its mouth and let loose a burst of flame to incinerate the nearby cars and buildings. It had been years since the last time he and his brothers had been free to serve the Dragon Master. The human he had been merged with added to his homicidal nature causing him to enjoy the destruction even more.

Looking around he could see his fellow dragons were enjoying the activity even more than he was. Moving toward the harbour district the he stopped. There at the bottom of the harbour he could sense another dragon, older and more powerful than the four Sentinel Dragons put together. His soul had been placed in metal and bonded to a human. And he was aware of the Black Dragon being near Earth.

The four Sentinel Dragons started to feel fear for the first time since their release. Here was perhaps the one thing that could stop them unless they acted immediately.

“Pleu’dar, freeze the waters and let our adversary remain in his grave,” the lead Sentinel instructed.

The blue Scaled dragon known as Pleu’dar stood straight and pointed at the water below. Unlike most of his fellow dragons he could breath more than just fire. Opening his mouth he breathed towards the docks, freezing the water, the machinery, the buildings and the workers.

Breathing in for a second blast Pleu’dar felt something strike his back. Looking around he saw Red Zeo pick himself up off the ground where he had bounced after striking the dragon.

“LOOKS LIKE SOME LITTLE MONKEYS HAVE DECIDED TO PLAY WITH FIRE,” Craken, he red skinned dragon boomed as he took in the fourteen Rangers assembled with weapons drawn ready for combat. “I THINK THEY NEED TO COOL OFF A BIT.”

Pleu’dar was only too happy to oblige, shooting another blast of ice at the Rangers, this time the droplets forming into projectiles.

“Bio Field – Full Ranger!” Aisha called.

From the power of the combined Zeo Crystal channelled through the Bio Armour Aisha generated a forcefield. The ice bullets shattered on impact, as the Rangers stood ready for combat.

“Drake, take them!” Craken shouted.

Like Goldar, Drake had wings when he wanted them. Unlike Goldar he was still in the habit of using them in combat. Fly forward he passed through the Bio Field and grabbed Aisha in his talons before flying off.

“Blade Blasters!” Red Ranger called. “Fire!”

Eight blasts illuminated the sky as the Rangers tried to bring the Dragon down without hurting their teammate.

“Zordon, is the hop scotch teleport working?” Rocky asked.

“Yes Rocky,” Alpha replied.

Without a word Rocky teleported to the airborne dragon. Drawing his Zeo Sword he stabbed the dragon in the back. Not hard enough to kill the blow made the dragon howl in pain and drop its prisoner. As Aisha teleported away Rocky was thrown to the ground, landing with a sick crack. In a flash of light the Blue Zeo Ranger was gone.

“Trini, teleport back to the Power Chamber and make sure Rocky’s ok,” Red Ranger ordered. “David go as well in case they need you.”

“Hellfire!” Green Ranger called pointing his sword at Pleu’dar. Green fire shot from the blade engulfing the dragon in its power.


The fourth Sentinel Dragon had not wasted time fighting the Rangers face to face. Instead it had moved behind them. With a loud battle cry it ran into its prey, knocking Rangers left and right as it made its way through their ranks. It had grown a razor sharp tail and used it to knock the Rangers to the ground.

“Time to bring in the heavy artillery,” Green Ranger said. “Battle Armour!”

“Battle Armour!” Red Ranger shouted in agreement.

“Bio Weapons – full power!” Aisha called.

“Power Weapons ready,” Pink Ranger said drawing her bow.

“Zeo Power Weapons!” Red Zeo called in agreement.

The Rangers charged, their weaponry bouncing off the dragon’s armoured hides.

“Zeo I Fire Cloud!” Pink Zeo called.

“Cosmic Cannon!” Black Ranger yelled after missing Craken on two occasions with his Power Axe. Switching the axe to Cosmic Cannon mode he fired a single shot to knock Craken away to the spot where Green Zeo and Purple Ranger were waiting.

“You hurt my friends, I hurt you!” Green Zeo shouted angrily. “Zeo Power Hatchets!”

“Power Nunchuks!” Purple Ranger added.

Slipping the chain from the Nunchuks around the dragon’s neck she held him there until Green Zeo landed a double blow between the eyes.

Red Zeo and Red Ranger targeted Drake next. Between Jason’s Battle Armour and Tommy’s rage the dragon was quickly forced onto the defensive.

“Bio Burst!” Aisha called from somewhere under Terranak, the brown-scaled dragon.

The chest panel of her armour opened and a blast of pure Zeo energy engulfed the dragon. Angered Terranak lashed out with his claws, ripping through the armour and into Aisha’s abdomen. In a ten coloured flash Aisha was gone, but not back to the Power Chamber.


“This is going better than planned,” the now fully charge Lord Nore commented.

“Of course it is,” the Master replied. “Two Rangers injured, the White and Yellow Rangers are busy with their blue friend and Adam…” He took a moment to look at the way the Green Zeo Ranger was fighting. There was a lack of concentration and skill caused by his anger. “Adam seems to be having problems as well. Tell the Sentinels to take out the Purple Ranger next.”

This was better than the Master had hoped. After weeks of relying on Huntrax to finish off Aisha Lord Nore had managed it in a day. The Zeo team was lacking in numbers and the Master intended to take Adam out without hurting him. _Losing Rocky and Aisha is bad enough, but losing Tanya as well? This is too good! _

“Maybe we should step this battle up a bit,” Lord Nore suggested. “Grow my Sentinels, grow!”

Flames circled the four Sentinel Dragons causing them to grow.”

*Do not fear child, you shall not be harmed here.*

_What? _ Aisha awoke to find herself floating in a void of white light.

*You are safe here Aisha.*

“Where am I?”

*You are inside Zeo Crystal. You must remain here until your Zeo Bio Armour is repaired. Then you must leave.*

Aisha looked down suddenly aware of the pain in her stomach.

*Do not fear, inside the armour you cannot be killed. The suit just needs to regenerate you.*

“How long?”

*A few minutes, no longer. Rest now.*

Trini, David and Rocky appeared in the Power Chamber at the same time, the latter nearly comatose. The Doctor was quickly next to them, using his basic medical skills to help stabilise the boy.

“Zordon, will he be alright?” Trini asked.

“His back was broken in the fall,” Zordon said. “Although the Power will prevent permanent injury and his Ranger healing will speed up recovery he will need to rest.”

“Why don’t you two return to the battle?” the Doctor suggested. “We’ll look after Rocky.”

“Back to action!” Yellow and White Ranger called together.

“The truth now?” the Doctor asked looking at Zordon.

“Rocky is risking permanent damage by remaining morphed. However, I fear the disruption to his system might kill him if he is force demorphed.”

“Hold on,” the Doctor said.

Digging through his extremely long pockets he finally found the small whistle he was looking for. Putting it to his lips he sent a small subspace signal to his oldest companion.

The signal had been received inside the TARDIS. A telepathic link established to alter the controls for a short trek through space. Over his lives the Doctor had finally managed to control the short leaps necessary to move the TARDIS to the Power Chamber.

With its gears still groaning the TARDIS vanished from outside AGPD Headquarters to reappear almost instantly in the Power Chamber.

“Still a police box?” Zordon asked when the TARDIS arrived.

“I haven’t had time to fix it,” the Doctor lied.

In truth he had given up attempting to repair the Chameleon Circuit on his target after his last attempt had failed. He had thought about taking it back to Gallifrey for repair. After all, as ex-President of Gallifrey and the Time Lord who was responsible to the extinction of the Daleks the Doctor assumed the people of Gallifrey would repair his TARDIS. Whether he wanted to return to his homeworld was another question.

“Quickly Sam, help me move him inside,” the Doctor said. “We need to find a Zero Room to help his recovery.”

“I thought you disposed of the Zero Room after Logopolis,” Alpha Five said.

The Doctor winced at the mention of the world he had condemned to death by allowing the Master to follow him. The lives of innocent Logopolians and thousands of worlds had been extinguished thanks to the Master’s greed for power. Even after sacrificing his own life to save the rest of the Universe the Doctor still felt guilty about causing the disaster.

On regeneration the Doctor had used a Zero Room to aid his recuperation. To escape a trap shortly afterwards the Doctor’s assistants had been forced to jettison twenty-five percent of the TARDIS’ internal mass. The Zero Room had been one of the rooms jettisoned.

“Not to worry,” the Doctor said. Moving to a control board he produced a keyboard from beneath the console. “Just a few changes to the configuration and we have one Zero Room.”

A door opened in the side of the console room and the Doctor, Sam and Alpha carried Rocky inside. Inside the room the Doctor closed the door creating a zone away from the interference of the outside world. Magic and science were totally absent from the room. Even the laws of physics did not apply.

“Relax Rocky,” the Doctor whispered.

As the Blue Zeo Ranger relaxed his pain faded. Slowly his mind cleared to the pointed where it was dangerous to remained morph. Away from the influence of the Zeo Crystal the Blue Zeo Ranger demorphed.

The four dragons grew their individuality showing as they did so. Drake’s green skinned form changed from humanoid to dragon. His powerful wings grew larger as his mouth became more pointed. The legs and torso thickening with sharp talons forming on his feet and hands.

Pleu’dar also grew wings. Not the big powerful wings of the air dragon, but the short and stumpy wings allowing him to swim through water. Fins developed on the feet and front paws. A large blue horn emerged from the tip of its nose.

Terranak formed into a quadruped, its scaled back giving it strength. His tail elongated with a sharp point on the end. The claws on the tip of his four stubby legs. The head hinged to attack from any angel the Rangers knew if he dragged them down there would be no way back up.

Craken underwent a major change. When he had transformed he was a large red dragon with a yellow under belly. A second head had grown into place as well as two very powerful wings. Claws grew from his feet and a lethal triangle formed at the tip of his tail. Through enlarged nostrils he blew jets of smoke, his two horns glowing with energy.

“We need Ninja Zord power now!” the Morphin Rangers called.

“Let’s show him them the power of the Ninja MegaFalconzord!” Red Ranger instructed.

“Ninja MegaFalconzord Power Up!”

“Ninja Battlezord Power Up!”

The Crane started to fold to form the head while at the same time the Frog transformed to become the legs and the Bear converted to become the Ninja MegaFalconzord’s upper body. The already modified Ape and Wolf joined onto the Bear to form the arms as the Crane linked on to become the head. Then the whole upper body joined onto the Frog as the Falcon Zord linked onto the back. Hands formed over the Ape and Wolf’s heads.

The Panther Zord transformed to stand upright on its hind legs. The head rotated downwards to become the chest and the front paws became the arms. The Hawk Zord’s wings and head folded into the body as the Hawk Zord joined onto the shoulders of the Panther to become the head of the Ninja Battlezord. The Panther’s tail converted into a Power Sword as Purple and Green Rangers slid into the cockpit ready for action.

The four dragons responded instantly. Terranak swiped the Megazord with his tail whilst Craken and Pleu’dar delivered a barrage of fire and ice. Super heated joints rapidly cooled and frozen armour instantly melted transformed the Zords into crippled war machines. Drake swooped from the sky lifting the Ninja MegaFalconzord into the air and dropping it to the floor.

“Zeo Zord V!” Red Zeo called.

Once seated inside the phoenix Tommy targeted Drake’s wings.

“Jason, we need to split them up,” he said moments before an ice blast froze the controls and the Phoenix crash to the ground.

“We’ve got to get it together guys or Zordon’s going to be looking for some new Rangers,” Jason noted.

“Zeo Rangers, return to the Power Chamber immediately.”

“Zeo Rangers, return to the Power Chamber immediately.”

Aisha woke for the second time aware that her wounds were healed. Looking around in the darkness she could see an old woman in a rocky chair, a white crystal by her side.

“You have come a long way Aisha Campbell,” the woman said. “First the Griffin, then the Bear and now the power of Zeo. You have served well as Yellow Ranger and you have made an excellent trainee in the Bio Armour. But this is your destiny Aisha Campbell. For you are neither Zeo nor Morphin. You will never be Turbo or Astro. You are the carrier of the team. She who must adapt with each change of power.”

“Who… who are you?” Aisha asked.

“I am the Astina, the only holder of the Morphin powers to become one with the Zeo Crystal. I was its guardian before I died and passed that responsibility. I am the only one who knows the truth about your destiny Aisha. If that is you are willing to accept it.”

“What must I do?” Aisha asked.

“Do you remember child when you returned to active duty? Do you remember Zordon would not reveal your colour or spirit animal? Do you remember how you felt the Zeo power rejecting you? The Power never rejected you child. You alone are destined to unite the powers of Grid and Crystal, Machine and Space.”

“You are the Brachiosaurus strong and dependable, the Turtle defensive and sure, the Shark beautiful and deadly and the Pyramid a refuge for the exhausted warrior. You are the most under used Ranger and often underrated, yet you are the key to the other powers. You are the ninth Ranger, the Grey Ranger.”

The woman placed her hand on Aisha’s head. Her hand glowed as Aisha’s power drained to nothing. In the woman’s other hand the crystal glowed until filled with Grey energy. Four Power Coins appeared depicting the Brachiosaurus, Turtle, Shark and Grey Ranger. The four coins merged together forming a Power Ball into which Astina placed the Amber crystal. Closing her hand the collection of five separate powers merged to form a single Power Ball.

“Go now Grey Ranger. Your world needs you. Remember to defeat the darkness you need only to increase the light. Fight the Black Dragon with your heart and you shall be victorious.”

Aisha closed her eyes feeling the new powers flowing through her body. Her mind made contact with her spirit animals; the guides that until now had operated without the aid of a Ranger. Titanus and Tor the Carrier Zords that had always seemed sentient and Pyramidas, assumed to be the Gold Ranger’s Zord simply because he knew how to work it.

“Grey Ranger Power!”

Aisha’s eyes snapped open as she felt the power of the Dragon, Mastodon, Pterodactyl, Triceratops, Sabre-toothed Tiger, Tyrannosaurus, Raptor and Stegosaurus merge with her powers. A light so bright she had to close her eyes engulfed her body as she felt herself merge with the Red Dragon, Lion, Tiger, Pegasus, Firebird, Griffin, Unicorn and Spider. The light dimmed as she felt the familiar presences of the Ninja Powers. She felt them all, the Ape, Wolf, Bear, Crane, Panther, Hawk, Frog and Falcon. The eight colours Red, Green, White, Purple, Blue, Black, Pink and Yellow surrounded her representing the Ranger Aspect of the Morphin Grid. Just when she thought she had been given all the power she could hold she was filled with the power of Pink Oval, Yellow Balance, Blue Triangle, Green Rectangle, Red Star, Purple Hexagon, Silver Heptagon, Black Octagon, White Circle and Gold King.

As the many flashing colours faded and merged they formed a single band of grey, which engulfed Aisha from head to toe. As the light vanished she found herself in the uniform of a Morphin Zeo Ranger. The Plastoid alloy coated her body allowing full movement while offering the protection afforded by Morphin, Zeo and Bio powers. On her hip was an empty holster offering a choice of Blade Blaster or Zeo Pistol. Her helmet was blank showing neither a Zeo symbol nor Morphin signature. On her chest was the Power Ball with a picture of a Pyramid hovering just above.

Aisha suddenly felt fulfilled. She was beyond Morphin and Zeo. She was the most underrated Ranger and yet when she was needed like the Carrier Zords she meant the difference between defeat and victory. She knew at that time she never needed to worry about losing her powers. Whenever a new power was discovered on Earth she would be a part of that team. The Power was hers and right now she needed to help her friends before it was too late.

“Back to Action!”

“Zeo Rangers, return to the Power Chamber immediately.”

Rocky’s eyes snapped open. All pain was gone. Somehow the Ranger healing had been working overtime and his back had healed to the extent where what had been a serious break was now little more than a bruise that would be subdued when morphed.

He had heard Zordon’s words and knew it was time to get back to work. He just hoped the others were holding out all right. Pressing his communicator he teleported back to the Power Chamber, not even sure where he was to begin with.


The Doctor and Sam had not been idle during their time in the Power Chamber. Whilst Zordon had been telling Samantha stores about Rangers of Earth the Doctor had been searching for some equipment to jury rig a replacement part for his TARDIS.

“Who built those vehicle Zords?” he asked as he re-entered the chamber.

“Billy,” Zordon replied.

“Billy, as in William Cranston?” the Doctor asked.

“You have heard of him?” Zordon asked. He knew the skills of the Blue Ranger were well respected, but to have reached all the way to Gallifrey was amazing.

Further discussion was cut short as Rocky, Trey, Tommy, Kat and Adam reappeared in the Power Chamber. A quick reunion took place between the Rangers and the now recovered Rocky.

“Rangers, I have discovered a way to stop Lord Nore’s advances. You must capture the twin Dragon Swords before his power increases. Without the power of his swords Nore will weaken and so will his creations.”

“There’s only one problem,” Adam noted. “Nore is on the Moon and protected by the shield around Rita’s castle.”

“May I see it?” the Doctor asked. He stared at the image on the screen for a few moments before speaking. “What’s wrong with that picture?”

The Rangers looked at the image on the screen wondering what the Doctor was talking about. Sam was the first to notice. Her mind still open to the possibilities that exist when you travel with the Doctor. Despite the minor mishap in Chicago with the vampires she still maintained absolute faith in the Doctor.

“It’s a fake,” she said. “Like putting a large box around a smaller box and forgetting to close the lid fully.”

“Alpha, where are the scanner controls?”

“Here Doctor,” the little android replied.

Moving to the control panel the Doctor began some rapid rewiring so complicated that only Billy could have explained the purpose. Although whether even the young genius could understand why it worked or how to duplicate the procedure was another matter.

“And a quick alteration to the stability signal,” the Doctor muttered. “And we should begin to see what we shall see.”

Turning the power up the Doctor repeated a trick he had learnt at the academy. For a short time a grey box replaced the image of Rita’s Castle.

“A TARDIS!” Sam realised.

“Help me fix the TARDIS and I will take you inside the shield,” the Doctor told the Rangers.

“Samantha Jones,” Zordon said as the others entered the TARDIS. “I have a favour to ask of you.”

“Shogun Megazord!” White Ranger called from inside the battered Ninja MegaFalconzord.

In the distance the eight Shogun Zords started their run across Angel Grove, transforming as they did so into the oversized Megazord. The Black and Purple Shogun Zords transformed into the legs, the Blue Zord creating the lower torso, the Green and Pink Zords merging into the upper torso, Yellow and Red Zords forming the arms leaving the White Shogun Zord to fold into the head.

Teleporting to their new Zord White and Purple Ranger targeted Pleu’dar. Ice blasts reflected off the hardened body of the Zord.

“Shogun Spin!”

The powerful Zord started to spin like a top building potential energy for future release. The natural movement allowed by the spin push the Zord towards the monster. Both its hands grabbed the monster as its increased momentum pushed it into the sky. With Pleu’dar now stretched over its head the Megazord stopped, turned upside down and dove into the ground. All the stored energy was released in all its explosive force. The Megazord stood to see the remains of the monster struggle back to its feet.

“Shogun Megazord Sabre!”

The flaming sword made a swift movement from left to far right. As the sword arced its way back to its starting position the Terranak interfered, driving his tail into the path of the sword. The flames extinguished as they hit the heavily armoured hide. The distraction was enough for ice dragon to drive his horn into the Megazord’s chest.

The four dragons teamed up for a moment battering the Zord before throwing it to the ground near its Ninja counterparts.

It had taken a few minutes and resembled a piece of modern art, but the Doctor assured the Rangers the parts they had fitted together were more than adequate to make a combination jammer and Time Rotor.

“I still don’t see why you need an old teabag Doc,” Sam said.

She had seen the Doctor create some pretty impressive equipment before, but this was beyond even her unlimited faith. She knew the Doctor was a genius even if he was not the inventor he had been a few decades ago.

“You’ll see Sam,” the Doctor reassured her. To the Rangers he added, “Shouldn’t you be getting ready?”

“It’s Morphin Time!”

“Zeo Ranger I – Pink!”

“Zeo Ranger III – Blue!”

“Zeo Ranger IV – Green!”

“Zeo Ranger V – Red!”

“Zeo Ranger X – Gold!”

“Your turn Samantha,” Zordon said from outside.

“Zeo Ranger II – Yellow!”

“Welcome to the team Samantha Jones,” Zordon said. “As a Ranger you must agree to three rules or lose the protection of the Power. Never escalate a battle unless forced to do so, never use the Power for personal gain and never reveal your identity without the permission of a Morphin Master. Adam’s father is now aware of his identities and we will deal with that later. But none may know you are a Ranger.”

“Let’s go people,” the Doctor said.

The door of the TARDIS closed and the Rangers were on their way.

“Arrrrgh, dammit!” Red Ranger swore as Craken released the tail of the Tyrannosaurus and sending him crashing into the Raptor.

Having failed with the speed of the Ninja Zords and the size of the Shogun Zord the Rangers had chosen to try endurance. With Dragonzord trapped under a sheet of ice Green Ranger was operating the Stegosaurus and Raptor whilst Red Ranger concentrated on the more familiar Zords.

“Spike Attack!” Green Ranger shouted.

The spikes of the back of the Stegosaurus glowed as the tail fired at the lead dragon. Meanwhile the Triceratops was charging at Terranak, Mastodon was using its freeze cannon of Drake with Pterodactyl diverting the winged dragon’s attacks and Sabre-toothed Tiger pouncing on Terranak allowing the Raptor to pounce.

“Let’s show him the power of the Dino Megazord!” Red Ranger called as the dragons slowly regained the advantage. “Dinotank Power Up!”

Immediately the Pterodactyl, Mastodon and Triceratops reverted from their true form into the tank like Zords they had been during the original Rangers’ time. Gone were the powerful moving legs or wings to be replaced by fixed wings and tank treads. The Sabre-toothed Tiger lowered itself to the ground, its tail end transforming to create a socket for the body. The back end of the Triceratops also folded over and the two Zords moved together.

Next the Mastodon transformed and split to form the cannons and front shield, joining the front and rear of the Tyrannosaurus. At the same time the Tyrannosaurus joined with the Triceratops and Sabre-toothed Tiger as the Pterodactyl slotted into place behind the Tyrannosaurus’ head.

Normally that would have finished the transformation, but with two extra Zords there was a bonus for the Rangers. The Stegosaurus opened to allow the Raptor to slot inside. The heads and tails of the two Zords forming cannons at the front of the combined Zords now sliding along the ground without legs. The sides of the Zord flipped outwards towards the front causing the spikes to face forward.

Now racing in front of the Dinotank the sledge stopped to allow the Dinotank to take up position on the behind the cannons and spikes.

“Fire!” Red and Green Ranger called together.

The new and improved Dinotank stopped dead and fired like a miniature Ultrazord. Drake soared skyward his tail of fire, Craken folded his wings to protect himself, Pleu’dar was knocked to the ground under the intense fire and Terranak just stood taking the worst of the assault and showing little reaction.

“Switch to Battle Mode!” Green Ranger ordered.

“Power Sword!” Red Ranger called in agreement.

From the still fallen Ninja Zords Billy watched the battle unfolding before turning to Black and Pink Rangers. “I think you’d better power up the Thunder Zords.”


The high pitched screech that had accompanied the TARDIS’ dematerialization halted as a green light indicated the TARDIS had reached its destination.

“Doctor?” Sam asked.

“”We’re just outside the real castle,” the Doctor replied anticipating the real question. “We’re going to have to walk a short distance to find a way in.”

“On the Moon?” Sam asked incredulously.

“On the Moon,” the Doctor agreed. “Your suits will maintain an atmosphere.”

“What about you?” Kat asked.

“Different anatomy,” the Doctor replied. “I can survive without oxygen for a while.”

Stepping outside cautiously the Rangers made their way towards the castle. Red Zeo took the point followed closely by Yellow and Pink Zeo. The Doctor was next, constantly aware of the chance of ambush. Blue and Green Zeo moved carefully, the bond between the two friends stronger than ever. And Gold Zeo took up the rear.

“How do we get in?” Red Zeo asked.

“How did you get into the castle before?” the Doctor asked.

Tommy thought back to the times when either he or Jason had been forced to enter the castle. He knew about the main entrance and the top entrance. Kat also remembered her time in Rita’s service and the few rare occasions when she had pleased the old witch.

“There’s an underground entrance with no door near the base of the castle.”

“Split up,” the Doctor instructed. “If the entrance is open we can get into his TARDIS.”

The Pterodactyl, Raptor and Stegosaurus detached from the Dinotank. The tank manoeuvred so it was standing up on the Triceratops and Sabre-toothed Tiger, which now formed the legs. The Tyrannosaurus detached from the legs for a moment so the Raptor could form the lower torso. As the Tyrannosaurus reconnected to create the upper body as the head folded down to reveal the face of the Dino Megazord. The arms formed by the Mastodon hung by its side as the Pterodactyl slid into place to form the chest plate.

The legs, head and tail of the Stegosaurus retreated into the Zord’s body, the Zord lying like a semi-circle of spike metal. The body opened and folded outwards to form a spiked disk to which the Mammoth shield attached. The whole shield flew into the Megazord’s left arm.

“Megazord Activated!”

“Thunder Megazord Power!” Pink and Black Rangers called.

The recently recreated Thunder Zords surged into life. As the Pegasus, Griffin and Unicorn formed the legs and lower torso the Spider, Lion and Firebird formed the upper body, arms and head.

Meanwhile the Red Dragon converted to humanoid mode and sat astride the Tiger Zord, a combination proven to succeed. Once again the Rangers attacked and once again their Zords were crushed by the teamwork between the four Dragons.

“Red Dragon Thunderzord Power!” Red Ranger called; noting it was the only Zord still able to move. “Now it’s time to make this battle dragon versus dragon.”

“I’m with you Jason!” Green Ranger called. “Dragonzord!”

Holding his sword aloft Sam heard the familiar tune of the Dragon Dagger floating over the harbour. Quietly he hoped this was going to work.


The six Rangers along with the Doctor moved down the passage well aware that the Master knew of their presence. The entrance they had walked through had closed as soon as they were all inside preventing their retreat. The feeling they were being herded ever present as the corridors changed to push them in different directions.

At some point the Ranger turned a corner seconds before the corridor was blocked trapping the Doctor in another part of the TARDIS.

“Ah, the Zeo Rangers,” Lord Nore sneered. “Six of Zordon’s best Rangers.”

The now fully powered Dragon Lord drew his twin blades and attacked. Pink, Yellow and Green fell as he moved at lightning speed to drop them. Gold put up resistance, Golden Power Staff blocking twin swords for a short time before Nore drew his blades together and dropped him like a stone with a bolt of energy. Now faced with Blue and Red, both angry and strangely confident.

As they fought the two Zeo Rangers quickly found they could anticipate the Dragon Lord’s movements and trap him between them. Zeo V Power Sword proved no match for the Dragon Blades, nor did the Zeo IV Arm Blades. A kick to the throat did prove effective, stunning the Dragon Lord long enough for both Rangers to deliver a low punch to the stomach.

“Zeo IV Power Spin!” Blue Zeo called.

His attack did little except allow the other Rangers time to recover. In the end that was enough as Green and Pink Zeo grabbed Nore’s arms allowing Yellow Zeo to discover her powers for the first time.

“Zeo II Power Punch!”

Another Power Punch from Green Zeo followed along with a succession of Kung Fu kicks as the aggression built up over the day was released. Anger driving him forward the Green Zeo Ranger found new strength. Anger that he had been forced to reveal his identity to a man who hated everything the Rangers stood for. Anger that Aisha had disappeared. Anger that his best friend had nearly died. And anger that he was forced to fight yet again because evil would not leave the Earth in peace.

Against such emotion the Dragon Lord had no defence. Instead he looked for a way to escape. In the end he settled for a hostage. Driving the swords into the ground he created a shockwave, which threw the Rangers aside. Moving quickly he grabbed Yellow Zeo and held his sword to her neck.

“I’m tired of playing by the rules Rangers. I wanted you powered down and your weapons on the floor now or I will slit her throat!”

The remaining Rangers exchanged glances, well aware that they had no choice. “Power Down!” Their morphers were quickly on the floor followed immediately by Sam’s morpher as she returned to civilian clothes.

“Well, this is nice,” a new voice the Rangers knew to belong to the Master. “Six Rangers in one go. Thank you for bringing Aisha to me Rangers. How did you get here anyway?” It was then he noticed Samantha. “What, a new Yellow Zeo Ranger? This is intolerable!”

He thought for a moment about ranting, then he decided he would join Nore and that they could take their aggression out on the Rangers.

Whilst the Ranger had disappeared the Doctor had not been idle. Following a hunch he made his way to the console room of the Master’s TARDIS and from there into a storeroom. He knew the Master had gone too far this time. He was no longer looking out for himself. The Master had joined the forces of darkness and had no right to remain a Time Lord.

The Doctor thought about what he could do, but only one idea appealed. Since the Master wanted to rule the Universe the Doctor would give him a Universe to rule. First though he had to make some alterations to the internal configuration.

A TARDIS is infinitely big and capable of swallowing a Universe. The Doctor used this knowledge to create a trick to fool the Master. First though he needed to get the Rangers out and destroy Lord Nore.

Split into two teams the Rangers tried to fight without their powers. For Sam this was a far cry from the minor skirmishes she had in school in England. The Master seemed to have a desire to kill a Yellow Ranger and aimed for her at all times despite Kat and Adam interfering.

Tommy and Rocky lay unmoving both cut by Lord Nore’s sword. Tommy was aware of the fight and his need to get beck into the combat. He felt like he had without his Green Ranger powers whenever they faded.

Suddenly the words of Zordon, “You will always be a Power Ranger” floated into his mind. Could he still have the Power? Looking deep inside Tommy sought the part of him that was a Power Ranger. Three spirits presented themselves, only one correct. Closing his eyes he allowed the Power to flow, building until he was ready.


A flash of green light filled the room. When it cleared, Tommy stood garbed all in green. Loose green pants, a green tunic top, green split-toed ninja boots, and a green headband. In his hand was a green-handled katana. Set into the middle of the chest of his uniform was a large golden coin, emblazoned with the symbol of the Panther. Smiling wickedly, Tommy, now the Green Morphin Warrior turned towards the stunned Dragon Lord and hefted his katana. “Let’s rock.”

Both the Dragon Lord and the Master froze in fear. They never expected a Morphin Warrior. Tommy used the advantage, pushing the Dragon Lord back and switching his attack to the Master, giving his fellow Rangers a chance to recover.

Trey and Sam looked on in wonder as Tommy did what he did best, kicked ass. Rocky, Adam and Kat exchanged nervous glances, nodded their assent and followed their leader’s example. Searching out their personal power and calling its name they were once again empowered.

“Red Dragon!”



Rocky’s Morphin Warrior uniform appeared around him, arming him with a mighty broadsword. Rocky was decked out in a ninja outfit sans hood. The boots were split toed. He wore a white and red bandanna.

Adam transformed no longer the powered down Green Zeo Ranger to become the Black Frog Morphin Warrior. Dress in the costume of a Ninjetti the coin on his chest was covered by a removable piece of fabric.

Kat’s transformation was less impressive. A thin no frills body suit covered her from the neck down. No other colour or fabric present the uniform clung to her body. In her right hand she held a small bow.

With Trey and Sam backing them up against a rapidly retreating Master, Adam and Kat attempt to regain their Morphers. Tommy and Rocky concentrated their powers on the Dragon Lord, driving him further back.

“You should have taken your punishment,” Tommy spat. Left foot planted, elevate right left; draw knee back and push.

“Urgh!” Nore grunted as the kick connected.

“If you’d served the time you had a chance to reform,” Rocky added. Drop low, draw back fist and throw forward all power behind the blow.

Nore brought his swords down to block another attack. Stupid! Rocky stood upright, fist angled and connecting with Nore’s chin.

“This doesn’t have to end like this Nore,” Tommy told him. “Surrender and we’ll see to it you’re handed over to the authorities.”

“Never!” Nore cried, sword slicing in attempt to decapitate the nearest Ranger.

“You were warned,” Tommy told him. Grab wrist swing sword.

“”We didn’t want to do this,” Rocky added. Grab other arm swing broadsword.

As his hands hit the ground Tommy and Rocky picked up the Dragon Swords and placed them inside their own sub-space pockets. The other Ranger had grabbed their Morphers and all six returned to Zeo Ranger mode just as the Doctor rejoined them and the Master chose to eject them onto the Moon.

The Master scrambled to his control room, desperate to triumph. He ejected the Rangers and the Doctor onto the Moon’s surface hardly noticing his adversary’s presence. He watched as Nore’s hands floated into space before activating the Time Scoop and forcing Nore to show his true form.

Then he decided to move his TARDIS for a short time, certain he would return after the Rangers had finished off Nore or vice versa. It did not matter which.

His shock when the TARDIS started groaning turned to panic when he realised it was shrinking. The console vanished, a result of the Doctor’s sabotage. He was sending the Master on a short trip with no returns.


The four dragons felt the difference as their power faded. The Red and Green Rangers now in their own dragons were winning. Dragon Zord had thrown Terranak away and was dealing with Pleu’dar. Red Dragon had ground Drake and was drawing Craken away. If the rangers could get their Zords back online they stood a chance of victory.

She had watched long enough. The Zords had done their job. Now they needed help to finish. Help to recharge and help to finish the task. Grey Ranger teleported into battle for the first time.

“Carrier Zords, Power Up!”

The Rangers looked up and noticed. The Zords looked up recognising their saviours. The four Sentinel Dragons looked up and knew death had come to Angel Grove.

Titanus the powerful Dinosaur stood ready. Tor the often underrated and unappreciated Shuttle Zord preparing to recharge its fellow Zords. Zenith, the Great White Shark, larger than any Zord prepared to help. The Grey Shogun Borg stood astride the shark’s back.

“Power transfer begin!”

Power flowed from the Carrier Zords into the stricken Zords restoring them to life. The fallen Megazords started to glow as they stood back up.

“MegaDragonzord, full power!”

“Super Ninjazord!

“Mega Thunderzord, full power!”

“Tiger Zord, Warrior Mode!” Saba called taking control of the Zord.

“Mega Shogunborg, full power!

The Dino Megazord and Dragonzord teleported to where Pleu’dar was lying. The Dragonzord opened up to fit around the Megazord. Green and Red Ranger took aim and prepared for what was to follow.

The Thunder Megazord and Tiger Zord teleported to where Terranak was waiting. The upper body of the Thunder Megazord detached long enough for the Red Dragonzord to merge with the other components. Thunder Saber drawn the Pink and Black Ranger waited to make their move.

The Hawk Zord detached from the Panther Zord, connecting to the back of the Falcon Zord, which had in turn detached from the Ninja MegaFalconzord. The Panther folded as the Hawk and Falcon finished their link up hovering in the air so the Hawk and Falcon could join with it. The rear of the Megazord opened to allow the Hawk, Falcon and Panther combination to rest inside. The Panthers face appeared just under the Bear.

Waiting inside Yellow and Blue Ranger check their systems, noticing the new configuration marked Ninja Ultrazord. All systems were go, ready to take out Drake.

White and Purple Rangers crossed their fingers hoping this first time attempt to create the Shogun Borg would work.

“Here they come,” White Ranger remarked as he saw the Battle Borgs running towards them. Merging in the same way as the Shogun Megazord the Battle Borgs formed the slim lined version of the Morphin Ranger’s heavy artillery. The Shogun Megazord opened to allow the Mega Battleborg inside. The surprise now ready the Mega Shogunborg was ready to finish off Craken.

Silence reigned across the battlefield. Everybody knew what was about to happen. Nobody wanted it to happen, but the dragons charged and the fight began.


Lord Nore had transformed into a powerful Black Dragon intent on destroying the Rangers. By this time Tommy and the others were tired and determined to end the fighting.

“We need Zeo Megazord, Super Zeo Megazord, Red Battlezord and the Warrior Wheel, now!”

Tommy knew as the four Zords appeared and the Doctor vanished into his TARDIS that he was probably over reacting. He also knew he would not have been able to bring the Warrior Wheel and Battlezord to the Moon without the Super Zeo Megazord to carry them.

“Super Zeo Zord X!” Gold Zeo called.

“Zeo Ultrazord!”

Pyramidas, the Zeo Megazord, Super Zeo Megazord, Red Battlezord and Super Zeo Zord X combined the latter holding the Warrior Wheel.

“Lock on and fire!”

Observers on Earth and many other planets would have seen the bright flashes followed by the explosion as the Rangers finished the dragon. In victory they teleported to Earth.

The Super Ninja took off after Drake. A brief air to air battle took place before the Zord caught the dragon and threw him to the ground. A few more punches and Blue Ranger considered the beast subdued enough for the Ultrazord.

“Ninja Ultrazord Power Up!”

Zenith rolled across the ground mouth opened ready to swallow the Super Ninjazord. It stopped mere feet from the Super Ninjazord, opened up to reveal its vast arsenal and allowed the Zord to move into place.

“Fire!” Blue and Yellow Ranger called, smiling as the Ultrazord destroyed the air dragon.

Black and Pink Ranger didn’t need to use the Ultrazord. Instead after crushing Terranak the Thunder Megazord powered up the Thunder Sabre and the Tiger Zord added its own energy blast. Terranak barely had time to blink.

“Dino Ultrazord!” Green and Red Ranger called.

The Mega Dragonzord stepped into Titanus and the giant Zord fired. Pleu’dar tried to counter with ice seconds before exploding.

With only Craken left the other Rangers teleported to the Mega Shogunborg. The dragon of fire put up a good fight at one point grounding the Megaborg. It was then that the Rangers triggered the release and the Mega Battleborg appeared, lance in hand to drive through the dragons’ underbelly.

“Shogun Ultrazord!” the eight Rangers called as the Mega Battleborg climbed back into position.

They had been expecting Titanus to appear. Instead the Grey Shogun Zord moved into position, lifted the smaller Megaborg up and placed it inside. The SFC appeared on the Zord’s right arm.


Craken felt a slight tingling as the SFC started on its journey of destruction. Locating the tiniest weakness in the dragon’s body it started to stretch and pull the cells apart. The dragon grew concerned as it felt the heat starting to build deep inside. Cells exploded as the SFC did its job. The tiniest hole grew bigger by the second. By now it was too late to stop. The dragon looked down, realised what was about to happen and screamed. The explosive chemicals in its chest merged with the heat from the laser. A brief spark and it was over. Craken exploded. The Rangers were victorious.

“Look!” Yellow Ranger pointed.

On the ground below Lord Nore was trying to transform again. Not quite destroyed he had teleported from the Moon at the last moment.

“I’ll take him,” Aisha’s voice said.

The Rangers looked to the source of the voice and laid eyes of the Grey Morphin Zeo Ranger for the first time.


Grey Ranger landed in front of Nore as the other Rangers returned to the Power Chamber. Summoning her Power Weapon Aisha waited to see if Nore made a move.

With a high pitched screech Nore charged the Grey Ranger. A grey staff appeared in Aisha’s hand and connected with Nore’s face. He tried to fight but Aisha quickly subdued him and waited for Zordon to send him bank to the IGPF. Then in a flash she was gone.


“Congratulations Rangers,” Zordon said. “Not only has Nore been defeated, but thanks to the Doctor the Master has been vanquished.”

Zordon beamed with pride at his young students and friends. The Doctor was going to be on Earth for a while a to repair the TARDIS. That meant Samantha could remain as Yellow Zeo. Tommy and the other Zeo Rangers had discovered an important secret that would one day open the door to greater power. And Aisha, Zordon knew he had sensed a great power in her future. But as the ninth Ranger she was beyond even his wishes.

With the Master gone Zordon hoped the Ranger could prepare for Aquitar in peace.


The four silent figures entered the Shrine of the Dragon. Already gathered were the Morphin Masters of the Red and Green Morphin Colleges. Held on the floor was the handless form of Lord Nore. The four figures walked past him and up to the altar.

Turning to the respective members of their colour they called “It’s Morphin Time!”

“Red Dragon!”

“Green Dragon!”

“Red Ranger!”

“Green Ranger!”

Stepping forward Tommy and Rocky reached into their pocket dimensions and pulled forth the twin Dragon Blades. Handing them over to the Red and Green Ranger they watched as Jason and Sam drove them into the alter, never to be used again.

“Thank you Rangers of Earth,” the Hawk like Red Morphin Master in charge of proceedings said. “I ask one more thing of you. You are of the Red and Green order. We ask that you share in the correction of the wrong Lord Nore has done. His actions have disgraced us all. It is fitting that we be forced to punish him.”

Indicating for the Red Ranger to stand on one side and Green Ranger to stand on the other he gestured for all assembled to join hands. At the far end of the room a human male dressed in green held hands with Tommy on one side and Rocky the other. Rocky noticed they had formed a circle around Lord Nore who was now cringing in fear.

“Lord Nore,” Red Ranger said. “By order of the Council of Worlds I Jason Lee-Scott have been instructed to carry out punishment.”

“You have perverted your Morphin Power,” Green Ranger continued.

“And used your powers to cause death and pain to millions,” Rocky said.

“Since you have abused your powers they will be stripped from you,” Tommy said in a commanding tone. “The Light shall shield you from the Dark Power and the Dark shall deny you the Light.”

“Let it Begin!” the four humans said together.

Red and Green energy surrounded Lord Nore as the Rangers and Masters present followed the Earth Rangers lead. A line of black energy surround Nore. As the Red and Green continued to magnify the Black energy faded marking the end of his dark powers. Nore glowed red and green as he was purified of the Power within just as water drives air from the soil.

Then the energy faded, leaving Lord Nore kneeling on the floor cold and alone. No longer could he touch the Morphin Grid and yet he could feel the Power just waiting for him to access it.

“Now you will be set free,” Tommy said. “There has been too much death ad suffering for us to keep you. You will have to live with what you’ve done and the knowledge you will never again touch or use the Power. You are banished from Eltare and Earth.”

Finished the Rangers relaxed and absorbed Nore’s power. The speeches the Morphin Masters had written had worked well. Nore was now broken to the extent where he would need to rebuild his life. Tommy wished him every success.


“From the top guys,” Billy instructed.

“Right!” the five Zeo Rangers and Zeo Bio called together. “Sky Zords, power up!”

“Drop Zord now!” Kimberly, Tanya and David called.

“Log in Rangers,” Red Zeo ordered.

One by one the Rangers checked in that they had control of the Zords. “Passengers on board and loaded,” Tanya noted.

“Okay, begin primary merger,” Billy said over the commlink.

With the Drop Zord taking centre position with the White Sky Zord in front, Black and Blue Sky Zords on the left and right and Pink, Yellow and Red Sky Zords forming he rear the Rangers perfected a triangle formation.

“Activating Mega Drop Zord protocols,” Billy advised. “Put it together!”

The Drop Zord’s wings extended down under the Black and Blue Sky Zords. The nose cones of both Zords retracted and their wings detached. As they dropped onto the outstretched wings of the Drop Zord metal clamps locked them in place.

“Kim, you should now have complete control of the engines on the Blue and Black Sky Zords,” Billy advised. “Turn it up to full power.”

Kim complied and the Drop Zord increased its power again. Meanwhile the Pink and Yellow Sky Zords had lost a wing and attached themselves to the now wingless Red Sky Zord. The four detached wings reconfigured themselves into a single wing gliding over the three planes.

“I have control,” Rocky stated, hoping his time in the Red Dragon would be enough to complete this task. Pressing the button he guided the three Zords so the Red Zord lock into position behind the Drop Zord, the Yellow Zord merging with the rear of the Black Zord and the Pink doing likewise with the Blue Zord.

“Kim, control is yours, beginning final lockdown.”

As rocky spoke the wing on the Yellow and Pink Zords folded upward allowing the solo wing to lock into place on the upturned wingtips. The four discarded wings from the Blue and Black Sky Zords join to form two larger wings and locked into place on the Blue and Black Sky Zords. As one the Zeo Ranger and Aisha teleported to the Drop Zord’s cockpit and waited for Tommy to finish the procedure.

“Tommy, cut the power back a bit or we’ll never get near!” David shouted.

Tommy complied and the nose of the Drop Zord opened to consume the rear of the White Sky Zord. As the nose closed up Tommy hit the final controls to seal the joints. The skin of the Sky Zords reformed to create a single large aircraft.

“Sealed for space flight,” Trey reported.

“Thrusters online and responding,” Kimberly confirmed.

“Oxygen and environmental controls active,” David said.

“Take us up Tommy!” Billy ordered.

Obeying his blue teammate Tommy pulled back on the dual controls aiming the plane for the atmosphere. “Deep Space conversion is running.”

“Switch to solid fuel boosters,” Kim instructed.

“Online and active,” Aisha responded.

The Mega Drop Zord seemed to twist as the thrusters cut in. Tommy struggled against the forces threatening to rip the Zord apart.

“Billy, I’ve got a rip in the left wing seal! I’m losing cohesion.”

“Trying to compensate,” Adam responded adjusting the metallic skin to seal the rip.

“Uploading new commands,” the Doctor said over the commlink.

“Looking good guy,” Samantha added from her station.

“We have a green light!” Tommy called. “All systems go. We’ve done it!”

“End simulation!” Billy called. “We’re ready to go. Next stop Aquitar!”

End of Part

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