Conquest of Evil Rewrite

Conquest of Evil is one of the longest running fanfic series related to Power Rangers to be found online. The story started in 1999 with the Minion of Darkness story that featured the return of a monster from Season Two of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. At the time series such as Earth Crystals by Jeremy Ray Logsdon, Personality Conflicts by Ellen Brand and New Enemy by Hellfire were some of the most popular series online.

It is now 2021 and the series has come a long way, but so has the show it was based upon. And after tweaking bits and pieces in the past, I;ve decided the only way forward is to have a rewrite of some of the stories.

So in the next few months expect to see large parts of the story disappear awaiting a reworking. Minion of Darkness especially will be receiving an overhaul because how can a clone of Billy Cranston stand up to a canon bad ass villain like Lord Drakkon?

The rewritten series will also involve a major reworking of the Morphin Grid to tie it closer to the newer series. The old explanation will remain, but the Grid will now be much larger than before and similar to JRL's description all those years ago.


Conquest of Evil Sub-Stories

After some thought about how to proceed with Conquest of Evil, I realised my biggest issue is that I am trying to tell three or four different stories all at the same time, which is conflicting with my desire to try and be orderly. I want to tell the origin story of the universe without using flashbacks, but to do so would mean that the main story would have to wait, which I don't want to do. At the moment I have storylines planned out for the following time periods:

1) The Beginning to just after the birth of the stable universe.
2) The period that followed up to the departure of the original Morphin Masters and including stories of their escapades.
3) The time after the Morphin Masters left during which the universe seemed to stagnate and much of their knowledge was lost, through the rediscovery of the Power and then onward. This would include tales all the was up to the defeat of Rita Repulsa.
4) The 10,000 years during which Rita was imprisoned. This will also likely see stories around non-Power Ranger teams.
5) The modern era between Rita Repulsa's release and the conclusion of this round of the war.
6) The Future dealing with everything set after the current war. For Conquest of Evil I have often said that the war would conclude in the early part 2010, with the majority of the war fought by that time. So this will be dealing with how the universe evolved after and future stories.

My hope is that this new version of COE will be easier to follow with less need to read everything from start to finish, and will allow me more flexibility in what stories I write as I feel like it.

I hope you will enjoy it... Does anybody actually visit this site anymore?