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Welcome to Shadow Ranger's fanfiction area. Obviously you will find the Conquest of Evil Multiverse here, but there are also a few other things I have written. So feel free to have a look around.

Conquest of Evil Multiverse
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First there was nothing, then came something and everyone protested. Then that universe turned into a multiverse and all hell broke loose.
The COE Multiverse is an alternate universe from the events that take place in the original book, television show, movie, etc.


Shattered Grid
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When Tommy Oliver left his clone in the past, he never expected to see him again. Had he known at the time that the clone was still the Evil Green Ranger, he would have forced him back to the present. But Tom was left in the past and quickly adopted a new plan. History might forget the name of Tom Oliver, but they would never forget the name Lord Drakkon...
Legendary Defenders
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Lord Drakkon was defeated, but nothing could stop the collapse of the Morphin Grid and with it the fall of the Multiverse. What survived was a single reality with chunks of surviving universes interspersed with volatile void. And now as the remnant factions of darkness attempt to claim whatever territory they can find, it is up to five new heroes to sail the uncharted seas of space in search of the greatest treasure and a chance to restore existence to its former state.

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The New Enemy
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From times long ago, a new enemy has emerged. Can the Power Rangers hope to stand up to a force that was conquering worlds long before their people existed?
Beyond the Grid
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The Power Rangers are faced with a different type of enemy, one that prefers to bombard planets into submission instead of just sending down single monsters. When it becomes clear that the powers of the Morphin Grid will not be sufficient to bring victory, the Rangers must look further afield.

Standalone Stories
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Stories that are not a part of a series.

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